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How many people have seen films or TV shows without realizing that many of them - as Tolkien said - have to have some semblance of reality to be believable? He said this of his own stories - how he created his Middle Earth using real life peoples and characters from our own history and culture. This applies no less to many other stories found in films and TV shows, and while many might be flattering portrayals of individuals or events some aren't, while all are attempts at showing what might be right or wrong so people can decide from what they have seen or heard. No-one wants to look bad - or at least most people don't, while everyone from James Cameron, Francis Coppola, Steven Spielberg and John Carpenter have in their own inimitable style shown who or what the good, the bad and the downright ugly can be. In this Blog I will attempt to explain to you what those metaphors, analogies and characterizations might mean in the context of our own realities and actions. The rest - as they say - is up to the reader!

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  1. Has anyone thought that "Once upon a time in America" is a Parable about the early years - and development of - the Film industry? That Noodles is in a Kinetograph Theater and what he sees is someone who started her acting Career in those 30 second Film Strips? The question here is; who financed her Career development, and did the Money come from that Locker? If that's true then it points a Finger at Moe who was left with the Key. He seems kind of nervous at Noodles's reappearance in 1968 - like he might ask a few awkward questions about all of that. That others in real life might someone from that year also asking lots of questions!

    Mr Dickie - who isn't Mr Dickie - and Rose DeWitt-Buckater/Dawson/Calvert went to work "In the Films" in those Titanic TV and Feature Movies.

  2. "Once upon a time in America" was released in its definitive form in 2015. But also was a few years before. Even though it is the Directors Cut there are some deleted Scenes. One of which is where Noodles is in the Auditorium - just before he meets Deborah (Elizabeth McGovern) - where she plays Cleopatra. This was set in 1968, but many years before, in another Film, Robert De Niro is in another Theatre. So what happens when you put these together?

    She tells him that Max reinvents himself as an Immigrant who arrived in San Francisco - who then marries a wealthy Woman. It turns out that is her, while they get an Actor to play their Son (David) who looks very similar to Jamie Woods. So not only does this prompt you to ask where that 'wealthy woman' got her 'Wealth' from (Financing of Creative Economics and even Politics) - it also does how Mr Bailey got to be Senator - and where either got their Money. Bailey all but admits it when they meet at his House in Long Island.

    Not only is this my favourite Film because it's the definitive Statement from one of the Industries all time Legends - it is also a very accurate Reference Point made in the early 80's - which begins its own Enquiry as to what has gone wrong since. In other Words - it might have been made more than 30 Years ago - but says to People that nothing - good, bad or ugly - is forgotten. It's might have been Sergio Leone's last Film, but he certainly made sure he would also have the last say!

  3. Also, if all those other Film Companies had their say in the last 16 years, Warner Bros with those Tolkien Movies, Buena Vista and those Pirates - and 20th Century Fox and some of Ridley Scot and James Cameron's recent offerings then the 2015 release of "Once upon a time in America" is the definitive Statement and Right to reply to all of them. That if something that went on long before 1968 has been appropriated and dissipated so much, had the life stifled out of it by a dismal, pretentious little Town in South West England - that it won't achieve its initial aim then why continue to finance it? The Film parables the beginnings of the Movie Industry - it's growth, its Purges (Noodles's exile) and its Implosion.

    As those Tail-lights fade at the very end what happens with it all now as decades of what was wrong become apparent? Media Workers might look hurt at reading this but they were like Bailey and Deborah - Fat Moe even - in all those years of someone else's absence, while De Niro's earlier Character comments at how Bonsera never invited him for Coffee.

    It's also difficult to know what they could make Films about now - now everything from Robin Hood to Arthur, Tolkien to the Crusades has all been done in very recent years. If the Industry is aware of is Parlousness does this explain why they also made Films and TV Shows about the 1920s? An attempt to inspire People against the stultifying effects of something not dis-similar to what Thomas Eddisons Patents Trust was up to in New York? Fanucci in the "Godfather ll" even?

  4. None of this was helped by some who might have acted rather like Bugsy and his Gang.

    I created this Website in homage to some of those Pioneers of Hollywood and because I felt that some of those things said by People like Leone and Coppola probably weren't heeded. It should also be remembered that all of those Pioneers - the Warner Brothers, Louis B Mayer, Zukor, Laskey and Samuel Goldwyn were also peripheral People in the Society they lived, and how they created what would become the Entertainment Industry in less than 20 years.

  5. Meanwhile, while those Godfather Movies chronicle the Lives of a Family who were like those Jews who arrived in an America that kept them on the Periphery - there are things in those Films that are a Riposte to anyone who assumes 'Management' of things or People.

    We see Sonny berate Micheal for enlisting - then the Film Maker shows another War - and what happens when People fight for an Institution. Santino could say that Mike fought for Millions of Strangers and turned his back on his Family. That while Marlon Brando appeared in a 1950's Film showing People who might also have enlisted for an Institution that then abandoned them while the Family never would.

    How many Veterans of Wars since have found the same thing - even as comparatively recently as those afflicted with Gulf War Syndrome? Roosevelt to Bush Senior's Governments might have gone - but the Veterans are still there. Brexit told two Institutions that Britain wasn't theirs to give away (the Government) or theirs to manage (the EU). So the Corleones could say the same to Institutions that think they're more important than those they represent. An example of this is found in the lllrd Film where a corrupt Archbishop and a Politician appropriate Money from them via the Corleone Foundation.

    In "Once upon a time in America" Max is all for working for the Combination - then Noodles points out the potential expendability. That they might want them to liquidate so and so - but what happens when they ask Noodles to do the same with Max? Hence they decide not to and are successful.

    In "Enemy at the Gates" Danilov is totally committed to the "Socialist Ideal" until he begins to realise how empty it is by the end. In real life WW2 Soviet Veterans were selling their "Orders of Lenin" for Roubles after 1991. They'd outlived the Leaders that sent them to War - and the Ideology they fought for. Even in the thick of Bolshevism in the 1920s-30s Gaps started to appear in those Photographs of the Politburo as they were similarly expendable. Strelnikov does the Purging - and is then purged in "Dr Zhivago".

    Closer to home and I remember a Robert De Niro moment a few years ago when I went into a Pub in Bristol where we used to go when we were organising a Music based Human Rights Project. That it was like being him in Moe's Bar in 1968 - remembering everyone from 35 years before. That it isn't him, Maxie, Patsy, and Cockeye anymore as Senator Bailey now lives in his Mansion on Long Island, part of another Institution that makes Noodles feel like a Ghost from their past. Like that Project has become someone in a huge Mansion somewhere an Institution - People as expendable as Max who everyone thinks climbed into that Garbage Truck at the end. "God bless America" the Soundtrack sings as someone throws the empty Champagne Bottle and those Tail Lights fade oblivious to those days when the 4 would work Brooklyn. "God bless America" De Niro, John Cazale and Meryl Streep sang at the end of another Film about the Vietnam War - an empty Chair where someone used to sit.

    While People might play those Songs on the Album, others re-record them - they're like those People at that lavish Party - or even those with the Champagne - none of whom were at any Vigil we might have done, Press Conferences - those enthused Evenings in that Pub. People with Car Horns huh!

  6. As it's starting to look patently obvious that some People haven't been 'managed' by Family at all - and contrast their Circumstances with those who obviously have - and it speaks volumes about where Peoples Priorities are.

    There was a Documentary about Reggae and Jamaica a while ago - and these Rastas show us the remains of the Ambassador Theater in Kingston - a former Venue where Reggae Groups used to play - including Bob Marley. It is now a dumping Ground for everyone's Trash - which emphasises those Priorities and how the - erm - 'Management' ensure that they and theirs don't end up with what others don't want.

    Intriguing isn't it how that 'management' can't even 'manage' a Cup of Coffee for some - and everything for others.

    Having mentioned Theaters I might google to see if anyone is putting on a Production of Anthony and Cleopatra!

  7. Also, the parlous state of the Music Industry might be explained by the Scene when Vito has his Meeting with Solozzo. Here we see him tell Solozzo that those Police and Politicians' he has wouldn't stay very long if he got involved in the Drugs Business. That they would be put off - despite the easy and vast Money he would make. In other words - even in their World Money isn't everything.

    There's a Series about Hollywood called "Moguls and Movie Stars" which chronicles the Film Industry - from Thomas Eddison to the Mirisch Brothers. They get to the 1960's and we are told how the Hippie Film Makers brought Drugs into the Industry. It started innocuously enough I suppose - Spliffs being handed to Guests at Film Premiers - but as someone observed - it didn't stop there and People started using other Substances. As this continued into the 1970s what Psychedelia there was left was decidedly drab and increasingly squalid. Unfortunately, because of that Era we now have the Product of it. Maybe as certain Groups made it all look normal, compulsory even - like People can't tell the difference between that and Culture anymore - maybe Vito's Police and Politicians became those who finance it, and maybe they were put off by what nearly 50 years of that Lifestyle has yielded.

  8. It's rather like 1974-5 now - after those late 80s-1990s "24 Hour Party People" heard the Clock strike Midnight - and things aren't only just as drab as they might have been then, they're also surly. Except it's not a surliness that led to Vito, Clemenza and Sal or "Once upon a time in America"- it's just surly - and do we have a Media now that can tell the difference?

    Also, if Kelly Jones gets on Radio Wales/2 and tells everyone what I was told about what his Songs were about in 1999 maybe a Film Industry looking for Ideas might make a Film about Owain Glyndwr - with Anthony Hopkins as the veteran Soldier Hywell Coetmor and Ioan Gryffud as the last Prince of Wales!

  9. If the young Vito (1974) and Noodles are different Metaphors for the same thing - what if those late 60s or "Selfish not-Children" of the 80s/90s (meaning not really Children at all) did laugh behind someones back? An Antagonist in the Leone Movie is Bugsy, but what if his Surname was Siegel? He might wield a hefty Knuckleduster - but what if he did so to Meyer Lansky? What if he continued to wheedle like Siegel did when he built his ill-fated Flamingo?

    What if Sonny didn't heed his Fathers warning about doing business with Solozzo?

  10. And this isn't just me on a rant either........

    Contrast someone like Frank Costello to John Gotti Junior. While one was the Prime Minister of the Underworld - with many Friends in the Upperworld, the other is a surly Steroid Street Thug.

    So when did this start?

    Some of this is alluded to in Sergio Leones Movie. We see Noodles - returned to New York to see a Jewish Cemetery being dug up and moved. Later we see him at the Mausoleum. This was set in 1968 - a time when Culture was being influenced by certain things. In 1973 Carmine Gallante blew up Costello's Mausoleum - apparently as a Message to say that the likes of Costello and others who shunned Narcotics and lived by a Code were gone - and People like him were now in control. Yeah, I've seen the Mini Series about Joseph Bonnano - where Martin Landau says how he has a dark Grey Car etc, but the Bonnano Family isn't run by him - or even his Son - anymore. It's run by Gallante - who is in the Narco Trade. It's the same with all the others now.

    So what do we have now - now the 90s and all that "Mirrors and Razorblades" nonsense are 16 years behind us? Something not dissimilar to Gotti Junior - that surliness for the sake of - and not on its way to becoming anything more. So while the young Vito and his Associates became the Corleone Family - and how that is analogous for the growth of the Entertainment Industry, we now have whatever Joey Zaza might have run and Vincenzo took over, a Music Industry that is a parody of itself - or something akin to John Gotti Junior.

    Some recent Stories are symptomatic of this. The Co-op Bank - whose Chairman was implicated in a Cocaine Scandal, even the HSBC were accused of Money Laundering a few years ago. William Ormsby-Gore would turn in his Grave, while the local Co-op Shop and Bank have gone.

    Media and Journalism used to have a Code. We have seen what happens when they violate it.

    It's like things are as burnt out as they were by 1974-5 - except it's been 1974-5 for rather more than just a couple of years.

    Maybe the Flamingo analogy also applies because while 'The Commission' saw endless amounts of Money disappear into Siegels ill-fated Casino People could ask when - or if - they ever see a return on their Investment. All that seems to be happening is an Indulgence and Incompetence akin to Mr Siegels antics in Nevada.

    A Thuggery akin to Bugsy in the Leone Movie!

  11. Here's something the Disney Film Company can say that none of the others can.

    When Walt Disney died the Company was taken over by his Son. When was the last time Warner Brothers was run by anyone called Warner? MGM by anyone called Goldwyn or Mayer, Universal by someone called Loew, Paramount by Zukor? How many years before it went bust wasn't UA run by anyone with the Surname Chaplin, Pickford, Fairbanks or even Griffith? Does Laskey feature anywhere in the category Film Boss these days?

    When Fox TV was sanctioned in America by being consigned to Cable only it wasn't the Company owned or run by William Fuchs - someone Rockefellers Father might have known.

    William Turner is reminded that his Father wasn't a respectable Merchantman in "Pirates of the Caribbean" - that he was a Pirate, called Bootstrap. So by telling Mr Greenleaf he can get off his high horse also says something to anyone who thought Jackson's Films were a Lifestyle Statement for posh, cultivated snotty Yippie Brats. It also says something to New Line Cinema.

    The Biker Gangs might have become a Career Structure for Cynics in the last 50 years - but Vito Corleone appeared as someone else in 1954, a Character whose People didn't fit in after WW2 and Korea. Maybe they've forgotten that and become William Turner too!

    When was the last time HTV was run by anyone with the Name - or Title - Harlech?

    The BBC has always been ambiguous and nebulous - so none of this applies - except they're another Career Structure for a patronaged Elite.

    So while everything seems to have become a Career structure and lifestyle for those patronaged People there are now those of us who are like those Jews, Italians and Irish who arrived in New York in 1907 - when Vito first does. Those of us who now see those patronaged People like those Immigrants might the American Establishment of 100 years ago.

    "The Departed" featured Ray Winstone as Nicholson's Henchman - but the Frank Costello in that wasn't the Frank Costello who might have bootlegged with someone else from Boston, although it somehow reminds People that something started somewhere.

