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Titanic - more than just a Love Story!

Titanic - a Film that says it all. (See Memorabilia)

James Cameron's Film might at first just look like a Love Story set against the most famous maritime Disaster in History, but there's a lot more to it than that.

At the end we see "Titanic Liverpool" painted on the Stern of the Ship - disappear into the depths of icy North Atlantic. Rewind the VHS (they still had those in 1997) and we see the mighty Ship through the Window of a Bar where we meet Jack Dawson and his Italian Friend Fabrizio. They win a Game of Poker and are both hugely excited about "going to America". And they are, on the last Word in Engineering, a safe Ship - whose name suggests "size and strength" (re; Bruce Ismay). What could possibly go wrong?

While they celebrate their good fortune we see People going aboard, so does everyone in Southampton, but one of those Passengers is a young Woman called Rose. "To everyone else it was the Ship of Dreams - to me it was a Slave Ship!" she says. Those on the Quayside just see the Glamour - they don't see what Rose is feeling.

As the Film progresses we see that it isn't quite as wonderful. We see the Segregation - even when Lives are at stake, we see the snobbishness, we see the violence as Lovejoy beats up Jack, or Hockley his Fiancee. We see the Tokenism - when Jack is invited for one Night only to do Dinner with the posh People. He thinks he's become one of them - until he tried going back and how he is treated then. How he was at the start - People jumping to Conclusions.

 So, no Habeous Corpus on the worlds most civilised and prestigious Ship then!!!!!

It was built in 1908, so was a Hotel in London - by William Waldorf Astor - brother of the richest Man on the Ship - John Jacob. Jack has his token Evening with the posh People - so does someone else at that Hotel, while he was also excited about how things might be happening then. He is made to realise that he isn't one of them, and there is scant chance of ever being.

Except, this Story has a Subtext that continued with other Films. Hockley and those others are all part of Philadelphian Society, but what if someone called Dawson had gone with William Penn Jnr to establish Pennsylvania in the late 1600s? In "Pirates of the Caribbean" someone else called Jack has a Father who is keeper of the Pirate Code - as laid down by Henry Morgan - who went with Penn Snr to capture Jamaica in 1655. When Mr Warner beats up Mr Dawson the latter has the same name as a certain Film Companies Co-Founder. When George Calvert - Lord Baltimore - became Proprietor of Avalon in Newfoundland he only did so because it was established by someone called Edward Wynne who disappears from Record after that. Rose becomes Rose Calvert after she marries later in the Story. "We couldn't find any Record of Jack - nothing anywhere" Brock Lovetts Assistant says.

The Disaster was in 1912 but that last scene of the Ship says something about when the Film was made. We had just had this big Beatles Revival thanks to certain 90's Guitar Groups, and in 1996 a very bizarre Readers Poll made "Revolver" the Album of the year - even though it was released 30 years before. That the Decade that started with the token Gesture at that Hotel had become this 60's Revival instead of what ought to have happened. There's this Rock Album with Groups that suggested "size and strength" - the same certainty Ismay's Ship did - what could possibly go wrong? Perhaps that "Titanic - Liverpool" things says what did, or how the Ship was run does. That while everything looks glamorous Jack seems to be the only one who knows what to do. Even Captain Smith looks phased as he retreats into his Quarters. So there must have been People somewhere in all of this who subscribed to all those things the Errors on the Ship are analogous for. People stuck in the 60's instead of where and when they should be - 1989-91. That the 60's wasn't all it was hyped up to be, and Rose's "Slave Ship" comment both refers to a Practice ended by someone else called Wynne - while "Penny Lane" was one of Liverpool's most notorious Slave Traders.

Not so Fab after all!

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Yours truly - 1996.


  1. It was that 'Liverpool' thing that started the 60's - except how did that wretched Decade end - Culturally? It ended with a White Trash, Racist Hippie Rock Festival called Altamont.

    Not only was Penny Lane one of Liverpool's worst Slave Traders - so much so they commemorated him with a Street name and a Song in 1967 - someone who campaigned against racist Segregation was released that year. So it wasn't just Events in the former Warsaw Pact and those of Beirut that happened at the start of the 90's - there was also the release of the Worlds most famous Dissident, Nelson Mandela.

    While those glamorous People in Southampton weren't what they seemed neither were those I met in the early 90's, People I'd wanted to be in the 1970's-80's. That, finally - it looked like something with "size and strength" had happened that meant I might. But - like with Jack - all it was was a token Day at that Hotel in London. The rest of it was also like him and Rose - spending the years battling through everything.

    Also, if the 60's culminated in Altamont I'm not surprised how some have become in rather more years than January 1st 1960 to December 6th 1969.

  2. That what happened in 1989-91 could be described as the positive Culturo-campaign Stuff that might have started in the 1960's - the Stuff that doesn't involve Drugs, Hells Angels and Altamont, but was squandered by those who obviously weren't with the Program. That someone else called Wynne wasn't a designer Social Conscience - working in Ireland - but whose Surname wasn't Hewson or Geldof might explain why no-one has heard of him. Ditto for Edward Wynne - similarly obscured by George Calvert.

    "Titanic" is an exploration of Disappointment, and while Hockley might have been a Philadelphian Socialite, the Pennsylvanian City rocked to Live Aid in 1985, but had it not been for William Penn there would be no City to have rocked at all. That the Gig was aimed at ending Famine in Ethiopia - while that genuine Social Conscience did more than he had to to help those stricken with same in 1840s Ireland. His Father voted against the Legislation that facilitated it (the Act of Union 1800) while he ended Slavery - others just sing about it!

