Tuesday, 19 December 2017

The Caucasus - the most dangerous Place on Earth!!!!

This was something I wrote in about 2007 after the Georgian Conflict. It was originally posted on a Website at that time - but rather mysteriously disappeared, or at least seemed to have when I tried finding it to post here! It's an Analysis of the myriad Groupings, Ethnicities and Conflicts in the Region known as the Caucasus. After 'Operation Tidy Up' I found a printed copy - which I have scanned and posted in this Thread. I guess the Appearance gives it that archival Look and gives it an Authenticity that might not be apparent if it was just typed. Click on each in order of Appearance, using your Browsers zoom Facility if you have to .......

Some of the following appears as a Reply to a Comment someone on the Website made.......

Finally, having wrested back Control of some Work where a lot of Research. Writing and fact Checking resulted in this you can now read it here! 

Friday, 8 December 2017

Cold War 2?????

27 Years after the end of Cold War1 I thought I'd do something of an update ........ so here it is!!!!

Erm, yeah - very nice, but before all that some of us had to do this ........

It's a Scene from a Film in 2002, set in 1942, but could have been 1991 even the Russian Civil War Bill Bailey mentions. And there was also this .............

Then we had the obligatory and everso re-affirming Handshake ..........

So, comrade Commissar - everything is gonna be like this when this is done huh?

Look, there's Beer and white Wine and Coffee - and there's Music - wow, now that's something to look forward to and fight for..... (And they're not in a Cafe etc)

Then a few years ago I was with someone from Poland and I asked him what he thought of all the new build we were looking at .........

He said it looked like Warsaw .......

Ahh, that's what he meant (maybe), but wasn't it all supposed to be like this .......?

So why does it feel more like this?

Oh, and let's not forget that we also had some of this .......... Not much "Beer and white Wine and Coffee" going on here huh!

When we were hoping it would be like this ........

Bet they know how to make each other Tea and Coffee.

So, without any Ado, there's nothing for it but this ............

Dang right, you tell 'em Jack!!!!!!!

Maybe he should borrow a Megaphone from one of those Blokes in the Film and yell it intro the eras of these People

Honecker/Hitler - by 1989 there wasn't really any difference!!!!!!

Monday, 11 September 2017

To Be a Coin - or not To Be a Coin .......... the Billion Coin.

This has to be the weirdest Cryptocurrency on the Market.

It claims to want to alleviate global Poverty etc but how it works - or at least how it does now - seems anathema to that Idea.

When it was launched you could by a TBC for 0.001 Euro. Brilliant, except it might be if anyone who wanted to actually knew about it's existence. Then it began its meteoric Rise in Value. At time of writing it is valued at 251153 Euros. So anyone wanting to buy a TBC now has to pay the equivalent of the Price of an average Flat in Britain to do so. How many People knew about Bitcoin when it was launched, and now have to find $4000 to buy one?

No Problem People might think and start looking for anyone who might sell TBC cheap. After all, isn't it the same with anything - that you will do this to try and secure a Bargain that could prove a useful Investment?

This is what those running TBC call "Discounting" - which they say is against the Rules of the TBC Agreement. So you have to find over a quarter of a Million Euros to do so. How many People trapped in Poverty have that sort of Money - or access to it? Surely, isn't it the Prerogative of any TBC Owner to sell them at whatever Price they wish? If they withdrew $1000,000 from a Bank and sold it to a homeless Fella for $10 that's completely up to them. If a TBC Owner wants to sell TBC for that - and some do - that's completely up to them, and aren't they doing their bit to help People who have very little Money? They're like the Philanthropist who gives their Money to the Needy. Some of these People have so many of them - which they probably bought when it was launched - that to them a few Coins aren't going to be missed.

To force People to pay more than 250,000 Euro's saying that they will be able to sell them in some Future for a Billion is almost as much of a Myth as a Property Market that sells you a House for 250,000 Euros - saying it will be worth more in the Future, but then so will every other Property - particularly if you want to upgrade. So whatever you make in Profit - you might not have enough to buy a bigger House should you want to.

