Wednesday, 9 November 2016

An open Letter.......

Dear President Elect Donald Trump.

On August 13th 1961 Work commenced on the building of an Edifice that was the embodiment of Oppression, Division and Paradox. For everyone on one side of it it meant 28 years of a Darkness that saw their lives atrophise in Regimes that weren't at all what they seemed - and certainly not 'as described'. They had their brief - all too brief - moments when it might end in 1968 and 1981 - but these were brutally crushed by the Regimes that supposed to represent them. Everyone was equal they were told as they saw Zil Limousines cruise past in the Grey Streets, heard Speeches written in Country Dachas as they watched those TV's they waited 10 years to get, in Flats that might be damp, sometimes without Electricity. They ate processed everything - an approximation of 'as described' - while others ate well.... and on it went. But this was all done for 'The People'. On November 9th 1989 that thing that went up 28 years previously finally came down. It was the end of the Cold War, the end of the Warsaw Pact - and the People of Romania were given the Christmas Present they never thought possible - the end of Dracula!

On June 24th 2016 we blinked in the Sunlight as our Prime Minister announced we had voted to leave the Europact. A 'Union' that was done 'for the People', but it seemed that the more 'the People' gave them, the more they wanted. Other Countries had seen their 'People' become unemployed, Countries seemed to empty as their Industries were shut down 'for the People'.

Some of this started for some of us nearly 28 years before - when "All stood still" - while other 'Peoples' Cars got bigger, shinier, and they got sleeker. Then it got worse. Suddenly some of us found ourselves in the Gulag of permanent Unemployment while those Cars got bigger, shinier, and their Occupants sleeker. But it was all done 'for the People'. This was 1993 - and then we had another bunch doing it 'for the People' in 1997, and again in 2008.

The problem throughout was another Wall had gone up - a Wall between us and them, an invisible Wall - but as divisive and oppressive none the less. While all this was done we were told it was done 'for the People'. We were also told that we were 'included'......... as we saw less and less of 'People' we used to see quite regularly. Some we never saw again.

Then we were told we had to have a War, because, apparently 'the People's' lives were threatened, except - by then - it was difficult to know what 'People' they meant. It all became very absurd and abstract.

Sometimes you might see them, wanting our Vote 'for the People' - but it seemed 'the People' only existed every 4 years. Then they would have Dinner 'for the People', travel 'for the People', schmooze and claim Expenses 'for the People' - and we 'the People' would watch it all on TV.

Then, on November 9th, 2016 something extraordinary happened. Something that started a few Months before - in June this year, where 'the People' decided to vote for something that didn't assume their Vote. What happened that day was felt on the other side of a new Wall that had gone up a few years before, and recommenced the Cold War. They were the 'bad People' we were starting to be told, that everything on this side was good - and we should poke them in the Eye at every opportunity. That anyone this side being friendly to those on the other side were also 'bad People' - or even 'non-People'.

But, like that day 27 years ago a Hole appeared in it meaning the end of Hostilities and a potential for Peace 'the People' had thought impossible only a day before. 'The People' had thought the same about something else 27 years ago until this day in 1989.

I have to say Thank you for ending many years of an Assumption by some that would have 'the People' in the Rhetoric, the Jargon, the Cliches, but never in Reality. What started in June this year has ended today - ended something that some could compare to those others who assumed everything for 'the People'. Everyone was equal we were told by the 'Liberal-left' for many years, except some were more equal than others.

From someone connected with 1968, '1968' in 1989 - and was Purged at the same time someone from 1960-3 was when 'Liberal Inc' became the Government in 1993 - an Approximation of 'as described'!

You couldn't make any of this up!

This wasn't either - and hopefully one day it might not be again..............

                           No War......................................................нет войны


  1. PS; It gets worse even that that...........

    What they created here - complete with Nomenclature Soundtrack - was a 'Liberal-left', Euro-Nazi Theme Park, where we see People with Push Chairs - while being told it was "wrong of us to breed" in that horrible Clintonist Decade. Don't get me wrong here. I thought it was awesome Senator Obama became President in 2008 - except it became apparent that that was just a Consolidation of that most disappointing last Decade of 'the Peoples' Century.

    While the subsequent Sleekocracy gets sleeker - we meet People who have lived their Lives ad are now retired. Maybe it's time the Dinner Party got it's Backside kicked!

    That's the Reality of the 'Liberal-left' and their so called 'Peoples Culture'. Next thing you know we might end up with 'the Peoples Car!'

    When you start to discover just how rotten they were let us all know huh!

  2. It was April 25th 1945 and William Robertson and Alexandre Silvashko - US and Soviet Soldiers - met at the River Elbe in Germany. The Photo was shown around the World as a symbol of Peace and Hope in the last Months of WW2. Very few People now would know about this, while - after 27 years - not that many more 'Millenials' probably know about the Treaties that were signed by G.H Bush and Gorbachev, the Successes of Vaclav Havel, Lech Walesa - or Gunther Schabowski's Gaff on (soon to be abolished) G.D.R TV, but that Image was one some thought had become possible again.

    The horrible thing about what happened not long after it was taken and as the Cold War deepened was both Men weren't allowed to talk about their historic Meeting. Silvashko used to show Students Items they had exchanged with the GI's and relate the Story to them but the Kremlin gagged him. Robertson was discouraged from doing the same too as Propaganda replaced Truth.

    What seems to have happened in recent years is something similar - and as the C.F.E Treaty unravelled NATO and Russian Troops glower at each other again. The potential for Error could spark off a War with quite predictable Consequences. When the Georgian Conflict exploded recently I made a Poster and T'Shirt with the above Message on it.

    As the meeting at the Elbe fades into distant Memory, Events of 27 years ago seem unknown to a Generation oblivious to them, they say that the Mistakes of History happen again when they are forgotten. What People have to realize is that it wasn't those of the late 1940's that caused the first Cold War, but those of the 1930's. It was People like these 2 Men who fought to end all that.

    Quite poignant as we approach Remembrance Sunday!


  3. Particularly after what we saw happen after both Brexit and the US Election. So called 'Liberal Democratists' rioting and burning Flags as an anti-democratic reaction to a Decision made by Ballot. After Brexit the Veil fell off and we saw the pro-Europeans for what they are. The 48% Dinner Party Club - rent a Crowd from Mainland Europe sent to dissolve the People and elect another!

    As for the disgraceful conduct of the New Age Government Supporters in America - the Folk definitely acted like the Volk as they carried on like Brownshirts after the Result became known. Why should we tolerate this - be it from the Wierdiebeards in Peter Jacksons Festival Guestlist Club or those who obviously scored enough Points in the Tokenist, Positive Discrimination Society?

    Unfortunately for them both Blacks and Hispanics supported Trump - despite the Hoo Hah the Media made of any Comments of recent past. As someone who was also forgotten, left out and left behind by the most disgusting form of Patronage imaginable, someone who has been driven to exasperation by many things over the years - but never - and I mean NEVER - resorted to Flag burning I don't see why we should tolerate it either.

    I always thought they were disgustingly ironic, now we see that they weren't just being ironic, they also had nothing but contempt for Democracy.

    As many things disappeared into that Wierdiebeard anti-Democracy I think they've forfeit the right to keep any of it. I always thought there would be a Backlash against it. What happened after Brexit and the US Election merely confirmed why that should happen.

    As for others, obviously facilitated by the EU, Alexandre Silvashko went home and was demobilised after the War. 100's of 1000's of his Comrades unfortunately didn't. If those others resented their privileged Presence because of the Warsaw Pact - then maybe they ought to remember how we might feel if we start to think they're the same here via the Europact.