    It's like some in the Film and TV Business acknowledge this and say to us forget those patronaged People - you stand as much chance of being part of their World as People might making Films in Thomas Eddisons New York.

  12. The fact is the deterioration in many things started in the 60's. There might have been the positive stuff like the eventual success of the Civil Rights Movement, an increased awareness that People CAN influence a Government about War, Feminism - although pioneering Film Maker Lois Weber might dispute whether Germaine Greer invented the Propagation of Women's Rights, the Environment and other social Consciousness Movements. Unfortunately there was also the rapid expansion of Drug use.

    People have always used Drugs - but it wasn't until the 60's when White Middle Class People were developing Drug Problems it became an Issue. The Pro_Drug Faction in "The Godfather" Commission saw the then Black Community as Narco-Fodder - as shown by Ford Coppola.

    There are some essential differences between what Vito might have subscribed to and what the Drug Dealers might. Some of those "harmless Vices" he refers to have since been legalised. "What are you going to do after Prohibition Mr Ness?" someone asks in "The Untouchables" - "Have a drink" Mr Costner replies. People have put Wagers on things since someone figured you could put Money against Probability, but no-one says they might do Drugs because they will never be legalised. There are no Speakeasy's providing Heroin of Cocaine to anyone who might attend them - and the Establishments of New York, Atlantic City, Tampa and Chicago had all sorts of respectable Clientele.

    "Boardwalk Empire" shows how a post-Volstead Nucky Thompson wants to corner the Rum Trade, while someone like Meyer Lansky - or his Family - would now be running a very successful, fully licensed Casino Business from - or in - Cuba had it not been for Fidel Castro.

    Also, Booze and Gambling never reduced Communities to what we saw in "The Wire" every week, and while Baltimore and Detroit street Corners are full of - erm - narco-Vendors, the earlier Gangsters ensured those running Stalls selling legit Produce did so unhindered.

    There might even now be retired Law Enforcement People who feel that by getting rid of them they merely cleared the way for something far worse. Carmine Gallante's desecration of Costello's Tomb not only signified the end of an Era it also did any Claims that his own Family were the Heirs to the Tradition.

  13. The demise of Creative Economics........

    In the years just after we saw Robert De Niro arrive in New York and that Theater Sequence the Regions and other Creative Economy was thriving. 100s of People travelled to Bristol and Cardiff to work in Television for example, MGM was a thriving Film Company and on it went. Joey Zaza manages a fraction of what Vito and Mike ran at the start of the 90's, ditto for what was happening in Creative Economics.

    Music is very deceptive. How many People actually bought that 90's Stuff? A question prompted by someone = despite their being a typically 90's Music Impresario. How many read Melody Maker before its eventual demise, how many still do the NME?

    What also seemed to happen was how Pop eventually ate itself. The Beatles had "Shadows hanging over them" ("Yesterday"), "Come together - over me" - and "Here comes the (Summer) Sun" by George, Sharleen, Feargal, Harrison, Spiteri, Sharkey! Record Companies threw Millions at BeatSmallRollKinkWhoalikes.

    Then a soon to be bankrupt Pop Star records "Over You"


    Because of this Who Fans might have their "Quadrophenia" but if Phil Daniels went to some Music Festivals and saw the Groups playing to 1000s - he'd be as shocked as his Film Character was when he saw their real Lives as seeing 'The Face' being a Bell Hop in a Brighton Hotel!

    One thing is also certain.

    Everyone has a song or piece of Music that somehow applies to them. Something that did in 1974 when it accompanied Vito and that Ship arriving in New York Harbour still does 43 years earlier - "Main Title - the Immigrant". It's also one of the most awesome pieces of Music ever recorded.

    What "Gangs of New York" says is how People in New York before the Film is set seem to think they just popped out of the Ground - fully fledged Americans - and marched with Washington to Valley Forge. As Frank Costello said to Vito Genevese when the latter griped about those "Hebes" - you were an Immigrant too Vitone!

    An accurate Comment about anyone who might have arrived after 1974 - but who act like those in the Scorsese Movie, even with People who might have been there before! Quite a few of those in all the years since, Socially, Creatively, Professionally and Everything elsingly.

    This is why Carmine Coppola's Piece of Music is more accurate in this than any Rock, Punk, Folk or even Reggae Song! In those Films - as Puzo's Chronology tells us = Bonserra eventually knew how to make Coffee!

  14. If a piece of Music from 1974 is as relevant now as it was then in the context of how it was originally shown - there has been something rather fake and disingenuous about those intervening years, while why should anyone have to put up with whatever we seem to have now?

    As for the 60s, maybe when the last of those Psychedelic Behemoths have finally passed some of us can recommence our Lives - just hope I'm not as old as Dubcek was by 1989 when that happens! In the end - even John Lennon said it(they) was(were) only a Song(s). Looking at the post-60s detrious called the early 70s did they really have it all figured?

    As much as not being in the slightly snobbish Yippie Club, or not having a Motorcycle in the Car Port allows anyone to have an Opinion - all I'll say is the Culture Industry will have to think up a new Racket to con the People with.

    Meanwhile, maybe the Biker Gangs People should watch "A Bronx Tale". There's a Scene in it where some of them abuse someone's Hospitality in 1968, and I feel that's been happening almost since then with those sort of People. Maybe they should note what was on the Jukebox when that Scene played!

    This doesn't mean a re-enactment of some Events of 1964 on certain Beaches on Bank Holidays (although the Quadrophenia Scene somehow alludes to Pretentiousness - be it on either side), but it does imply that People have acted rather like that Biker Gang do. Sonny is courteous, respectful even - and that was how they repaid him!

    I also think that a Feature Film with Hopkins and Gruffudd about Glyndwr could do more for Wales than any Flag waving at Morfa Stadium could. It's a Story that could do justice to anyone looking for the epic historical Drama.

  15. "I am the Face" was the debut by the Who. This implies that "Quadrophenia" is as much a Comment about the Pretentiousness of the 60s - and them - as it might anything else. That "Tommy" might have been their other Soundtrack and Film - but this was in the thick of the late 60s, so their late 70s offering is perhaps their defining Statement.

    This has happened with Music generally in that while those 90s Guitar Pop Groups didn't have the Unit Sales to back the Hype neither do some of the Rock Bands now. You might see them at Festivals, thrashing out the Songs like it was Knebworth in the early 70s, except it isn't, and they're not Led Zep!

    Wannabe (sic) Rock Star on Saturday - flipping Burgers on Wednesday!

    Maybe also - while Record Companies threw all that Money at those Beatles Soundalikes - they did so oblivious to any Humour Tumour or built-in Obsolescence that the Fab 4 might have had. After all - songs about Egg Men and Skies with Diamonds are rather contrived. That to throw those Eggs in one Basket wasn't the cleverest thing to do and the Absolutism of that Culture meant that it's demise would leave a very large Black Hole. How Noel etc repairs the "Champagne Supernova" is a question for them.

    Also, when Caroline turned around and said that's the end of the Joke ("Pretty in Pink") there were things that hadn't been done or happened yet. 1989 for example and many other things. the 'Youth Market' was nothing like as saturated with things vying for their Pocket Money or Allowance as there are now. No Ipods, Playstations, Xbox, World of Warcraft etc, Trainers were still called Daps and the Mountain Bike or Micro-Scooter was still a Cycleshop dream. Thus, when any Joke might be over then, they could still rely on the Record Shop as the mainstay for their 'Youth market' income. Not any more they can't, while everything from Napster to YouTube has dwindled their sales even further.

    Kirsty McColl migh have had her Song from the early 80s - but while you might have seen Superheavymegathrashdrinknapalm at some Festival someone might work down the Chipshop - but he sure ain't Elvis!

  16. I think "Quadrophenia" is probably one of the most poignant Rock Music Movies ever made, because although it was written and scored by a Group synonymous with the 1960's it captured the 1980 Zeitgeist brilliantly. "Tommy" was steeped in all that Drug fuelled indulgence of the late 60's but if "My Generation" applied to any of us their 1980 Film was more appropriate. That the disappointment felt by Phil Daniels at seeing how the Face really lived behind the Mod Glamour summed up our generations antipathy at those who continually prattled on about things 16 years earlier.

    I was a year old when Dick Lesters "Hard days night" was on in the Cinema, 2 when "Help" did the same - 4 when "Yellow Submarine" was on, so it was quite refreshing to have a Film that we could see (at least those of us who could pass as 18 year olds) that showed how empty the most venerated of Culture Decades actually was, by a Group that was there so to speak. It wasn't the Alt-Fantasy of the Sex Pistols Movie the year before and was a hefty splash of Realism against the Psychedelia of the Who's 1960's Rock Opera.

    When those 90s Necromancers revived the 60's not only did they not get the Message the self-effacing Who Movie conveyed they also amplified what might have been wrong with the Decade. The Documentary "Why I hate the 60's" says this in how all the Carnaby Street Hype only really revolved around a 2 mile Radius of the Street, while the 90's hyped up Camden like it was going on somewhere else.

    That when the 60's Groups finally broke up, the Films and Newsreels archived, the Fashions moved on - the Damage done by the Decade was permanent. Instead of brave new world Architecture we started hearing expressions like Concrete Cancer as those trendy Estates were falling apart - physically as well as socially. The 90's were no better - as those who ought to have known better - or maybe too stupid to figure out "Quadrophenia" - mindlessly or cynically marketed their Cut and Paste Retro version. There was nothing Fab or Gear about 1980 when those of us came of age.

    So "Weepy Guitars" and all that nonsense isn't particularly relevant to People who have 1962-3 on our Birth certificates rather than 1942-3. At least the Who had the honesty to say it on our behalf by the time we were going to the Cinema!

    The Irony now is how those younger than us sound like our Parents might with their 'Dad Rock' - who seem just as elitist as those who inflict their Nostalgia like the World ended on December 31st 1969.

    Maybe someone should make a Documentary called "Why I hate the 90's!"

    The difference between them and those Film Pioneers was how the the latter invented something, the former invented nothing. The latter were largely unwanted People who created their own World, the former created nothing.

  17. Although it was a Comedy a TV Series I wish someone would show is "The Young Ones" because it was set in the early 1980's. Of all the Characters that summed up that Zeitgeist was Vivian. He was the Product of the end of the 1970's and had a particular antipathy towards the Recidivist - Neil. Like, you know - it's the crappy early 80's - not 1967, while not everyone was a Playboy like Mike (on a Student Grant????) and Rik was so far up himself and had a peculiar Affectation for Cliff Richard. That that 60's Absolutism ought to have ended with the Decade and those 60's Hippie Groups start to sound like Dictators to those of us who never benefited from any of it.

  18. ..............And "Quadrophenia" isn't just a Comment about Mod Culture either! The Group that wrote and recorded "Tommy" and appeared at Woodstock was a fully fledged Rock Band. No "Maximum R&B" or Vespas on Yasgurs Farm by then. Their Career is a Chronology of British Rock Music anyway, while many Stalwarts of Rock Music started as Mods. Even Ringo Starr was asked "Mod or Rocker?" - "Mocker" he replied. This from the Man who made 'Sidies' fashionable long after Teddy Boys weren't.

    I remember Punks who carried on like they were Jake Riviera - Boss of Rough Trade Records, or some big shot A&R at Virgin. The Rock Nite Club full of People who'd have the more gullible convinced they were Dave Gilmour or produced "Dark Side of the Moon", 90's People who'd swear they were bezzy Mates with Noel Gallagher etc, the Hippie Guitarist who thought he was Steve Hillage or someone who People thought was in a Group because he looked like Jam era Paul Weller - and on it went.

    That it can all get very pretentious indeed, or be a second, third, fourth even Hand thing by the time it ever got here or Bristol - a contrived product of the Songs. Let's not forget that arch-Nut Job Mark Chapman was convinced he was the real John Lennon.

    How People seem to confuse Glamour with Reality. I'm sure there are those who think Bob Woodward looked like Robert Redford, although Dustin Hoffman did bare a resemblance to Carl Berntein. You could argue that Lawrence Olivier looked more like Sir Hugh Dowding than Sir Hugh Dowding - but even then those trying to be either aren't!

    Throughout all of this others who might be somehow connected have had to struggle against it, and while someone might have played those Records at the Granary looking a bit like a poor-mans Phil Collins some of us knew Tommy Vance.

    Meanwhile, if you're looking for an unpretentious, authentic Italian Coffee...

    Anyway, think I might watch "Oceans 11" - y'know - the one with the real Rat Pack etc - not any - erm - Reproductions!

  19. Morfa Stadiwm 1999?

    Where does Mr Jones think those Draig Gochs came from? The Pendragon wasn't it? The Symbol of Uther - Father of 'The Bear' - and while my Name is as Welsh as Snowdon I'm not sure Jones is. There's no 'J' in the Welsh Alphabet - like there's no 'gh' in Polish! Also, I'm not sure I'd want to chase any Dragons either!

    On the Subject of where things come from, "A Nice Pair" came from Cambridge, so did a Pear! (If we must do 1970's Rock References).

  20. The Bar Scene in "A Bronx Tale" is analogous for not only those who appeared after 1968 - but also what happened at Brogyntyn around that time. The Ormsby-Gores opened it as a Commune - to bridge the gap between rich and poor - except all sorts of Scumbags took advantage. Scumbags and pretentious Psuedo-Hippies.

    Would they do all that these days? Probably not!

    The Ormsby-Gores didn't have to be Yuppies either!

    Also, People might drive Taxis - but they aren't Robert De-Niro!

    "A Bronx Tale" - made in 1993 - partially funded by Silvio Burlesconi, and not an SUV or People Carrier in sight

  21. Meanwhile, something I realized a long time ago was how if I wrote a Letter to anyone and put Portishead on it who would the Recipient refer to? Exactly, but considering the years since "Dummy" and how we now seem to have the Barrowocracy do I want him - and them - having control of anything? We had a Community Radio Broadcast a while ago and I was going to give them a Program I'd made about a Group I was in in the 90's, but decided against it because those of us who aren't in that Ocracy, those post-1994 Guestlists, also aren't in that Community. If I had all I would be doing is allowing them their PR Stunt.

