Saturday, 29 October 2016

Donald Trump - an Age old Story........

That thing "Living Memory" is something People always refer to - because it happened in their - or someone else's Lifetime. This is why when People mention Scandals they always refer to Clinton, Kennedy - even John Profumo, but the Story that sets the Precedent for what Donald Trump is going to fight back against was that of Roscoe Arbuckle.

It was the 1920's and Hollywood was teeming with the famous, successful People everyone knows about, the many more unsuccessful who no-one does, and the infamous everyone wishes they didn't.

The Trial of Arbuckle wasn't only the first Scandal of the Media Age that became very well known, it was also the one that revealed everything else that was wrong with the Process of the time. Struggling Actresses in the Employ of Extortionist Bambina Maude Delmont, who would lure Producers into her Boudoir and obtain compromising Stories about them for Money - and probably to advance the Careers of her Proteges. Virginia Rappe - one of her 'Girls' who would do this for her, even Jurors like Helen Hubbard who would vote "Guilty until Hell freezes over". But what did all this really achieve for this Triumvirate and anything else since?

How about the Media? Randolph Hearst's Media Empire crucified Arbuckle so much so that even when found not guilty his Career was ruined. But how does that make anything else they wrote about look as People saw the News Stands in the Years after - regardless of what it might be? How did Hollywood look as they cowered away from Arbuckle, sending him to Coventry via his Friends and Associates in the Industry, banning future Work and destroying his Films?

All this even after the Jury delivered this Statement after he was acquitted.........

"Acquittal is not enough for Roscoe Arbuckle. We feel that a great injustice has been done him. We feel also that it was only our plain duty to give him this exoneration, under the evidence, for there was not the slightest proof adduced to connect him in any way with the commission of a crime. He was manly throughout the case and told a straightforward story on the witness stand, which we all believed. The happening at the hotel was an unfortunate affair for which Arbuckle, so the evidence shows, was in no way responsible. We wish him success and hope that the American people will take the judgment of fourteen men and woman who have sat listening for thirty-one days to evidence, that Roscoe Arbuckle is entirely innocent and free from all blame."

All this was happening nearly 80 years ago, but in very recent Years - Months even - Presidential Candidate Donald Trump has found himself in something not as extreme as this - but potentially just as damaging. Except, it isn't, and he has vowed to exact revenge on all those who have lied in this Melee. That he doesn't give a Stuff about what the Media thinks or writes about him, while his Legal Actions against these People isn't between him and the Media - it's between him and them! Besides which, it makes those Cheque Book Journalists look like Pontious Pilate!

Many might whinge that he isn't their choice in the forthcoming Election, but how did those Women in the Arbuckle Trial make them look? What would an Industry Contemporary like Lois Weber have made of the scheming Shrewishness of those involved - or Helen Hubbard - who looked like a Harpie? How does the recent Stuff make Clinton Supporters look in that Context? Trump scares the bejezzus out of supposed Liberals and Socialists, Moral Ethicists and the like - but what if their Premise was built on the sort of Motives and Operandi employed by Delmont and Rappe - with the inevitable Response from Hubbard? If that is true than there is no Ethicism, no Righteousness in their Claims. Maybe they should remember what went on in the Civil Rights Struggle - and a similar Process of Non Justice, 'Heads they win, Tales we lose' Process. The Crossburner Club could say what they wanted about anyone and there was nothing those Anyones could do about it. Maybe they should also consider the Patronage of the Clinton Foundation - seen as "Corrupt" even by liberal Journalists like Bob Woodward.

This applies to all these things and it was about time someone like him made it very clear that this sort of thing won't be tolerated.

I could say that the same Industry, the same sort of People, the same shoddy and scuzzy Motives applied to something here for a very long time, and I'm not sure I particularly care what happens to those responsible, or anything they want you to think they represent!

Maybe Trump is Arbuckles Revenge!


  1. The sort of People in this Story are the sort of People in Arbuckles Story, and maybe even in those Trump is going after. People who might claim to be all sorts of things - but are none of them.