    Maybe the Yippies of today should remember that it was the Yippies of another time (Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin etc) - and misguided 'Liberal' Elitists like Jane Fonda - who scuppered real Democracy in Chicago in 1968.

    These Economic Migrants from Poland - going around like they were Brickhouses on Steroids - who seem to enjoy a privileged Status - more so than the Natives - hmmm?

    The problem with the Warsaw Pact was how it wasn't very long before an Army of Liberation became one of Occupation - and they wore out their Welcome. What makes these People think we might start feeling any differently?


  4. Particularly after what we saw happen after both Brexit and the US Election. So called 'Liberal Democratists' rioting and burning Flags as an anti-democratic reaction to a Decision made by Ballot. After Brexit the Veil fell off and we saw the pro-Europeans for what they are. The 48% Dinner Party Club - rent a Crowd from Mainland Europe sent to dissolve the People and elect another!

    As for the disgraceful conduct of the New Age Government Supporters in America - the Folk definitely acted like the Volk as they carried on like Brownshirts after the Result became known. Why should we tolerate this - be it from the Wierdiebeards in Peter Jacksons Festival Guestlist Club or those who obviously scored enough Points in the Tokenist, Positive Discrimination Society?

    Unfortunately for them both Blacks and Hispanics supported Trump - despite the Hoo Hah the Media made of any Comments of recent past. As someone who was also forgotten, left out and left behind by the most disgusting form of Patronage imaginable, someone who has been driven to exasperation by many things over the years - but never - and I mean NEVER - resorted to Flag burning I don't see why we should tolerate it either.

    I always thought they were disgustingly ironic, now we see that they weren't just being ironic, they also had nothing but contempt for Democracy.

    As many things disappeared into that Wierdiebeard anti-Democracy I think they've forfeit the right to keep any of it. I always thought there would be a Backlash against it. What happened after Brexit and the US Election merely confirmed why that should happen.

    As for others, obviously facilitated by the EU, Alexandre Silvashko went home and was demobilised after the War. 100's of 1000's of his Comrades unfortunately didn't. If those others resented their privileged Presence because of the Warsaw Pact - then maybe they ought to remember how we might feel if we start to think they're the same here via the Europact.

    Maybe the Yippies of today should remember that it was the Yippies of another time (Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin etc) - and misguided 'Liberal' Elitists like Jane Fonda - who scuppered real Democracy in Chicago in 1968.

    These Economic Migrants from Poland - going around like they were Brickhouses on Steroids - who seem to enjoy a privileged Status - more so than the Natives - hmmm?

    The problem with the Warsaw Pact was how it wasn't very long before an Army of Liberation became one of Occupation - and they wore out their Welcome. What makes these People think we might start feeling any differently?

  5. I would say to President Trump that we have a residual Problem here from the pre-Brexit era that means we have to swallow the Politically Correct Mumbo Jumbo while these People swagger around like they own the Place. They started arriving after 2005 - and with their Euro-passports - so it's apparent they did so via the EU or some working in it. We're not in the EU anymore - but because of it they have enjoyed certain privileges. Why should we feel any differently about that to how they felt about the Nazis and then the Russians?

    They don't seem to show much respect for Democracy either. When I showed one of them my treasured Copy of the Lech Walesa Book they dismissed it as "Old News". When I spoke to another about those 7 days in Szczecin of 1970 he didn't know what I was talking about.

    Latvia had about 900,000 Russians because of the Soviet Union - and it was a real headache in Riga to know what to do about it - particularly as there were those who still felt they were in occupation after W.W.2. Many had got to 3rd Generation by the end of the USSR and were very established, but the resentment against them wasn't diminished. Maybe if People who had come here via an EU we are no longer part of went home now that wouldn't be a similar problem.

    If they don't, and their Political Sponsors are the non-democracy their Supporters showed us they were after Brexit they might start to look like a Bunch of People in a Film, but not necessarily any Eagles we might have in our Country.

    (re; "The Eagle has landed")

  6. Also, if convicted Drug Dealers have their Assets sequested, Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union had to relinquish their Prizes, why shouldn't those People now we see that they are anti-democratic?

  7. Not only did those Protesters finally show that they aren't at all interested in Democracy - they 'protested' against a Vote - not against any unjust Government Policy - the 'People' who have filibustered Article 50 in this Country also aren't. As they scurry about trying to find legal Clauses that will prevent its enaction they also forget what those 'protesters' forgot - that Brexit wasn't an Act of Parliament or a Decision made in any Court. It was decided by the very People that their Cronies supposedly care about, so was the recent US Election.

    What I discovered was much the same as Imre Nagy (they killed him for his trouble), Alexander Dubcek (hauled off to Moscow in Chains for his), Vaclav Havel and even Mikhail Gorbachev (gaoled or put under House Arrest for theirs). That there's no reasoning with the Regime. although - like them - I have tried, very many times - via Email, the Internet, exasperated Conversation - to no avail.

    I was made to feel like Sir Ralph Richardson in a very famous 1968 Film - when he is locked out of his own House "by order of the People" - and he says "I'm the People too!" - Dang right, you tell 'em Sir Ralph!

  8. Which brings me to this....

    They said of Rome "They created a Desert and called it Peace" - something a real Liberal quoted once in an early 60's Speech - so what does this say to any supposed 'Peace Keepers' - or even "Peace Departments" - when People are hated for their Symptoms - without anyone addressing any of the Causes?

    Watch the Film!

  9. The Cause being that Sir Ralph has been locked out of his own House - twice in this instance. He might even end up as feral as Zhivago does in both Films. (The Symptom). Then we have these Trains - like Strelnikov's 'Peoples' Train.

    Geraldine Chaplin knows all about being locked out of your own when she saw it happen to her Father.

    Then we have Kommorovski, someone who flourishes regardless of who is in charge. The Tzarists, 1905 Decemberists, Mensheviks, Bolsheviks - he always thrives. Someone said to me in 2008 that Obama won't make any difference, like he hoped he wouldn't, summing up the Kommorovski Effect. That there must have been some Kommorovski's in this - who always flourished regardless of who was in charge, Callaghan, Thatcher, Major, Blair, Brown, Cameron..... Ditto for the US since Carter probably.

    While Liberal-left Shiboleths crumble - their Supporters prove to be undemocratic - what the Fate of Gorbachev revealed was how the System - or a System - couldn't be reformed - even by the most powerful Man working within it. What the continuance of Kommorovski showed was how each within it are prepared to sop to him.

    Also, this Gollum on a Lead thing - this horrible example of New Age Nazism - is confronted in the recent TV Remake (featuring Kiera Knightly) at the end. I suggest Frodo watches it.

  10. A couple of days ago they were using Headlines like Trumpquake......

    While the Liberal-left (but not particularly Liberal or even Left) Monolith starts to collapse (Hillary doing something similar somehow seemed apt) there were a few Tremors. Some of this against the Culture that might have accompanied the Dinner Party.

    Thom Yorke's Wadiohead, his jolly Hockey Sticks Altyippie Indie Wock Gwoup and their Wecord Company. How can someone who has been in antipodean TV and Music since the early 80's know anything about we........sorry - Real Life for example? The very fact that those Brainwashed by it all were never available says it all - despite their supposed Right-on'ness. As the Research started revealing just how long some of this had been going on, it probably added to the Indefensibility of it all. The Record Companies responsible for all that had to be chastised.

    Like another Pact that destroyed those who tried to reform it - this one did the same thing. Then, in the last Months of 8 plus however many Years - when it looks like the Game is up - People start getting slimy, shocked because the Scope for Complacency and Smugness has been removed. But what was wrong with them in all the years before? Why now, or is this a bit like 2006-7 when the last President was still campaigning for that years Election?