    Also, while there's no Record of Jack on that Passenger List there's also none of someone else on certain Concert Guest Lists either!

  3. That Segregation at all costs - even when 100's of Lives are at stake - shows you how detestable some People can be.

    We see Ruth, Molly Brown ..................... Bruce Ismay - in those Lifeboats. They're not flailing about in that icy Water or battling their way through the Ship are they! The Segregation saw to that. This is an accurate Metaphor for what had happened by 1997. In 1996 another Film about the disaster has the SS California 12 Miles away from the stricken Ship - but who ignore their Plight. 12 Miles, that's about the distance from Bristol to here isn't it? So, how many People couldn't seem to make that 12 Mile Journey in the years before both Films were made, even when they do have their own Transport?

    The consequences of that are now all too apparent and what's weird about recent years is how you meet People - now 40 somethings - who are like those who were in those 1997 Lifeboats. Those of us flailing about in that Water is like continually doing so in the Street these days, while they aren't of course!

    Jacks one Night with the posh People, and that's it, doesn't just apply to that tokenist day at that Hotel in London, it also applies to People you might meet in Bristol, where everything is all so deep and meaningful - but once whatever has ended do you ever see them again?

    Not sure who might have been responsible for that but Hockley shoots himself in the Crash of 1929, while certain Record Companies went through something similar a few years ago. If they were responsible then I have about as much sympathy for them as Rose did her Fiancee!

  4. What was particularly brilliant about the Film was how Shibboleths of Rock and Pop Culture - ancient and modern - came in for some Criticism. "Get Back!!!" William Murdoch says as he points a Gun at the Crowd (The Beatles), "Do you want to live - or want to die" - the Steward says - quoting Oasis ("Live forever") when someone suggests they return to find any Survivors, Dave 'Brock' Lovett, 'Calvert' etc - who might "Disappear in Smoke" and be those "Masters of the Universe" - a less than flattering reference to Hippie Stalwarts Hawkwind - because Lovett never let it in, while Stewards never let People through. All of this says that for all their Posturings about being the Voice of the People etc - it was 1997, but it might as well have been 1912, 2 years before the First World War. Even Hockleys Thug aludes to a certain Buch of Girls who appeared the year before with "Wannabe".

    So who is the Enemy of Progress here - a Film Maker who confronts all these subtle forms of Elitism or those who subscribe to them?

    Then there's something that really does provide a geographical Location - and this is another "Pirates of......" Cross-reference. Mr Lovejoy was also a Character played by the man who would later play Blackbeard - the Anatgonist in "On stranger Tides". Mr McShane is particularly nasty in that and runs his Ship rather like Jones does the Flying Dutchman, while his Daughter is played by (Penelope) Penny Cruz. Beautiful yes, treacherous - also, unfortunately yes. Not what she seems, while there's even a Scene where she has stolen Jacks Identity. "I've come to take myself back" Sparrow says.

    So why is "Titanic" so successful - rated the most successful Film of all time in 1997 - which looking at the Decades of Competition - "Gone with Wind", "Ben Hur", the entire "Star Wars" Franchise, "ET" - all of them is quite an Acheivement. Even Films since still haven't caught up - the "Lord of the Rings" - with the Hype, Merchandise, the Internet, Blu Ray, Downloads and Streaming, and being based on the 2nd best selling Book of all time - hasn't. Is it because it transcends all of these things - maing them look contrived and cold in comparision? How it confronts some of those Pop and Rock Shibboleths might explain other reasons, while it connects with things that also transcends all that stuff. It has been surpassed since by a Film which is the ultimate digital Media Movie - "Avatar" made by...........James Cameron.

    So, not only does it make certain Cultural Phenomena look mean spirited it also makes them look rather pretentious!

    Even those "Wealth and Land" People can be seen in context as the Money it has made could build what we have seen here 4 times.

  5. ..............And if it knocks even the most successful Guitar Pop Group of all time into the proverbial Cocked Hat how does it make a pretentious little Town whose eponymous Group has left some off of its 'Passenger List' look? If what I have met in all they years are that brilliant why are they here - and not working on the next James Cameron Movie?

    A hand comes out of a Lake holding a Rose!

  6. While Jack and Fabrizio never made it America - anyone who saw the 1996 Movie will know someone else didn't. Someone made Demis Rousos famous, but before the Helium voiced Singer sang "Forever and ever" in the 1970's he was in a seriously Psychedelic Group called "Aphrodite's Child" They had a Song called "All the Seats were occupied" - except in this instance they weren't - with disastrous Consequences. So we get some horrible old Woman who seems more screwed up about her Face Powder and Harris Wardrobe than how 1500 People have just died.

    People know that some of those Lifeboats were only half - and even a third - full when they fled the stricken Ship. That Woman's Attitude isn't dissimilar to that of People in this - where there was still room for others.

    While something connects Messers Dawson and Sparrow via Henry Morgan - Hockley might act like the foppish Philadelphian but maybe Jack had more right to be there than he did.

    Who can forget that Song. "My Heart will go on" by Canada's most famous Quebec-an. But there's a connection here that becomes apparent if or when you see the "Titanic" Movie that was made the year before. In that we have a Character called Wynn Park, who is to Catherine Zeta Jones what Leonardo De Caprio is to Kate/Catherine Winslet.

