Tuesday, 19 December 2017

The Caucasus - the most dangerous Place on Earth!!!!

This was something I wrote in about 2007 after the Georgian Conflict. It was originally posted on a Website at that time - but rather mysteriously disappeared, or at least seemed to have when I tried finding it to post here! It's an Analysis of the myriad Groupings, Ethnicities and Conflicts in the Region known as the Caucasus. After 'Operation Tidy Up' I found a printed copy - which I have scanned and posted in this Thread. I guess the Appearance gives it that archival Look and gives it an Authenticity that might not be apparent if it was just typed. Click on each in order of Appearance, using your Browsers zoom Facility if you have to .......

Some of the following appears as a Reply to a Comment someone on the Website made.......

Finally, having wrested back Control of some Work where a lot of Research. Writing and fact Checking resulted in this you can now read it here! 

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