Saturday, 19 November 2016

Hillary is no Jackie Kennedy/Onassis.

There was this Hype, this Palava that told us Bill Clinton was the new JFK. They looked glamorous as the President and First Lady moved into the Whitehouse in 1993. They were dubbed as liberal as their 'Camelot' Comparison, but the similarity ended there. It most certainly ended there  if it ever existed at all when the Stories started to emerge about how Hillary treated Whitehouse Staff. How she fired People, hit them apparently, and demeaned them in front of everyone, even him.

What is intriguing about all this is how it says that sometimes looks can say what they mean, and also be deceptive. That while - on the Surface - Hillary Clinton seemed sassy (even Micheal Moore was seduced), Jackie Kennedy Onassis was both - as above so below. We never heard Stories about her assaults on Bodyguards, we never heard how she might have fired anyone - although she wanted to redecorate a drab and shabby Whitehouse when her and Jack moved in, and while she seemed demure .............. she was. She was even more popular than her Husband when they visited Paris. No-one ever called Marine One "The Broom".

To illustrate this see these.............

Jackie as First Lady

Despite losing her Son - Patrick, being widowed in November 1963, losing her Brother in Law in 1968, and widowed again in 1975, stylish as ever Jackie still outshines the incumbent First Lady - Nancy Reagan in 1985.

Hillary Clinton's official Portrait in 1992. Unfortunately it deteriorates after this, and while it is difficult to compare this with the Hillary of recent years (I won't post any of those), all of this suggests that in this instance the Camera didn't lie. It's like a Chronology of how things ended up - or even saw through the Facade. That while the above was as below with Jackie Kennedy Onassis, this saw the above deteriorate as it tried to hide the below.

I began to feel that the Clinton's were a Parody of the Kennedy's - this somehow proves it.

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  1. Meanwhile, here's an Historical Diagram for everyone from former Archbishop Envoys to anyone in the Yippieocracy who tries lumping us in with any Islamic Extremists......

    I decided to post this in all these Threads for those who haven't read it.