Wednesday, 8 February 2017

NiceEarnings - ????????

Here's a Piece of Garbage masquerading as a Bitcoin Investment Program that has given me a few days of Aggravation.........

"Investments make better World" they tell us, except whose World do they mean? Yeah, you can invest as little as $10, certainly the Programs work and you do make the Amounts they say, sure you see your Investment grow, and definitely begin to increase your apparent Wealth - then you click "Withdraw". Wow, it's so instant as it appears in your "Pending Withdrawal" Page - it looks so impressive as it waits to be processed - and cor, look, after about 24 Hours its is!!!!!

So you wait to see it appear in your Bitcoin Wallet Account - and it doesn't. Hmmm, so where has it gone? you say as you double check you DID give them your correct Wallet Address. You did, so - let's see my "Withdrawal History" to check it appears there. It doesn't!!!! - Awe, but it's gotta appear in their "Latest Payouts" List right........ wrong, it doesn't appear there either!

No problem, send an Email to their "Support" People - these "Experts" who manage your Money for you. So you ask them where your Money is being paid ....... and you ask ...... and you ask ...... and you ask........

No reply, nothing, zilch, nish........ You start typing your Questions in block Capitals, still nothing. You contact some of the 'Monitors' who not only promote this Trash they also appear on that "Payouts" List. They don't reply either and insist on putting them on their "Paying" List. You write Comments on their Websites - still nothing, while you hope that they might contact the Site Owner on your behalf to find out where your Money is going. They don't!

So - according to their Website I am now worth $552.50 plus the Monies they have mislai.... sorry 'sent' to your/someones Bitcoin Wallet Address....

See this.......

1- Hello,

    You have requested to withdraw $15
    Request IP address is 
    Thank you.
    Nice Earning

2- Hello,

    You have requested to withdraw $90

3-  Hello

     You have requested to withdraw $50
     Request IP address is

4- Hello ,

    You have requested to withdraw $260
    Request IP address is 
5- Hello
    You have requested to withdraw $120
    Request IP address is 
    Thank you.
    Nice Earning

These are the Withdrawal Request Sent Emails you receive telling you how much Money you aren't going to get when it disappears somewhere.......

So (Not so)

For further Information contact this lovely Man in Panama........

person:      Ezequiel Pineda
e-mail:      fosterbanks@GMAIL.COM
address:     Edificio La Riviera, Marbella Panama, , Marbella
address:     00000 - Panama City - PA
country:     PA
phone:       +507  66671969 [32]
created:     20101004
changed:     20150812

At least, he would be if he knew how to send Bitcoin properly!