Friday, 8 December 2017

Cold War 2?????

27 Years after the end of Cold War1 I thought I'd do something of an update ........ so here it is!!!!

Erm, yeah - very nice, but before all that some of us had to do this ........

It's a Scene from a Film in 2002, set in 1942, but could have been 1991 even the Russian Civil War Bill Bailey mentions. And there was also this .............

Then we had the obligatory and everso re-affirming Handshake ..........

So, comrade Commissar - everything is gonna be like this when this is done huh?

Look, there's Beer and white Wine and Coffee - and there's Music - wow, now that's something to look forward to and fight for..... (And they're not in a Cafe etc)

Then a few years ago I was with someone from Poland and I asked him what he thought of all the new build we were looking at .........

He said it looked like Warsaw .......

Ahh, that's what he meant (maybe), but wasn't it all supposed to be like this .......?

So why does it feel more like this?

Oh, and let's not forget that we also had some of this .......... Not much "Beer and white Wine and Coffee" going on here huh!

When we were hoping it would be like this ........

Bet they know how to make each other Tea and Coffee.

So, without any Ado, there's nothing for it but this ............

Dang right, you tell 'em Jack!!!!!!!

Maybe he should borrow a Megaphone from one of those Blokes in the Film and yell it intro the eras of these People

Honecker/Hitler - by 1989 there wasn't really any difference!!!!!!


  1. When Jack Kennedy made his Speech he didn't just mean the German City - he meant the whole World, and while that Wall existed that World was divided. The implication here being that whether it affects the life of an Individual or very many Individuals that metaphorical Wall also exists. What was the Berlin Wall if it wasn't a huge Social Cul De Sac? The weird thing is that even after 20,000 People have arrived in the last 20 Years - I meet the same very small Number of People on anything like a regular Basis, and that while that happens, others meet by default, like it was still the years before.

    I met someone in 2007 and she might have been shocked to see me wearing a Red Army Guards Badge, but then, this wasn't that long after "Enemy at the Gates" - while it might as well have been 1988 for all the Progress that had happened in the Years up until that Meeting.

    Until things improve and those Cul De Sacs are unblocked this Post will remain on this Website!

  2. The Dog Nazis could be Lotho Sackville Baggins couldn't they!

    I wonder now if those "Lord of the Rings" Films didn't include "The Scouring of the Shire" because - if they had - People might draw some unfortunate Comparisons between Sackville Baggins's spiteful Police State and this - erm - 'Shire'.

  3. What's brilliant about that opening Battle Scene is how anyone who does this 'in front and behind, or even on either side' thing looks either like the Nazis or the NKVD. The latter was run by one of the most feared People in Stalins Government - Lavrenty Beria - who was responsible for some of the Purges of the Military - severely damaging its ability to fight during the War. He was executed in 1953 - one of the Charges leveled against him was the Purge of the Red Army in 1941.

    Before People start throwing Words like "Normal" around the Question I have for those who might do this is why can't you be normal and just approach People normally like anyone else does? What's with the weird Choreography?