    That James Horner Soundtrack is steeped in Celtic references, be it "Waiting for an Absolution" to "Hymn to the Sea" - even the Steerage Band - Gaelic Storm. This suggests a real life Character who helped People escape the Famine in Ireland. He also helped end Slavery ("It was a Slave Ship" Rose says). John Arthur Wynne sent those People from his Estates in Ireland to settle in Quebec, Canada. (See John Arthur Wynne - an unsung Philanthropist).

    The Scene with the Driftwood, where Jack holds Rose's Hand has been described as one of the most emotional in Film History - and while I might have listened to some rather tough Music over the years - from Rock to Reggae - that Song has a similar Effect. But then, it's going to isn't it!

    At the end of the Film we see Rose throw the Heart of the Ocean into the Sea like a Votive (an Offering People made - the most famous being Bedywr/Bedivere throwing Excalibur into a Lake). In "The Curse of the Black Pearl" Elizabeth falls into the Sea wearing another Necklace - while Rose has her Grand Daughter - Lizzie. "Where did you get that?" Sparrow asks Ms Swann. She got it from the young William Turner who they found floating on Driftwood in that Fog. So, where did it come from?

  7. There's a Documentary appropriately called "Titanic - the complete Story" because it tells another.

    It's narrated by David McCallum - who played Alan Breck Suart in HTV's "Kidnapped" - note they didn't get John Leyton to do it ("Square Leopard") although - as he was also in "The Great Escape" there's still a parable. "Kidnapped" the Story of David Balfour - rightful Heir to the Balfour Estate - scuppered by someone called Ebenezer. "Kidnapped" - like People were in Lebanon (See Memorabilia Post).

    While Hockley is that foppish Philadelphian someone else had as much right to be there as he did. I remember a former MP for Weston Super Mare being a bit stroppy in 1992-3 at the BBC about that someone. He was also on the Board of Lloyds Insurance - the Maritime Insurance Company, and while White Star claimed from them in 1912 Nathan Hockley does for that Necklace in the Film.

    So there seems to have been quite a few People who assumed being somewhere while others couldn't. Those others - like the Steerage Passengers - weren't even allowed to talk to those few People. How about the Radio Operators - Philips and McBride - too busy processing Small Talk and private Messages to deal with stuff that might have been important. Rather like anyone who did same rather than anything important in this.

    "The Great Escape" - legendary MGM Movie about those POW's. The Music written by Elmer Bernstein - who also wrote that rousing Piece that introduced "Arthur of the Britons"...........

    It's also worth remembering here that those Shipping Companies made more Money from Steerage than 2nd and lst Class. They might have paid less for their Tickets but there were always more of them and they got rather less for their Money than People having Caviar, Champagne, Gognac, Brandy, Cigars etc and the most expensive Service Money could train and buy.

  8. What the Film prompted was the same Question the Film Maker asks - without asking it. The Fashion Industry with their Snake Oil, the Record Bosses and theirs. The horrific Cost to Humanity in the name of all those Isms and Ology's since the 'War to end all Wars', up to and including those of the end of the 80's Darkness. Bolshevism and those killed in the Russian Civil War, the Soviet Famine, those who died in Spain, the rise of the 3rd Reich and their horrific expend-ability. Then there were the Millions who died to prevent Fascism, the Post War Years - Mao and his Great Leaps Forward, Clement Atlee and all that, Harold Wilson in the 60's and 70's - Callaghan at the end of them. In America - Roosevelt and his New Deal, the Kennedy's in the 60's - Martin Luther King and Civil Rights.

    The timely debunking of the 1960's - with all that 'Love Peace and Togetherness' nonsense - more Snake Oil, Punk in the 70's and theirs - (I have the Records of both) but in the end, what has really changed since 1912? If anything it has got worse and the already cold selfish (non) Children of the 70's-80's O'Rourke wrote about now have theirs - and they're even worse. Try living here - on this "Ship of Dreams". But what are they going to be like when they're all grown up - with Money, the Vote and the Gun?

    Black Billy Jack - left to die on a Bench!

    How about the Expend ability of the Snake Oil Music Industry?

    From Frankie Lymon - whose Career broke when his Voice did, to Florence Ballard, those Casualties of the late 60's Psychedelic War, Elvis and Sid in the 70's, Kurt Cobain - and even recently - Amy Winehouse - all just Fodder for the Machine. "Music to drown by" someone says as the Merry Dance is played out by the Titanic Band - says it all doesn't it, but Black Billy Jack asks "what kind of cruel Joke is this?"

    Madonna might do her thing - Micheal Moore shows what is left of where she came from, her and Roger Smith, we see Detroit after Berry Gordy had had his Motown Junk in "Narc".

    And don't call me Rick!

    How about those Children of the cold, selfish (non) Children of O'Rourke's Critique? As Dirk Bogarde asks of the German Count in "Caberet" - "do you still think you can control them?"

    Mr Owen can barely conceal his Contempt for Germanus - that "Friend of his Father" - and whoever that applies to.

    "Photographs"? be they from Hippie Newsreaders or Kelly Jones, but that Red, Black and White World ends for those "People of the List" - Mr Hucknall and his "Picture Book" - but wasn't all that supposed to end Mick? When did Kelly become the Captain of the Flying Dutchman - Jones's "Slave Ship", and was there any difference between the Beered up at Knebworth 1996 - and those of Morfa 1999?

  9. Not only did some of us find out just how little had actually changed in the Years - and Events - since 1912, we were also as expendable to certain People as the Millions who died for all those Isms and Ology's since the supposed War to end all Wars. Rather like those Steerage Passengers I got thrown back into 'Steerage' when I thought I could speak to some of those posh People. A few years after that and I'd turned into Black Billy Jack - sat on that Bench. There are other things that have started becoming apparent too - which shows that the Exterior can be very deceptive, the attitude as patronising as a foppish Philadelphian.