    They have to realize just how excruciating those years have been - while also how monstrous that New Age thing is.

    The other day I met a supposed Christian whose Name coincidentally "rings a Bell" so to speak, so this is more scuzzy New Age Marketing than anything anyone might understand as Christianity. "Lord of the RINGS huh!" Either that or awful, ironic 90's Hippie Indie by Dodgy - complete with Volks Car on their dreadful Album Covers.

    Now there's nowhere left for them to hide - perhaps they might rediscover what Integrity means although they probably won't. It has to end.

    Let's be honest here - a lot of this Wierdiebeard Nonsense started in the 60's, but not the 60's Bobby Kennedy found on his 1968 Election Campaign - but the distorted misrepresentation of it all by the Hippie Media!

    And how the Hippies work destroys the Work Ethic. After all, why bother doing anything if all that Sex and Lus...... sorry "Love and Peace" means it all disappears in the Bedroom? Happened here often enough - and with many things!

    Because it was incapable of Reform - even when faced with Events at the end of the 80's - while People subscribe to all that Wierdiebeard Music - and it means you have those People who were forgotten - how can that be representative of anything? Not everyone like likes the Beatles for example - contrary to what some might think, not everyone was wafting around Carnaby Street/San Francisco either. Now People can't because it has become the Elite.

  11. So if a President is going to improve the lives of those he is pledged to all that has to be removed. No more 'magic Bedrooms' - while - the Hippies and others were a complete distraction for a Media that ought to have been showing real America as it was by the late 60's.

    That Magic Bedroom Club isn't only a disincentive to work on something, it's also one that discourages Investment. After all, you can not only ask - why work on something when it can all disappear in someones Boudoir - also, why invest when the same thing can happen? I could quite legitimately say to some Partners of those responsible "So you're the Parasite I/we've been subsidising all these years?" That isn't as harsh as it sounds, particularly when you read elsewhere on here about things that started off quite brilliantly - and then ended up like this. There are quite a few Instances where this applies.

    Also, I'm not going be judged by anyone in that Club - because there are Words that apply to that sort of thing that aren't very flattering, while - unfortunately this is the dark side to all that supposedly cute and cuddly Liberal Yippie Bulcrap however many Crocodile Tears they might try and use!

    America has a President now that speaks his Mind, so do I - and I'm not gonna Sugar Coat any of it - while I'm not tolerating any designer Crises either. The whole Liberal-left Axis is rotten with it - from the Media to Academe - and it was about time we had someone who is prepared to say what needs to be said.

    Also, - and this where Martin(e) falls on her Posterior - what is the Pygmalion/My fair Lady Story about? It's about a Flower Girl who is turned into a Lady by Henry Higgins, otherwise she is just a rough and ready, slightly grubby Urchin!

    The question here is; Is the Liberal-left a good Investment now - socially, fiscally, Politically, creatively? No it isn't, because that Patronage makes a Mockery of everything it is supposed to be. The Gap between Haves, and Have-nots grew during Labours Tenure, while that Ocracy got conspicuously sleek and rather arrogant in that time - and during the Clinton Era. So were they even Liberals or Sociialists? Labour have been routed - with Scotland now having a Party that pays Tution Fees, Prescription Charges, Healthcare - and the other Stuff you would otherwise associate with Labour, so why vote Labour anymore?

    This is something that has happened in mainland Europe (meaning the Region not the Union) with Euro-sceptic, non-mainstream Parties in the ascendancy, but not particularly Socialist.

    I thought Liberal-leftists were supposed to be Keynsian Economocists. If they were that Sleekness would be rather more equitable, while maybe 'Socialists' should start being a bit more sociable.

    Maybe someone should draw a Charicature of Oliver Twist - now dressed in Gucci and Rolex, SUV parked outside with Partner in Passenger Seat, Title Deeds to Property under their Arm, someone in line behind them saying to another "here we are again" or grinning amorously and asking "your place or mine this time?" - while everyone seems to look the same - asking for more! Where Mr Bumble would be you have the real Oliver - looking like he would do in a Dickensian Novel. Indeed, you could even have Mr Bumble asking him for more instead couldn't you - because they ran it all like a Workhouse. John Prescott has his 2 Jags - some of us couldn't even afford Driving Lessons.

  12. ............And while Scotland's Socialist alternative offers more than Labour - and even re-instated some things New Labour abolished, not only won't they vote Labour anymore - be it Blairite or even Corbyn, it also means Labour won't have the necessary Mandate in Westminster to form a Government. Those Scottish Votes always ensured enough Seats in the past.

    I found the last 8 years + the time Labour were in charge - very bizarre. Like they'd replaced anything real with Irony. So, not only were the 48% wrong to do what they did on June 25th, ditto for the Flag Burners in the US a few days ago, they weren't particularly ingenuous anyway.

    Locking Sir Ralph out of his own House also presented it's own Paradoxes. Jane Fonda etc had their equivalents in this Country - synonymous with a Political Creed - but what had happened by the time we got to this? Vanessa Redgrave appeared in "Camelot", but that was just a Film. While the Heirs of 'Camelot' seemed incapable of not being ironic, a Republican Film Maker has someone called Owen playing Arthur.

    Much has changed in the last 2 years - and while we might have Thomas Cooper in 2010, or Strelnikovs Train - what if it was Mr Bumble now asking Oliver for more?

    As Sir Ralph said "I'm the People too!"

    It was the same Republican Film Maker who gave a Black Hip Hop Director called Antoine the Job of directing "King Arthur" - and while that showed what might be wrong with 'Camelot' - it was the Republicans providing the majority in 1865 in the Vote for the 13th Amendment to the Constitution in the US. When "King Arthur" was made and shown it was still 2004, someone called George was in charge in Washington and someone called Anthony in Britain. While the Mediaocracy might have created someone called "Chicken" in an epic TV Series - the Abolitionists weren't so glib.

    As this could also apply to the Pygmalian Story - where Henry Higgins turns Eliza Doolittle into a Lady - that same Glibness was applied in the famous Film, where he is played by Rex Harrison, or how Cromwell was by Richard Harris. So maybe that Partner in the Caricature ought to be her!

    There's a Trick they use - which they used 27 years ago - where they create his rarified little Place that never gets affected by things. This is how they always remained immune from things - which is fine until it starts affecting other Peoples lives. This is how they have their Cake and eat it - have it both ways. This is what Hillary Clinton does - while the sort of People I write about here are those that flourished in their time, so any Stuff on YouTube about the 90's applies to them more than it might those of us who didn't. How they get both sides of both sides every time ......... and judge everyone else.

    Maybe it's about time those Events gatecrashed their Dinner Party!

  13. As mentioned elsewhere, I can't see how it's going to take up to 2 years to enact Article 50 for Brexit when Czechoslovakia had their Prague Spring in November 1989 and Vaclav Havel was President by December 29th that year. If this suggests that the EU might have even been more omnipresent in our Lives than Gustav Husaks' Government - and the Warsaw Pact generally - then Nigel Farage was right, while I'm not being inaccurate to have dubbed it the Europact. This is why President Elect Trump's Comments on how he will use his influence to forward the Process is important. Does it also suggest that the EU was as bad as the WP in how intransigent its Structures are - and those who inhabit them. Maybe they've got a lot of Documents to shred huh!

    What also seem apparent is the Romanian Analogy - or even that of 1991 Russia - where the former had their die hard Securitae - who had nothing outside the Regime - and the latter Moscow's anti-reformists - were recidivist even at the bitter end. That there will be those who haven't accepted that this has happened - or the reasons why it is. I would say that during those years some of us seem to have become dissidents to it all - while others used it as a Career Structure.

