Monday, 28 November 2016

Arthur Balfour to "King Arthur".

Bevan and the Zionists..... Arthur Balfour to "King Arthur".

What was awful about Aneurin Bevan's position with Zionism was how he found himself in the Conflict of what some saw as his anti-Israel Stance and how Zionism was used by some to induce American Jewry support for the Allies in WW1. Jewish Opinion in the Interwar Years wasn't assuaged by how the Idea seemed to have been abandoned in the Wake of Sykes-Picot and the end of the War in 1918 generally. There ought to have been an Israel Element in the S.P Equation. If this had happened there would have been no Stern or Irgun Groups in the 1940's, no bombing of the King David Hotel in 1946, and no Plot to assassinate him.

There might not have been a Holocaust either - at least nothing on the Scale that did happen, while Jew and Arab would have common cause in defending Israel/Palestine against the Axis in WW2. This would have had obvious implications for the Country. Ernie Bevan's Job as Britain's first Post-war foreign Secretary might have been relieved of the Task he did eventually have to deal with.

After the Holocaust that became impossible, politically and morally - and they obtained Israel in 1948.

Enacting Balfour when it was supposed to be would have resolved many things and makes strategic and political Sense. A unified Jewish-Arab Force fighting WW2 in the region is consistent with William Ormsby-Gore recruiting Jews from New York to fight the Turks in WW1. After that you have a People - a Country - formed in that Process on equal terms, Jewish and Arab, both of whom we could call Allies. While they did that British Troops garrisoned in Palestine and Trans-Jordan might have been deployed elsewhere - bolstering the War Effort in North Africa, the Mediterranean or even Somalialand. The post-War Zionists would have a friendlier disposition to Britain as a result, while their Conflict with the Arabs diminished.

The Moral here is don't make Promises you might not intend to keep. There were some who were sincere about the creation of Israel, but you shouldn't use it as some sort of Bribe which might not have any Substance. I sometimes think this was done 27 years ago with "talked about" jaunts to post-Velvet Revolution Prague. That that didn't happen didn't go un-noticed, while the Paradox behind it was all too apparent.

Arthur/Mr Owen has to give up his Room in the Bruckheimer Movie, Masaryck gives up the Sudeten!

It's also like having to forsake same in 'Camelot' isn't it - while all of it is like a bitter historical Paradox.

Those Knights in "King Arthur" are on the Cusp of Freedom. If 2004-15=1989, so were some of us. That doesn't happen because a Roman Bishop tells them it isn't and attaching that Caveat is rather like someone who has just been subjected to the umpteenth anti-Semitic Beating in the Pale of Settlement - after being told about the Balfour Declaration - also for the Umpteenth time, but nothing happens. Aneurin Bevan was caught in the growing unrest caused by its postponement and heightened expectation. The Jews were used as a Bribe to America - and that is how they started to feel when nothing happened.

Maybe some feel patronised and insulted, betrayed even - like some Zionists might have when Balfour was relegated in the "Things to do list" of the 1920's and 30's. That they felt expendable to Anglo-French Policy after the Armistice. Something I can relate to. Not helped by Insults from Cuckoos in the Nest.

Phew, have I just solved the Arab-Israeli Conflict????


  1. Meanwhile, while Donald Trump could do more to diffuse Racism than any self-serving Liberal Elite - this Website could Anti-Semitism. The Name says it all - while the Founders of the Entertainment Industry created it for everyone. Until they did there wasn't much choice for People. What I've noted has happened in particularly recent years us that seems to have changed. That appropriativeness seems to have meant something similar to what has our Music Industry. "Don't paint yourself into a Corner" someone once sang, but that seems to have been exactly what has happened with everything becoming an Emphasis on some things at the expense of others. It becomes unacceptable to have an Industry that works like a Pyramid - which means you can subscribe to anything - as long as it's that, while the Layers of that Process filter down.

    What, for example would be said of, or happen to, anyone who watched "The Thief of Baghdad"? Would they ow be construed as a Mulim or even an Islamic Extremist, of just called Anti-Semitic?

    I also suggest certain former Hostages read this, maybe even a few former Presidents and Prime Ministers. That Donald Trump is someone I would describe as a Constitutionalist rather than a traditional Republican is significant in this, who can remind all sorts of People of things, from Afro-Americans vis a vis that 13th Amendment, to Israel and the Declaration, being an Employer - providing Work rather than taking it, while confronting them about how they might have treated certain People associated with these things.

    I certainly will be as the Cuckoos in the Nest need to be put back in their pretentious Place.

  2. Here's a Paradox so bizarre it merits mentioning here....

    After what happened in 2008 (when I got assaulted on a Bench like I was a Character in a 2007 Spielberg Movie) I thought I might do some Self-Defense Courses. I found one in Bristol which teaches the Israeli Krav Maga Technique and left Messages/Email. To this Day I never got a Reply!

    Considered in the Context of the above that is worse than paradoxical!

  3. Not only should there have been an Israeli Element in Sykes Picot - there ought to have been a Kurdish one too. At the end of WWl you have a huge tract of Land called Arabia - no Borders, no Iraq, Syria and other Countries that were drawn in the Sand. A defeated Turkey who are going to be rather more malleable to post-War Decisions with its large ethnic Kurd population, so create a Homeland for them too. Their Conflicts - with Iraq and Turkey - PK Activities in both - would never have happened - neither would the Al-Anfal campaign - which included the Attack on Halabja, no deliberate Arabisation of Kurdish Regions.

    Considering their Reliability as honest Brokers in the current Syrian Tragedy - their willingness to help People fleeing ISIL and their staunch Defense of whatever might have existed before the Conflict - haven't they proved to the Community of Nations that can and should exist as a Nation?

  4. Meanwhile, having seen the Documentary "Yellow Star" I hope Program Makers aren't somehow putting their Slant on something that distorts even those who might actually have been involved in this Process. That while Wiesenthal - who appears in it - probably knew Gurion (as did our People) those Program makers didn't, and if they didn't - anyone who somehow 're-enacts' the Documentary certainly didn't.

    And that includes any Rent-a-meets you see, almost put in the Street rather like Mystery Shoppers Fund Raising Companies use to speak to their Employees!

    Not only am I fully aware of the Content of the Declaration I am also that of the Declaration of Independence!

  5. Here's a Quote from a Publication produced in the most holy City of Mecca which never gets mentioned in the daily Reportage of Intifada's, IDF, Bombings and Battles ........

    "On 23 March 1918, in Al Qibla, the daily newspaper of Mecca, attested that Palestine was "a sacred and beloved homeland of its original sons," the Jews; "the return of these exiles to their homeland will prove materially and spiritually an experimental school for their [Arab] brethren." He called on the Arab population in Palestine to welcome the Jews as brethren and cooperate with them for the common welfare"

    Astonishing isn't it, even more so because of where it was published, and it's something that ought to be printed in very large Letters and posted everywhere - from Gaza to Tel Aviv - as a Reminder to both that it wasn't always like it is now!!!!!