Tuesday, 18 October 2016

More Memorabilia.........

This is a continuation of the Stuff on display in "Memorabilia........."

Hostage Release Vigil 1989 (we camped out at Bristol Harbourside and got People to sign a Petition) Meet the De Witt Bucketters.

This was also there.......... a beautiful Sailing Ship.

Not long after this there was the Press Conference mentioned in "Memorabilia". This was the Venue - and someone seems to have quite poignantly shot it in Sepia - which gives it a 1912 Period feel.

William Waldorf Astor's Hotel was built the same year as the Titanic (1908) so many of the Fixtures and Fittings were what might have been fashionable at the time. It's 1990 and a sense of exuberance and optimism prevails.............

You don't suppose People might have met here..............

You'd think these 2 were in a Film or something...........

The years including and after 1996-7, in other words how everything looks now!!!!

Vigil/Press Conference Photos/Drawings by yours truely!

Something that speaks volumes here about Generosity as opposed to Mean Spiritedness was how the Waldorf gave us free use of their Conference Facilities.

What happened after that is a question for any 'Stewards' (rather unflatteringly described in one Titanic Documentary), who might have blocked everything up - but it certainly felt like being Jack - where this is the one Day with the Posh People - and that was it.

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  1. In fact, "Titanic" became a fitting Metaphor for the Forces that might have cause that. The Arrogance and Haughtiness that prevailed, while there are several Allusions to British Pop Culture, most of them associated with the White Star Lines Hometown of Liverpool. That Pop Industry eventually sank without trace (we no longer have a Record Industry), while other Companies abroad were like Hockleys Children.

    According to Rose, when his Fortune was severely reduced by the Slump of 1929 he committed Suicide. After that his Children fought like Hyenas over the Scraps of his Estate. Some of that caught up with other Pop Stars - and while British Pop fiddled with all that "Over" and "Under" nonsense Ms (Come together)"over you" was as bankrupt as the Hockley Family must have been by the 1930's.

    Jack seems to be the only one who knows what to do.

    Rather like a Czechoslovak Foreign Minister who saw through Hitler and Mussolini at Munich in 1938, along with Britains Minister for the Colonies, who thought Chamberlain was a Fool with his 'Paperwork'.

    Seems not very much had changed by the 1990s.

    The Czech Republic still has a Record Industry, Supraphon remains it's biggest domestic Producer of Music, while that Fella who DID do those early 90's Concerts made more Money than those I remember from 30 years ago. Retained his integrity too in the Process.

  2. And it isn't just a metaphor for the Demise of the British Music Industry. It also shows you how it was run, and what was wrong with it.

    The Duplicity and Hypocrisy. After all, no-one is punching Benjamin Guggenheim for having an Affair. Who exactly, is monitoring that Industry for all its Peccadilloes? Or are they all perfect after all Natalie?

    The ridiculousness of it. While they sing "Eternal Father, strong to save" Jack is turned away like he would be banned from his own Funeral. So much for supposed Christians too, and as the above alludes, he would also be excluded from something he helped happen.

    Tokenism. They're good at that aren't they. You get a token day - or in Jacks case Evening - with the Posh People, and that is it. In this instance it was all left with People who didn't know what to do.

    The veiled Haughtiness - as Hockley sneers "not the better half" about those who are going to die. How he "always wins", and is prepared to bully and blackmail his way to that every time. He uses Money, Lovejoy a Gun, oh and his Fists.

    How that Game is as rigged as sure as a Steel Shutter across a Passageway!

    That they're all just Thugs hiding behind a Veneer of Politeness, posh Accents, Frocks and Dinner Suits.

    How certain People aren't on the Passenger List, rather like others weren't on those Trip Hop Guestlists by 1997.

    That despite all their Hate they're quite happy to make Money from it.

    "That Picture will be worth a Fortune in the Morning!"