Thursday, 29 September 2016


Many things have happened since this Scene was filmed

(Cue ethereal Sissel Vocal)
Rather like that Intro to a certain James Cameron Movie from 1997 - here's an (almost) Sepia tinged Article by yours truly............................

And then - from Article to Artefacts..............................

This is from a Press Conference the subsequent Project did - and while John Jacob Astor was the wealthiest Man on the Titanic, the Conference was at his Brothers Hotel - built the same year as the stricken Ship, 1908, by William Waldorf Astor.

When I was at the Conference I met the Sisters of Belfast Hostage Brian Keenan whose resolute Determination was very inspirational. Their and our Work was finally vindicated when he was released a few Months afterwards - and he wore one of our T'Shirts.

Yes, it really did feel like a Movie!

There's more.......... Click here More Memorabilia......

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And as a sort of Certificate of Authenticity - here's the Email exchange I had with Mr Glasswell about sending him the stuff to make his Webpage. We've had all sorts of shenanigans with this - but rather like someone from Slovakia who quipped about People might have seen something on the Internet - some of us saw all this for real!


  1. Meanwhile, here's an Historical Diagram for everyone from former Archbishop Envoys to anyone in the Yippieocracy who tries lumping us in with any Islamic Extremists......

    I decided to post this in all these Threads for those who haven't read it.

  2. Glib or not .....?

    Something awesome happened today! A Street Musician was playing his Mix of Klezmer, Slavic Folk and French Tunes on an Accordion and he suddenly started playing the Celine Dion Song from "Titanic". A Couple of Ladies were present and must have heard it along with everyone else. It's like it was 1997 again, and although there was Cynicism (some of which addressed by the Film) there was nothing like what we have now. If People are gonna become Garfunkels stood on Bridges (over something) then a lot of Water has passed under it. Things like the appearance of these wretched Opportunists who have obviously decided to exploit things (rather like those People in that early 70's 'Celtic Village' on TV), a Bunch of People selling Art and those fucking Silver Balls. Development Companies and Architects who act as the Pimp to almost everyone who seem to have become his/her/their Tarts - and this horrible, exploitative, corporatist Nightmare.

    While Governor Swann lets everyone else fight the Battle before emerging the big Hero after it has ended how the hell can it be right that People can slither about all this at the other end of the broken Bottle of all the above redefining assumptiveness and arrogance? Scooping it all up within their Networks at the expense of those who fought those Battles?

    But then Hockley says how he could make a Fortune selling Jacks Pictures - while it was Dawson who fought that particular Battle!

    But then, Rose is a Flower (and is the Subject of that Drawing), while the Beatles were "For Sale" on a Record Cover with them sat there - bits of Meat draped on and around them. Maybe they tried to fuck Manny Horovitz over huh! Rose De Witt Buckaters World is that of Hockleys!

    When he played that Song he earned another Quid from me! Watching the Film now and its amazing how that Period seems comparatively innocent!

    A Hand comes out of a Lake holding a Rose!

  3. While the Stuff in this Post commemorated the end of the Cold War and signified the potential 'Spring' in this Country where the Usual Suspects could become as obsolete as those in Eastern Europe, that one was crushed and we got "Back in the USSR" 2 (Thanks Noel). George Smiley became George Harrison and now its difficult to know who the Pimp is, and who the tart might be, in that Instance. All I know is that during the first Cold war we knew whose side he was on. Now his allegiances are as clear as those skewed Alliances in Syria, Iraq, and north Africa. And while he plays Whore to Mr/Ms/Messers Silver Balls with his 3 Pound Coins .......

  4. The last thing we see in "Titanic" is the Slave Ship disappear into the depths "Titanic - Liverpool" on the Stern. After all, Liverpool was a poxy little fishing Village before the Slave Trade yielded the likes of William Penny and the City that spawned the (not so) Fab 4! If the Film connects with the Stuff here then shouldn't that have signified the End of Lennonism - symbolized by Bernard Hill going down with his Ship - the Man who played the famous Beatle in a TV Movie!

    What made that Music thing so significant wasn't just how it happened in Earshot of someone who seems to be part of a Story - but also how it was played by someone who might have had Relatives who fought the Securitae in December 1989.

  5. What irks me more than anything is how - because everything here took too long - Mr Havel died before any Reply to any Email was ever made. This started in 2007 when I met someone outside a Cafe, while the former Dissident and Czech President died in 2011. This means there were nearly 4 years when we could have interviewed him for Radio/TV etc - where I ask him when he thought Czechoslovakia's Problems started. He would probably say that it was at Munich in 1938 and that fateful and terrible Decision.

    That would be when I say that not everyone in the British Government were like Chamberlain, and someone we knew resigned because of Appeasement. If he had been heeded maybe Mr Havel and Mr Dubceks People wouldn't have endured 7 years of Nazi Occupation and another 40 of Communism. That an Injustice done 70 years ago (because this would be around 2007-11) has been made right!

  6. Instead of that we have some mad old bint outside Waitrose who eats cat Food, someone who probably thinks he's Charlie sheen, a Bunch of horrible parochial Bumpkin Crap - and some nonsense in Clevedon - where I suppose i can see the posh Houses I can't afford!