TBC Wallet Owners now have to pay $10 to have the "Send" Button reactivated so they can send and receive Coin. They say this is because they have some sort of Backlog of Transactions which are slowing the Process down. Some TBC Users have said their Transactions have gone through recently, the same day and within the 1-8 Hours the Blockchain takes to process them. So what "Backlog" are they on about? There are currently 1,285,775 TBC Wallets in existence so they stand to make 10 times that in USD when People pay their $10. They then ask People to get 100 Referrals (that dreaded Word in Internet Marketing) - so the Equation reads 1,285,775 X 10 X 100USD. Phew, that's a lot of Money!!!!

This is supposed to make you a "Trusted Seller" - but how does it make you a trusted anything? Peoples trust comes cheap these days it seems. They also say that People should hold on to their TBC because it will be worth considerably more in the Future. It's difficult enough now to find anyone with 251153 Euros to spare - so how difficult will it be 1000,000 - and certainly 1Billion? If People trapped in Poverty now - a very immediate Problem for many - why shouldn't they sell their Coin on an Exchange and use that Money to improve Lives now?

So, instead of alleviating Poverty TBC isn't just becoming another Cryptocurrency that is increasingly only available to those who can afford the now expensive Value of it - it also makes vast amounts of Money for those who run it.

Even those who have paid huge amounts for TBC now have that Money effectively held Hostage by that Admin - who say that paying your $10 doesn't instantly reactivate your Wallet - but merely puts you in a Queue to have it done in the Future. The thing here is we might pay our Tenner to become a "Trusted Seller" - but can they be trusted as a Coin Admin with that Money? For a Currency that claims to be sooo not like Fiat Currencies it is acting like  Greek ATMs recently that told People they couldn't withdraw any Money.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

In Memorium to Manchester Arena........

I thought I'd wait for the Kerfuffle to simmer down for a few Days before I did this - but in Memorium to the People at the Manchester Arena I'd dedicate a Song by Mancunian Indie Band Puressence - from their Album "Only Forever!" - "Standing in your Shadow" -

from .......

Friday, 19 May 2017

Globalscam....grift....cheat ..... con ...... erm - Shares!!!!!

Here is another one. Yep, same old HYIP Scuzz dressed up slightly differently with its "Unique Design" and it's "secure" HTTP/SSL - but it's still the same old douche, same old Spivery, same old Con. So, here's the Scamsite..........

Yeah, brilliant isn't it - in that lovely Mauve - those flowery Images, all that reassuring Stuff, the "secure" SSL - wow, a Phone Number, Live Chat, "Fast Payouts" "Strong Account Security" etc. Lots of Investors, latest Payouts, high ROI  - awesome.....

So we make a modest Deposit $10 on a 2000% in an Hour Program, stand back and wait...... an Hour,

(Here's where we use some Timelapsed Photography - then in an Hour), Horrah, it's made $200, so we make a Withdrawal of $190. Except you can't - because the minimum is $240. Ouch, so what about this "No withdraw minimum"? Hmm, we try and do a Deposit from Account Balance - except you get this.........

Oh, so where's the "Deposit from Account Balance" Button their Support told me about when asked about this? There isn't one, so we deposit another $10 on the 2000% in an Hour Program to increase the Balance to $400 - $160 above that $240 we were told about..... then wait an Hour..... It's now at $400 ...... so we should be able to withdraw from it now..... except -

Hmm, so now we're told the minimum Withdrawal is $480! I must be using a different Website to these People ...........

Can't see any $480 Withdrawals there - can you? Not even $48 for many of them. Here, who's that Birch Chappy in the List? Don't they tell you there's "no withdraw minimum"?

Deciding not to make another Deposit and opting to do one using the account Balance I'm told to use the "Deposit from Account Balance" Button by their Support. Right, no Problem, hoping that their Techies might have added or repaired it by now - let's do it!!!!!

So, again - where here is said Button, can anyone find it because I can't. Hmm, seems this is a Scam to get People to deposit, and deposit, and deposit, and deposit, while the minimum keeps going up. $240 becomes $480, becomes $720 etc so you never get to withdraw anything. That maybe the Ponzi has reached that Point where anyone joining now will just fund those there before if anyone at all apart from the Site Admin. Heck, lets' see what "Live Chat" has to say about it ...... Click! Click! Click! Click! - nothing, because there is no "Live Chat"! The Phone Number - dialed from that shown gives "The System is busy - please try again later"  while if you add a + then the Number it's just a Fax or a Modem. "Contact us" don't even reply to your Email inbox either!