    The Irony here is how that Bar Scene in "Bronx tale" applies to them as much as it might 1968 - when it was set, while what was it that Henchman of Cutler Becket said when someone in Jamaica tried to write his Letter?

    Elsewhere on Metro Wynn Presents I've written about someone who worked to abolish Slavery, except the East India Company were exempt - even after 1833.

  22. As a Cross Reference to other Posts here - In "Pirates of the Carribean" we see how Cutler Becketts East India Company denies his Victims the basic Premise of Habeus Corpus. The same Cutler Beckett we see fraternising with Pirates like William Turner, Jack Sparrow and even Davey Jones!!!!

    Meanwhile, in "A Bronx Tale" C meets Jane Williams - and although nothing untoward happens - both the Italian Community and her Afro-American Community - act like the Montagues and Capulets in a famous Shakespeare Play. Also, although both C's Father and Sonny know they might one day have a consumated Relationship, if anything untoward did happen when it shouldn't I wouldn't rate C's chances if Sonny ever found out! The thing is, there's nothing to find out is there!!!!

  23. I had the put that because the Subtext in the Burlesconi/De Niro Movie is as relevant now as it was in 1993 when it was made and shown. Seems some Social Media People obviously haven't seen either it - or that "Pirates of........" Film.

  24. Bus Shelters and Bus Drivers.....

    In "A Bronx Tale" C is having an argument with his Father. For years he has seen him struggle, but occasionally they have Steak for Dinner. His Father makes a big thing about this but there reaches a time when C can't bottle it up any more. During that time he has seen these Guys going in and out of Sonny's Club - wearing his Fathers annual income. This is where he starts losing respect for his Dad. "You don't even have a Car" he finally says - like the Contrast has become too much. There's a Moral here, and while C's father might continue to make an impression on his Son, so does Sonny and his Crew.

    Even his Father concedes that he might not have everything figured out, that growing up there is difficult as Sonny seems to have an infinite resource of Cash in a totally consumerist Society.

    Then there's how they might make that Money. "The Godfather" shows another Sonny (Santino) very nearly being seduced by the Profits from the Drug Trade, while his Father - modelled on Frank Costello - shunned it. There might be attempts to somehow make it look respectable, a Sequel to a certain Billy Friedkin Movie shows this with some very harrowing Scenes involving an old Lady and Gene Hackman.

    Something here which cross-references with another Post is how Giovanni Gambino offered their Services to the NYPD to combat Islamism in New York. The problem he and all of them have is they ignored 'Vitos' Counsel and got mixed up in it all. It was Charlie Luciano who set up the French Connection the Film is about - and all the other Families followed suit. The other Inconsistency is how Sicily might be absent of any Islamism but the Drug Trade happens like its subsequent Symptoms elsewhere. The Boss who says how the Blacks can use the Drug - being Narco-Fodder - is the analogy here. Anywhere, but not in my Back yard.

    Thus, they are as much a part of the Problem as those Islamists who wholesale it.

    If it had come from Costello it might be taken rather more seriously, but they 'retired' him. While Booze and Gambling never turned Cities into "The Wires" Baltimore, they never financed Terrorism like Heroin has in the east and Cocaine has in Latin America.

    But how do you make Frank Costello look somehow cooler than those who might be part of that Problem when C observes the Contrast between his Father and someone like Sonny? How, when De Niro's Character can transport 100s of others every day - but not his own Family?

    More of that one later!

  25. In other Words he helps 100's of People, everyday - but can't himself or his own Family, but he does this because he feels it's the right thing to do. The Problem is that his Son is being influenced by what he sees - not what his Father tells him. They live in a Tenement but Sonny doesn't - neither probably do most of his Associates - and the myriad of other things that happen in that District of the Bronx.

    So how does this apply to this Story?

    That someone who continually does something because its the right thing to do, but is constantly lower on the Social Scale than those who might not. He doesn't have his own Transport either - but they do, while he's in Social Housing and they aren't.

    C learns from both - and while Sonny's Motto is "No-one cares" his Father is the opposite, so what does this say to those to whom the former applies? What does it say to anyone to whom the latter does?

    There's something else too - and that is how People will block something up - even if it is that 'right thing to do'. These days Yuppies talk about Networking, but I remember when they blocked things up - either through thoughtlessness or deviousness. Ironic how events then set 100's of Millions of People free, ended a Crisis that meant others were - but they couldn't - or wouldn't - do same here. That you're supposed to 'Network' but nothing ever gets further than them as individuals. This is an example of not only someone doing something because it might be right, so were very very many others, but there's still no Transport in the Car Port and scant chance of ever buying a House.

  26. Then there's the Commentary about Celebrity.............

    C is really into Baseball and many People are (nothing wrong with that - and it's a hugely exciting Game) - but Sonny says "What happens if your Father loses his Job, you're all about to be evicted - and you went to one of those People you have on those Baseball Cards - would they help?" No they wouldn't!!!!

    There seems to be a sort of Celebrity thing going on here - everything from 60's to 90's Scouse Rock Cacophony, Songs by Don McLean, re-recordings by Madonna - and on it goes, but what if I was broke and went to any of those People? How about the many years when I have been, and something similar has been happening?

  27. What's ironic about Media People (and most of this is because of them), and I said this once in a Letter - was how they trade on Communication, but they aren't actually very communicative. This is a glaring example of this - particularly when I wrote that in the early 90's.

    What People doing the same thing have to realise now is there's this cool Utility that shows you your Stats. This is how many People might click and read this for example. While they played that Cacophony - or while those earlier might have been very patronising (they have their big Yippie Media Parties - someone is either trying to hitch hike home at 2AM or just sat on a Bench) - I can see just how many People are. What seems to be happening now is the Internet equivalent - where we get the Hype but those Stats don't seem to increase very much.

  28. Meanwhile, back on topic, C doesn't know his favourite Baseball Star but someone who knew all sorts of People died in poverty in 1994. The cruel Paradox here is how when all that started they were very idealistic, surrounded by a Culture that also claimed to be - but when it came to it none of it amounted to anything. They might have wanted to bridge that Gap between Rich and Poor - but did anyone do the same for them?

    Even as long ago as 1927 the Cult of Celebrity was explored in all its bizareness by the Film "A Kiss from Mary Pickford" A Theater Check Taker is in love with a Woman besotted by Douglas Fairbanks. A chance meeting the Usher has with the famous Actress leads to a Kiss. He then becomes a Celebrity - hounded by Women everywhere = until his jealous would-be Girlfriend falls in love with him.

  29. "A Bronx Tale" might not be my favourite Film for any reasons of Presentation, or Style, but having the Word "Tale" in it's title suggests a Fable or Parable for all the Issues it raises. Racism, the Romeo and Juliet Storyline, the Effects of Consumerism in the supposedly idealistic late 60's - and many other things. After all, C borrows Sonny's not unsubstantial Car for a Date because his Father doesn't have one. That contrast between Sonny and his Father puts a strain on the Relationship he has with both - and these are Italians where Family is everything, so how about everything else?

    Why does he have to borrow a Car for a Date for example? Sonny probably never had any Problems with Dating when he was younger - and those diminished as the Cars got bigger and shinier - as long as no-one cares where the Money comes from. How about all the other things he can do that C's father can't? Holidays, that sort of thing. While I didn't have any Transport (still don't) I have a List as long as my Arm of all the Places I'd love to visit - Newfoundland, New York, the Film Studios in California, Lothian and Fife in Scotland, Edinburgh, Jamaica - it's endless, but it seems the only People who get to do those sort of things are those who can afford to. Even if some of those Places might have some significance in our direct History.

    Meanwhile, that early 20th Century thing might be a reminder to those running it all now why those doing then did. Until People like Goldwyn, Mayer, Fuchs, Loew, Carl Laemmle, yes and even the Warner Brothers, started making Films Entertainment was either the sort of stuff Gillian Darmody might have plied in "Boardwalk Empire" or very highbrow Theater and Opera. These Pioneers set out to provide something for everyone that wasn't sleazy or snobbish. What we seem to have now is both....... but nothing else. Also, because they built that Industry from its Foundations there was no Irony to indulge in. Sam Goldwyn put everything on his Films - from remortgaging his Property to extended Bank Loans, thus no Complacency or Procrastination. "If the Day comes when I put Money under the Door and wait for something to happen, that's the Day I quit this Business" he said.

    But what makes that Film particularly poignant to me is when it was made and shown - 1993 - when someone else's Idealism got exploited by the sort of People who might subscribe to old Weepy Guitar and Slow Hand!

    Maybe one day, that Ambassador Theater in Jamaica might be restored - an appropriate Metaphor for what someone once said when dealing with the 1989-91 Music Industry about their Faith in People!

  30. what happens when Greed gets the better of Peoples Judgement in the Context of the Godfather Movie and how Vito shuns the Drug Trade?

    Giovanni Gambino whinging about Terrorism while his - erm - 'Associates' might have been financing it since Lucky Luciano brokered that "French Connection" is like People who subscribe to Thugs and Drugs - then whinge about the Crime Rate, or Media Trades Unionists who do about those Jobs when they leave People sat on Benches - or act like Captain McCluskey (a Polish name methinks).

    So we have the early 20th Century again where Sleaze = Thugs and Drugs, except, as someone who knows a thing or two about Music since he started at Radio One in the early 80's showed - no-one was actually buying it. EMI found not even the Fab 4 minus 2 could save them from their Morass a few years ago. Then there was U.A - Hmmm, what happened to them in recent years in the Stranglers/Buzzcocks Fallout? Hardly the Company that featured Keenan Wynn in the 1950's.

    Similarly constrained is the Snobbishness of other Culture - where that highbrow Stuff from 100 years ago is now the snotty posh 'Indie' etc of the 90's-post 90's. But while they laughed it up no-one noticed how the Record Shops have closed - so few People were spending in them.

    100 years ago about the only Entertainment on offer was either Gillian Darmody taking her Clothes off in some Flea Pit or spending an entire Weeks Money on going to some highbrow Opera - and not much else. The Darmody Character epitomises both - with her former Career and how she lives in that huge House. Those Film People realised this - that there wasn't anything else for most People - who didn't particularly want to go and see Sleaze and couldn't afford the Opera.

    Thanks to the 90's we now have "Grey Lanterns" that never really appealed to any sort of mass Audience, Thugs from Manchester sounding like Mr Weepy Guitar, or snotty Highbrows from Oxford like Radiohead. The latters equivalent now is Glampersbury at £220 a time, while as Micheal Moore says of U2 - other Groups charge about the same for a Concert.

    As for any 'McCluskeys' - there was a reason why everyone from Schmuel Geldfisch to Meyer Lanskey went to America, while the former once said - even when he was very old and obviously enfeebled - to someone offering Assistance - "How do you think I got here from Poland?" These People then were like some People now - who weren't accepted into mainstream life, even when they arrived somewhere while Carmine Coppola's "The Immigrant" played in the Background.

    Quite poignantly, Coppola's Son was discovered by Goldwyn when he was a Screenwriter, while 1946's "The Best Years of our Lives" - an Exploration of post-WW2 America - described as a "no Bulcrap" Movie in "Moguls and Movie Stars" won 9 Academy Awards. Quite appropriate an Antidote to the complete Bulcrap of the recent 'post-war' Era and some of its - erm - 'Culture'!

  31. New or old, York or even Yorke - the reason why those People went to California was because of a Man called Thomas!

    Oooer, what if the Fat Controller turned out to be another Character in a Sergio Leone Movie?

    Also, while People still remember Charlie Chaplin and Douglas Fairbanks will anyone the 'here today, gone tomorrow' Pop Groups of recent and not so recent years? What would Chaplin - in exile in Switzerland - have made of earlier Thugs from Manchester and some rather unpleasant Characters from Guildford? That while Paul McCartney has yet to make the same Money a certain 1997 Film has made in more than 50 years ("Now, where did you get that?") maybe that Bar scene in "A Bronx Tale" tells you why, whether they wear Grey or not! You don't suppose Rose ended up working for someone called (Marcus) Loew do you - who merged his Metro Film Company with the Goldwyn Pictures Corporation, by then not run by its Founder. It was Goldwyn who thought up the Leo the Lion Motif - probably the most famous Entertainment Industry Icon in the World, except he got fired from his own Company. Which sounds all too familiar and analogous to that Biker Gang in the "Bronx" Movie in 1968.

    Anyone here know how to make Coffee that you don't buy in a Cafe?

  32. "Old Grey Whistles"?

    Jack and Fabrizio board the Ship and they're let on by 6th Officer Moody - they get to their Cabin - B16 - but they don't get any further than that. Later we see the 6th Officer - he's the one Rose gets that Whistle from.

    Then there's that Song by the Eagles......

    Now, I'm not sure what has happened in the years since 1996/7, but "up ahead in the distance" has been a "shimmering Light" called Bristol - which is full of People who couldn't travel 12 Miles in the years before 1996. In the Distance - elsewhere is also Cardiff. It seems they can't travel here either - like that Ship in the Film. They never have. People might scoff at the 1996 Film but if you watch the closing Credit Sequence you'll notice that American Zoetrope was involved. For anyone who doesn't know that is Francis Coppola's Film Company.

    So, if the Town has been compared to the Titanic in James Cameron's Film then it isn't very flattering. While there seems to be something on that Horizon that can't travel those few Miles, what does it also say about People who are here in the Context of the Movie?

    Meanwhile, before People go on about Photographs in WW2 Books maybe they haven't seen the Documentary that came with "Schindlers List" - "People of the List". There's an interview with the man who joined the Polish Army. He observed that his Polish Catholic Colleagues could be as incompetent as they liked and still get promoted - he would have to give 100% - 100% of the time - just to stay where he was. That gets very exhausting after a while and the Film Maker explained what People like him had to deal with..........