    When that happened in 1993 it was astonishing just how little support was forthcoming, (remember how the Dewitt Bukaters and all the rest of them pretend Jack isn't there when Lovejoy confronts him?). It was rather like being De Caprio in another Film - abandoned by everyone once the Wheedling had wheedled everything.

    There was as little as there was for Black Billy Jack in the period just after that - while Mr McCarthy's Union mysteriously had no meetings in Bristol for 4 years. So, no Lifeboats there then either! Suddenly, the Ocracy becomes apparent, the expendability. As cold as that Sea, as many Knives as that Cold.

  10. Meanwhile, here's an Historical Diagram for everyone from former Archbishop Envoys to anyone in the Yippieocracy who tries lumping us in with any Islamic Extremists......

    I decided to post this in all these Threads for those who haven't read it.


  11. While it has been mooted that the Ship that sank in 1912 wasn't the Titanic at all but her sister Ship the Olympic - in what has been described as an insurance Job, it has also been suggested that it did away with some hefty Opposition to the Ideas of J P Morgan - namely the implementing of the Federal Reserve. It has also been thought that indirectly - the Sinking, and subsequent demise of Astor, Guggenheim and Strauss - led to the First World War.

    It could also be suggested that the Decade that started with that Press Conference turned out differently to how it was supposed to - and that a similar Prestige Issue existed that does Jack and how he relates to the others in the Film. The Film was set in 1912 - the Segregation that existed on that Ship also did in 1990 and the years after it. When it looked like I might get to know some of the posh People after that one day at Waldorf-Astor's Hotel I got fired and relegated to 'Steerage'. All these years later and that is how it still feels.

    I'm sure Jack would agree when I say that in 2017 - and very many years before that too - why should I have Angels fly from my Posterior before that Segregation finally dissolved?

    When I consider our own Connections with historical Figures - one of whom confronted Slavery in the Irish County that also sent People to Celine Dions Quebec, and someone who opposed Anglo-French Policies as fallacious in 1938, leading to WW2 - the Story becomes quite paradoxical.

    They don't use Metal Shutters and Stewards pointing Guns at you anymore - while the vile Trickery they use might as well be any of those and is as smarmy as someone putting a Necklace in your Pocket!

    One thing might also be certain, the Band played the Music - as Ryan observed, "Music to drown by" but while the Tune accompanied Peoples journey to the Lifeboats and Absolution, to others it was a cruelly ironic Soundtrack that led to nothing...... Gary!!!!

  12. I have asked some People about that Segregation, via their Facebook Accounts, and have yet to receive a Comment about that, but I think that although the Technology might be a bit more advanced, the Costumes rather more practical - the Soundtrack supposedly more socially progressive - it's still 1912 isn't it!

  13. You don't get a Punch in the Stomach from a Thug called Warner these days - but you might get clobbered by Richards "Rhythm Sticks" - because whether it's "Morning - or Morgenside" - "Es ist Gut" apparently!

  14. Disgusting all of it - and I can relate to that dashed Sense of excitement and optimism Jack and Fabrizio felt at the start of the Film!

  15. The Film was set in 1912, except it wasn't even 1912 - it was 1990+ - except it was reminiscent of something, not 100 years before (1890), but more like 200 - being 1790, when America had a 'Constitution' made null and void by the lack of a 13th Amendment, before the Work of People like Robert Owen, some of the Socialite Commentary of Jane Austen, and that of an Anglo-Irish Peer who ran his Sligo Constituency by reducing Rents during the Famine, promoting Literacy and helping to end Slavery. This was after his Father - Owen - voted against the Act of Union in the Gratton Parliament of 1800.

    People comment on how there was no Record of Jack - rather like John Arthur Wynne is described elsewhere here as "The unsung Philanthropist" - while People might know of Robert Gore Booth - who evicted Tenants during the Famine and packed them off on the "Coffin Ships". In "Dead Men's Chest" we see another Jack escape somewhere in a Coffin. Thanks to James Cameron there had finally been an implication about someone connected with Celine's Quebec who might not be remembered there or Ireland for the same Reasons Booth might! That they might sing that Song - "Oh hear us when we cry to thee" - which was played at Jack Kennedy's Funeral, but Jack can't attend. What would have happened if William Penn had turned up at the American Part of "Live Aid" in 1985 Philadelphia - wanting to join in with "We are the World"? What would have happened if he decided to do a Rendition of "Answers to nothing"?

    And just when it looked doubtful as to which Century we were in, after the token - one day at Waldorf-Astor's Hotel and that's yer lot, then the gradual Segregation not long afterwards - suddenly 'Jack' couldn't vote in 1992.

  16. What is brilliant about this Film is how it has outsold almost every other form of Entertainment, and by doing so ensures someone hasn't been airbrushed out of everything no matter how much any diminutive Soap Stars from Australia might try! Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr would have to write and record another 53 years of Music before even equaling what "Titanic" made, and while there are References to the supposed Peoples Music in the Film that aren't too flattering - it was about time something showed it all for its mean spiritedness

    Even close to home and THAT Group - whose Guestlists and free Ticket Allocation are like those Passenger Lists Lovett and his Team might have poured over when researching Jack. How the Town is run - even all these years after "Titanic" is like how Smith ran his Ship, which was also how other things were before the Movie, and as I found in 1993 - there's always some little Hitler (re; a Documentary about the Sinking) telling me to "Get Back" when I tried communicating with 'First Class' - still like that now - as I discovered a few days ago!