    There were other ramifications too, like the East German Example of a Man who lost the Woman he loved to a fat balding Judge called Harald because he was a Dissenter and the latter was Nomenclature. What that does to a Human Being is horrible.

    I think what made it all so indefensible was how the so called 'People' the Pseudo-Liberal-left represented had turned into Mr Bumble continually asking Oliver for more - a complete 180'o Diametric to the famous Dickens Story. That it has become as rotten as that. The exasperation felt by those of us at how previous Regimes couldn't (or is that wouldn't) do anything to resolve it. How the American Election fell on the 27th Anniversary of the opening of the Berlin Wall couldn't have been more poignant in this context, while the Legitimacy of that/those Regime/s was confronted by some of us like Honecker was those Placards with Quotes by Karl Liebnecht and Rosa Luxembourg.

    In Prague the difference between the Irony many indulged in here and the Czechish Peoples wonderful sense of the Absurd - was the latter did something about it and wasn't afraid or too complacent to.

  14. Fat balding Judges called Harald also has other implications - like what can 'Harald' do to that Man from his position in the Apparatus? Would that Man have to contend with Words like the P Word - or be accused of being - quote "Offensive" just for questioning all of this?

    We all know about the Gulags, the Beatings, Torture, Purges, Imprisonment, House Arrests and Humiliations - but the emotional consequences on the Dissidents hasn't been mentioned very much.

    Would he also have to put up with what those in East Germany did - when they displayed Slogans by the founders of the German Communist Party - by those who got it from them? Beaten up by the Stasi?

    These last Months are going to be difficult but it will be worth it when 'Haralds' Wall comes tumbling down!

    I also expect some resistance from some Media - firstly because they get Money from the EU, and secondly their cozy Dinner Party Friends of nearly 40 years will be affected.

    And yes President Elect - that's 40 years - and I'm 53 now. Finish off what Republican Film Makers started 12 years ago, and remember the Parties Anti-Slavery heritage!

    It was the Pseudo-Liberals of 1865 who filibustered the 13th Amendment - it will be those of now who will with this!

    What I like about the Republicans is how there's a Stoicism about them, while many aren't at all interested in and aren't swayed by what trendy Culture says about them. Heck if Donald Trump had he wouldn't have run for Office in the first place. There is no "Rock the Vote" with them - and even if there was I have an Interview with Moby - telling me why he thinks Irony is a Cop out.

    This means that the Chastisement of the Record Industry and their Patronage here should - and probably will - intensify. It should also be said to all these Mansun fans and their 90s Grey Nonsense that the Hippie Messiah they derived their Name from was intent on causing a race Riot. Be careful what you wish for because there are many instances in this Story where D W Griffiths could say to someone else called Charlie - "I hate to say I told you so - but I told you so".

    Elsewhere I've mentioned how Mr Chaplin was expendable by the Liberals.

  15. The Problem the Democrats and Liberals have is their Inconsistency.

    In 1938 Joseph Kennedy instructed those at the Munich Conference to give Hitler the Sudetenland. We all know what happened just after that - while the only one there not blinkered by Wishful Thinking was Jan Masaryck - who walked out when the Treaty was signed. Not only that but anyone could see Events in Spain (Hitler) and North Africa (Mussolini) to realize what was going to happen, while the Sudeten contained most of Czechoslovakia's Defenses and her not unsubstantial Army against Germany.

    From there, Prussia and Germany Hitler launched his Invasion of Poland and began WW2.

    The bitter Paradox here is how this somehow replayed in 1990, where Czechoslovakia had to be given up - and the 90's saw everywhere fill up with People who turned into Fascists. Dissent gagged by Political Correctness and People pushed further down the Line by other Pseudo-Liberals we have since voted against (Brexit).

    Bobby Kennedy tried making amends with some of his 1968 Speeches - inserted into a Film by Emilio Estevez in 2005 - but the Damage had been done. By then we were made to feel like the Shumash People (Native Americans of California)- finally released from Slavery into a World they no longer recognised. The Inconsistency here being how that Film was released by the same Company who catered to those who had filled that Landscape in the years since 1993 only a year before. Those that would form President Obama's New Age Utopia.

    Bobby Kennedy confronted Pseudo Liberalism when he asked how America could expect to solve the Problems of the World when they couldn't even look after their own People. Something 'Liberals' since don't seem to have heeded, and maybe even acted against.

    It was a Liberal Documentary Series that summed this up when it's maker said of those that settled the US; they fled intolerance in their Home Countries - only to inflict it on those they found. That this has happened in those years since 1990 with People who have 'arrived'. I spent recent years meeting People who seemed to have a bigger interest in all that than I did. How many Hippies have heeded the Line by their own Richie Havens when he sang "I feel like a Stranger in the Land where I was born"? Or are they like Mathew from Poland who hadn't even heard of those 7 Days in Szczecin, Alex who dismissed Walesa as 'Old News"?

    The Europact indeed!

  16. And if we have to be Politically Correct about Sharia Law or a Country that has a Caste System in 2016 then George Harrison knows what he can do with his Hare - or even Harald Krishna. Hindu Sun Symbols become Swastika's.

  17. The 13th Amendment rehabilitated the lst, 4th, 5th and 6th of the Constitution, that concerning Liberty, Free Speech and the Rights to Habeus Corpus and Petition, and the 9th - an entire Bill of Rights (all 1791) - thus the Constitution itself and the Founding of America. Unfortunately even the Framers neglected to include anything prohibiting Slavery, some like Thomas Jefferson kept inherited Chattels - although worked to end the Slave Trade, being critical of Britain for its Complicity. His Activities were concurrent with Events in Britain that led to our Slave Trade Abolition Act 1807, while both concluded that complete Manumission would be irresponsible, sending emancipated Slaves with nowhere to go into a World they were unprepared for.

    What this implies is anyone allowing it to continue is acting unconstitutionally. A very unamerican Activity, which yields a Myriad of Paradoxes.

  18. Before the advent of the 13th Amendment how could you have a Constitution that only applied to about 90% of the Population? That - for the rest - huge Areas of it didn't apply. This implies that for nearly 80 years the US was in violation of its own Nation State Document - and the Arbitrariness of that Period could easily have been extended to - or withdrawn from - anyone - almost on a Whim. This is why I admire the Courage of those who campaigned for it - because by doing so it was a brave admission of this.

    Maybe this is why Republican Film Makers featured it by suggestion in some of their Films a few years ago - as a reminder to the Government of it obligations, and even its heritage.

    The 9th Amendment was probably the most important in this context - because it guarantees certain base Standards - and could be the Model for our Post-Brexit Human Rights Charter. A Bill of Rights that replaces a Human Rights Act 1998 - which, unfortunately, was bound to the EU. This might explain why it was never properly enacted - even by the Government that introduced it. This also reinforces why Brexit was the right Decision because reneging on an important Piece of Legislation and Manifesto is almost tantamount to Electoral Fraud.

  19. I get People who just shrug and say dismissively that 1990 was "a long time ago", or "get over it" etc, but that's like an early 1989 Gustav Husak saying rather glibly to Vaclav Havel that '1968 was a long time ago, it was crushed, get over it'. Did the Czechoslovak People forgive the Regime when they had their first democratic Election that year? 'Get over it' and vote Communist? No they didn't.

    I wonder how Jan Masaryck felt as he fell from that Window at Prague Castle in 1948, after he had had to give up his Country........twice!

    Masaryck's Story parallels this one!

    There are People who don't know what happened 27 years ago - they do now.