  33. "Yes, because, look, Krakow has been both the bastion of Jewish culture in Poland and anti-Semitism for centuries. The Jews invited the wall around their ghetto to protect them from Polish citizens that they would often have to do business with. They looked upon the walls as a fortress against anti-Semitism and against all sorts of personal, emotional atrocities. Well, when the Nazis came along the Jews willingly went to the ghetto because that was their lot in Polish life. They expected it, they were protected by it, and they felt relatively safe because the Nazis suggested the walls go up. And the Jews were very comfortable. They thought you get into the ghetto and you'll be able to have Jewish culture. They didn't understand that there was a script that had been written for them with a very defined ending."

    This sounds horribly familiar - like a Script had been written many years ago - with no Scope for 'improvisation' - like being able to do anything that isn't in it. Oskar Schindler gets his People to Brinnlitz in Czechoslovakia..........

  34. What does it say about these Potpourri little Towns that the Man who made the definitive Holocaust Movie implies a similarity with what his Film was about? I've become skeptical about them - seeing them as a breeding Ground for that sort of thing.

    What does it also say about 8 years of supposed Liberalism that there has been no improvement, and while we might have had that in the late 70's, the 90's and more recently, they're all like that SS California that can't travel from Bristol. It took a Republican Film Maker to show what might be wrong with Camelot when a sleek Roman tries making off with the Loot after he was propped up by those 'Biker Gangs'.

    With the US Election pending what if Trump wins? Maybe a few years in the Political Wilderness might make the Liberals figure why they aren't Reagan/GWB, while the Socialists don't seem to be much more than a Conversation in the Street every 4 Years. But as someone once said in a Song "Will you still love me Tomorrow?"

  35. If that horrible old Woman was more concerned about her Harris Wardrobe and Face Powder than those 1500 People, does this explain why Ed Harris played the Nazi Sniper in "Enemy at the Gates"? That those Seats that ought to have been occupied - but weren't is a Comment on Lebensraum?

    A Question I have for certain 90's Groups is this......

    Would that Fella in the Spielberg Documentary have to "Kill himself for recognition?"

    If that is true then I'm not at all surprised and even less sympathetic that EMI had problems a few years ago, and if Coldplay are now their biggest export it speaks Volumes about that Scene in the Film.

  36. That Script Mr Spielberg mentions.................. wow, it's about time someone said it, someone of Gravitas - whose Name is synonymous with the Holocaust via his 1992 Movie and that Documentary.

    There's been a Script some of us have had to live to since the 1970's probably, a sort of Soap Opera that is set in Corporate Concrete - regardless of what happens elsewhere. Oskar Schindler and his People of the List go to Brinnlitz Czechoslovakia - while some of us only nearly did. Catherine Zeta Jones gets to America, Catherine Winslet does - and becomes an Actress. Jack and Fabrizio don't - neither does Wynn Park. The World changed 28 years ago - but here it's still that dismal 1970's Script. When the comment comes from him what does it say about that Script - whether it was written by the anti-Semitic 'Poles' or the Germans who would initiate the Final Solution?

    That Fella who has to give 100% - 100% of the time is being set up to fail. You can't keep that up indefinitely, while Newspeak style Tannoys announce "Store" or should that be "Stoor" "Management". Hmmm - so when did Tolkien become SS Das Wiking? And I thought 'SS' stood for Steam Ship!

    Spielberg interviewing that Fella somehow reiterates why People like Goldwyn went to America, while what does it say to those who might have written that disgusting Script?

    Also, if Thomas Eddison had prevailed there'd be no Film Industry. He wasn't really cut out for Showbiz so while his Company strangled the Life out of the rest of the Industry in New York what would he have replaced it with? This applies to this too - that while the Regime seems to impose a dismal Tyranny of the Mediocre - how can anything else get established?

  37. Not only did I think it was awesome that someone of Mr Spielberg's Influence articulated the Plight of those People of the List as living by a Script that could only lead to one thing, with no potential for improvisation - irrespective of what might be happening elsewhere, I also thought that Mr Bruckheimer did the Liberals - and Camelot - a favour by not doing the usual sycophantic Coverage they might have got elsewhere in Film and TV Land. The Contrast of the sleek Roman to the Wodes was poignant.

    Honourious's Villa would have formed part of the Antonine Wall - a series of fortified Buildings and Stockades about 50 Miles north of Hadrians Wall. This would have put it firmly in Votadini and Venicone Territory - the Region of Traprain Law and even Cunedda - Father of the Lineage most associate with who an Arthur might have been. (He was the Leader of a Group of Venicone Warriors who went to what became Gwynedd and established the Line that included Maelgwyn, Rhodri Mawr, Owain Gwynedd, the Llewelyns and the Wynns of Gwydir.) This implies that while Honorious lived off of those People - and was cruel in the Process - those Wodes had more right to be called 'Camelot' than he ever did. That he used conscripted Mercenaries made it look worse.

    So while there might be some in Camelot who lived quite luxuriously there were others who most certainly didn't, while the former was at the latters expense. Merlyn finally appeals to Arthurs Briton - rather than his Roman - when they decide to make a stand against the Saxons, so does Gwynhwrfar.

    While Peter Jackson made everyone gooey with his Films at about the same time as "King Arthur" - Bruckheimer shows the Plight of People who could claim to be the real Dunedain - People of what would become Edinburgh.

    Grey Lanterns?

    Remember when we saw the People stranded in Davey Jones's Locker - those Boats with the Lanterns? Why were they stranded there you have to ask? maybe some of that could be found in that Script Mr Spielberg was critical of!

  38. The Question you have to ask here is......

    When do those Walls meant to keep the Anti-Semites out start to keep the Semites in? Maybe the "Druids" Movie explains that.......

    Someone who was someone else in 1985 is stranded in Alesium - there are supposed to be 250,000 of his People somewhere, except that somewhere is on the other side of a Wall built by another sleek Roman - Julius Ceasar. That those People can't get through to relieve the besieged Gaul is legendary History, while the Plight of the Gallic Celts - where 1,000,000 were killed and another 1,000,000 were enslaved - has been described as the first Holocaust. I remember seeing another 'Wall' between here and everywhere else called Asda.

    While those People are stranded in the Locker so is Jack for a while. We see him and all those other 'Jacks' on the Pearl. It's like being somewhere where all sorts of People are pretending to be someone - or are just pretentious isn't it, while everything is as stranded as Mr Sparrow.

    Some of this has also happened with some Films since they were made and shown.

    Carlo Rizzi - Connie Corleones Husband in the Godfather Movies has turned into a famous brand of Cigarette Papers via a Concert in 1996 by Hawkwind (Captain Rizz), while People have taken to "bumming Cigarettes" of of me - like I was Spicer Lovejoy, except Mr McShane could be asked the same Question as Elizabeth and a few others.... "Where did you get those Antiques?" Considering Blackbeard was from Bristol this becomes quite poignant - and maybe also explains Peoples inertia at traveling those paltry 12 Miles. What if the SS California was the Queen Annes Revenge?

    Meanwhile, Warner Brothers did redeem themselves somewhat with their superb "Gatsby" Movie. In a brilliant mix of 1920's meets 90's-post-90's the Film shows how People couldn't get enough of Mr De Caprio - until the Narrator tried getting them to come to his Funeral. It's like that brief Period at the start of the 90's, that day at the Waldorf and all that - until the Wheedling stops or there's nothing left to be had.

  39. Crappy Jokes?

    "What's Black and White and Red all over?" Some might say a Newspaper, Mr Spielberg would say his portrayal of the worst Crime in History. The bleakness of Krakow (or even Jones's Kraken) in his "Schindlers List" Movie. Suffice to say that his Documentary about those who survived isn't in either. Some of us figured it out and how those People of the List no longer have to live in that Black, White and Red World also says how their Lives improved, that their Ordeal ended.

    What does this say to those who perpetuate that particular Humour Tumour?

  40. Black, White and Red - the same Colour as that horrible Flag.

    It's not as if I write this in a Cafe somewhere in London, about People living in other Districts of London - maybe 4-8 Miles away. The Films started their Critique a long time ago, while I started interpreting some of it a few years ago now. I wrote about those empty Chairs in Cafes, how no-one can make a Coffee which you don't either buy or obtain with a Supermarket Loyalty Card. How People blocked things up - in the early 90's - and still are now - and on it went.

    It's also not as if I wrote this somewhere where I might have moved to in recent years - or been like many who go to London as Students or for their Career etc. I arrived here like De Niro did in 1973 - went to their Schools etc, so that Carmine Coppola Music being as relevant now as it might 1974 says that maybe Mr Carpenter was right in 1980 - and there was never any intention of integration - just appropriation. Rather like there might have been again 27 years ago, or even with that Groups 'Passenger Lists' since 1994. Some being conspicuously absent. Seems someone wrecked the Moshulu!

    After a few years of this someone asks me to contribute to a Community Radio Broadcast - which I started work on a Program for- until I decided there's no 'Community' here, and all I would be doing is pander to some Public Relations Exercise so People can say there is.

    Further Criticism of 'Camelot' might be when Jack is stranded in the Locker and he has those Peanuts. Like it was still the late 1970's - erm - in the 2000's! This was when the Peanut Farmer from Georgia was President, while the 1990's turned out to be horrible too.

    I have to say that it gets difficult to watch those Documentaries these days - the Kennedy's and all their Glamour, Jackie and hers, while "The West Wing" starts to look like a bad Joke. Don't get me wrong, I used to love that Series - but it can start to prompt a Quote Mr Sheen said in another Coppola Movie - something about there being no-one in charge here, at least not in the context of the TV Show or 'Camelot', while Peoples designer Procrastination makes you want to grab someone by the Lapels and tell them just give someone the Fuel!

    "Good King Wenceslas looked out........."

  41. Here's something else, which corresponds with the Stern Scene in the "Titanic" Movie where People jump to conclusions - or when Lovejoy plants the Necklace on Jack. There's even a Subtext of Stupidity on the part of the Sailor who does. Jack could retort "Either you want me to stand back, OR not move an Inch, I can't do both!"

    In "Quantum of Solace" it's becoming apparent that Bond is losing his Sense of Reason and Perspective. It's obvious that he is reacting to Vespa's Death and doing damage in the process. M says to him that when it comes to that point where you start lashing out at anyone - and you don't care who you hurt - it's time to go. In "Kingdom of Heaven" Balian is addressing the Crowd in Jerusalem - referring to Events of 1099 - which were quite horrific - saying how they and the Saracens besieging the City weren't alive then, even Salah'din concedes when they parlay "I am not those Men" he says.

    So what does this say to anyone who has a Chip on their Shoulder about anything, and I mean anything, and I've met and heard it all? When they start lashing out at People for whatever might have been done to them? We seem to live in a Culture where this happens quite a lot - and it does a lot of damage. Bond could do - it could also do same to MGM, while Balians Comments could be aimed at certain former Hostages.

    Whatever was done to you wasn't done by us!

    It creates an environment that is completely toxic.

  42. "This is Horsecrud" Jack says when Mr Warner plants the Necklace on him. Hmm, from Captain Smith to the Rohirrim (Horse People) via Mr Warner. Which is why it's only right that "Titanic" has outsold both the Beatles and the 6 Attempts Peter Jackson has had with his Films. That Miscarriage of Justice which applies to any other - while the Sailor jumps to the wrong conclusion.

    I write about the real Dunedain - the People whose Capitol would one day be called Edinburgh - whose Lot in this life has been anything but twee.

    Not only do we go from Horsecrud to the Rohirrim, it seems we've also gone from Ian McKellan to Ian McShane.

    It should also be remembered that while some Charts might show Films like "Gone with the Wind" as the highest grossing Film ever - even after adjustments for Inflation - it's had 76 years to achieve that. Others have had longer than anything from 1997, while newer Films might make more Money because it's more expensive to go to the Cinema. Some show the new Star Wars Film doing this. Other Charts just show the domestic (US) figures - including those for "GWTW" - while "Avatar" and "Titanic" rate #1 and #2 respectively globally. It speaks volumes about the impact the Film had to have achieved this - and still retaining that after 20 more years of Movies.

    It also seems appropriate for a Film set in 1912 to have a similar Effect silent Movies had - which spoke to a global Audience, somehow recapturing the romance of both the Story and the silent Movie era.

    I've criticised People for being hard and cynical - and you have to be both to not be affected by it.

    What does it also say to those Horsecrud People who might be at Captain Smiths Table - and not just a Tokenist once - or those others who waft about because they're allowed to. A sort of New Lineocracy which might be built on that Horsedung?

    What does it also say about the supposed 'Peoples Music'? My Facebook Account shows someone who was devoured by that - while we have to believe the Myth Mr Cameron finally debunked.

    The Attitude of those responsible was detestable to say the least - while it wasn't surprising that their Clones from the 90s would epitomise hard, cynical selfishness - "Do you want to live, or do you want to die" spake Oasis in that Lifeboat.
    "There's plenty of room for more" Molly Brown protests. The thing is, while "Titanic" appealed to the World - and its global #2 Rating proves that - most of those BeatlesmallwhoTrexkinksalikes didn't even feature in our own Charts. Some might have a top 10 Album Chart Rating, but as someone used to show with his Radio One Program the rest might have a Singles Position somewhere in the 20's. As "Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit" were obviously meant for those who - erm - 'lived not died' - then it's only right that those Films should also only feature as high as the 20s ("Return of the King") in that global Movie Chart. They might look like Yippies now - but they were tacky Tracky People 20 years ago, rather like Mods/Merseybeaters who started looking like Hippies in the 60s-early 70s.

    And while "Titanic" is only hated by hard and cynical People (and the 90s redefined both) - how about those obviously not affected by Events at the start of the 1990s?

  43. That Fella from the List - the one who had the Temerity to join the Polish Army and not be a Polski Catholic, is like someone here who does the same things others do - except he either isn't allowed to - or is being set up to fail like that Fella was. That his Recruitment Officer probably thought if they made it difficult enough for him he'd leave. I remember making Radio Programs at the start of the 90's and got nowhere with it while others got everywhere. I play Music like the Cheesecloth Club do - but I'd have to give it everything - while they cruise by being average. This is why that Fella's Story sounded horribly familiar. I could use Yosser Hughes/Captain Smith/Theoden King's own Expression against him and say "I can do that - gis a Job".