  17. .....And while Jack gets a Punch in the Stomach from Mr Warner - what part in all this have other things played - like EMI for example? Blur, Radiohead (and more of them in a Moment), Supergrass - Mr Coombes - and even their older Stuff. "Titanic Liverpool" the Stern says as it disappears into the icy Depths. Thom Yorke hardly seems like someone who has ever fought any Battles - while it was a Message kept by Phillips and McBride - that could have prevented the Disaster. He seems as smug as Hockley - as did many of those horrible 90's Musicians.

    Liverpool - and the not so fab 4 perhaps. Jack has to pretend to be Heir to a Railroad Fortune like he was the fat Controller in those Thomas the Tank Engine Books.

  18. This is why it'd be awesome if MTV sent a Research Team here for a few days - to find out what the Record Industry was up to that meant "Titanic" became a poignant Metaphor!

  19. I've reached the Conclusion that these starchy, stuffed Shirt organisations - those whose Representatives Names could read like those sat at that Dining Table in the Film - couldn't deal with the Idea that someone like Jack Dawson might not only be there with them - but also be rather like Tommy Ryans People and helped build why they were all there. I remember how we suddenly had 2 Projects - First Class (the one which meant the Yippie Nights out in Bristol and Trip to Prague) - and Steerage Class - the one I belonged to.

  20. And, y'know what, someone said something today that justified James Cameron's Film completely...

    That - apparently - our Lives are all planned out before us! Doesn't someone say that in his Film, that that is what was wrong with her Life and all the People in it, and how she fights against it - and Jack helps her? The thing is, when it was said earlier today it was said in fatalistic Acceptance, rather like when one of these "Fortune Tellers" Bob Mould sang about said something similar in a Bakers Shop about 10 years ago.

    So, I tell ya what, why don't we all think like that, no-one bothers going to School or studying anything, we shut down Academe as a superfluous Spuriousness that won't make any difference to our pre-planned Lives and we just wrap ourselves up in that horribly conservative Fatalism.

    Yeah, and why doesn't Rose just leave Jack chained to that Pipe to drown, those horrible metal Gates remain closed, and whatever Steerage that did survive don't! Why bother with the Inquiry at the Waldorf-Astoria - and Shipping continues making the same Mistakes it made on April 15th 1912.

    That Attitude is almost like a Script given to them to say - like someone somewhere pays them a Retainer to say it - and all the other things that (don't) happen here. After all, someone somewhere was responsible for those "Morrell" Vans a few years ago - creating the Impression something was happening here - when it wasn't. A sort of Hoarding for us Steerage People to see - while other quaff and scoff!

  21. Whether James Cameron knew something many didn't, and did the real William Murdoch commit suicide on that day in 1912 or not, the Scene on the Stern of the Ship suggests something wrong in someone else called Murdoch's Empire. Something that was going to lead to Problems for the Newscorp Owner a few years ago. A privileged Redhead whose World is full of People who make unsubstantiated Accusations mirrored by another who would cause him those Problems which lead to the Leveson Inquiry and immense Criticism from a very powerful American Senator. I posted this here ..... but also have in other Posts about a very controversial War!


    Also, the previous TV Mini Series - which shows how 'Mr Dickie' got to work "In the Films" - rather like Rose Dawson does - also has the fractured non-interaction the stricken Ship had with the Californian. That while it was the same distance as Bristol might be to a Town run - apparently - not unlike Smiths Ship - both seem incapable of travelling that Distance. If I launched Rockets from here they would be seen in Bristol - but would they invoke the same non-response? Seems to have been the Case as far back as I can remember - and maybe I might stand a better chance of a Response from the Land of Harold Lowe - Cearnarfonshire than Bristol. Caernarfon is also the Land of Eagles - represented by its Flag, so while Brian Walsh's Gaelic Storm played the Soundtrack to a real Party - that Song has a more poignant context against this Backdrop than somewhere that does seem rather twisted. While 1500 died because of the chronic Dysfunction in Communication between the Ships - the same can be said of somewhere where everything also seems chronically dysfunctional.

  22. ..... And what makes all of this even more poignant is how - while People can't seem to travel 12 Miles from Bristol like Stanley Lord couldn't in 1912, I've walked that Distance many times and it takes about as long as Arthur Rostron's Carpathia did - 4 Hours, while I would be doing it usually at about the same time of day his Ship made that Journey.

    No-one seems to be able to travel those 12 Miles.

    In "the Druids" Movie the Highlander is trapped at Alesium - while Ceasars Wall keeps him in and the Gaulish Army out, except the Latter had an Excuse - called that Wall. What was theirs?

    There are other things....

    Important Stuff wasn't getting through because Phillips and Bride were sending Marconigrams - Ship-to Shore small-talk by First Class Passengers, while even if the crucial Ice Warning sent by the MV Mesaba didn't have the "MSG" Prefix - denoting FAO Captain Smith - maybe Initiative ought to have prevailed and it being passed on to the Bridge anyway. Because it didn't, it wasn't. The Analogy of Indulgence, and how it was Wireless Traffic from First Class Passengers that led to the Tragedy and Predominance of 2nd Class and Steerage Deaths is self-evident. Sometimes these things can be unforgivably superfluous and cause what some have described as a "Tragedy with Tea Dances". For some, Irony is an Indulgence they can not afford .... however twee the Orchestra might sound.

