Saturday, 15 October 2016

Silly stuff............

This is where you will find Life's Ironies. Things that are so daft they really do need mentioning here.

I was in the Post Office a few Weeks ago sending a Letter recorded Delivery. The Envelope hadn't sealed properly and I asked if the Teller had some Sellotape. They didn't, and the Post Office wouldn't issue them with any. This is a Post Office that is part of a larger Shop that sells Stationery. They didn't have a Stapler either - while what Paper Clips they had were from Items People had brought in. Let's just hope they still have Stamps etc huh!

Wetherspoons Staff are having to pay huge parking Fines for leaving their Vehicles in a Car Park while at work. This is a Car Park adjacent to another - huge one - and while they have to fork out for this no-one has negotiated/offered a Concession.

I was in a Petrol Station and asked them if they sold Fuel for my Zippo Lighter.......
They didn't!!!!

I've just read about Donald Trump being criticised for - quote - seeing Women as Sex Objects. Not sure this is entirely accurate as he commissioned a Female to design and build Trump Tower in New York. Also, in that Hiatus of American Liberalism John F Kennedy announced in Paris that he was happy to have been allowed to accompany Jackie - who was regarded as one of the most glamorous Women in the World.  I also remember the late 90's when New Labour featured People described as "Blair's Babes". The Irony here being that most of this Reportage appeared in a Paper written and published in a City synonymous with Glamour since Theda Bara played "The Vamp", while staunch Liberal Supporter Frank Sinatra was married to the stunning Ava Gardner!


  1. This isn't just silly, it's downright stupid, not to mention complacent and lazy.

    The Name Carter seems to be confused with Carta, Carter = someone who drives Carts, Cartwright = someone who makes them. Carta = derives from or is the Origin of Charter. Heck, I'm not having the Philologist Tolkienists have their Cake and eat it.

    People called George who probably think they're the Fella who founded Baltimore.

  2. People who put Job/Work Opportunities on Facebook but don't have a "Contact us" Email on their Facebook Page.