    If a certain Film Company had been cultivating their Newlineocracy here then aren't the Products of that like those Creatures that crawl out of Saruman's Uruk Pit? Something of an Inconsistancy going on here!

    And it's not just professional or creative things either. It seems to affect everything, but then if you're treated like Steerage by these '1st and 2nd class Passengers' and maybe a few Stewards - where you aren't even allowed to talk to People then it will won't it. I've mentioned other things it affects too, while some People not even being on that list like Jack Dawson wasn't means you're treated with even less regard than Steerage. Also, something Rose says - how her life seemed to be the same People, same trite Conversations couldn't have been more accurately played out here in recent years either.

    Maybe I didn't grow up with the Bulcrap Circus after all!

  44. There were People who weren't on 'the List' - be they Jack Dawson and Fabrizio - or those who didn't make it to Brinnlitz Czechoslovakia. So it's almost like Mr Cameron decides to mention that as a Right to Reply even to Mr Spielberg.

    I keep getting these People going on about this Railway they want reopening to Bristol, I get others who are Model Railway Enthusiasts - but they start to sound like Jill McBain talking to Cheyenne - if you've ever seen "Once upon a time in the West". She gets to enjoy the benefits of it all once Morton has been dealt with - he doesn't. (Although he has something to do with Mortons Demise), Hmmm, more expendablity. That it's become a bit controversial - a "Von Ryan's Express" without Von Ryan - and there were those who never made it to Schindlers DEF in Czechoslovakia who could say there were worse Trains even than that. Von Ryans People were just POW's - with the full Protection of the Geneva Convention and all its Protocols.

    Then you have all those Derivatives - Trainers, Training....... Track Suits! If that Railway had happened when it was first Mooted in 1984 then it wouldn't be controversial at all - there was no 'Thomas the Tank Engine' in anyone's Loft then.

    In the context of all this when did Mr Harrisons Hindu/Krisna Sun Symbol turn into a Swastika?

    So, not only am I skeptical about these Potpourri little Towns - I'm also skeptical of those who might subscribe to all that - and their Tracky and Trainers 90's Derivatives. After all, O'Rourkes "Cold, selfish (non) Children were just the descendants of the 60's, swapping the LSD and Dope for Pills and Powder!

    What Mr Cameron successfully shows is how that World is as much of a segregated Society as anything from 1912.

  45. "We live in fictitious times" Micheal Moore says as he addressed the Academy Awards.

    The Grey Havens.......

    Has anyone noticed that that Scene is bereft of any People - any Human Beings? Hobbits, Wizards - Elves, but no People. It's almost like they got rid of them and replaced them with purely fictitious Creatures - one of whom also played a foppish, philandering Hypocrite in Jerusalem that year. So are the Havens 2004 Southampton after those real People had perished? John J Astor, Gugenheim - the Strauses - all very real historical Characters replaced by a CGI Fantasy. De Lusignan shows how his World isn't quite as peaceful too.

    Who owns that Ship - Cirdan the Shipwright - or Bruce Ismay, who built it - the Elves of Harlond or Thomas Andrews? White Star - or Ringo Starr - the only difference is a first name. Either way we see how things really are behind the Facade, while we see the arrogance of Ismay, the Incompetence of others, and how it isn't as twee or lovely as they'd have you believe.

    Elsewhere I have written about People who could be the real Life Aragorn, who and where those Tolkien Characters might have come from, even the Creatures, but as Moore says we live in times where huge amounts of Money are spent perpetuating a Myth.

  46. The Miscarriage of Justice in "Titanic" isn't resolved before the end of the Film. It isn't as if Hockley apologises to Jack for ex-Cop Lovejoy's Frame-up is it. Had the Ship - and Jack - made it to New York he might have done rather more than written a strongly worded Letter to the White Star Line. He might have sued both them and Hockley for both things that happened - and because his Ribs hurt.

    In "American Gangster" another 20th Century Fox Movie - there are all sort of things raised. The Hippie Junkie Cop - looks like a Hippie, talks like one, dresses like one - probably goes around with them - but he's a Cop - so he's having it both ways - Trupe - who is so corrupt he orders Roberts to stop investigating Lucas because they have to keep the Cash Cow alive! Even the Mafiosi Frank Lucas talks to in that Cafe is indignant at how Trupe's Cronies take the Stuff seized from them by Eddie Egan and Sonny Grosso - cut it to nothing and put it back on the Streets. The Hippie Cop uses his Badge to appropriate things - Drugs probably, even to rob the Occupant of the Flat they are besieged in. A hefty Message to anyone who uses that Position to appropriate anything that isn't theirs.

    It's almost like that has actually happened.

    The Dysfunctions covered in the Ridley-Scott Movie became apparent in Los Angeles when the Investigation into Tupac and Biggie's Murder wasn't hampered by Cripps or Bloods, but by other Cops in the Employ of Death Row Records. Roberts was right - Cops should be Cops, Frank Lucas and whatever he does should remain Frank Lucas.

    There were other examples of this - the similarities between what Micheal Corleone and Frank Serpico had to deal with in the early 70's being some of the most famous in Fact and Fiction, Henry Oak's shenanigans in "Narc" being another.

    The fact that those very real People - Astor, Guggenheim, Isador Strauss all die in 1997, then we have purely fictitious 'Hobbits', 'Elves' and 'Wizards' in their Stead speaks volumes. Like they replaced some similarly real People with equally fake ones. Problem here Gandalf - Le,Go,Las etc - is it's all built on Horsecrap - if you've seen the unresolved Injustice of Mr Cameron's rather more successful Film.

    Why don't we move up the Hierarchy a bit here too - and ask if that Swanship is owned - not by Bruce Ismay - but by JP Morgan? That those 'Elves' of Harlond were in his Employ - or subcontracted to him, that "Those that perished on the Sea" opposed him and were using their Influence to stop the World descending into WW1.

    How all of this seemed to have been replayed by Events of more recent years, another War, and someone who was at that Hotel for that token day in 1990.

    Meanwhile, I'm not sure I like feeling as expendable to anyone as Cheyenne was to Jill McBain in "Once upon a time in the West" either.

  47. Here's a quote someone wrote about Tolkien.............

    "Tolkien's academic writings on Old Norse and Germanic history, language and culture were extremely popular among the Nazi elite, who were obsessed with recreating ancient Germanic civilisation. But Tolkien was disgusted by Hitler and the Nazi party, and made no secret of the fact. He considered forbidding a German translation of The Hobbit after the German publisher, in accordance with Nazi law, asked him to certify that he was an "Aryan." Instead, he wrote a scathing letter asserting, among other things, his regret that he had no Jewish ancestors. His feelings are also evidenced in a letter he wrote to his son: "I have in this War a burning private grudge—which would probably make me a better soldier at 49 than I was at 22: against that ruddy little ignoramus Adolf Hitler ... Ruining, perverting, misapplying, and making for ever accursed, that noble northern spirit, a supreme contribution to Europe, which I have ever loved, and tried to present in its true light."

    There are a few Problems here.............

    The first is that while there were real People on that 1912/97 Ship there aren't in his Stories. That when New Line Cinema turned them into the Corporate Ocracy they have become the effect is exactly what someone like Hitler would have subscribed to. James Cameron didn't need stick on Feet, prosthetic Ears and Faces for his Characters.

    Also, had John Astor and his Associates (Guggenheim - Jewish, Strauss - also Jewish - those real People rather than his fantasy) prevailed, that War that we are told traumatised him might never have happened. We have that Ocracy here - except People might tell you about the Miles of Hedgerow, Dozens of Trees - and an eradicated Rabbit Warren - to build their Accommodation - not to mention those Grey Bollards we walk through in that large Slab of Tarmac by Waitrose. I met someone who was an Anti-Roads Protester - becoming quite famous for it - when all that went on and these 'Galadriels', 'Eowyns', 'Arwens' etc looked at him like he was dirt. He's made Eco-Activism a way of life, they just waft around the 'Promenade'.

  48. Hockley has his Thug - Mr Warner, Morton had his - Henry Fonda, Csokas has his - the Teutonic Knights - and there's a fine Prussian Motif for you.

    On the Subject of real People - elsewhere here you will find Stuff about People who ended Slavery, promoted Literacy (although it might offend some Tolkienist Catholics) and worked to combat Poverty. But there's no Multi-National Movie Company making a Song and Dance about it, at least not as blatantly as Peter Jackson's Movies have promoted elitist Fantasy. I will be writing about Robert Blake - who once confronted those real Corsairs to free some Hostages, and while People fiddle with the Hostage Release Album Cover Photo being "Delayed" apparently, maybe they'd like to look at those Memorabilia Posts to see some real Campaigning going on. Some of us were there - they weren't.

  49. I'll also be writing about the real King Arthur - and while names like Wynn and Owen are traceable back to that time - the latter to when there was Owain ap Urien, others like Gordon or whatever aren't. There won't be any fake Corpses at Glastonbury either! The difference between those Scottish Clans that are either of Norse of Norman Origin - and those who go back rather further than 1066.

    On the Subject of People who were there so to speak - someone who was in the 60s was John Peel - who described the Beatles as a bunch of Thugs too.

    Sir Paul would have to spend another 52 Years writing Songs before he made as much as the Film that denounced all of that Stuff has since 1997. Warner gave it their best Shot - and still couldn't even after they'd fired all 6 Bullets from their "Revolver".

  50. Still not convinced that there's something slightly elitist about Tolkiens Fantasy in the context of the Titanic Disaster and some Films on the Subject?

    Here's an Extract from some Biography about the Writers Guardian.....

    "Morgan was born in Spain in 1857 in El Puerto de Santa Maria (Port St. Mary). In this andalusian town was the familiar home and most of their possessions. The Spaniards ancestors of his family came from his mother's side, Maria Manuela Osborne, eldest daughter of the leader of the firm Osborne (before called Duff-Gordon), a very significant company famous for its Sherry Wines and also, in present times, by the "Toro de Osborne", advertising developed in the middle of twentieth century."

    What were some of those lst Class Passengers called again?

    So it's like Decisions that have been made in the last 2 Decades of the 20th Century might as well have been made in 1912.

    It gets even more bitterly ironic when you consider both Blakes Battle for Hostages (can the same be said for some who were involved?) and that an Associate of J P Morgan was in Correspondence with someone who knew my Grandfather!

    While there seem to have some who have exploited this it was appropriate that the Actor who played 5th Officer Lowe (A Caernarfonshire Lad) was called Ioan Gryffudd (who rescues Rose) who - in turn - was rescued by someone called Arthur Rostrun.

    In "More Memorabilia" you'll see a Picture of the Figurehead of a sailing Ship. It's like in the years since it was taken (1989-90) that has turned into Jones's Dutchman!

  51. It's almost like that Ship was meant to be there - something that represents all sorts of Stuff in this Story - Robert Blake to Pirates, and what all that might mean. But maybe it turned into Jones's Dutchman because he or someone didn't do what he or they was/were meant to do - he/they "corrupted his/their Purpose". Suffice to say that I'm not sure what has happened recently because of that wasn't in any Script I was shown at the time - feeling as excited as Jack and Fabrizio did.

    I have mentioned how Jack might have had as much - if not more - right to be there than Hockley - via William Penn - while Blake wasn't Viggo Mortensen fighting a Film Set Corsair Fleet. He wasn't someone who joined the Navy either - he was the Navy. If 'Jack' had a Connection to someone J P Morgan did this merely confirms it. John Astor asks him if he is of the Boston Dawsons - and although he says no he isn't, John Astor's Rothschild descendants aren't the European Rothschilds...... but the implication about something else is there.

    Then we get the Segregation that seems to be happening in a Supermarket, that the Regime is rather like that on the Ship or what happened in the early 90's. After all, its name is a Composite of that of someone who was at that Press Conference - and Ms De Witt Bukater.

    But then, if People knew how to make Coffee rather than sell one that wouldn't be a problem would it!

  52. In "King Arthur" Alecto says how his Father had lost his way - i could say the same about someone who turned his back on 1500 years of History and Heritage that started in that Region to be a Hippie Newsreader in the 60's. Arthur has become Roman at the Expense of his Brython'ness!

  53. Maybe Pricilla Tolkien should ask Micheal Moore (someone else who doesn't need sticky Feet, pointy Ears and prosthetic Faces to make his Films) why he keeps referring to Flint, Michigan. Why Joe Carnahan made his Film showing Detroit after Berry Gordy's Motown Junk had taken the Money and ran. While the Fans adore Stevie Wonder and Diana Ross areas of Detroit are becoming War Zones, while Madonna cavorts around the World Flint is turning into a 3rd World Country.

    In Britain while everyone buys into Yellow Submarines and Sgt Pepper someone who was probably one of the Worlds leading Authorities on Music was rather more objective than their Legions of Fans (including their Rock and Roll Derivatives). New Age Literature - of which Tolkien was one of the first, seems to be written by People who have contempt for those they write about. But then, the adoring Subscribers probably think they're lovely People too as they go to Smiths, Waterstones and Blackwells.

    Those Authors - with the cutesy Houses and Cottages bought on the Proceeds, their 'unexpected Dinner Parties' and 'There and Back agains' - bought and paid for on the Proceeds. Some of those HTV People have Castles in Scotland, others cutesy rural Pubs - some are resembling what Moore and Carnahan show in their Films.

    While Peter made everyone gooey Bruckheimer asks about this supposed decent start in Life the Tolkien Foundation is meant to ensure. I'm starting to think that that was scuppered as soon as some of those Media types got involved in the 70s, got wealthier or more established - then it continued after they had finished with it. ITV or BBC - the only difference being the Letter Head on the Correspondence, EMI/Polygram - not much difference there either probably.

    I think Bob Marley said it quite eloquently with "I shot the Sheriff" when he says how things weren't allowed to grow. So much for Treebeard then!

  54. I think they're just odious Slime - who get worse the more Money they make.

    Old "Weepy Guitar" has gone, so has Mr "Imagine" - only 2 left, while Liverpool hasn't maintained the Momentum they had up until the 90's. Phew - at last!!!!!