Yet another disappointing Vampire of Time and Money - and when you read the Terms and Conditions it tells you not to vote negatively or mention it on Websites and Forums etc. That's so they can scam you in secret - and no-body knows!

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Will Bitcoin replace Fiat Currency?

The Answer to that is; no, it won't

Bitcoin has invoked an almost religious Fervor among its Supporters - but why won't it replace Fiat Currency?

It's Infrastructure is chronically unreliable....

Have you ever tried buying any?

There are many Companies where you can do this - except every one I've used, tried or signed up to is hopeless and unreliable.

There's one - where you can use your Visa Debit Card - which keeps getting declined when you do. Another, where you have to do it via Wire Transfer - which can take up to 8 Days and cost anything up to £25 in IBAN Fees, or you use one of these Merchants - who are hopelessly unreliable - and you spend days grappling with the Website, Errors, and the like - and Email Inquires that can also take days. Some, where you have to buy Euros before you even deposit, others that take anything up to an Hour before your Deposit reaches your Wallet Account, and Exchanges where you have to hope the other Guy is honest. Some charge exorbitant Fees - and then there's the Disparity between what you buy them for and sell them - anything up to a £200 or 25% Deficit. You lose almost that much on something you bought  in a Shop as soon as you leave the Premises.

Then there are the myriad Scams involved - while all of it is a shambles run by People who don't seem to have any common sense.

Yeah, we all know that the current Financial System is flawed - and about the Bailouts a few years ago, the other things that go on in the Recesses of it all, the Subterfuge, but until someone creates an Alternative that doesn't give you Stomach Ulcers trying to use - or cause days of Stress and Aggravation - then Cryptocurrency will always be regarded as a sort of Monopoly Money that you can't even buy a plastic House with. We also know that Currency now isn't backed by any Gold or Silver Standard - and is just a Number whose Value could, and sometimes has plummeted.

I suggest a Vendor that does accept Visa Debit, and one that works, that is as quick as any Bureau de Change might be when you buy them, and where you can sell them either for the same Amount - or whatever the Exchange Rate might be. Who could email Coin to you rather than you having to wait an Hour before they arrive, and one that is discreet.

I have just been through a Process that took over a Week to have Documents verified, where Bitcoin went up by about £250 when that went on, only to find that a Dysfunction now exists with the Merchant you deposit with - via whom you buy your Coin from a Wallet Provider. Ironic considering they issue a Visa Debit Card - but you can't deposit with one. If it was set up properly it is instant, reliable and - above all - refundable in the Event of a Dispute.

Also, and this is the most crucial part, Bitcoin will stop being produced in about 2040, which limits the amount available to anyone, so while Fiat Currency can almost seem like it's being printed like there was no tomorrow - at least it's available.

So, until you can do everything from Busk for Bitcoin to buy and make a Transaction with it that doesn't mean the World goes into Metastasis while it grinds into action it will never become the mainstream Currency.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Don't believe the HYIP.......

It seems we've found another HYIP Scam - which can only operate with the Complicity of the Monitor that recommends and promotes it - here I will show you how the Con works, and it supports what others on YouTube, Websites and elsewhere say about the whole HYIP Industry.

Firstly; here's the Scamsite...........

Looks awesome huh, all those huge Payments for comparative modest Investments - while that "Your Profits are 100% safe with us" bit requires some Scrutiny! I asked them how guaranteed it was and their Admin mailed me within the hour that they were "100% Paying" unquote.

So I made my Payment..........................

Note the Address on the Website corresponds with that of the Payment............

Emailed them as instructed, sending them my Bitcoin Wallet Account Number - waited more than 24 Hours.... then looked at my Bitcoin Wallet Account...........

You will see that no Payment has gone into my Account - even after about 36 Hours

So I emailed them sending some of this - and also this.......


This is what is called a TX ID - irrefutable Proof that Money was sent to their Bitcoin Address for Investment.

