Saturday, 29 October 2016

Donald Trump - an Age old Story........

That thing "Living Memory" is something People always refer to - because it happened in their - or someone else's Lifetime. This is why when People mention Scandals they always refer to Clinton, Kennedy - even John Profumo, but the Story that sets the Precedent for what Donald Trump is going to fight back against was that of Roscoe Arbuckle.

It was the 1920's and Hollywood was teeming with the famous, successful People everyone knows about, the many more unsuccessful who no-one does, and the infamous everyone wishes they didn't.

The Trial of Arbuckle wasn't only the first Scandal of the Media Age that became very well known, it was also the one that revealed everything else that was wrong with the Process of the time. Struggling Actresses in the Employ of Extortionist Bambina Maude Delmont, who would lure Producers into her Boudoir and obtain compromising Stories about them for Money - and probably to advance the Careers of her Proteges. Virginia Rappe - one of her 'Girls' who would do this for her, even Jurors like Helen Hubbard who would vote "Guilty until Hell freezes over". But what did all this really achieve for this Triumvirate and anything else since?

How about the Media? Randolph Hearst's Media Empire crucified Arbuckle so much so that even when found not guilty his Career was ruined. But how does that make anything else they wrote about look as People saw the News Stands in the Years after - regardless of what it might be? How did Hollywood look as they cowered away from Arbuckle, sending him to Coventry via his Friends and Associates in the Industry, banning future Work and destroying his Films?

All this even after the Jury delivered this Statement after he was acquitted.........

"Acquittal is not enough for Roscoe Arbuckle. We feel that a great injustice has been done him. We feel also that it was only our plain duty to give him this exoneration, under the evidence, for there was not the slightest proof adduced to connect him in any way with the commission of a crime. He was manly throughout the case and told a straightforward story on the witness stand, which we all believed. The happening at the hotel was an unfortunate affair for which Arbuckle, so the evidence shows, was in no way responsible. We wish him success and hope that the American people will take the judgment of fourteen men and woman who have sat listening for thirty-one days to evidence, that Roscoe Arbuckle is entirely innocent and free from all blame."

All this was happening nearly 80 years ago, but in very recent Years - Months even - Presidential Candidate Donald Trump has found himself in something not as extreme as this - but potentially just as damaging. Except, it isn't, and he has vowed to exact revenge on all those who have lied in this Melee. That he doesn't give a Stuff about what the Media thinks or writes about him, while his Legal Actions against these People isn't between him and the Media - it's between him and them! Besides which, it makes those Cheque Book Journalists look like Pontious Pilate!

Many might whinge that he isn't their choice in the forthcoming Election, but how did those Women in the Arbuckle Trial make them look? What would an Industry Contemporary like Lois Weber have made of the scheming Shrewishness of those involved - or Helen Hubbard - who looked like a Harpie? How does the recent Stuff make Clinton Supporters look in that Context? Trump scares the bejezzus out of supposed Liberals and Socialists, Moral Ethicists and the like - but what if their Premise was built on the sort of Motives and Operandi employed by Delmont and Rappe - with the inevitable Response from Hubbard? If that is true than there is no Ethicism, no Righteousness in their Claims. Maybe they should remember what went on in the Civil Rights Struggle - and a similar Process of Non Justice, 'Heads they win, Tales we lose' Process. The Crossburner Club could say what they wanted about anyone and there was nothing those Anyones could do about it. Maybe they should also consider the Patronage of the Clinton Foundation - seen as "Corrupt" even by liberal Journalists like Bob Woodward.

This applies to all these things and it was about time someone like him made it very clear that this sort of thing won't be tolerated.

I could say that the same Industry, the same sort of People, the same shoddy and scuzzy Motives applied to something here for a very long time, and I'm not sure I particularly care what happens to those responsible, or anything they want you to think they represent!

Maybe Trump is Arbuckles Revenge!

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

More Memorabilia.........

This is a continuation of the Stuff on display in "Memorabilia........."

Hostage Release Vigil 1989 (we camped out at Bristol Harbourside and got People to sign a Petition) Meet the De Witt Bucketters.

This was also there.......... a beautiful Sailing Ship.

Not long after this there was the Press Conference mentioned in "Memorabilia". This was the Venue - and someone seems to have quite poignantly shot it in Sepia - which gives it a 1912 Period feel.

William Waldorf Astor's Hotel was built the same year as the Titanic (1908) so many of the Fixtures and Fittings were what might have been fashionable at the time. It's 1990 and a sense of exuberance and optimism prevails.............

You don't suppose People might have met here..............

You'd think these 2 were in a Film or something...........

The years including and after 1996-7, in other words how everything looks now!!!!

Vigil/Press Conference Photos/Drawings by yours truely!