    Jean Le Carre said how the post-Cold War was forsaken by default, that there was no global Perestroika, that People complacently got fat and rich. Some might have, others were just the Regime in continu'um, the 90's a commencement of their defined Lives of the 70's and 80's, like 1998 and 2008 were 1978 and 1988. The Culture we had because of it was awful and that's what makes the most disappointing end to "Peoples Century" so unforgivable!

    To me those People are like the Communists who ran Czechoslovakia from 1968 to November 1989. What makes them even worse is how they indulge in Irony from their comfortable, defined Lives.

  20. Sometimes the simplest things are indicative of something more complex.

    I remember when People associated with the Liberal-left used to make Coffee and Tea occasionally. This suggests an Inclusivity rather more substantial than the dubious privilege of seeing these New Age Wafters in Waitrose - or the usual 'Vote for me' Trestle Table People every 4 years. But what all these recent Events prove is that a few sleek Motorcycle Clubs and Emily Eavis's Yippie Gathering at Glampersbury don't win Elections or Referendums. I would say that this Yippie New Age thing had become so exclusive - at least here - to be comparable to what was happening in Germany in the 1930's. Those sleek Arians - in their Forest Camps in Bavaria etc, from Folk to Volk, except not everyone was included. The Nazis were the ultimate Aesthetes.

    Not helped by the disproportionate Effect of a cliquey little Town in South West England on everywhere else. Oh, and how 920 TV and Film Jobs created in 1968 seemed to have been decocted into a Dinner Party Soundtrack Group - their Cronies - and remote and distant Record Companies. Not sure about any Competence there either - they don't seem to know how to send Gig Tickets.

    There's a superb Documentary called "Why I hate the 60's" which explores the real Britain of the Decade - not the Dick Lester Movies. That if you believed the Hype of the Hippie Media you'd think everyone lived in Yellow Submarines, turning on, tuning in and dropping out, as they surfed to the Rhinetone Cowboys of Nashville, drinking Soup from Campbell Soup Tin Pictures. They weren't, and this doesn't just apply to Britain either. Robert Kennedy found real America wasn't doing any of this in 1968, despite what Berkley College Alumni would have us think. It was broke and broken. He avoided the usual 60's locations and connected with those left out and left behind by all that nonsense. He might have won that Election because of it - and I would say that Donald Trump did something similar - and wasn't killed during his Campaign.

    That Glampersbury used to cost £8.50 - now nearly £230 - shows that it hasn't increased in Price proportionally to either the Value of Currency (about 3.5x what it was then) or other things. If Beer went up proportionally a Pint would now cost about £15.

    So, if the Liberal-left has turned into a Yuppieocracy what are People voting for these days? Rhetoric, Politically Correct Slogans?

    While it emerged that Andy Warhol lived in a conservatively furnished House bereft of Pop Art, the same could be said of a Mark Radcliffe who lives in a similarly attired luxury Home in Cheshire - and not a single Joy Division or Stone Roses Poster anywhere. Politics finally said that the 'Don't do as I do. do as I say' Philosophy doesn't work. It certainly didn't for Hillary

  21. And then, the Clintonites must have forgotten a Documentary called "The Hunting of the President" - about the Smear Campaign they alleged was made against them by the Media during Bill's 1996-7 Election Campaign. That despite this he won a 2nd Term.

    Just before this Election both Candidates appeared at the Al Smith Dinner - a Fundraiser for Children in need. Hillary quipped at how it was a "Press Conference" - while Donald Trump pointed out all her Friends from the Press Corp.

    If this wasn't a Comment on the Liberalocracy of the 21st Century then what is?

    A tale of Two Speeches!

    Meanwhile, has anyone noticed how many of his Cabinet Potentials would have been Confederates 160 years ago? Lots of Kansas, Texas, Georgia, Florida - even someone from Louisiana in there. If, by lancing the Boil in the Liberal establishment gave him the 2016 Presidency, thus doing it the biggest Favour since Woodward and Bernstein, he is doing what Republican Film Makers did a few years ago. He wants People to observe the Constitution, something which seemed to get marginalised in recent years, and if he was Jefferson Davis then somewhere there has to be an Abe Lincoln. That the Constitution was the very Essence of what made America great suggests he also wants the Liberals to observe it. Maybe part of that should be a Screening of the superb Film Mr Spielberg made about the Political Struggle for the 13th Amendment.

  22. Has anyone asked why a 70 year old - who could retire on his considerable Fortune, pass his Business on to his Sons and Daughters, has decided to live on a Presidents Salary for 4 years instead? That he is prepared to take on the huge Responsibility of doing that rather than becoming as sedentary as others from his Demographic might at that age?

    He as been asked since the 1980's if he ever considered Politics - even running for President - because he has always voiced concern about how America was run.

    That by doing so he has shaken up the Political Establishment in either Party - the Cause of that concern. By holding the Political Mirror up to them they now have no choice but to reform - or rediscover something. There's no room for Irony anymore - or the glib, stage managed Politiking we have had, and that by doing so he forces them to get real.

    That 13th Amendment is their equivalent of our Anti-Slavery Act, but what have either responsible for that done with it - or not done, depending on your Perspective?

  23. People also have to remember that while it seems President Elect Trump is playing Devils Advocate to a smug, complacent, indulgent and ironic Political Establishment, that he may be appointing People who might have been Confederates 160 years ago to his Cabinet he isn't Jefferson Davis and no-one has opened fire on Fort Sumpter. He has done this via the Federal Electoral Process - and due Constitutional Process. That he wants People to observe a Document that some might have neglected - or deliberately ignored - gives him the moral High Ground others forfeit means this isn't the Stars and Bars, Rebel Yell Politics of Richmond, Virginia. The Liberals left themselves prone to criticism - and now - not just criticism. Maybe there was a reason why Spielberg made his Film, working with his co-producer Kathleen Kennedy - and in the Context of his 1992 Movie - where Schindler mentions his "Presentation Aspect". Lincoln wasn't smug, complacent, indulgent, arrogant or ironic when he fought (literally) for the 13th Amendment, Schindler wasn't when he worked to prevent People succumbing to the Holocaust - why are they?

    Maybe whoever is left in charge of the Liberals, and even Republican Detractors of the President Elect should be made to watch the Film as many times it takes for it to sink in.

  24. Is Donald Trump a Racist............?

    No he isn't, or even if he was quite a few 'Minorities' voted for him. Some have said he is, or that there were many "Racists" who also voted for him. But who are these "Racists" anyway? Political Correctness meant that every President since Nixon ignored those People for fear of being called "Racist", but just before that someone who didn't was probably the most liberal Presidential Candidate ever - Robert Kennedy.

    He went to meet those People while Self-Conscientiousness meant others wouldn't. What did those others think would happen to those People? That they might somehow die out and end their Days in Poverty Reservations? No, but isn't discriminating against them the same as discriminating against any other Group?

    Multiculturalism can't be multi anything if it ignores any Culture - somehow seeing it as inferior to others. The last time that happened it was done by an Ideology that collaborated with other Nordic and western European People - but saw the Slav and the Jews as inferior. Their Quisling, Vichy, Ustashe and Francoist Cronies were as different to them as Asian Muslim might be to Afro-Caribbean, but their Aspirations weren't ignored.

    Thankfully, in recent years People have realised the Crime that was done to Native Americans, but this was during an earlier Period of supposed Multiculturalism. Germanic, Slavic, Celtic, Hispano-Latino, Sino-Pacifics - Catholic, Protestant, Jew, Atheist, Shinto, Buddhist, Moslem etc all arrived in America and saw themselves as superior to the Cultures they found. Some even tried to exterminate them, so that wasn't real Multiculturalism either. Neither is any Borough in Britain that ignores Christmas because it might upset any other Groups in the Community. This has happened.