    People might cite "awe, but, y'know - it's the Peoples Music", but when did we reach that point where the Wheedlers had more than the Wheedled? Looking at how the former seem to have contempt for the latter - and now don't even have to hide it, my Retort could be "yeah, and the Volkswagen was the supposed 'Peoples Car'!" From Folk to Volk it seems, Beetles huh!

    What would one of the most famous Writers and Social Commentators have made of something which seems like Oliver Twist in reverse?

    "It's just good business" Cutler Becket - whose east India Company was exempt from Anti-Slavery Legislation - says just before he is blown out of the Water in "At Worlds end". The thing is Mr Becket that all it ever has been - JUST business, nothing else, probably since some of us were as old as that Fella with the Coin at the start of that Film. That's a bit too harsh by anyone's standards, while - that seems to continue now - even after the huge effort made by some to say that it is wrong, showing its brutal consequences.

    Troup though was "Special" too!

    People being "bought and sold" is nothing to be proud of - be it done in or by Penny Lane or some sumptuous Georgian House in Clifton, Bristol.

  55. Tedious late 60's Hippie Rock bands - rather like equally tedious late 60's Hippie Rock Drummers. "Toad" huh!

    What these Creamalikes (obviously the latest exploitative Angle they can find) don't realise is how the Ormsby Gore Family probably rued the day their Daughter met Eric Clapton. (From Sylvia - her Mum, to Silvio - "A Bronx Tale") A 17 year old Girl meets multi-Millionaire Rock Star who gets her into Heroin - yeah, lovely Story I'm sure. His attitude about it is as cold and meaningless as that Peace Sign they give in that Photograph. (more Hippie Marketing) and while Ginger and co waft about thinking they're cool Alice was - as someone said almost enslaved to him.

    I sometimes wonder what a Journalist would make of a Story like that if they weren't famous.

    What I've also noticed is how Francis's Successor has a Name that defies all the dubiously motivated attempts at the usual Malarkey. After all, how many Francis's, Fran, Franks etc can we have on the juxtapositional Chessboard?

    Francis Ormsby Gore had an awful life - and was broke by the end, a bit like the De Witt Bukaters were in the Film. "A good name hiding a bad Debt" as Ruth says.

    These Creamalikes are like these Jackalikes in Jones's Locker - and I suppose you could add the Franalikes to that too. The 'use 'em up and throw 'em out' Expendability like Claptons Attitude after he'd reduced her to that. She was broke too - when she died.

    Here's something else too.....

    We see the Dutchman under new Management once Slavemaster Jones was deposed. What happens if Tromp/Trump wins the Election later this year and isn't as appeasing as the Hippies/Liberals might have been? He has a Rep for getting things done, so what if he isn't like some might have been at Munich 1938?

  56. The Jackalikes on the Black Pearl.......

    These could be all sorts of different things. Lookalikes I've met - of certain People, Namealikes, Creamalikes - who obviously figured they could assimilate (think Borg from Star Trek) but not integrate, many things, and while this is from a Republican Film Maker does this imply that the Liberals let this happen, or might even be complicit? After all, what better way of assimilating Mr Sparrow than be, look and act like him? But would all those 'alikes mutiny one day? That maybe the Charles Dickens Story has been turned on its head - the Wheedlers have more than the Wheedled and Oliver might as well be Mr Bumble? I realized what had been happening - except I wish I had longer ago than now, but then the Scam was subtle, I'll give them that!

    Something Jack says - which is quite telling - alludes to this. "That is what cost us the Pearl" he says, which is rather like Masaryck telling Kennedy in 1938 that to give Hitler another chance would cost not just the Sudeten - but also the World. The Peanut could refer to a certain Farmer from late 70's Georgia while some of us seemed to get inundated with all sorts of People then while feeling as stranded as he is in that Scene. The horrible thing is we still are, or are like another Jack - left on that Bench.

    Chamberlain and the 'Paperwork'. What was it the British Prime Minister said when he announced "Peace in our time"? "I have in my Hand a Piece of Paper". Hmmm, so while someone somewhere ensured we had to give up Czechoslovakia we now end up with the 'Paperwork'. Does this imply that those it was given up to are as awful as the Nazis?

    When this was going on it's obvious to anyone that there hasn't been any integration at all. People made to hang around like those at the start of "At Worlds End" - but that's it.

    Then it continues......

    I'm starting to call the Piazza the Doggy Toilet, because it's where the first Class Passengers bring their Dogs to have a crud. The rest of us never get any further than that. "Titanic" was meant to show what was wrong with how that Ship was run, not a 'How to do things'.

    I could adapt the Continental Army Expression here; "No Taxation without Representation" could quite easily become "No Assimilation without Integration". The effect is the same. While Washingtons Troops were miffed at paying Tax but having no say in what happened with that Money, this is where someone somewhere seems to flood the Scene with all these 'alikes until everything is completely obscured by it. It drowns in it. The appropriate Metaphor here is Vampirism, and maybe Depps Rock Band is a Comment on this.

  57. .......And not a Splash of Turquoise anywhere, and if there was it'd probably be that freezing North Atlantic. Bit like these freezing cold New Ageists isn't it.

    I'll have to add these Coughalikes too. It has to be said that for a bunch of 'impoverished', 'orphaned' Forest People - these 'Thomas Coopers' seem to be out with BOTH Parents, spending rather a lot of Money in the posh Shops. I suppose they're a bit like J P Morgan, too ill to sail in 1912 - but not too ill to romp about with his Mistress in Aix Le Bains on April 16th that year apparently.

    That, Kate - or even Cate - is from someone who until recently hadn't seen his Father since the mid 60's or his Step Father at all since 1978.

    So we see Jack stranded in Jones's Locker with all these Jackalikes who are pretending to sail a Ship.

    Oh, and it gets even more subtle.....

    When did Martine Ponting become an Escutcheon? (This refers to the Ormsby-Gore Coat of Arms).

    That might be a Question for Spicer Lovejoy.

    I always thought these new agey People were renowned for their Herb Tea's and Bonhomie - but maybe that only extends to Captain Smith as he sips his on the Bridge of his Ship.

    Micheal Moore made a superb Film - "Capitalism - a Love Story" - and when the Crash of 2008 happened, wiping Billions off of the Markets, destroying the savings of Millions and make almost as many unemployed he says how the Carrot of the Dream - the one which means they think, one day they might be like the CEO of J P Morgan etc - isn't very convincing anymore. I have to say that seeing what I do here now - these 'First and Second Class' Passengers makes me realize that that Carrot - the one which made me think I could be one of them - is also just as unconvincing. That probably started becoming apparent by about 1992-3. Because of that, now all they seem to offer is the Stick!

    Lehman Brothers went Bankrupt - causing a lot of that Trauma, while those responsible were bailed out with $750B - so did Martine McCutcheon.

  58. ......And having seen all this, before anyone wants to prattle on about about any "Rules" (rather like Csokas does in "Kingdom of Heaven"), not only did the Media used to keep to a Code - which post 1997 gradually got ignored, my Grandfather worked to some very strict Rules in the finance Industry. When Gordon Brown tried to make London the financial Capital of the World with his "Light Touch" he removed those Rules. We saw what happened because of that, and it had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11. (and that old Chestnut sounds like the proverbial stuck Record now - something Micheal Moore would show as Bush, Cheyney, Rumsfeld, Wolfavitz, Rice etc issued those Soundbites. Heck, even Robert McNamara admitted to being wrong about Vietnam.) They weren't selling Prime Mortgages or Securities - which rotted the entire Financial System. Also, when my Grandfather lent you any Money he did so against a Job you might have for a very long time and at only 2.5 X your annual Salary!

    .......And while it's a bit rough that Cheyenne might be expendable to someone called Jill, as Ben Bradley he might like to interveiw some of those former Hostages. Before he did so he'd have to apologise for not being part of that Partnered, Parenting, Potpourri, Careered, Wealth and Land Economy - and thus, has no Status in their World.

    Jack and Fabrizio had none either - in any. Even Tommy Ryans Family and those of the Steerage Band (Brian Walsh etc) who were on that Passenger List would have received something from the White Star Insurance payout!

    Don't get me started on these cutesy rural Pubs either, while I seem to have gone off of Cat Stevens too!
    You couldn't make any of that Horsecrap up - particulary those Creamalikes.

    No only am I skeptical of these exploitative Potpourri little Towns these days, I'm particularly skeptical of those sufficiently obscure enough so no-one would notice - except maybe People have - like when they saw Black Billy Jack stranded on a Bench.

    While James Cameron showed what John Peel confirmed about the so called Fab 4 - their Patrons here are also a bunch of Humur Tumourous Thugs in Kaftans/Cheeecloth/Flowery Print etc!

  59. Oxford, Gaz Coombes, Radiohead and Tolkien.....

    I did a Program about the Council Estate Crisis of the early 90's - and while everyone might have laughed with the Sladealikes, or got very whistful at the posh 90's Indieyippies, - then all gooey at Peter Jackson's New Age Propaganda - obviously meant for the 'first and second' - has anyone seen Oxfords huge Housing Project? It was Events there and elsewhere that prompted the Questions and Programs People asked and made on the Subject.

    Sorry if this sounds like a chunk of Reality with your Saturday Morning Breakfast, but Fantasy isn't something some of us have been allowed to subscribe to!

    Jan Masaryck walked out of Munich 1938 because he had to give up the Sudeten, some of us have been on our way out too!

    And Troup thought he was "Special"!

  60. .......And how about 9/11 and the 'Coincidence' of that day? How, somehow, some of us got lumped in with whoever was responsible for it?

    This is another of those Intrigues that seem to have happened since the start of the 90's. Maybe I'll take a Leaf out of Micheal Moore's Book. get a LARGE PRINT of the Balfour Declaration, some Stuff by Theodore Hertzl, and a Sound System playing that Album. Do this rather like he did with the Display Boards showing the Wallet and the Gun - which he did in response to a Police Shooting.

    But it's almost like a secret 'Script' was being written where all of this is going to be decided - a very long time ago. I'm trying to imagine Cutler Beckett making that Proclamation made in "At Worlds End" - when someone is the Age that Lad is - and that is how the 'Script' is going to read - since then. This is another bitter Paradox in that while Captain Teague is being a Pirate that Proclamation says you're not allowed to associate with, there's a Song called "Lady Jane" - and someone who has probably been segregated from all that features in a 'Script' he doesn't know about.

    Also, having worked in Retail, I know that to get someone buy something you put it in the Sale Department. Like a Shop in Bristol did with a Documentary criticising Moore - in the reduced DVDs Shelves. Like they put it there hoping to prompt someone to write Stuff critical of the Film Maker, someone who might not have much Money so looks in the Sale Departments - like the Shop is run or influenced by those he might be critical of. Maybe this is that old Divide and Rule thing - another form of Segregation, not explicit like the SA Police and the Shambok, but more subtle. Maybe it was done by someone working for Cutler Beckett.

  61. In this Context Cutler Beckett isn't just one Person, he's a succession of People - some who are now in their 70's. Others closer to my Age, while there are now those 10-15 years younger - and some by now 15-30 years. All of them have got one thing in common - and that is how Exploitation is disguised as "Just good Business". That that is all it has been, that some of that Proclamation even refers to a Song by the Beatles (the bit about how they aren't allowed to associate). That is all People have done, and while there might be Jackalikes in Jones's Locker there are also those who seem to assume Jumpin' Jack Flash.

    There might even be some who are being Blake - except, rather like the Coughalikes they aren't treated like they have Social Leprosy. This implies that there might be another Ship out there - one shrouded in Fog, seeing if there's any Decency in anyone now the Facts have been established!

    Hockley says how he "always wins" - which makes him a Winner - a Creep - but not a Wynner.

    There's something Rose says too - which seems appropriate. When Hockley offers Jack a measly $20 she says "Is that the going Rate?", which could also be applied to whatever measly Monies offered for all sorts of things in a very very long time. "Is that the going Rate for 920 Jobs for 25 years?", "Was that the going Rate for everything that happened after that Day at Mr Astors Hotel in London?"

    Oh, these are just some adaptations of the same Question she asks - there are very many others!

  62. Not only is he being fobbed off with these measly amounts of Money - the second from Mr Warner - when he tries going back he is turned away. So, there isn't even a Social Life attached to all this then? Peter Jackson ended his Trilogy with that Annie Lennox Song and those Drawings, but either People are continuing to be as recalcitrant and obtuse as ever, assumptive, appropriative or arrogant, or you could ask Mr Jackson where he got those from?

    Did Hockley or even Brock Lovett sell them to him ("I should have kept that Drawing - it'd be worth a fortune in the Morning" Hockley says - quite unashamedly). What happens if we put that in the Context of another Charles Dickens Story - "Bleak House" - whose very Title sums up the Circumstances of all this? Where Krook, Smallweed and his Cronies have their Exchange and Mart of Correspondence. Suffice to say that those it might have come from would have been lucky to have even got $20!

    Aaron Aaronsohn was involved with the Zionist Movement who worked with Ormsby-Gore, David Robert Noodles Aaronsohn De Niro - continually put down by the rather snooty Actress Deborah - goes to the Locker to find the 'Paperwork' where the Results for a lot of Work, Risk, and Inventiveness (remember their Salt?) should be. Ormsby-Gore was also involved with recruiting Jews from New York to fight in Palestine during WW1, the latter feeling that the Turks would do to them what they did to the Armenians (500,000 killed).

    "Once upon a time in America" was 1982 - so what if we fast forward to 1997, and it turns out that the haughty Deborah wasn't assaulted at all?

    When Jack meets Rose for that Dinner he kisses her Hand and says he "Saw it in a Nickleodeon once and had always wanted to do it". That "Nickleodeon" was probably where Noodles saw Deborah in a Kinetoscope before she became a famous Actress. But then, if Rose becomes an Actress maybe he had something to with that!

    Jan Masaryck walks out of the Munich Conference because he had to give up the Sudeten - clearing the way for the Nazis and everything that implies, Chamberlain has his useless Piece of Paper! So, no real "Peace" at all! Schindlers People made it to Brinnlitz - Czechoslovakia, others didn't.