Something that speaks volumes here about Generosity as opposed to Mean Spiritedness was how the Waldorf gave us free use of their Conference Facilities.

What happened after that is a question for any 'Stewards' (rather unflatteringly described in one Titanic Documentary), who might have blocked everything up - but it certainly felt like being Jack - where this is the one Day with the Posh People - and that was it.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Silly stuff............

This is where you will find Life's Ironies. Things that are so daft they really do need mentioning here.

I was in the Post Office a few Weeks ago sending a Letter recorded Delivery. The Envelope hadn't sealed properly and I asked if the Teller had some Sellotape. They didn't, and the Post Office wouldn't issue them with any. This is a Post Office that is part of a larger Shop that sells Stationery. They didn't have a Stapler either - while what Paper Clips they had were from Items People had brought in. Let's just hope they still have Stamps etc huh!

Wetherspoons Staff are having to pay huge parking Fines for leaving their Vehicles in a Car Park while at work. This is a Car Park adjacent to another - huge one - and while they have to fork out for this no-one has negotiated/offered a Concession.

I was in a Petrol Station and asked them if they sold Fuel for my Zippo Lighter.......
They didn't!!!!

I've just read about Donald Trump being criticised for - quote - seeing Women as Sex Objects. Not sure this is entirely accurate as he commissioned a Female to design and build Trump Tower in New York. Also, in that Hiatus of American Liberalism John F Kennedy announced in Paris that he was happy to have been allowed to accompany Jackie - who was regarded as one of the most glamorous Women in the World.  I also remember the late 90's when New Labour featured People described as "Blair's Babes". The Irony here being that most of this Reportage appeared in a Paper written and published in a City synonymous with Glamour since Theda Bara played "The Vamp", while staunch Liberal Supporter Frank Sinatra was married to the stunning Ava Gardner!

Friday, 7 October 2016


Here you will find stuff about Scams.


The Internet is brilliant, except, with the Benefits came the Crud, the Wheedlers, Con Artists and Criminals who use it to cheat People out of Millions every year.

I will use this Post to explain some of them, and some which - unfortunately - sometimes you aren't aware of until you (almost) get involved with them.

Here's one that I discovered literally in that last 24 Hours.........

The THW Scam...........

Here you are invited to join an ever growing Group of 'Researchers' to watch TV. You are asked - apparently, it says here, allegedly, so we're told -  to review said Programs and be paid 'up to $25' a time. Note it says "Up to" not $25, so no Guarantee of a 25 Buck/Quid Gig here then.

Here's what I wrote subscribing to a Scam Reviewers Site about it......

"I signed up to this (unfortunately sometimes you have to to find out anything about it), and it all looked a bit vague. No mention of current Opportunities to subscribe to made me skeptical. This is supposed to be better than YouTube - who have HD Content - while the poor quality Video of ( probably) Actors and Actresses looked suspicious. They have a Newsfeed, but that isn't difficult, while there might be some Movies and TV Shows - but then, neither is that.

The Scam becomes apparent when you see the Certification stuff - quote; "The THWGlobal Online Sales Training and Certification Course cost $995, plus $39.95 monthly for continuing sales, motivational and technical training and education. However, for a very limited time the cost of the system is being discounted to $695, plus $39.95 monthly for our early movers. Once the promotion is over the price will go back to $995."

Shame you have to this, otherwise you get paid in Tokens - the usual Remuneration from many of these Market Research Companies if you just become an lV rather than a Certified lV.

They're trying to recruit 5,000,000 People. If all of them paid that amount they would make $5,875,000,000. You give them that amount of real Money - they might pay you in Tokens and a very ambiguous Work Rate. You're paying them to work for them! Not only that, but they get all that Data - AND your financial details if you decide to do it.

YouTube is free, and it's cheaper to buy a Cable or Satellite Package!"

So, they'd have to give you quite a few "$25" Gigs to repay the amount you give them, while Tokens won't assuage any Credit Card or Finance Company when they want their $1175/1445 back!

Then there was this one.................. based on the 419 Email Scam.

I got an Email from India from a "Widow" who claimed to be that of a wealthy Indian Businessman who wanted to give me - yep GIVE ME - $15,000,000. To achieve this I had to complete a Form and a Declaration stating that the Money was mine - and this was the "official" transfer. This was scanned, signed and sent back to the "Accountant" dealing with the "Widows" "Estate" etc. Then I get an Email from a "Solicitor" who wanted me to send a "Processing Fee" so the Money can be sent via Wire Transfer. This was for $200, which I didn't have - so I said they could deduct this from the "$15,000,000" - or I would even consent to them spending some of it to bring said Monies to the UK and we could go and celebrate our good Fortune! It was here that the Tone completely changed and they got a bit shirty. No less so when I suggested that he lent me the Money and I would repay him once I received this vast Sum.