    I even met someone who said their Native American Father was a Racist because he was proud of his Culture, but if he isn't allowed to be of his how could he be of any others? Why have his Children abandoned of forsaken it for others? Is this Self-Discrimination? A Microcosm of what we are expected to do?

    Have any of these Politically Correct Advocates thought that President Elect Trump could even diffuse perceived "Racism"? That for the first time since Bobby Kennedy you now have a mainstream Leader who can communicate with those they see as "Racist"?

  25. Also in that List of potential Collaborators would be Supporters of Hugh O'Neil - People who had everything to gain from Britain's surrender during the War. Not all Irish Republicans supported the International Brigades in the Spanish Civil War while Sean Russell certainly didn't.

    An Irony of New Line Cinema is how their Peter Jackson Movies were concurrent with their Film about Bobby Kennedy. While he sent the National Guard to enforce the voting Rights of Afro-Americans the Democrat Governor Wallace of Alabama pretended that the prevention of those Rights wasn't happening. An Inconsistency maybe, but if RFK did what President Elect Trump finally did in his Campaign does this make either a Racist? A People who were ignored for another 38 years start to cultivate conspiracy Theories that eventually become a Truism.

    So if the Nazi's had their multicultural Collaborators, from the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem to the Nordic Quisling, the Slavic Cossack's of the Ukraine to the Hispanics of Franco's Spain, the cultured Vichy French to the tough People of Croatia - what do these People have in common with the multicultural Elite of today if wasn't some misplaced sense of Superiority?

    Meanwhile, while New York was a Microcosm of the World - with its Multicultural Society of 120 Years ago - and while Afro-America was freed by 1865 Emancipation - one Culture wasn't allowed to be present. The Native Culture. People might be shocked to realise that one of the most famous died in a Concentration Camp in 1909. Geronimo was imprisoned for his Resistance in the Indian wars and died in the Age of Flight, Electricity, the Automobile, and a year after the Titanic was built.

  26. Then there's this Nonsense about a Book, a Photograph, in Warsaw - taken during the Nazi Occupation. There were those of us who ended that (See "From Arthur Balfour to "King Arthur") - but that same 'superior' Elite - the same Academics who talk up their Multiculturalism and Political Correctness - use it as some sort of Manipulation. Kelly (no J in the Welsh Alphabet) Jones might sing about someone who looks like Chaplin - but when does a Concert at Morfa Stadium at the end of that horrible Clinton Decade - and the beginnings of "1000 years of New Labour" (where have we heard that before) start to look like a Nuremberg? Mr Chaplin might have been posthumously purged from U'A by Mancunian Punks and Thugs from Guildford - but U.A.T.V had their TV Series starring Bob Mathias and Keenan Wynn.

    In fact, considering how the Clinton's ran Arkansas and how New Labour had the "Cocaine Socialist" Moniker - does this mean the Dinner Party Club eat theirs off of Glass Tables - using Razor Blades as Cutlery?

    And while recent Decades seem to have yielded something of a Paradox wasn't one of the Klan Members in "Mississippi Burning" called Clinton Pell?

    Continuing the Theme I'm looking forward to seeing the new "Birth of a Nation" Movie!

    So, if post-68 Liberalism was driven by Narco-Networks then I'm not surprised that it was so dysfunctional and subsequently ugly. This is why - when I write about things that aren't these things it makes no connection at all with those People when it should! If she had won we'd get a further Consolidation of all that.

  27. Any Rehab Clinic will tell you that when Drugs start to interfere with whatever someone is supposed to be doing it becomes a Problem. It is a closed World that is secretive and clandestine. This is how it applies to an Individual or a Group of Individuals - so imagine if we had a Government that worked like that. This might explain the Inconsistencies in Hillary's Campaign and so called Liberal Culture. That it becomes impaled on its own subsequent Convolutions and Secrecy to the point where it is dysfunctional.

    Also, what are the Ramifications on Employment and Networking for anyone who doesn't subscribe to Narcoism? By being a closed World it is - by definition - off-limits to those People. This is why anything that is supposed to transcend all that is crucial, failure to be so compounds that Dysfunction.

    Tony Blair might have played that Guitar with David Bowie but he was no Vaclav Havel. What was so awesome about that Charter 77 Government was how you had the Culture - the Rock and Roll - but without the Cynicism and Cliches associated with the more jaded Culture of a West that has taken it all for granted since someone recorded Audio on Wax Cylinders. That it had an essential Innocence of Spontaneity.

    Also, while Blair was no Havel, Kerry or Clinton are no McNamara. I read somewhere someone saying how we shouldn't worry about the prospect of a World War. Vladimir Putin has been trying to warn us that the potential for is quite real - unreported by the Media - so those Comments show a Denialism in some - while the Pre-amble to the 1962 Missile Crisis - and the Crisis itself - invoked no similar Delusions at all from Kennedy's Secretary of State. That their Negotiations to resolve it also showed a Determination and Adroitness absent in today's Politicians. That Missiles in Turkey prompted Soviet Deployment in Cuba. An Admission that those in today's Defence Establishment have yet to see as a valuable Template for what ought to be done now. Putin acknowledges the Problem, others pretend it doesn't exist.

    While the Cuban Missile Crisis - and its Causes and Resolution - ought to be applied to the current Morass, Mr Havel proposed something similar to George Bush Senior (and I'd have loved to have been in the Room when he said it). That NATO should be disbanded because it was the Western Response to a Warsaw Pact that no longer existed. Kennedy withdrew American Missiles in Turkey, Khrushchev does same with Soviet ones in Cuba. The Warsaw Pact is dissolved - thus NATO ought to have done the same.

    The CFE Treaty was negotiated via Soviet Union and NATO Countries, but it was also ratified by the former after the Soviet Union ceased to exist in 1991. If they - with all the residual Problems of an unravelling Superpower - could achieve that why can't current Politicians now? This suggests a Resolve in People that no longer exists. 1991 saw them make the Transition from Communism to Capitalism, create - sometimes without ever knowing one before - a form of Democracy complete with constitutional Frameworks, and facilitate the Soviet/Russian Withdrawal from their Territory - and endured Civil War (Gamsakhurdia's Georgia) but they still ratified the Treaty.

  28. You now have a Government that People might describe as conservative and reactionary .............. but what are they reacting to?

    One thing they are is the sort of indefensible, fatuous, indulgent Nonsense People have been spouting since the late 60's. Indefensible when their Narco-Lifestyles happen while others use a Food Bank. How much do they put up their Noses every Weekend that might be spent on creating a couple of Days Work for some of those others for example? Spent on some of the most useless Substances in the World - that you can't eat, doesn't quench your Thirst, can't wear to keep out the Cold, and isn't Transport, Housing or anything else that might be more appropriate. Cocaine Liberals and Cocaine Socialists are also the same People who spout all that 'Peoplecentric' Stuff - but what would the doesn't drink, doesn't smoke, and doesn't do Drugs President say to them?

    Donald Trump isn't even Ronald Reagan - who had a few Friends in the Film Industry to consider before he might confront those People. Their Thuggery does nothing for their Indefensibility either, while the smug Arrogance of their Humour Tumours won't stave off Criticism.


    Every time a Cocaine Liberal or Cocaine Socialist buys a Wrap they give Money to Terrorists. Who's the Fella on the Bench giving Money to? The Shop he has just bought whatever Food he can afford, the Electricity Company he buys from?