    They have their Yippie Dinner Parties, lying and defaming anyone they like - and there's nothing those 'Anyone's' could do about it - probably have since the 70's - while Showbiz has since People discovered it. But then, the Crossburner Clubs could do the same about a Bunch of People who had no recourse to the Legal System, which had no structure to accommodate it anyway.

    So much for their Premise of Justice then, but wasn't that supposed to be their selling Point, their Sales Pitch so to speak? What are People voting for exactly?

    Arbuckle was sent to Coventry by the Film Industry - even after he was exonerated - which is what happened in this, probably also has since the 1970's. Ahh, so that's why I haven't seen anyone for years!

    I'll be emailing Trumps Office with this - telling them nothing has changed since that awful Trial - and Aftermath - of the 1920's.

    It's also becoming apparent Hilary Clinton did a Spicer Lovejoy with WMD's!

    The Irony of all this probably being; by trying to be Bobby Kennedy they killed him figuratively speaking. See other Posts about some of that!

    As I've said, it's a shame that Donald Trump isn't a Liberal, while wouldn't you expect Liberals to do what he has said he is going to do as a Process of Social Justice and Consistancy? What it means for Politics in the future - regardless of your Ideology - is a Precedent could be established that means the Laws on Defamation actually mean something. It also goes a long way towards ending a Practice many Journalists deplore. A Practice which compromises them. So should those running the Media. After all, if everything Hearst published about Arbuckle was complete Fiction why shouldn't anyone think everything else he published wasn't too?

  2. The thing is, when Bob Woodward describes the Clinton's as "Corrupt" that effectively spells the end of their Moral Authority. But, I think American Liberalism died in 1968 when Bobby Kennedy was killed. After that they became an appropriation exercise using the Democrat Party Name and Regalia. They don't act like Liberals, then they pulled the Drawbridge up on their own People. Who ever is in 'Camelot' now certainly isn't Arthur!

    I also think the Investigation might find its way to Dublin as they try to discover the cozy Arrangement the Clinton's had with U2 and other designer Social Consciences. I have an entire Album full of those - and none of them are what they seem, or all of them are useless. Hence my Skepticism being rather more informed than most.

  3. Donald Trump is going to do the Liberals the biggest favour since Woodward and Bernstein did their Investigations in the early 1970's. To ask anyone in the Liberal Community to put their House in order is like asking Ronnie Biggs to be the Postmaster General. They are incapable of it.

    The pending Election in the US is another part of a Process that has been happening for the last few years elsewhere. The Greek Election - quashed by the EU, the Scottish Referendum - that 45% "Yes" to Independence - a hefty Mandate that would become a Landslide in rejection of the Liberal-Left Political Orthodoxy. Yeah, the SNP are Socialist - but they aren't Labour or the Lib-Dems. The recent Brexit Vote against the Pseudo-Liberalism of the European Union, a Dinner Party Club of Industrialists and Eurocrats (paid more than our Prime Minister). You could even say that the Referendum in the Crimea was a rejection of the quasi-European Ukraine, while the reaction against the Greek Election and our Brexit Vote finally showed how undemocratic the EU actually is.

    That the entire Liberal Edifice has forgotten how to be Liberals and is nothing more than a Dinner Party Club was proved with the Activities of the Clinton Foundation, while Whitewater is starting to look like the proverbial Tip of the Iceberg.

    As for Pop Stars ingratiating and being ingratiated by Politicians is the same thing. Clinton and Bono being mimicked by Blair and Noel - that sort of thing. That Album of ours is another Manifestation of this. I write about Hostages and Human Rights - others just sell on whatever Marketing Angle they can find or use. I wonder whose Social Diary is the busiest when all this goes on.

    So, while the Liberals lick their Wounds in the wake of the American Election and read the Reports about the Clinton Enquiry - maybe they should rediscover why they are Liberals, start being them, and stop being a Dinner Party Club.
    There's nothing the Pseudo Liberal Media can do about it - while I could write as one of the most disillusioned People on the Planet who has seen those post-1968 Pseudo Liberals fill the Nest with appropriative Cuckoos. But they're not Liberals. If they were, if others were after 1990 - this would read very differently.

    All this is a bit like those supposed "be sensitive or else" 90's. It's now 2016 - when does that actually start?