    That Orchestra - whose Job was to play Music to the Elite on the other side of those Metal Gates contrasts with the Steerage Group in the Cameron Movie - whose Leaders Name associates with the Home of both Harold Lowe AND the Actor who played him. Gaelic Storm ARE what Music is supposed to be - Italian, Irish, Nordic, American, British, Steerage and the posh Lady - all enjoying the Strains of Brian Walsh's Pipes, unlike any Music which only seems to cater to other People.

    .... And while no-one ever seemed to be able to travel 12 Miles from Bristol even if maybe they ought to occasionally - closer to home, and the "RMS" in Titanic being Royal Mail Ship - those Gig Tickets are either somewhere in the Post Office - or on the other side of those Metal Gates!

    I remember being in a Group which very nearly, but only very nearly, did what Gaelic Storm do in the Film - play mighty Rock and Roll to the posh People at the BBC in 1995 - except I was banned apparently. There are other examples of this - while, someone recently said I ought to meet up with some local Musicians to talk about Music. Which is fine I guess - except that has always been the Problem hasn't it, that People always only ever seem to talk about doing things - not doing them.

    We contrast the Scenes where Hockley and Co do Cigars and Brandy in the Saloon - and that "Real Party" they have in Steerage!

  23. Elsewhere I've explained where that name comes from, and it's like Portishead have been doing their Concerts on the other side of those Metal Gates since 1993 isn't it!

    Also, while there seems to have been an almost relentless Campaign of Vilification going on here probably since "Dummy" - wasn't there another against someone called William Tuner?

  24. Wonder how Ari in Australia is doing these days too!

  25. Until this 'People's Music' becomes more like Brian and less like Stewards we should start protesting outside Venues!

  26. Having mentioned the Music....

    James Horners immense Soundtrack to the Film has influenced others since....

    From Howard Shore ("Lord of the Rings") to Hans Zimmer ("King Arthur") - even a Refrain from "Enemy at the Gates" can be heard in "Titanic's" epic Score. Whether it's those Drawings at the end of "Return of the King" or Will being found on that Driftwood, James Camerons Movie set a Precedent for Film and Music. Enya might have done her Vocal on "Fellowship of the Ring" - Maire Brennan on "King Arthur" - but it was a Lady called Sissel who did the ethereal Stuff for "Titanic".

    That Song by Celine Dion is also poignant, being the Worlds most famous Quebecan. That Sissel might not be Irish doesn't detract from how her Vocal sounds very celtic, and both allude to someone mentioned here.....


    Both Jack and Rose mention Slavery - while Wynne helped end that and also People travelling to Quebec from Famine stuck Ireland. Rose meets Jack and is set free from something she mentions at the start of the Film rather than arriving in the New World as a Slave.

    A Hand comes out of a Lake holding a Rose, Jack is half submerged in the Sea holding Rose's Hand! Peter Jackson might have used those Drawings at the end of his Trilogy - but as someone else called Jack asks...

    "Where did you get that?"

  27. Shame some of us can't play Music instead of just talking about it huh! I remember the Yuppie who slithered and oozed "itzzzz annoying" when I was playing Music once. But while we might have some of these 'George's' maybe I should ask them if they've got Blisters on their Fingers. I have, and those don't happen smoking Cigars and sipping Brandy. Someone says how "Music brings People together" - which I suppose it might, if I wasn't like Jack every time some Tokenism has happened and I have to go back and Row with all the other Slaves!

  28. I remember someone giving me a Look that would curdle Milk at 100 Paces when I had the Temerity to jam on a Bass Guitar whose Owner consented to me doing it while he improvised on a Keyboard. This was as long ago as 1997 - so, while being banned from playing mighty Rock and Roll at the BBC in 1995 almost looks like Censorship - this was one of the earlier Manifestations of what I now call the local Ocracy. It's enough to make you want to spit off the Side of a Ship isn't it, or charge at that Gate with a Bench!

  29. Not very cool at all this Place is it - whatever Credentials it tries to wrap itself up in - Rock or any other form of Music! Dismal, miserable, as cold as that North Atlantic.

  30. Spiteful and toxic .. and hypocritical.

    Rather like the Hypocrisy of a Ship where Benjamin Guggehneim can flaunt his Mistress but Rose couldn't fall in love with Jack. How about Marton Csokas's Wife in "Kingdom of Heaven" - Eva Greene, who says that the Rules don't apply to them, just the People. Oh, and Guy was married - presumably with full Conjugality - when she was 15!

    How many other Pecadillos only seem to apply to some and not others?

    Awe, but it's all so Rock and Roll huh!

  31. While the Steerage Group are rather more Rock and Roll than the Orchestra - after all, they do bring People together - and it is Music for everyone, instead of a Group whose Gigs must have gone on on the other side of that Metal Gate - and were obviously for other People, there's also something very pro-active about it.

    That Gate and that Steward are an Attitude that certainly isn't, and even obscures Pro-activity. It's what Rose says about how her Life was planned out before her, which permeates down to everyone else. Also, Hockley loses the Pendant because Lovejoy has put it in the Pocket of the Coat he gives her. If he hadn't tried to frame Jack that wouldn't have happened.

    The Steerage Passengers have been driven to exasperation by the time they charge at that Gate with the Bench. In the TV Movie Black Billy Jack still believes that they should wait - but that is what eventually leads to his Families Demise. If he hadn't, and done what Jack, Fabrizio and Ryan do his Wife and Family might have made it. "Just you wait Henry Higgins, just you wait" Eliza Doolittle says in "My fair Lady" - hmmm, maybe not!