Hmm, so a "Solicitor" with a few prestigious Clients couldn't find $200 against a guaranteed repayment? An "Accountant" who worked for an "Executive" of the "Reserve Bank of India" - except the Email was sent at about 4AM Indian Time (an "RBI Executive" working those hours?) and was written by what looked like a semi-literate 12 year old? Also, the RBI isn't in New Delhi - it's in Mumbai!

It was here that their Ruse fell apart - and after I Emailed them with some of this I never heard from them again. What suggested to me that they were part of a Network operating this and other 419 Scams  was how nothing appeared in my Inbox from any other "Widows" afterwards.

Also, How many of you have "won" an "Ipod/Ipad/Tablet/Macbook/Laptop/Smartphone" etc, and you fill and send the Form so you can "Claim your Prize"? I've done many of these - and if there are many others who have all I can say is there must be a huge Depot somewhere with "Ipod/Ipad/Tablet/Macbook/Laptop/Smartphones" piled to the Rafters that got lost in the Post! This, I think is just an Email grabbing exercise where the Addresses get sold on to "Widows" in "India" wanting to "give" you "$15,000,000!"

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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Titanic - more than just a Love Story!

Titanic - a Film that says it all. (See Memorabilia)

James Cameron's Film might at first just look like a Love Story set against the most famous maritime Disaster in History, but there's a lot more to it than that.

At the end we see "Titanic Liverpool" painted on the Stern of the Ship - disappear into the depths of icy North Atlantic. Rewind the VHS (they still had those in 1997) and we see the mighty Ship through the Window of a Bar where we meet Jack Dawson and his Italian Friend Fabrizio. They win a Game of Poker and are both hugely excited about "going to America". And they are, on the last Word in Engineering, a safe Ship - whose name suggests "size and strength" (re; Bruce Ismay). What could possibly go wrong?

While they celebrate their good fortune we see People going aboard, so does everyone in Southampton, but one of those Passengers is a young Woman called Rose. "To everyone else it was the Ship of Dreams - to me it was a Slave Ship!" she says. Those on the Quayside just see the Glamour - they don't see what Rose is feeling.

As the Film progresses we see that it isn't quite as wonderful. We see the Segregation - even when Lives are at stake, we see the snobbishness, we see the violence as Lovejoy beats up Jack, or Hockley his Fiancee. We see the Tokenism - when Jack is invited for one Night only to do Dinner with the posh People. He thinks he's become one of them - until he tried going back and how he is treated then. How he was at the start - People jumping to Conclusions.

 So, no Habeous Corpus on the worlds most civilised and prestigious Ship then!!!!!

It was built in 1908, so was a Hotel in London - by William Waldorf Astor - brother of the richest Man on the Ship - John Jacob. Jack has his token Evening with the posh People - so does someone else at that Hotel, while he was also excited about how things might be happening then. He is made to realise that he isn't one of them, and there is scant chance of ever being.

Except, this Story has a Subtext that continued with other Films. Hockley and those others are all part of Philadelphian Society, but what if someone called Dawson had gone with William Penn Jnr to establish Pennsylvania in the late 1600s? In "Pirates of the Caribbean" someone else called Jack has a Father who is keeper of the Pirate Code - as laid down by Henry Morgan - who went with Penn Snr to capture Jamaica in 1655. When Mr Warner beats up Mr Dawson the latter has the same name as a certain Film Companies Co-Founder. When George Calvert - Lord Baltimore - became Proprietor of Avalon in Newfoundland he only did so because it was established by someone called Edward Wynne who disappears from Record after that. Rose becomes Rose Calvert after she marries later in the Story. "We couldn't find any Record of Jack - nothing anywhere" Brock Lovetts Assistant says.

The Disaster was in 1912 but that last scene of the Ship says something about when the Film was made. We had just had this big Beatles Revival thanks to certain 90's Guitar Groups, and in 1996 a very bizarre Readers Poll made "Revolver" the Album of the year - even though it was released 30 years before. That the Decade that started with the token Gesture at that Hotel had become this 60's Revival instead of what ought to have happened. There's this Rock Album with Groups that suggested "size and strength" - the same certainty Ismay's Ship did - what could possibly go wrong? Perhaps that "Titanic - Liverpool" things says what did, or how the Ship was run does. That while everything looks glamorous Jack seems to be the only one who knows what to do. Even Captain Smith looks phased as he retreats into his Quarters. So there must have been People somewhere in all of this who subscribed to all those things the Errors on the Ship are analogous for. People stuck in the 60's instead of where and when they should be - 1989-91. That the 60's wasn't all it was hyped up to be, and Rose's "Slave Ship" comment both refers to a Practice ended by someone else called Wynne - while "Penny Lane" was one of Liverpool's most notorious Slave Traders.

Not so Fab after all!

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Yours truly - 1996.