    I got fired not long after Bill became President (More Cuckoos in the Nest followed), Hilary fired those 7 Travel Officers at the Whitehouse - one of whom had worked there since Jack Kennedy's Government. She was fired for unethical Conduct from the Watergate Inquiry. So much for respecting the Liberal Tradition then!

  4. He might do Culture a favour too.....

    I've noticed how Culture always seems at its worst when the Liberal Left are in charge. Some of the 60's when Wilson was PM for example, the late 70's (Callaghan and Carter), the 1990's (Clinton and early Blair). Is this because they are essentially Cowards who wait for a conducive Leader before becoming strident and arrogant - or that they might form the Protest Movement when they aren't, then become these - and then smug - when they are? All these nasty little Drummer Boys hid their Sticks when we had Bush/Cheyney, but then started again when we had Obama. A Republican Film maker showed how great 'Camelot' wasn't by the end of the Clintonesque Decade ("King Arthur"), while contrast them in the Reagan/Thatcher Era to what some of them turned into in that awful Decade. "Vertigo" Mr Hewson???? Chris Martin might have his "Clocks" - but to all intents and purposes some of ours stopped in 1993, probably did in the 1970's for all some of us know. That some had their Right to Reply when Time-Warner made and showed those Yippie Movies is another example of this. Stott might have been a Dwarf - but he was also Honourious!

    What all of this also shows is how duplicitous or ironic they can be....

    Before an Election, and as Opposition - it's all "Vote for me" etc - like everything becomes the proverbial Baby Kissing Exercise - but what happens afterwards? I remember a Website I used to write on being very 'right-on' before 2007, then suddenly became a bit unfriendly once Obama became Mr President. There's only so many times they can do this - while, if the Rot in the Liberal-Left is as bad as Journalists like Woodward say then even Liberals should consider the Protest Vote this year to say enough is enough!

  5. What's astonishing about Peoples reaction when you mention Trump is their apoplexy at his apparent Links with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Not only does this reveal just how re-established the Cold War is and just how that was allowed to happen in recent years, exacerbated by the Mistakes of previous Politicians and the Media - it also shows how dangerous the Political Establishment are. Have they not noticed how we seem at Daggers drawn with Moscow, been exasperated at how the Politicians seem incapable of resolving it, or how close we came to all out War in Sakashvili's Caucasus? Still are in Syria?

    People obviously oblivious to the Agreement Bush Senior had with Gorbachev as NATO Sabre rattles in what is supposed to be a demilitarised Zone haven't realized that a US President in co-operation with his Russian equivalent could prevent the World descending further into the Abyss.

  6. What People have to remember is no 'liberal' Policies in the World amount to anything if we are at War. This is what could happen if Hillary Clinton becomes President. Her attitude as Secretary of State towards Moscow was antagonistic which also shows some considerable Failings in the Clinton Retinue as they tried making her Heir Apparent of her Husband's and the Democrat Party Legacy. No serious Candidate can ignore the Russian Perspective in Foreign Policy - but that Stance then could continue if she became President. Even if it didn't President Obama was compromised by Events before his Tenure - not any antagonism towards the Kremlin.

    Bobby Kennedy had some very liberal Policies in his 1968 Agenda, Pro-Environment, anti-War, and a genuine Concern for those less fortunate's he met during his Campaign that year. His planned Withdrawal from Vietnam meant that Policies towards helping those People could be bolstered by any re-allocation of Funds otherwise spent on the War and based on the Certainty an ending of Hostilities would bring. He was also involved in the Negotiations with Moscow during the Cuban Missile Crisis which gave him Kudos with the Kremlin.

    Donald Trump goes into this with similar and would not only help repair the dangerous Rift with Russia - vis a vis their Allies - but could even re-establish those CFE Agreements 1989, (Treaty on conventional Armed Forces in Europe) signed by Gorbachev and Bush Snr preventing both Warsaw Pact/Russian Federation and NATO Troops being garrisoned in Eastern Europe. Russia announced it's cessation in participation in 2007 - citing NATO Activity in the region. This would make a considerable Contribution to easing the Tension caused by the latter - which violates that Treaty.

