Saturday, 14 January 2017

Bitcoin Scammers.......

By now many People have heard of Bitcoin, that Digi-currency invented by enigmatic Japanese Computer Maestro/Pseudonym/Collective  Satoshi Nakamoto. Since 2009 it as sky rocketed in Value from about $8 each to a huge $1000 by Christmas. Unfortunately it also seems to have attracted the online Scam Community. HYIPs have appeared everywhere (High Yield Investment Programs) where People can 'make' (it says here, according to this, so we're told, apparently, allegedly) anything up to 9000% in 24 Hours. How many of these are for real and how many are nothing more than Ponzi Schemes? It's difficult to tell because many of the so called 'Monitors' are set up by the same People who run them. Binary Options 'Review Sites' revisited it seems and while one recommends this another does that and so on......

Here's an Exchange of Email from one I had when I tried to make a Withdrawal. Wha could go wrong? It's the "Most trusted", has an SSL Certificate (That "Secure" and Padlock you see in your Browser) and its Website looks very professional. But this turned out be reminisent of the 419 Email Scams a few years ago....

Read this.......


I have just made a Deposit from my Xapo Account for Plan A. It was for 0.06282749, sent to xxxx( removed for obviosu reasons) which I copied and pasted into the "Send" Page in my Wallet Account. I did this at 2017-01-13 10:51:59.

I've noticed that nothing is appearing in My Investments yet and it is now 12.10PM.

I have the Processing Page in (Bitcoin Wallet) in front of me where I got the above information.

How long does it take for a Transaction to appear in my Account here and have I done this right?

Will you send a confirmation Email once this has gone through?

Also, when do I know the Plan has been completed and do you do this on Saturday and Sunday - this being Friday?

Sorry if this seems like 20 Questions but this is the first Investment I have made with your Company and the first ever Bitcoin Transaction.



Hello, please send the screenshot of your transaction to us, then we will check it for you.

Please note, you should send the exact amount of bitcoins on your deposit page otherwise your deposit can not go into the plan automatically.

So I send them the requested Screenshot and it all looks hunky dory so far huh!

I checked my Account with them to see any Progress...


Firstly, thanks for processing and ensuring my Investment of $50 went through today at 07.32AM. I've just seen my Investments to check any Progress and notice that it hasn't generated any Profit. How does the 24 Hour Program work?

Do any Profits only show at the end of that Period, and because it is Friday and it ends on Saturday Morning will that affect the eventual Result? Also, will I be able to withdraw it once that has happened - even though it is the Weekend?


I am told not to worry and I reminded that I have a 24 Hour Plan. Then once the 24 Hours had elapsed sure enough there's $350 in my Account with them and I make a withdrawal of $250, after which I get an Email telling me it has been sent.... But


Thanks for the Email about my Withdrawal of $250 arriving at 14.38PM GMT. Nothing has arrived in my (Bitcoin) Wallet yet (it is now 16.40PM GMT). I realise that Bitcoin Payments can take a while to confirm as they travel through the Blockchain. Could you give me the TX ID so I can monitor its Progress?

Many thanks

(The TXID is the unique Code referring to any Transaction of Bitcoin which you can monitor as it travels to or from your Bitcoin Account)

I then got this.....

Dear MetroWynn,

We have checked your account, you need to deposit $150 to activate your withdraw system once then your withdrawals will be processed instantly.

We use instant withdraw system this way to keep our pool active. You will get your withdrawals once you activate your withdraw system. Your new deposit will go into the plan, you can get profits from it, and you don't need to activate it again.

Please be kindly noticed. Thanks.

Hmmm, and People would ask you to send "Processing Fees" so they can send you Monies via the 419 Email Scam...

Anyway, I tried being optimistic and replied

This is a complaint I've read about with other BTC HYIP's. How many other Payments would I have to make before I can even access my original Deposit? There was no mention of this in your Email advising me of my Withdrawal Request. Who's to say that you will process any of my Withdrawal Requests? I'm afraid this is how BTC HYIP Companies get a Reputation for being a Scam. I'm sorry if this seems a bit terse but none of this is mentioned on your Website or any of the HYIP Monitors who promote you.

Could you deduct the £150 from my Balance to pay this? After all, it is Money I have earned via your Program and would consent to you doing this.


They reply...

Hello, you need to do that because we use instant withdraw system this way to keep our pool active and our system can only work like this. But you just need to activate it once. Once you activate it, you can get all your withdrawals immediately.

I reply.....

In other words you need it to fund you Hot Wallet! (This is a Fund these Companies use to pay People when or if they haven't enough in the Kitty)

Does my Investment Yield actually exist? If so then by all means pay the $150 from that.

Also, in your Email you tell me my Money has been sent.


Their response.....

Hello, it is true that you only need to deposit $150 activate the withdrawal system, after activation, all your withdrawals will be processed immediately. and you just need to activate it once.

Hmm, looks like a repeat of their last Email. We continue......

But I've just won $300. Kindly pay that from my Account!

They say....