    Then there's this thing called the Moral High Ground. Black Billy Jack has spent his whole life being a good Man, doing the right thing and all that, but when he battles his way to the Boat Deck there's nothing there. That People go on about doing the right thing, the moral High Ground, except where are they when you do all that stuff? There were no NUJ Life Boats at the Llandoger Trow after 1993 when I got turned away or thrown back into 'Steerage' - even after doing a Project involving their most famous Cause Celeb. How many other times has this happened before and after this? Micheal Moore says how those People - ordinary People - who have never protested in the lives - told that if they work hard and are sensible with their Money they could aspire to be JP Morgan etc - start to realise that that particular Carrot doesn't exist or contains more Stick than Vegetable. "What kind of cruel Joke is this" Jack says when he sees the empty Boat Deck.

    In that context I'm also starting to think that that might have been the Motive behind the Anti-Moore Documentary "Manufacturing Dissent" - which it could be said was put in the Sale Department of a DVD Shop - where 'Steerage' Passengers would buy their affordable Entertainment. That they very cleverly dismatle Moore - but what do they put forward as a replacement? Micheal Moore might be the Showman - but he has to be to get his not unsubstantial Message across, and he's very entertaining while he does it - and People take notice.

    One thing is also certain; whatever "Arrangement" Hockley has Jack was't going to benefit from it very much!

  63. Black Billy Jack is a Blacksmith. He's spent his life shodding Horses - since he was an Apprentice. He does the same Job Balian does in "Kingdom of Heaven".

    So, he's been subscribing to something all his life, but as Jack Dawson finds out in 1997 - it's Horsecrap. Something someone has been subscribing to - or had peddled to him - most of his turns out to be Horsecrap. All the things it claims not to be - but it's every one of them.

    It's elitist, segregated, brutal, snobbish - and as Spicer Lovejoy, and Csokas's Teutonic Knights show - violent. So, so much for the civilised Ship then, so much for the civilised Elves - and all that Tolkienism too, so much for the cutesy Thomas the Tank Engine - whose Fat Controller turns out to be Morton in "Once upon a time in the West"!

    The "Cruel Joke"? I could say that the sort of People who waft around the Promenade here have been part of that in all the years before. That supposed moral High Ground, which is as empty as that 1996 Boat Deck. When that Bluff was called in 1990 - either nothing happened - or it was like that Ship we see from the Window of the Southampton Bar - exuding certainty, that "Size and Strength" Ismay goes on about - but it's all very deceptive. "Looking out the Window - I see the Red Dust clear" Mr Gabriel sang - but while Jack literally freezes to death after everything else he had to put up with he tells Kate/Rose not to give up.

    So, what kind of elitist, snobbish, segregated, violent, hypocritical Horsecrap is the Yippie Dinner Party Club we see in 1997? Sorry if that seems a bit outspoken but it needs to be said - as much for their sake as mine.

    Something I've known all my life turns out to be Horsedung - Liverpool and all that ironic Cacaphony. The Beatles (snore) all that Hippie nonsense too. But, when you look at all the things that Album purportedly represents, all the things those Groups and Artistes subscribed to - it all seemed devoid of any substance, or as harsh as the Circumstances surrounding Jacks Death.

    Antonio Bay lit a deceptive Beach Fire in 1980 - these Costume Ethicists, Hippie Moralists and all the other Psuedorighteous Charade Merchants, while it isn't the affable World they'd have you believe either. Some Tolkienists could be lumped in with Antonio Bay in this context. Someone remade "The Fog" in 2005 - and while Peter Jackson had those Drawings at the end of his Trilogy - they have the Bar Scene, Pictures showing the Town before - and after - the Deed was done. So where did those come from???? Maybe they thought "Lord of the Rings" would outstrip "Titanic" enough to say "Yah, boo sucks to you" and not give a Stuff about Cameron's Commentary - but how wrong they were. Blake was lied to twice, firstly by the reneged on Contract, secondly by the deceptive Beach Fire. Jack and Fabrizio are when they are drawn to the Ship. Theoden King might want to charge on the Pelanor - with his "Red Dawn" Speech, all they wanted to do was get to America!

    I thought the most important part of being righteous or ethical was being honest - and I'm not sure there has been much Honesty in this at all!

  64. Not only did Jack and Fabrizio want to go to America, they did so with all those real life People who eventually did, Molly Brown, 5th Officer Lowe, - all of them. Instead of that eventually we see that he was chained to a non-existent Character in an elitist Yippie Fairy Story written by someone who lived in a World so rarefied that the Benefits weren't even felt by a Housing Project only a few Miles away from where it was written. Unfortunately, the same has to be said about CS Lewis too. People might gasp at the thought of a Council Estate being in Oxford at all, but there is one - and it is on a Par with some in Cities you might associate with them. That Ship could even be that City couldn't it.

    I ended up making a Program about the Social Housing Estate Crisis in 1992 because I haven't lived in that Fantasy World of theirs either. If this is supposed to be somewhere which inspired some of his Writings - particularly the Shire - what does James Cameron's Movie say about that?

    Tolkien lived in Bloemfontein, South Africa for a while, so maybe showing Orlando Bloom living in a World segregated by Celeborn also not only shows that Elfland is a bit harsh, it also shows that by 2004 nothing had really improved since that pivotal time when Mr Mandela was released.

    That while those real Characters existed in 1912 there were real things happening in 1989-91, not a load of Jackalikes pretending to sail a Ship.

    When I interviewed someone on our Album about what he thought about the Project he said how he thought it was brilliant that they hadn't washed their hands of it and walked away. By the time we get to "At Worlds End" it had all become so assimilated by the juxtapositional Chessboard to be rendered meaningless!

    Even if Tolkien's World was real Black Billy Jack might have been Blacksmith to Theoden or the Horse(Ro) People(Hirrim), being a good Man, doing the right thing etc, but finds that empty Boat Deck.

  65. There's another Song on that Album - one whose Singer Songwriter said it all in a refrain from another he wrote and sang in 1979 - "It's just a Story!" The Singer was Julian Cope - also from Liverpool, and while his Song "Treason" was meant as something of a reality Check against Literary Literalists it even tallies with what John Lennon said about his Songs - "They're just Songs"!

    Elsewhere I have written about Tolkien and the real Middle Earth - looked at in an historical context, but to turn those Books into a "Design for Life" is madness. It also becomes a parody of itself when they talk about those "Free Peoples" - because if you shackle anyone to anything like that it becomes anything but. "Revolver" being the Album of the Year in 1996 is also a Paradox. (Remember Spicer Lovejoy playing with that Bullet?) It might have been at the cutting edge of Music, a Snapshot of Society 30 years before - but that was 30 years before. Both Titanic Movies were around the time of this big Beatles Revival, so they are almost meant as a Riposte to it.

    What might also be probable here is how James Cameron's Movie was so successful because it confronted everything - not in spite of it.

  66. Should Jack get some Compensation for everything he went through?

    Yes he should, otherwise he ends up in the same (non) Boat his Namesake in 1996 did. There are those who might sell him the same old "Moral High Ground" Guff, usually from People better off than he is - and usually through Conversations in the Street - or what I now call the Doggy Toilet. I won't say here what someone from a supposedly ethical Company said about what Money turns People into, but while he did, he'll get paid, get his free, quite expensive, Accommodation and a Productivity Bonus. Hmm, same Game - different Guise!

    Even Micheal Corleone observed how the Contempt for Money is a Game played by the Rich to keep the Poor poor. Besides, if Jack got compensated he could help Fabrizio in New York and maybe establish an Art Studio or something. Because neither were on that Passenger List the White Star Company wouldn't have to pay anything!

  67. In the 1996 Movie a Fella is on the Carpathia with severe Frostbite to his Leg. Jack would probably have ended up with that - so although Remuneration would help - it wouldn't repair the Damage Frostbite can do. From the "Cruel Joke" to the "Cruel Frost" it would seem.

    I see the Dutchman's new Management is seeking legal Action for all sorts of stuff - and he's probably someone who would do it. If he wins the Election he would as the new President, if he doesn't - he'll do so saying that those responsible might have cost him it. Jones - as Calypso says - was never Cruel - or at least didn't used to be, so any Compensation Donald Trump might obtain won't repair any 'Frostbite Damage' - but will act as a Deterrent against People doing something similar. The Moral here being don't tell Lies about People, it might come back to haunt you.

    When Jack is wrongfully accused of violating Rose it starts with the none-too-clever Crewman jumping to conclusions, then continues up the Hierarchy and could have done Jack some serious Damage. Who's the biggest Fool, someone who tells an Untruth - or all those who believe it? It might seem like a Comedy of Errors - but when nothing but subjectivised Conjecture can have that effect the Joke becomes very cruel indeed.

  68. By doing this Donald Trump has outmanoeuvred the Liberals, It says, I'm going to confront the Liars - why haven't you? If this Flying Dutchman is going to his Job properly does this imply that the previous one tolerated rather than liberated? That we see those People stranded because he wasn't doing his properly?

    That since the Georgian Peanut Farmer in the 70's the Liberals have chosen not to? Or that they might even be complicit in that Process? Also, People do this 'Stand behind' Game - they tried it in the Supermarket this afternoon, but then maybe they should watch how Jack dispenses with the Jackalike, or even how Will Turner tries to with Jones..... if there's some Agenda going on here.

    What other things prove is that the Yippies are an Elite. I notice how they all seem to know each other - sometimes not making it apparent, but you know they do.

    So, all of this completely unravels the Liberal Myth, that every one of their supposed Premise's are either a cruel Joke or not based on anything honest at all - while some of it starts to look as indefensible as those Roman Outposts Germanus mentions. They're also Thugs - but some are like Hockley - who has others to do it for him, ditto for Celeborn - with those Teutonic Knights, the Fat Controller turns out to have Henry Fonda.

    The difference here is this is from a Presidential Candidate, not a Film or TV Show, but even then James Cameron (not to be confused with Pink Shirted, Sunglasses Wearers called 'James' or even anyone else called Cameron) confronted everything anyway.

    Oh, and isn't it a shame these Creamalikes don't seem to know how to put it in Coffee?

  69. That Hippie World is cold, it's the colour of your Clothes, some dirge called a Song, a first Name - whatever - pure Aesthetic ...... and you drown in it.

    Then we had the Corleone/Dawson incident - and although my Ribs didn't hurt mt Face did for about a Month. My Ribs hurt now - I've since had the Shingles. What was said there was even worse than what has been said about Donald Trump - but then that confirms what I said about the Thugs in Kaftans doesn't it! Other Lies said, all of them I finally found out about, most of which from that supposed People's World of theirs. Strange though, how while this goes on they enjoy the Proceeds isn't it.

    If Mithrandir is dressed in Grey then he/she is a Thug too! Probably has a Grey Lantern.

    Maybe they should lose this November!

    Oh, then there are other things. I'm not sure Aaron Aaronsohn runs a Pet Shop.

  70. This Halloween could be interesting couldn't it. The Flying Dutchman Legend which originated off the Coast of South Africa contains Elements of Blake from "The Fog"

  71. I've just seen a Documentary on the History Channel about Halloween, and it merely reinforced everything I said. Typical Elitist Propaganda, the usual Suspect Academics - all of it. Typical clever Wordplay, all the Stuff you'd expect - but this is the same History Channel that has simultaneously profited on those they probably have contempt for.

    Halloween and Ghosts....

    Charles Dickens wrote his "A Christmas Carol" about someone who has a Visitation from Ghosts - Jacob Marley - and those of Past, Present and Future. This is because he's been acting like the old Miser, who might also be clever with Words (rather like a certain Oxford Philologist), who finds and tries to justify every Excuse to act like he does. So to try and compare something like this to Micheal Myers is not only insulting to nearly 2 Centuries of Social Commentary it also is to the Intelligence.

    The old Misers in Liberal Land - shown as Ken Stott in "King Arthur" probably have their Wordplay to justify themselves, but why are they Liberals at all? He had lost his way, but then so had a Camelot that seemed to pull the Drawbridge up on even their own People. I remember what I heard one of these now 70 somethings say to the Woman in the Kiosk in Waitrose (one of those 70 somethings who is a bit like Stott - plundering the real Dunedain of Celto-pictland for everything then either pulling up that Bridge - or scarpering with the Loot.

    The Republican Party seem to have rediscovered something. Something about why they exist at all. "No Taxation without Representation" tells old Weepy Guitar what he can do with his crappy "Taxman" Song, "No Assimilation without Integration" says the same to the Creamcoughjackarthuralkies here. If the Flying Dutchman - John Paul Jones as he should be - is the American Equivalent of Robert Blake then there are quite a few People who are now completely indefensible. This is why these Wordgames, this Intellectual Chess - played by the usual Suspects merely confirms why the Republicans nominated Trump as their Candidate this year.

    After all, if the Liberals have turned into Scrooge then Bob Cratchett will join them. And why are they 'Liberals anyway if they don't act like them?

    "Sicko" was interesting, but the question I have for Welfarists is one of how People shouldn't have to continually rely on it. Why are they having to? Are they because we have this Wordplay by the 'Liberals' who go on about the Welfare State and the NHS as a deflection? As something they use as an excuse for their own mean-spiritedness? That they're as rotten as that sleek Roman - and just as duplicitous?

    That the Doggy Toilet in "Titanic" - and that of here - is analogous for the World they keep People in for the same Reason Ismay had for packing his Ships with Steerage - making most of his Money from them - but treating them like Chattels? Slaves in other words!

  72. I'd say to Micheal Moore that the Welfare State and NHS in this Country is used as an Excuse by those mean-spirited People - who spout this psuedo-Lefty nonsense while they act like Stott - and scarper with the Loot. That these things don't necessarily exist for those who use them - they also do as that deflecting Excuse for others who can relinquish fiscal and social Responsibility. Subsequently, you have People who are as stranded in all of that as those might have been in the Locker in "Pirates of the Carribean" - completely dependent on all of that while others aren't. Tony Blair even said once "Let them rot on the Dole".