I also contacted these People, a Monitor that promotes and recommends HYIP Programs to People who might otherwise not know about them. They offer a Refund to anyone who hasn't received Payment from Programs People access via their Site...


I told them that CoinBTC hasn't paid me - sending them these Screenshots and the TX ID so they could see that I wasn't being dishonest and trying to blag a Refund for something I never paid for. I suggested they contact the Program to ask why they haven't paid, while they could drop the Ad and denounce them in their HYIP News Page advising People not to invest. I am no nearer getting a Reply from them than I am getting my Money - (from a Site whose Admin also don't reply to Email AFTER you have paid them - so not so prompt once they have Peoples Money huh!)

I emailed, then emailed - and so on - even telling them about other Scams I had written about and how I kept an anti-scam Journal, still nothing!

I then got a bit sarky and sent them instructions in how to send Bitcoin........

After all, I was starting to think that they didn't know how or something, and it seems it worked - or at least for these People.......

Yep, this is the Monitor which promoted the Website - and still is - while Coinbtc must have figured out how to send Bitcoin from my Email because you can see they say that they made most recent Payment on the 13th April - today! Note the Date and Time in the bottom right hand Corner!

Hmmm, except here's a Screenshot of my Bitcoin Account showing they certainly haven't paid me............

Again, note the Date and Time - you will see that as up to 18.01PM on the 13th April they still haven't paid - and have no intention of paying - me!

I then emailed the Monitor asking them how they can still tell their Readers that the Site is paying, asking them "paying who............ you?"

They have yet to reply - or put pressure on CoinBTC to make good their Promise of Payment to their Customers. So Peoples Profits might be "100% safe with them" but they should rather be 100% safe with us!

Without much adoo - here's todays Screenshot, and everyone is in suspense, the Anticipation is palpable, you could slice up the Tension and sell it...................... And today you get a supporting Feature - y'know - the Film they show before the main one, so the Curtains open, People sip their Kiaora, eat Ice Cream, Popcorn etc.........

Hmm, seems someone has graffiti'ised the Poster for this..........
We have the Intermission/Entracte - the Music plays, People buy more Kiora, Ice Cream, Popcorn etc, the Tension, the Agony of it all - the Suspense............ The Usherette resupplies with Food and Drink, We decide to run a double Screening every evening to cater to the growing Demand.

The Audience starts getting apoplectic, "Awe C'mon" someone shouts, "Hear hear" someone else says, even more People at the back make a Rasp Sound, a few louder Boos and Hisses can be heard, the Projectionist stands outside having a Cigarette shaking his Head in disbelief, someone even throws something................. Nothing, Zilch, Nish!!!!!  No Refund, no Payment. People then make for the Box Office for Season Tickets to the next Installment. I start having Meetings with Film Bosses about a potential Franchise, someone offers to do the Merchandising. A TV Company wants to do a Mini-series, a Film-Maker asks to make a Spin-off, Record Companies clamour to release a Soundtrack Album. We begin Work on the "Making of....." Documentary!


Monday, 13 March 2017

Dear Premiere Putin......

Dear Premiere Putin

I am writing because I have reached an Impasse that has implications for both Anglo-Russian Relations and Russian GDP, an Impasse that is as ridiculous as it is damaging.

Recently I started working for a Russian Pay To Click Company that pays you to view Advertisements online for the generous Fee of 5 Rubles each. After a while you accrue quite a healthy Balance - which I then tried to withdraw via Western Union. The Website tells me that to do this I either need 40 Referrals or can buy some at their Exchange - after which they process your Withdrawal. This I tried to do - and it was here I found a Glitch that seemed insignificant - but actually isn't.

To buy these Referrals I had to make a modest Payment to a Vendor via a Company called Qiwi Bank. A Payment less than £10 in United Kingdom Money - but might as well be Millions for the difficulty in sending it. I was given a 10 Digit Account Number - but my High Street Bank in Britain requires SWIFT, IBAN and BIC Codes to do this. Qiwi - or at least this example of it - don't give you any of these so I can't make a Payment doing this - which would probably cost more to send than the Money being sent anyway.