Hello, we don't allow to deposit funds from account balance, you should make deposit through your e-currency to activate your withdraw system once, then you can get all your withdrawals immediately.

My riposte....

In other words I give you real Money and I only have your Word that you will send me Money I haven't even seen!


  1. It continues....

    After a few Hours....

    From me....Still no resolution.

    Don't repeat yourself again about "Pools" etc. Where on this Website does it mention a $150 Fee to activate instant Payment? I have contacted some of the Websites promoting you and they say they have never been asked to pay anything before they could withdraw Money. I think you're a Scam Artist and unless you keep to your side of the Transaction I will be left with no choice but to report this to the relevant Authorities.

    Also, am I trying to withdraw some Money or buy a Chicken Tandoori?


    From them (and they don't refer to "Pools" this time - hmmm, they seem to take some notice then!)...Hello, the system has always been like this, you must activate the withdrawal system, after activation, the system will automatically pay you.

    If the "System has always been like that" why don't they mention this on their Website? I decided to ask for a Refund of my original Deposit and be done with it

    Them....Hello, we will not refund your deposit as your deposit has gone into the plan and expired. You should deposit $150 to activate your withdraw system. Once you activate it, you will get your withdrawals immediately.

    My Reply....Look Pal, You are starting to sound like a stuck Record. Why - if this Money exists at all - can't you just subtract the $150 from the $300 you supposed 'Plan' has acquired? I don't see why I should give you real Money only to have that disappear as much as my Deposit seems to have done. Tell you what, if that Money exists why don't you lend me the $150 so we can continue with this? After all, if that Money exists you'll be repaid within Hours of me receiving it. If it doesn't then you're just trying to scam me out of another $150. That and the Deposit = $200 by the way!

    Even People promoting your Website tell me not to give you another Cent!

    Them....Hello, we use automatic payment system, so you need to activate it.

  2. So, to reiterate what I've said here.....

    There's no mention of any advance Payment to activate any Withdrawal Procedure, even if it has, quote; "Always been like this".

    That some Monitors have said they were never charged anything to withdraw Funds suggests either this was to ensure a positive Rating initially with Reviewers or the Ponzi has reached saturation and they need additional Money to finance previous Customers. That part in the Pyramid Scheme where there is more being paid out than in.

    That any supposed "Profits" should be deductible to pay this - thus, you only make your original Investment.

    That if I made the Payment I have given them a total of $200 of real Money for something that is just a Number on a Website. Hence my asking for a TXID so I could monitor its Progress in the Blockchain. This is tangible Proof that it exists.

    That if that Money does exist why the Reticence to lend someone the said "Fee" so they can continue with this?

    That their repetitiveness suggests that it is a Scam and there is no attempt to apologise or adapt so a Resolution can be reached.

    That because they have misrepresented themselves from the Outset who is to say they won't again. They say the Money is a one off Payment but I you conceded and paid it they will start asking you for even more with all sorts of other Conditions and Excuses attached. This is a Tactic used by 419 Email fraud - where they ask you for a "Processing Fee" to send Money offered - which they could also deduct from - and when you pay it they concoct other Payments and Fees that you send. Someone had sent something like £100,000 before they realised it was a Scam. I might send them this $150 only to be told to send an additional Fee for Excise, Legal etc - none of which would ever go where it's supposed to.

    The Tandoori Quip was because someone traced their actual physical Address to an Indian Food Shop.

    I have given them room to ensure they do keep to their Word by not mentioning them by Name, but I think this might be what happens with some of these other HYIP's. It certainly has with one - even though a HYIP Monitor recommends them.

    We will find them....

  3. Maybe the Black Pearl should start sailing to the West Coast of Canada, while another seems to be doing the "Advance Payment - activation Scam" too!

  4. I've just emailed quite a few of these HYIPs via their supposed Customer Support asking if they charge Withdrawal Fees and not one of them has replied. Presumably the answer to that is probably "Yes" then! Although they aren't going to say - while A HYIP Monitor has said one they recommend didn't. The problem here is how another Monitor said the HYIP in this Debacle didn't charge them either. It seems they exempt the Monitors so they can get what is called 'Paying' Status, which People will see before they sign up and deposit.

    I will Screenshot and show you the Elements of what seems to be a typical HYIP Scam in another Post - complete with explanations as to which parts of the Site give it away and verification of some of the things they claim.

  5. Looks like we've found another HYIP Scam - while other things show you that the so called Monitors can't be trusted either.....

    I will use Website Screenshots to show you all this - which means a new Post is needed - so I will be writing that very soon!

  6. Hi, Thanks for the write up, I have been scam also many times, nobody has done a write up, luckily I have read your blog before depositing.

    I hope you can include here any of your recommended safe HYIP, although I do know there is not a 100% sure it will stay on, my experience both and suddenly vanish after my deposit

  7. Even after emailing the Premiere of Alberta, Canada this was never paid or resolved. I visited the Account recently only to find that the $300 I was trying to withdraw has disappeared from there completely. Either it didn't exist (although the Account shows there was a Sum in it amounting to that) or someone somewhere else has had it. Suffice to say it never reached me!!!!!

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