    When someone tells me that our Lives are pre-planned a few Days ago - I was reminded of what Rose says in the Film, and also how that might even have been connected with that Photograph in the Book about the Eastern Front in WW2. A bit obnoxious when someone tells you about their Salad Days at Oxford University, others about their 60's, while People collect Houses and Flats and some immerse in the rural Idyl. Heck, why don't we have the twee Orchestra too! So, while an Event at the Waldorf was an Attempt at pro-actvity - even if it turned out to be as much a Token Gesture as Jacks Night with the posh People - things afterwards turned into that Gate and that Steward. Which is why I sometimes feel like doing what Ryan does once they've broken through it. One of the Survivors - and Robert Ballard say how 1500 People need not have perished were it not for the Regime.

    That Fatalism is found in Culture when Run DMC tell us "It's like that, because that's the way it is", so People stand on Corners slinging in Baltimore because - that's how it is, even Huey Lewis and the News told us how some things never change. They might wait - while the Developers devour their Neighbourhoods - moving them on in the Process, and while the Sobotkas might have had their Campaign to stop that from happening in the Harbourside surely a former BBC Cameraman and Media Trades Unionist must remember what they used to say about the BBC's Premises in Bristol. How it was almost built to become a Hotel one day with its Restaurant, fully equipped Kitchen, Games Room, Bar, Terrace and lavish Reception. Yeah, and then Hockley and Co can stay there, someone might even have a token Night with the posh People.........

    What would Rose Calvert - even Edward Wynn - have made of the Baltimore we see in "The Wire"?

  32. And the thing is, it isn't Party Political either.... it's an Attitude! A lot of supposed 'Socialists' and 'Liberals' seem to think like that too - and subscribe to those conservative Culture References.

    I come from a Constituency that returned not only a Tory MP in 1992, but also a Prime Minister - but many of those who voted for him don't have that concrete Fatalism. Indeed, even he had his Tussles with some of the more right-Wing Tories. 350 years before and its most famous MP fought a Civil War against People who thought like that. Even during Feudalism its Earl had his Spat with a certain Prince John, Duke of Gloucester - Count of Mortaine, while Llewellyn (and this is where Jack has to correct the Ladies of Tortuga about Pronunciation), fought him to Runnymede to sign Magna Carta in 1215. Heck, even when the Region was a Brythonic Kingdom it's Queen gave a Roman Tax Collector a bloody Nose for his Brutality. All of this in an Area you could hardly describe as traditionally Socialist.

    Llwellyn and Magna Carta - even the Cyfraith Hywell - from the 9th Century had more progressive Ideas than some from Wales in more recent Years!

  33. Yeah, let's have Lord Jones of Aberdare - but Wales has been far better and more pro-active than that. Former President Obama climbed into his Limo looking worried as President Elect Trump took Office, then scarpered to Richard Branson's Caribbean Island (Stereophonics Record Boss). A Horse, a Horse - my Kingdom for a Horse, you could say, except in all seriousness - President Trump has just rolled back his Healthcare Reforms. And why not, after all - we're all going to die anyway - so who needs Healthcare? Why don't we sell the B.R.I - a prime piece of Real Estate in Bristol to the Whitewater Property Company (or even "White Star Property") instead? I'm sure some of those Kingsdown Houses would fetch a pretty Purse - although somewhat bereft of any "Pretty Nurses"! Why not close Bristol University and turn those former Houses in Woodlands Road and Tyndall's Park Road into Flats? Have the Wills Hotel on Park Street and be done with it! William Tyndale might have something to say about that - except being another who fought against the conservatism of the Clergy got burned for his Trouble!

  34. When I was in the Robin Hood in St Ives (Cambridgeshire - not Cornwall) I met someone else called Stuart - and he was into Iron Maiden. they had that famous Song "Run to the Hills", and what was that bit where they sing about that Knife in the Back? As Jack Sparrow is interchangeable with Jack Dawson - and Pittsburgh got those Pirates from somewhere - William Penn Junior had his Treaty with the Native Americans of what became Pennsylvania - called the Shackamaxon Treaty. It's what happened after Penn was gone when things started going wrong. Rather like when a TV Company started becoming segregated after that Friend of the Kennedy's had gone. Then we had that Group whose Gigs went on on the other side of that Gate. Whose Guestlists and Promo-Ticket Allocation read like Ismays Passenger List by 1997. Someone was conspicuously absent!

  35. When I read Jay Rockefeller's Comments about the Iraq War I was reminded of that Scene where Hockley and Co are sat in the Saloon, and one of them says "That's what Rockefeller said". Hockley is very patronizing to Jack when he says how he wouldn't be interested - sort of implying, what would he know about anything? Bit like when Csokas/Guy says of Balian "When I want the advice of a Blacksmith I will ask for it" - or even when James Norrington says something similar about Will in "The Curse of the Black Pearl". Except, when given that chance we see that Jack, Balian and Will do know what they're doing or talking about - and perhaps Arrogance and Foppishness might not.


  36. Jack being banned from his own Funeral..... ("Oh hear us when we cry to thee" they sang at that Service)

    Told you these supposed 'Liberals' weren't really Liberals! The Daily Mail huh! Wonder if they're reading this in Baltimore etc, while if the Segregation among even European or Euro-Americans on that Ship wasn't bad enough, there weren't any Black People at all. But then, it was owned by the Slave Trading White Star Company as opposed to being the Black Star Liner.

    Next thing you know Strider would be banned from the Prancing Pony, Maelgwyn from the Green Dragon ...... Thorongil from an eagles Concert!!!!!