    Even former Hostages seem to need an Historical Diagram - and President Elect Trump will have a Press Spokesman who will be rather more forceful than C J Cregg might have been in the "West Wing". Besides which, how can the Fella on the Bench access any Work he helped create if he isn't in the Narco-Network?

    The 90's was the Soundtrack to the Narco-Decade, the Symptom of those selfish and indulgent People who would rather give their Money to Garbage than their own People, even those who created Jobs for them.

    We now listen to the Slop as the Mediaocracy daub on the Slime, the Mobile Networks come alive as they pull those App Strings, the Chess Master moves the Pieces on the Board!

  29. If Donald Trump is a Constitutionalist - who will remind certain Groups where things come from - what's that going to say to Places in Violation of Article 13? Liverpool for example, propped up with EU Subsidies since before it became Capital of Culture in 2008 - and its Slave Trade Past and current Economy. Buying and selling People is nothing to be proud of Mr Harrison, while the City loses all that Euro-Money once Article 50 is invoked. While the effects of its Culture piss more People than make Friends.

    How about Mr Hip Hop Acts Worldwide - who might not have seen the Film where the Republican Film Maker employs the Black Hip Hop Video Maker called Antoine (or even Richard Anthony Marc Burton Fuqua). A Film about Camelot - or even 'Camelot'!

    This isn't a Game of Football with Red and Yellow Cards.

    How about other Cronies of the Liberals - People who might manage the likes of Martine McCutcheon for example, their Cronies on the Clinton News Network!

    Here's something else to...

    What would Micheal Moore say if President Trump grabbed Roger Smith by his Ears, hauled him back to Flint, Michigan with the Money he scarpered with and told him to make something happen?

    Then there's this.....

    How are those I have known who have scarpered off into that Yippie Economy (some Music or Media Bulcrap), or even those who started in all that before I even met them in 1968, any different from the former Boss of General Motors? He scammed Flint then scurried off like that Roman Governor (Honourious) while they scammed us like he does those Britons.

  30. A Lesson in New Age Yippieism, pseudo-Liberalism and even its Socialist Equivalent happened recently when someone asked me to lend them a Tenner. They know I get £33 a Week - so this would be like a Minimum Wage Earner lending them about £90. After 8 years of Obama, the New Labour Era, and seeing these New Age Types in their shiny Cars and Costumes - you'd have thought they'd be asking and getting £10 from them wouldn't you!

  31. Meanwhile, it seems President Elect Trump has just cost the Pharmaceutical Industry about £21Billion on the Stock Markets by saying how they're getting away with Murder. This is how effective he is - while doing this is far more devastating than any of the usual Stuff. I remember writing stuff about all this a few years ago - and how wrong it seemed that that Industry seemed to act Carte Blanche - having so much Power in the Political Lobbies. What they do to Peoples Lives in the process - and how it affects People I might have known.

    This is before he's even President! What remains is how some might respond not only to what he might say or do in the next 4 years - but whether we see a repeat of what happened after Barack Obama became President. Before 2008 it was all "Vote for me" etc - then suddenly People (his Supporters) started becoming rather less amicable. The last 8 years have been horrible because of it. I don't think the new President will be like that - while this Tussle with one of the most powerful politico-economic Lobbies in the world shows that he isn't going to be easily diluted and assimilated. Quite the opposite as People might be made to feel a bit awkward by trying to sidle up to him.

  32. Maybe it's time he went to work on these HYIP Scams!

  33. Snotty so called Leftfield 90s Clinton era Rock/Alt Yippie Groups!

    Punish those who criminally neglected/reneged on 'Baltimore' - and horrible Media types who have far too much Influence!

  34. Elsewhere, and for quite a long time - I have mentioned the Culture of Expendibility that exists here. How some People just seem to be Fodder for others. The Clinton Era was when some of those others got established, Obama was when it finally solidified. A few years ago I wrote about the Pharmaceutical Industry and some of its Excesses. A few Days ago President Elect Trump wiped Billions off of the Share Value in Wall Street. The Level of Arrogance in People meant that some of us were obviously expendable to People then - as now, while there are other Aspects of this horrible post-90s Yippie thing that are just downright insulting and patronising. Some of that appeared in Cambridgeshire a few years ago too. Now we see if that Culture here extends to the Oval Office and how they might even regard that as just as expendable as those of us NOT in the Ocracy here!

  35. Meaning does that Culture regard a President as expendable too?

  36. Friday Afternoon will be the first few Hours of Freedom for some of us after many false starts and a late 70's that can only be described as dismal. Donald Trumps recent Comments showed how effective Outspoken-ness can be while some of us are now telling People - erm - where to get off so to speak. They deserve it, and the more full of crud they are the more they should be told to. There are others, People who slither and slime - but we now have a Culture where they can't do that anymore. It's lousy when you see what that has done - while the Yippies became so obnoxious they deserved nothing less than a Backlash. While his Comments could bankrupt a very powerful Politico-economic Lobby what could they do to a creative Industry that is full of those sort of People? The Structures that facilitated that are gradually unravelling (The EU etc) while Pseudo-Liberalism forgot the People it supposedly represents.

    If People didn't want the Flying Dutchman and the Black Pearl to open fire then maybe they shouldn't have acted like Cutler-Beckett. If they didn't want some of us to see that President Elect Trump represents us rather more than they do perhaps they shouldn't have created an Environment that meant anything before that was worth having was so long ago that the only thing to look forward to is his Inauguration. Irony is something posh People indulge in, Nostalgia only works when People have something to feel nostalgic about.

  37. Where's the Nostalgia for People who have only known one Bunch of disgustingly exploitative Hippies after another? Where's the Nostalgia when all they've ever known is that? How about these disgusting Media Types as they continue what was started by Cutler Beckett at the start of "At World End"? President Elect Trump should commission his People to monitor our Radio Stations to figure out just how glib and bereft of a Conscience they are.

  38. The Hippies at the BBC - attach themselves to People but can't seem to send Concert Tickets - should be made an offer they can't refuse. At last we have a President who isn't Peter Mandelsohn and could care less what they think of him.

  39. Meanwhile, here's an Historical Diagram for everyone from former Archbishop Envoys to anyone in the Yippieocracy who tries lumping us in with any Islamic Extremists......

    I decided to post this in all these Threads for those who haven't read it.

  40. I can comment on all this on a number of Levels. An historical one - the above being an Example of this, what I derive from the Media about Presidents, Prime Ministers and the like, Stuff said in Conversation - and probably more than all of these - what I see every day. Someone got peeved when I referred to their Social Group as "You lot", except - and because or despite all previous Regimes that has become a Statement of Fact. That almost since Carter the Landscape was being established so that would happen. Obama's Period will be remembered as a time when there was no further Integration than there might have been in all the others.

    When the Dinner Party Club took to the Streets a few days ago it was very abstract to some of us who can only imagine what their Lives might be like, rather like it is here with the local Equivalents and their Predecessors.

  41. PS; Still like to know when the Constitution is going to be applied and what you intend to do for Baltimore, Detroit, Flint, and the Rust Belt. Not to mention the eventual Meeting with Vladimir Putin!

    This is because we had 8 years of nothing called the Obama Era, the War Mongering Bush/Cheyney Blair Period, the horrible Clinton 90's - and the 80's. That throughout all of this there were People who were like the wrinkly old Italian in "Catch 22" who sided with anyone like the shameful Opportunist Art Garfunkel calls him, while the Policies of all of these systematically ignored - or even victimized - others. That Policies meant to ensure International Legalities were also ignored, the most important in terms of World Peace and real Stability being that Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty, The Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council and the Partnership for Peace Program.

    Not so a load of Dog Walkers can imitate the President imitating a Hotel Bell Boy! They might be described as the ultimate wrinkly old Italians!

