Tuesday, 18 October 2016

More Memorabilia.........

This is a continuation of the Stuff on display in "Memorabilia........."

Hostage Release Vigil 1989 (we camped out at Bristol Harbourside and got People to sign a Petition) Meet the De Witt Bucketters.

This was also there.......... a beautiful Sailing Ship.

Not long after this there was the Press Conference mentioned in "Memorabilia". This was the Venue - and someone seems to have quite poignantly shot it in Sepia - which gives it a 1912 Period feel.

William Waldorf Astor's Hotel was built the same year as the Titanic (1908) so many of the Fixtures and Fittings were what might have been fashionable at the time. It's 1990 and a sense of exuberance and optimism prevails.............

You don't suppose People might have met here..............

You'd think these 2 were in a Film or something...........

The years including and after 1996-7, in other words how everything looks now!!!!

Vigil/Press Conference Photos/Drawings by yours truely!

Something that speaks volumes here about Generosity as opposed to Mean Spiritedness was how the Waldorf gave us free use of their Conference Facilities.

What happened after that is a question for any 'Stewards' (rather unflatteringly described in one Titanic Documentary), who might have blocked everything up - but it certainly felt like being Jack - where this is the one Day with the Posh People - and that was it.


  1. Meanwhile, here's an Historical Diagram for everyone from former Archbishop Envoys to anyone in the Yippieocracy who tries lumping us in with any Islamic Extremists......

    I decided to post this in all these Threads for those who haven't read it.


  2. Today proved to be a Jack Dawson Moment.....

    I tried playing Street Music in the same Location as the top Photograph was taken. There were a lot of Hippie Market Stalls there - one of whom complimented me on my Music. he did this as I was walking past - having been moved on by the Manager. While Dawson had his token Evening with the posh People, like I did at John Jacob Astor's Brothers Hotel (the Waldorf - also see above and http://metrowynn.blogspot.co.uk/2016/10/titanic-more-than-just-love-story.html and http://metrowynn.blogspot.co.uk/2016/09/memorabilia.html) I also seem to have had my token Day on the Harbourside - 28 years ago. What was weird about it was how just after he moved me on someone else shows up to play the same Spot. I was just left with same feeling Dawson must have had when he was turned away by Spicer-Lovejoy in the Movie. That I've had my token Moment with the Yippies and that's yer lot! What does this say about all that?

  3. This also happened a couple of Months ago with something similar!

  4. "I ought to have kept that Drawing, it'd be worth a Fortune in the Morning", whether it's a Hand coming from a Lake holding a Rose, or even Grandfather Clocks in the Corner and those "Pictures of Matchstick Men" things here seem as segregated as they were in those 90's before "Titanic", those 80's and 70's during something else.

    Then you have those Redheads Rose ........ and Ruth. While the former meets Jack and is reformed the latter certainly isn't - not even when it's all too apparent that the Ship is stricken and many People are going to die .....

    "I hope it's First Class Passengers first" Ruth says - and "I hope it isn't going to be too crowded!"

    Awe but heck, there's always Academe, the 5th Estate the 4th being the Media - that Threshold into a Future - except that seems as closed as those Steel Shutters in the Film, like there were Stewards ensuring that you can't get through. Maybe 'Jack' should just pull up that Bench and charge at them with it.

    Also, that Scene at the Stern is an Example of both Stupidity "Stand back and don't move an Inch" (except you can't do both) and a potential lack of Justice. It isn't until Rose speaks up Jack is exonerated.

    Meanwhile, if the Watership did make it to New York let's hope Jack doesn't have any undue Problems huh!

  5. Or as segregated as a 1912 Ocean Liner. What merely confirms James Cameron might be right with his Portrayal, and Critique, of how Ismay and Smiths Ship was run (and this was 2 years before WW1) is how some 'Ladies' might wave at no-one or someone like they were the Duff Gordon's in the Film, like we were in that Salon...... regardless of Accent - or lack of!

    Ahh, so things here are as bad as James Cameron's Analogies show!

    "Music" might "bring People together" or so I was told that time, but have they heard (and I mean listened to) both James Horners Soundtrack and the Music from "Enemy at the Gates"? If they did they'd hear how there's a Refrain in both that is identical. That while a Hand might came out of a Lake holding a Rose a Hand does so from the Ground holding a Torch at Volgograd (Stalingrad).... the Eternal Flame.

    I might play Music until my Fingers fall off here while those 'Duff Gordons just walk past (not even putting a few Coins in the Hat) but it seems the Significance wasn't lost elsewhere!

  6. So I wonder what useless Wanker the Dismalinextremis Regime is going to find for me to talk to tomorrow? Which will be in the Street, outside a Cafe - or on that Bench like we've never done any of that before! What was is Rose said about the same narrow Conversations, the same People? I guess anywhere else would be as off-limits as that Salon in the Film!

  7. While elsewhere People who are Scumbags, Shysters etc will now be referred to as Cutler (Name) or (Name) Becket, here they'll be called (Name) Hockley - in the Context of the Scene where Rose calls him an "unimaginable Bastard", and while he might be that some of these 'Ladies' might be like 'Kylie' and hide behind Peroxide or various other Hair Colourings!

    Jack doesn't "Think" - he does like we didn't just "Talk about" doing things - we did them!