    I write as someone who remembers the 1979 UK Election, and all those Women who voted for Margaret Thatcher because she was a Woman. It wasn't long before some realised their Mistake. I hope that a similar Tokenism doesn't influence the American Election, because it will be brilliant to have a female President one day - but maybe not that one. That attitude towards Russia a few years ago suggests a gung-ho assumption in the Clinton Campaign that the black President will be followed by the female one. That that irresponsibility will be forgotten when People vote. Condoleeza Rice was both but I wouldn't have voted for her. Many Republicans who voted for Eisenhower wouldn't have Sarah Palin while she probably did as much harm to the McCain Campaign as Hillary could the furtherance of the Rights of Women.

  7. Apparently the FBI have said there was no Criminality in Hillary Clinton's Activity with Email.

    I just hope the American People won't be bribed by some 'Liberal' Bagatelle - only to find she causes a War in Syria that will spread. We fell for all this with Blair - that Minimum Wage etc - while his Chancellor deregulated both Property and Finance (suffice to say your Minimum Wage won't even pay a Deposit now). Then there was the small Matter of the Iraq War, and while People might have voted for Tony Blair in the early 2000's would they afterwards when they started paying the Bedroom Tax? Also, because of that War, the People of Darfur were left to be slaughtered because that mooted Rapid Reaction Force Labour promised in the 1998 Election were sent elsewhere!

    Will Putin negotiate anything with someone who set out to demonise him a few years ago?

    We need a President who can do that to prevent a bunch of Disasters happening if she becomes POTUS!

  8. As an exasperated Liberal who sees the 'Liberal' Edifice as not much more than a Schmoozeathon these days - a Dinner Party Club that has hijacked the Liberal Agenda for its own dubious, disingenuous ends, I would say a Protest Vote by Liberals who would want to Lance the Boil should vote Republican because it will show People what very right Wing Politics can be like, you might even get a Peace Conference and Treaty with Russia. That CFE (Treaty for Conventional Forces in Europe) is more important even that S.A.L.T because it's conventional Forces that will start a War Nukes would finish.

    Vote for real Peace - not a Veneer of dogmatic Tokenism, so - one day - when we have a female President we're all still alive to do so.

    Not being in the self-serving, neo-freemasonry of Dinner Party Yippies might mean I can't say this at any Dinner Party Bingeathon but I can say it here!

  9. We got bribed by a load of Liberal-left Baubles in 1997. So did the World with a now non-existent Ethical Foreign Policy. But while the Minimum Wage struggled to keep up with the increasing Mortgages, which struggled to pay the deregulated Property Industry, while Billions were spent in Iraq, given to a European Union that has assimilated Human Rights via their portion of the Human Rights Act 1998 1000's were slaughtered in Darfur. While Gordon Brown gave us his buy now, pay later Economy - pro-War Blairites now pay the Bedroom Tax. While Tony Blair appeared making Peace with Qadaffi - Hillary Clinton undid all that, and would probably do the same in Syria - maybe even Iran. Even if domestic Policy is your thing, Trump would need more than 4 years to undo that - if he did anyway. What is Clintons Policy towards a Russia that now seethes across the Border with the Baltic Countries, the Caucasus, Ukraine and in it's proxy War in the Levant?

    As someone once said of American Politics - the American People need Certainty and I'm not sure Clinton can give them that.

  10. We also heard Words like "Inclusion" - even from Gordon Brown in 99 - but some of us feel less "Included" now than we did 27 years ago.

    Events in Libya have shown that the Liberal left can't guarantee Consistency. While Ms Clinton acted like the Bull in a China Shop in North Africa can we assume she will do the same with an Iran she was all gung-ho to go to War against a few years ago?

  11. Gun Control in the US?

    Apparently 2/3rds of Americans favour Gun Control - which is great, except this is one of those Inconsistencies I mentioned earlier. That while we might have this 'Liberal' Nimbyism we also have those Weapons sold to North Africa and the Levant - while those things NATO and Russia point at each other aren't Peashooters!

  12. Meanwhile, here's an Historical Diagram for everyone from former Archbishop Envoys to anyone in the Yippieocracy who tries lumping us in with any Islamic Extremists......

    I decided to post this in all these Threads for those who haven't read it.