I did some Internet Research and found that Neteller had the Qiwi Logo on their Website. "No problem" thought I as I have an Account with them and asked their difficult to find Email Support if they could send the Money on my behalf. No they can't apparently, but they can receive it. Hmm, so how about Paypal? I mean, everyone uses it don't they. Chinese Ebay Vendors do and I have bought items from them - using Paypal - and the Money is transferred from GBP to Yuan with no Fee and, sure enough, something arrives in the Mail within a few Weeks. This is despite partial Restrictions on the Internet for Political Reasons and Customs and Excise. Can't do it via that either.

Qiwi issue a prepaid Visa Card - but my Visa Debit Card can't communicate with theirs to do this, so Visa have a card System that is fractured depending on who issued it to you. Qiwi don't have an Office in London - but they have their Machines in the USA - while there doesn't seem to be an English Language Speaker on their Website or Telephone Support. I even asked Russian Friends of mine if they knew someone who could do it on my behalf and I would reimburse them when I received my first payment - with a celebratory Baltica Beer or two.

I tried opening an Account with them - and they do have a +44 Option on their Website - but verification SMS takes so long to arrive - if it does at all - that this is nonviable. Even if I did the online Payment System has an unalterable +7 Prefix so you need a Russian Mobile Number to do this.

I eventually asked the Employers Website Admin if they would subtract the 631 Rubles from my Account to buy these Referrals which means it is paid and they know it has been done without even having to verify it. They have yet to reply to that, although I can't see why they won't - it won't cost them anything and helps them promote their Business abroad.

Why is all this Nickle and Dime Stuff so serious? People might ask. On the surface it might seem trivial, but when 26% of Russians have Qiwi Accounts they use a Finance System that can't seem to receive international Payments from anywhere else in the world. What does that mean for both them and Russian GDP? Qiwi don't seem to have any Structure to facilitate this so it compromises their Account Holders and Russian GDP considerably. It also has a negative Effect - as I am now discovering - on People trying to deal with Russian Business and Employment.

So, for the sake of less than £10 we have all reached an Impasse that could otherwise be very easily resolved.

Yours most sincerely


Wednesday, 8 February 2017

NiceEarnings - ????????

Here's a Piece of Garbage masquerading as a Bitcoin Investment Program that has given me a few days of Aggravation.........

"Investments make better World" they tell us, except whose World do they mean? Yeah, you can invest as little as $10, certainly the Programs work and you do make the Amounts they say, sure you see your Investment grow, and definitely begin to increase your apparent Wealth - then you click "Withdraw". Wow, it's so instant as it appears in your "Pending Withdrawal" Page - it looks so impressive as it waits to be processed - and cor, look, after about 24 Hours its is!!!!!

So you wait to see it appear in your Bitcoin Wallet Account - and it doesn't. Hmmm, so where has it gone? you say as you double check you DID give them your correct Wallet Address. You did, so - let's see my "Withdrawal History" to check it appears there. It doesn't!!!! - Awe, but it's gotta appear in their "Latest Payouts" List right........ wrong, it doesn't appear there either!

No problem, send an Email to their "Support" People - these "Experts" who manage your Money for you. So you ask them where your Money is being paid ....... and you ask ...... and you ask ...... and you ask........

No reply, nothing, zilch, nish........ You start typing your Questions in block Capitals, still nothing. You contact some of the 'Monitors' who not only promote this Trash they also appear on that "Payouts" List. They don't reply either and insist on putting them on their "Paying" List. You write Comments on their Websites - still nothing, while you hope that they might contact the Site Owner on your behalf to find out where your Money is going. They don't!

So - according to their Website I am now worth $552.50 plus the Monies they have mislai.... sorry 'sent' to your/someones Bitcoin Wallet Address....

See this.......

1- Hello,

    You have requested to withdraw $15
    Request IP address is 
    Thank you.
    Nice Earning

2- Hello,

    You have requested to withdraw $90

3-  Hello

     You have requested to withdraw $50
     Request IP address is

4- Hello ,

    You have requested to withdraw $260
    Request IP address is 
5- Hello
    You have requested to withdraw $120
    Request IP address is 
    Thank you.
    Nice Earning

These are the Withdrawal Request Sent Emails you receive telling you how much Money you aren't going to get when it disappears somewhere.......