  37. Then we fast forward to when De Caprio plays Gatsby, and we see all those People who just can't get enough of him, until he dies and no-one comes to his Funeral. He's shot in the Back by the way (which is a recurring Theme), but whether it's him as Gatsby or Jack - and/or both Characters die at the same time - the question is "Where was everyone?" Something is established on the Stern of the Ship - that meant not only did he not assault Rose, and quite the opposite applies, but where was everyone - or were they either like those Sycophants and social Vampires we see at Gatsby's Parties - or Hockley and Co when Jack has his Dinner with them?

    Not only was a Miscarriage of Justice narrowly avoided because Rose fesses up partially - the Film was the most successful to date - ever - until "Avatar" - so, in the years after it - and before "Gatsby" that question remains? Were the Film-Makers saying something here about fake People?

  38. "Titanic" in the most spectacular way - established that Jack is no Rapist - and he isn't a Thief either. In what Rose describes as "the most erotic moment of her Life (at least - up until then)" Jack has every Opportunity to do it all. Him .... and her - on that Couch wearing nothing but that Necklace, no Witnesses, but he was "very professional" - although he blushes, but then - heck - who wouldn't when confronted by a Woman as beautiful as Kate Winslett in those Circumstances?

    When they've finished she gives him the Pendant and tells him to put it back in the Safe - which he does, and he notices a huge Pile of Cash in it - He could have pinched both - but he does neither.

    "Gatsby" is like the same Character a few years into the Future - the 1920's - and he's very generous, and don't those People know it, except where were they after he had been shot in the Back and died? His supposed Friend Wolfschein empties his House of anything valuable - and it's like he never existed.

    In "The Curse of the Black Pearl" another Jack says to Will - after their final Battle with Barbosa - that if there was a chance - a Moment - to further his Relationship with Elizabeth - there it was, except he doesn't either! Even Jack declines Elizabeth's Offer later in the Trilogy by saying "once was enough", remembering how he was seduced into the Battle with the Kraken. But you can tell he's was attracted to her during the Franchise.

    So, not only is this a Question about fake People - who are like those who take advantage of Gatsby's generosity until his Death when that suddenly stops - it also is of what was wrong with People once it is established that someone is none of what that Sailor or Hockley might think or say he is. This was said in a Movie that was more successful than any other before - and that means some hefty Competition. Star Wars, Bond, Indiana Jones, MGM's classic War Movies, Bogart, Ben Hur, Gone with the Wind - and even the Wizard of Oz.

    So, yeah - why haven't I seen People - some of whom going as far back as when I was at School and others from the 1980's, 90's, and even this Century? Like Gatsby I was never what you might call a Recluse - and in that many years that's a lot of People!

  39. And I don't know what some People are looking so Smug about, it's them who are going to have to explain to eager Media Studies Students why Film and Television seems to be avoiding Bristol these days. That there won't be a repeat of 1968 when Jack Kennedy's Friend set up HTV with 'Anthony and Cleopatra' on it's Board of Directors. That maybe some of the Reasons for that are found here in this. Rose eventually becomes an Actress - but only after she has broken away from the Spiteful Brutality of the stuffy Hockley and his Thug. 'Mr Dicky' works "In the Films" only after he has from someone who was a Thief and worse in the TV Series a couple of years before.

  40. Some of it might even be found in what Sau Fang says to Will when the Former points out some of the Latters Treacheries - "Why should I expect any better?" he says - which implies Film and Television could say how a Region can't even be honest with People they've known since the early 70's - so why should they?????

  41. While James Cameron makes awesome Films like "Titanic" and "Avatar", or Jerry Bruckheimer's "Pirates of...." Movies rock more than any dismal, semi-detached suburban Yip Yop (Yuppie Hip Hop) ever could with its elitist Dinner Party Soundtrack and selective Guestlists - what are these People gonna make Films about? Shopping, buying Houses, Adventures in Paperclip Land, mixing Grey Concrete? "Part of the Ship, part of the Crew" Jones's Crew chant like Automata - as they quite literally become that Ship - have they become that Concrete, those Silver Balls? They act like they have, while the Regime is'n't dissimilar to Jones's Dutchman or Smith's Ship!

    I s'pose you could always ask a bankrupt Flower Girl if she'll put up the Money for a "Titanic" Sequel!

  42. Meanwhile, there's something someone posted on Facebook - an almost idyllic Place, open Fire, nicely furnished - even snowing outside. When International Hostage Release's First Class Passengers went to Prague it was probably like that, while it reminds me of other Stuff in the 90's and even very recently. It could be Hockleys Cabin/State Room - remember that Fireplace? With that, they've posted something involving someone called Moody...

    In the Film we see Jack and Fabrizio being let on to the Ship by 6th Officer Moody, and this could be History mirroring more recent History - but while we were sent "Driftwood" by the Moody Blues, there was also someone else called Moody somewhere in IHR Land, and some of us never got any further than Cabin B16. I might even get a letter 'B' from somewhere and put it on my Door to remind Vistors/Posties etc about the Film - and this Connection with it.

    There's something else too.....

    Someone posted on YouTube about whether Jack needed to die - and a sort of Explanation as to what went wrong with his Involvement in the Story that led to his Death. I'm not sure whether People are retrospectively mimicking the Film, but it seems that every time 'Jack' gets involved with these posh People there's always trouble. The Thug plants the Necklace on him, are they trying something similar? Like he might have been better off just lying on that bench smoking his Cigarette - and looking at those Stars.