  42. Many feel that had Hillary Clinton been elected a 'War' with Russia might have happened sooner than the recent Spat America had with Moscow, and might even have been worse. They forget that there was more War with Obama than even Bush/Cheyney - except, by then, the Public had become anesthetized to it - or they happened in far less noticeable ways and in more obscure parts of the World. That the former President was awarded the Peace Prize compromises something that had real Meaning when it was given to the Man who ended the Cold War.

  43. For 8 years I hoped President Obama would tell People where things come from and how they happen - be it his Presidency, the work done by Joseph Kennedy and Harry Belafonte's Program to ensure Kenyans could run a Country (how his Parents met) to all that Creative Industry Activity (Film, TV, Radio and Music) - but nothing. There are all sorts of other things that seem to have invoked a roaring Silence too!

    It's not a Party Political thing either, it's a moral thing, based on Honesty - something I always thought was the most important Element in any Equation - particularly what those People are supposed to subscribe to.

    Because of this, it doesn't matter where - or from whom - it comes from, as long as it comes from someone.

    There's a PBS Documentary about the Great Depression - an Episode called New Deal, New York, where we are told how Roosevelt's New Deal paid for the tri-borough Bridge which ended in Harlem - except no-one in Harlem was employed in its construction. It goes on to say how racist Shopkeepers were quite happy to have Harlem's Money - but wouldn't employ People from that Community. Bristol has its Spine Road - which ends outside the former Harlech Television Building in Brislington, except those associated with its Founder never got a days work in it. We might be able to listen to Geof Barrows "Roads" but no-one ever sends Concert Tickets in 24 very long years.

    Against this backdrop the only difference between Harlem and Harlech is a Syllable, while some of us are starting to feel horrible expendable to any and everything!

  44. I don't know whether the locals are an Aberation but from what I can make of them Liberals Inc are nothing more than an elitist Dinner Party Club anyway.

    President Obama didn't need any Congressional or Senatorial Majority to do this either.

  45. Then we had Peter Jackson's very skewed 'eco-Propaganda' - except while his Shit was a "Design for Life" for that Dinner Party Club I seem to remember someone once saying how "we all breathed the same Air" - except maybe that Dinner Party Club breath different Air to the rest of us. This from someone whose Dad made a documentary publicizing the Life and Work of the Man dubbed 'the Clearwater Troubadour' because of his Work with the Clearwater Project and whose Song "Tapestry" inspired David McTaggart to become co-founder of Greenpeace!

  46. And what is very insulting today - as it might have been to those People in Harlem in the 1930's - is how we might get accused of being "lazy". You're reading something that was written and posted at 05.40 AM UK Time, because I spend very many Hours - night and day - writing and researching - which would be called "Work" if I got paid. Heck, if I was a Lawyer I could charge £100 an Hour for some of the free Advice I give People derived from what I know.

    Indeed, I'd done some much un/badlypaid Work that by 1998 I couldn't work anymore. I got signed off for years because of it. That and having to make the long Trudge/hitch home - not being in any of the local Dinner Party/Magic Bedroom Clubs with full Access to all the Mod Cons. Tell some of the People who appear in the PBS Documentary that they were lazy - if you dare! Sometimes they couldn't work - they weren't allowed to!

  47. None of which is assuaged by what we have here now - an Estate full of Thugs and Shitbags - and what any of it has to do with pro-Democracy and Human Rights is a question for them!

  48. People might ask why Donald Trump seemed to come from nowhere in the recent Election - written off as something of a Joke Candidate, but why he might appeal to the Disaffected, rather like Nigel Farage did during the Brexit Campaign.

    After years of being mauled by the supposed 'good Guys' in the Liberal Propaganda Machine, you start to ask whether they are liberal - or even 'good Guys' at all. That there's a huge discrepancy between what they claim and the Reality, while their Career Acumen and how it all works cancels out any supposed Good they do. How many Lives were fucked so Mel Gibsons Career could flourish, ditto for Bono etc. Go back even further and ask same about the Beatles. So how can any of them claim to be anything?

    After a few Decades of this other Politicians start to appear. People who appeal to those who might have been at the broken end of the pseudo-liberal Bottle throughout those Decades. The ones having to make do and mend with whatever might be left after the fake Liberal Snouts have been in the Usual Suspect Trough for that time.

    That when a potential President appears who might even maul back it starts to look like there might be some Inclusivity after all.

  49. That anything that hurts them is fine by me - which might seem like a negative Premise to make a democratic Decision - but it sure makes you fell a lot better!

  50. So if he decides to fuck Bono, Madonna, Fakeheart and all the usual Suspects maybe it about time they realized what it's like to be on the Receiving end of that sort of Treatment. That if they've been doing what they do since some of us were Children makes them completely indefensible!

  51. Everything I see merely confirms that they're anathema to anything Kennedy might have said about how "We all breath the same Air". From the Social Media of People I might know to the Activities of the rich and Infamous, they're nothing more than a disgusting Elite who breath different Air to the rest of us!

  52. So all of it - in its current, elitist Form, needs destroying so it can be replaced with something that means we all really do breath the same Air!

  53. Particularly the plantated Shitbags they've moved into here. While Fakeheart prattles on about his supposed Concern for the Highlanders those Fascist Safron Fuckers are doing the sort of Clearances Mungo Campbell might have been proud of!

  54. There's a brilliant Documentary about the 60's where a former Student Activist tells how they occupied the Dean of New York's Columbia Universities Office and found Documents about how Academe planned to move Negro and Hispanics out of the Neighbourhood!

    How are you Sarah?????

  55. "We all breath the same Air" was said by JFK before all that Saffron Bulshit started, but was still prevalent in many of the things you might describe as liberal Causes. The Clearwater Project is an example of this - while it was something I always subscribed to. The thing is - what I've seen and met here in recent years seems to have distanced itself from that. Even People I used to know - so much so that we don't all breath the same Air anymore. The further from that they become the more attractive People like Candidate Trump and Brexit looks to those of us who start to ask "What the fuck have those People turned into?" and/or "was it all some sort of merry Dance, a Scam dressed up in Cheesecloth and Beards?"

  56. What happened in 2008 and again a couple of Weeks ago (plus what I know of it) shows they aren't even peaceful anyway - so what the fucking hell are we subscribing to with any of them??????

  57. Maybe a Bunch of Student Activists should occupy the Offices of the Deans and VC's of some Colleges and Universities in Bristol to find out what their Problem/Agenda might be!

  58. Oh, and maybe to show that town isn't Shitbagville perhaps someone would like to return the Phone they found on the Bench in the High Street in 2008!

  59. The Liberal-Left, or conventional Neoliberalism got away with it as long as People were prepared to accept Irony. Those multi-layers of things that aren't what they seemed. But where's the irony in the Devastation that used to be called Arabia and north Africa? Or that of the economic Slump of 2007?

    How about what the Eco-movement is in danger of becoming? As President Bartlett says in "The West Wing" "A Nation of S.U.V's telling a nation of Bicycles it has to do more about global Warming!". That 'Don't do as I do, do as I say' no longer works.

    The recent War in Iraq showed something else too. That the supposed Protest in Culture was as useless in any Prevention as it could have been. Maybe they were being too ironic for years!

  60. And don't get me started on the Neo-liberal Patronage!!!!!

  61. But then, it's also how the Liberal-Left Propaganda Machine works isn't it! That it's become everything it claims to be against. Money, Careers, Property, Prestige - but what belies the Sleekness? I remember when things weren't, and you met more genuine People than those have now.

    Suddenly, you've got a President who couldn't care less what CNN or the Film People say or think of him!