So (Not so) NiceEarnings.com

For further Information contact this lovely Man in Panama........

person:      Ezequiel Pineda
e-mail:      fosterbanks@GMAIL.COM
address:     Edificio La Riviera, Marbella Panama, , Marbella
address:     00000 - Panama City - PA
country:     PA
phone:       +507  66671969 [32]
created:     20101004
changed:     20150812

At least, he would be if he knew how to send Bitcoin properly!

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

The Bitcoin HYIP Racket meets the 'New Age'

So, elsewhere here you will see how I ended up in a Tussle with one of these Bitcoin Hyip Companies. How they tried - in a derivative of the old 419 Email Scam - to get me to give them more Money before I could access both any Earnings and my Deposit. Hmm, maybe they've got a bit more advanced in Nigeria etc these days. Here is where I show you all the Elements of a typical HYIP Scam and how they con.... sorry, encourage you to part with your Money using some quite regular Internet Tricks and Website Deceptions....

Without much ado - here's the Scamsi.... sorry - erm - Business Opportunity!

Looks lovely doesn't it. A sort of hitech Take on what used to be the Preserve of the Open Toed Sandal, chunky Jumper, Folk Music and real Ale People we always used to associate with Ecopolitics. Except further Scrutiny shows that it isn't what it seems.....

Firstly; how about these two Fellas with the Laptop?

Hmm, so where's the Corporate Logo on the Portable then? The thing is these Blokes don't actually work for Biohourly.biz at all. The Pic comes from Alamy Images - "2 Businessmen with Wind Turbine Celebrating" according to the Caption. So - sorry folks - Biohourly aren't some huge Renewable Energy Consortium with custom made Computers.

Then there's that very modern looking Office huh - I mean, it must be real if they're based somewhere like that......

It might be, except here's a Photo of 18-19 Crimscott Street, London - the alleged Address of the Company.

Yeah, difficult to imagine that Office Scene here isn't it - but someone might say "awe - but Google Earth can be a few years old, and maybe they've built Offices there since". Indeed, but when we do the - erm "Tour" and are shown this.....

It's actually a shared Office Hub Space in Queen Street, Auckland, New Zealand. They do get around - particularly when the Building in their Photo is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

How about some of the People?

Does this Fella realise that he's become a Woman? This is Ms Vera Schorrmann apparently, but when you do some Google Images Search you will find some very surprising Results - including what must be the most awful Music Video I've probably ever seen.

Then there's the - erm - Biohourly Fab 4....... these expert Financial Wizz People who will make your Eco-economy Dreams come true....right?

Oh, it looks like the Fab 4 have become the - slightly less Fab 3 - maybe they split through "irreconcilable musical Differences" etc, drone, blah. They get around too - even appearing on some German Book Cover about Business.

So there you have it, a quick guide to one of  many Bitcoin Hyip Scams. I could mention how the % changes when you click "Investments" - or the not so good Grammar which you wouldn't expect from these everso professional People. Think I preferred the Open Sandal, chunky Jumper, Folk Music and real Ale People. As for this lot - "Don't, don't, don't believe the Hyip" - you just "Can't truss it!"

It also shows what a Scam the New Age can be - or what it has become!

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Bitcoin Scammers.......

By now many People have heard of Bitcoin, that Digi-currency invented by enigmatic Japanese Computer Maestro/Pseudonym/Collective  Satoshi Nakamoto. Since 2009 it as sky rocketed in Value from about $8 each to a huge $1000 by Christmas. Unfortunately it also seems to have attracted the online Scam Community. HYIPs have appeared everywhere (High Yield Investment Programs) where People can 'make' (it says here, according to this, so we're told, apparently, allegedly) anything up to 9000% in 24 Hours. How many of these are for real and how many are nothing more than Ponzi Schemes? It's difficult to tell because many of the so called 'Monitors' are set up by the same People who run them. Binary Options 'Review Sites' revisited it seems and while one recommends this another does that and so on......

Here's an Exchange of Email from one I had when I tried to make a Withdrawal. Wha could go wrong? It's the "Most trusted", has an SSL Certificate (That "Secure" and Padlock you see in your Browser) and its Website looks very professional. But this turned out be reminisent of the 419 Email Scams a few years ago....

Read this.......


I have just made a Deposit from my Xapo Account for Plan A. It was for 0.06282749, sent to xxxx( removed for obviosu reasons) which I copied and pasted into the "Send" Page in my Wallet Account. I did this at 2017-01-13 10:51:59.

I've noticed that nothing is appearing in My Investments yet and it is now 12.10PM.

I have the Processing Page in (Bitcoin Wallet) in front of me where I got the above information.

How long does it take for a Transaction to appear in my Account here and have I done this right?

Will you send a confirmation Email once this has gone through?

Also, when do I know the Plan has been completed and do you do this on Saturday and Sunday - this being Friday?

Sorry if this seems like 20 Questions but this is the first Investment I have made with your Company and the first ever Bitcoin Transaction.



Hello, please send the screenshot of your transaction to us, then we will check it for you.

Please note, you should send the exact amount of bitcoins on your deposit page otherwise your deposit can not go into the plan automatically.

So I send them the requested Screenshot and it all looks hunky dory so far huh!

I checked my Account with them to see any Progress...


Firstly, thanks for processing and ensuring my Investment of $50 went through today at 07.32AM. I've just seen my Investments to check any Progress and notice that it hasn't generated any Profit. How does the 24 Hour Program work?

Do any Profits only show at the end of that Period, and because it is Friday and it ends on Saturday Morning will that affect the eventual Result? Also, will I be able to withdraw it once that has happened - even though it is the Weekend?


I am told not to worry and I reminded that I have a 24 Hour Plan. Then once the 24 Hours had elapsed sure enough there's $350 in my Account with them and I make a withdrawal of $250, after which I get an Email telling me it has been sent.... But


Thanks for the Email about my Withdrawal of $250 arriving at 14.38PM GMT. Nothing has arrived in my (Bitcoin) Wallet yet (it is now 16.40PM GMT). I realise that Bitcoin Payments can take a while to confirm as they travel through the Blockchain. Could you give me the TX ID so I can monitor its Progress?

Many thanks

(The TXID is the unique Code referring to any Transaction of Bitcoin which you can monitor as it travels to or from your Bitcoin Account)

I then got this.....

Dear MetroWynn,

We have checked your account, you need to deposit $150 to activate your withdraw system once then your withdrawals will be processed instantly.

We use instant withdraw system this way to keep our pool active. You will get your withdrawals once you activate your withdraw system. Your new deposit will go into the plan, you can get profits from it, and you don't need to activate it again.

Please be kindly noticed. Thanks.

Hmmm, and People would ask you to send "Processing Fees" so they can send you Monies via the 419 Email Scam...

Anyway, I tried being optimistic and replied

This is a complaint I've read about with other BTC HYIP's. How many other Payments would I have to make before I can even access my original Deposit? There was no mention of this in your Email advising me of my Withdrawal Request. Who's to say that you will process any of my Withdrawal Requests? I'm afraid this is how BTC HYIP Companies get a Reputation for being a Scam. I'm sorry if this seems a bit terse but none of this is mentioned on your Website or any of the HYIP Monitors who promote you.

Could you deduct the £150 from my Balance to pay this? After all, it is Money I have earned via your Program and would consent to you doing this.


They reply...

Hello, you need to do that because we use instant withdraw system this way to keep our pool active and our system can only work like this. But you just need to activate it once. Once you activate it, you can get all your withdrawals immediately.

I reply.....

In other words you need it to fund you Hot Wallet! (This is a Fund these Companies use to pay People when or if they haven't enough in the Kitty)

Does my Investment Yield actually exist? If so then by all means pay the $150 from that.

Also, in your Email you tell me my Money has been sent.


Their response.....

Hello, it is true that you only need to deposit $150 activate the withdrawal system, after activation, all your withdrawals will be processed immediately. and you just need to activate it once.

Hmm, looks like a repeat of their last Email. We continue......

But I've just won $300. Kindly pay that from my Account!

They say....

Hello, we don't allow to deposit funds from account balance, you should make deposit through your e-currency to activate your withdraw system once, then you can get all your withdrawals immediately.

My riposte....

In other words I give you real Money and I only have your Word that you will send me Money I haven't even seen!