    The Bloke who worked for the fundraising Company I spoke to made the Mistake of saying what he said to someone who had done the same Job about a year before. I knew about the extra Money just for doing the Job, the exponential Bonus Scheme, the sometimes plush Accommodation, the myriad Expenses you could claim.

    That they've fed Black Billy Jack with this disingenuous nonsense - except when he gets to where they were that Boat Deck is empty. not only that, but those who got established in the Clintonist 90's turned out to be a Bunch of Thugs anyway! What would be an extra dollop of Harsh to the already cruel joke would be if someone lit a Fire on that Bench in recent years.

    And whatever I'll be having for Dinner - it won't be Baked Beans!

    Let's also not confuse Robert Blake with Robert Aldworth (a Bristol Merchant who had dealings with the East India Company) or John Arthur Wynne with John Duckinfield - another Bristol Merchant - both Bristolians having links with the Slave Trade and would probably qualify as Antagonists in this Story. This is the sort of Context Distortion the Jackalkies represent, where one seems to overlap and thus obscure the other.

    Meanwhile, just when it looked like a Film couldn't be anymore successful it was - when James Cameron came back with his "Avatar" Movies.

    While Jack is shackled to what would be the fictitious Theodens Ship - and his equally fictitious World, - "Avatar" almost elaborates the Theme. Here we have Pandora - a Moon - which could also be the proverbial Box, inhabited by completely CGI Creatures and Humanoids - rich in a resource quite aptly called Unobtainium - and sought after by a greedy Corporation called RDA whose Security is provided by Rangers.

    In the context of the contrast of Reality ("Titanic") vs Fiction ("Lord of the Rings") and even Events just before 2009 - and how "LotR" was almost a Pro-war Propaganda Movie - it's success is only matched by its Poignancy. Also - expendable to this non existant World and its aptly named Unobtainium - is someone who could be one of those De Witt Bucketters in "More Memorabilia", Sigourney Weaver, while all of it can disappear with the Flick of a Computer Switch. But War ensues on this Moon - with its CGI Flowers, Trees, Creatures etc, pursued by the ruthless Rangers and a Scientist who is obsessed with obtaining the Unobtainable.

  73. I could continue......

    That Expendability reminds me of somewhere - not run by Gandalf at all - but by Saruman - whose Summer Isle was the Venue for all sorts of gruesomeness in "The Whicker Man" - where People were quite literally expendable. Not sure Gandalf reappeared as a particularly reformed Saruman at all because of this. Plus, not only was Jack shackled to pure Fiction via Bernard Hill - he also was to a bloated Hippie Rock Opera - where even the Authors denounced in "Quadrophenia"! That and awful Beatles Songs about "Taxmen"!

    When the real Jack - who could also be Black Billy Jack - even Wynn Park - had his token Day at the Waldorf a very real Cold War had very really ended, some very real Hostages were still in the equally real Lebanon and a very real Nelson Mandela had really just been released after the end of the similarly real Apartheid. Elsewhere here you will read about some other very real People who made their very real contribution to the betterment of Life for an equally real, very many People.

  74. That Segregation wasn't just something that started after the token Gesture of 1990 - which isn't the first time that happened either. Contrast the Living Standards of others connected with HTV with yours truly and you start to see that that had probably been happening in the 1970's too.

    Then we have that first Token Gesture - and this might explain Mr Owens acerbic "Friend of my father" Comment to Germanus. It was 1965 and I'm a year and a half old in Broadcasting House, London with mine - and that - as they say - was that. So, it isn't even as if they wait for People to become 16-18 - 21 even - before all this starts, while the Tokenism of it means there's no consistency afterwards. Then there's that Thug Culture - "A Day in the Life" - Hippie Newsreader Paul - and how that might also apply to my Father. Other things from the supposedly 'love and peace' Hippies, now Yippies, 70- 18 year old's obviously on the other side of that Steel Shutter Jack, Fabrizio and Tommy charge with the Bench. You'll also note how their own haven't had to deal with any this either.

    How about "Cruel Joke" BBC Comedies featuring Bill Owen - more Humour Tumours than a Marie Curie Laboratory as Robert Williams sang in 2000.

    When they're starting on People before they even start School, then act like they have in the years during and after it - just how indefensible can they get? It's a shame Donald Trump isn't a Liberal - but it has to come from somewhere - and better somewhere than nowhere. Besides which, the Dearth of Honesty in all of this compromises their Claims to anything. Maybe the "Norwegian Wood" isn't so good after all!

    Maybe others were observing to see if there was any Substance to Liberal Posturings in 1990, except nothing happened. So instead of making it to 'America' with those very real Characters in 1912/97, as existant as Mandela, Havel, Hostages, Gorbachev, Beirut etc we get the very unreal of this New Age Glop. Robert Williams also sang "Real Love" - not surprisingly, which is very unlikely as the Town fills up with CGI People!

  75. Everything they do confirms everything I've written here - from the disgusting, Schadenfreude Humour to the Violence, the Elitism (after all Oxford doesn't get much more Elitist - Mr Tolkien) and how they're a sort of Cheesecloth Network, as closed as that Steel Shutter. From Davy Jones to John Paul Jones - the American Equivalent of Robert Blake. No John Paul Jones, no Pearl Harbour, thus maybe no Black Pearl either. Blake eventually reclaims his - while maybe those who treat others like they have social Leprosy should look into the Fog!

  76. Here's something else that the Film confronted - and I'm glad it did because what it did confront is actually quite sinister.

    Remember some of those Songs by Mr Zimmerframe in the 60's - 2 of them particularly? "All along the Watchtower" and "Purple Haze"? "There must be some kind of way out of here" he drawls - while Jimi Hendrix also sang it, so did U2 by the way. Does this mean Thom Elitist from Oxford has re-written it - a continuation of "Harmony in my Head" by Mac Punks - the Buzzcocks (Mr Diggle). Then even reappearing with that drivvel by Kylie Minogue in 2000? So what happens if those on the other side of that Shutter start subscribing to this?

    According to the Jehovahs Witnesses 144,000 Souls will ascend to Heaven - so what happens if you're the 144,00lst? Is this a Question for Captain Smith, Joseph Smith - or even Aerosmith, remembering that his Daughter was one of those Stick-on Ears People in Jacksons Movies. Maybe it's a Question for both Brian May and Ismay too.

    The only other time there was a Culture - or Regime - that made those Decisions it was Nazi Germany, deciding who lived, who died - and they even had a Dinner Party to decide it. This implies that if you applied one as a Template to the other you have Fascism. Smith decided who lived, and who didn't, so did Ismay - who slithered onto a Boat at the last moment. I don't subscribe to that Culture - but these New Age Yippies and Yuppie Jitters do, while we're seeing the horrible effects of Tolkiens elitist Writings out here in 'The Shire'.

    Then we have other Hippie Rock Aberations - "Hotel California" - except there are Eagles - and there are Eagles. There's Owain Gwynedd - then some contrived Hippie Twaddle by Joe Walsh. If the latter is acting like the above then it could be said they are more like the Eagles Nest than an ancient Cymraig Bloodline. People who had once resisted attempts by Edward lst to eradicate them. Sorry all you "Braveheart Fans" but the 'Hammer of the Scots' did a hefty job on us before he ever marched on Scotland. Not sure anyone ever made a Film about that though.

    I wrote my "Real Middle Earth" Post in an attempt to reclaim some of it from this sort of manipulative Malarkey. Also, while the Wynn Family made all the Achievements another from Lincoln didn't. They just married into it - a sort of Baronial Quango created from nothing as an act of Norman Patronage. Jane Austen had something to say about one of them.

    While Blackbeard had other names like Edward Teach, or even Thatch - he was also called Drummond, and while Jones had a decidedly Caledonian Accent (you can even detect a very slight one with Hockley) the Willoughby Estate is at Drummond Castle in Perth. So, from Ian McShane to Ian McKellan via Lovejoy, while Penny Cruz isn't what she seems either!

    Hywel Coetmor achieved a lot - Archer to the Black Prince at Poitiers - before establishing Gwydir in North Wales. Others just sing about Archery!

  77. I can't really see what's "OK" about any of this either whoever someone on the Radio was - and it probably hasn't been even before the Beach Fire lighting People of 1980 - in a Film made by Embassy Pictures. These 'Archery Singers' are in the same Category as the Creamalikes, Jackalikes, Coughalikes and other 'alikes - that assimilate but don't integrate. The Jackalikes could also be anyone under the Age of 27 for obvious reasons. Some of us aren't even on that Groups 'Passenger List' after their going on about being "tired" etc!

    That's 'Guest Lists' Mr Barrow/Pub Lady's etc - erm - since 1994.

    Maybe the Pearl and the Flying Dutchman should make Halloween particularly memorable this year.

    Then there's this J.W thing isn't there. Food Banks will stock your Cupboard, give you things for the Bathroom, even put Money on your Electricity Key if you need it. They'll make you a Coffee - in the warm - and help with what needs doing that meant you had to see them to start with. There's no Caveat either. J.Ws seem like just another part of the Stage managed Costume Party. What's it called - "the Watchtower" - Books, Leaflets, Conversations in the Street etc - rather like the New Age which is Trinkets, Books (again) and Seminars. There's someone - who I eventually told to go forth and multiply who kept on about all of his. All of this going on in the Street - the same Street I remember in the late 70's.

    Then we've got these stage managed Flat Blocks. But when Shirley Porter did something similar in Westminster - called the Building Stable Communities Project - it became otherwise known as "Homes for Votes" or gerrymandering. What's the difference between that and doing same for Creative Economics - the sort of Creative Economics that might have prompted the Film Makers Criticism?

    Also, while there might be these Jackalikes could there also be Pearlalikes? If Robert Blakes Ship was called The George - the problem has never been resolved.

    Here's something that really does cut through the Bull. If the 'Children' who laugh behind Peoples Backs are 'Children' - what does that make their Husbands and Boyfriends, Wives and Girlfriends etc?

  78. Hippie Snake Oil......

    "Blood on the Land" was the Documentary Bruckheimer included with the Directors Cut DVD of "King Arthur". In this we see one of Britain's leading Authors on the Subject - John Mathews - being interviewed and he was presented with a dilemma.

    Being interviewed by one of the most powerful Film Makers there is meant that he either; Fessed up and told everyone something approximating to real History, or continue with what he has made a substantial Career from since his first Book and Seminar. The problem here is if he'd done the former he'd have to discount about 80% of everything he's published and all those Seminars. (this was what he sort of did - although maybe not realising it). If he did the latter he would look like a Charlatan in the context of the rest of the Documentary. Ditto for his Wife Caitlin and others like Marion Zimmer Bradley.

    There was someone else, who got fitted up by the National Geographic when he said he subscribed to the spurious Claims made by the Abbott of Glastonbury that they'd "found" the "remains" of "Arthur and Guinevere" 100's of years ago. It's thought that they had Sheep's Bones on display while any provable stuff has rather conveniently disappeared.

    What both of these fell victim to was that Self Propagating Ego that is part of the New Age Industry, and rather than attempt to explain real Facts they clung to the Myth so they could continue their part in it. Geoffrey Ashe has made so much Money with his Stuff he bought Chalice Cottage in Glastonbury.

    A lot of this was started by William Stukely who devised his bizarre Ideas about Stonehenge and was part of what we now call Neo-Druidism. It continued when a Bunch of Hippies went to Glastonbury in the 60's and realised they could make Money from it, all they need is a pseudo-History, some pseudo-Science and a few pseudo-Rituals.

    But what happens if or when they are confronted by anything from all that that might actually be real, or somehow connected to any of that? It's almost like they know it's a bit of a Scam too - becoming evasive when confronted with reality.

    The latest addition to the Snake Oil Wagon Train is Dan Brown - who has made the whole Hype thing an Art. Much of his Stuff is rather like the aforementioned, as Robert Langdon does his Book Signings and Seminars. What would happen in Hollywoodland if the National Geographic or powerful Film Maker debunked him?

    In America Journalists are doing this on a regular basis - investigating so called Fortune Tellers in Cities like New York and Chicago. All the usual Cliches abound, Gypsy Costume, lots of Candles etc - like a low Budget TV Studio Set, supposed Trance, Am Dram Theatrics and the whole Shebang.

    It's like a Neo-Freemasonry and they aren't above putting the Black Ball in the Bag.

  79. There are other Areas of Culture as yet uncontested by Film Makers - which ought to be. For instance, what's the Connection between Buddy Holly and the Stranglers? What was "American Pie" reputedly about, and how about the Donalikes (to add to all the others - while the same Process applies). Considering the effect all this is having I think Mary rather than Pete Shelley should apply here. That while we find out that Pop Culture might not necessarily be a complete Guide to anything and everything - some Film People showing you why - it's Contrivedness shown in a Film which is pure CGI. Robert Williams ended the 90's with "Real Love" - quite appropriately, like it was something remembering the start of the Decade when everything was. The Innocence of Spontaneity that prevailed then which some of us never forgot, but others were too cynical to get!

    When that huge Tree collapses it's almost a Replay of the Funnel Sequence in Cameron's 1997 Movie, so the Ship and Pandora are one and the same. That the Unobtainium that People fight for suggests the same as the Observations about that 1912 Ship. Whatever Ismay claimed it was, what People thought it was, doesn't exist. That Tree could also be Caras Galadhon in Lothlorien, another reference to the unreality of Peter Jackson's Films, while Csokas's proxy Violence in "Kingdom of Heaven" suggests that not all is as civilised as he would have you believe. After all, wasn't Orlando Bloom as much of an Elf in those Films as he was? There is a Plotline similar in that and "Titanic" too - where he and Hockley are interchangeable.

    As someone once asked in a Song "What have we done with Innocence?"

  80. People might be surprised at this, but while the Board of Trade revised their Regulations about Shipping after the 1912 Disaster - I have to do the same with Culture which caused something similar. That while People in 1989 had to dismantle a Political and Social Apparatus that kept their Lives in a 40 year Metastasis I have to do the same with this. I'm not having Beatles Soundalikes ask "Where did it all go wrong" in dreadful 90's Songs without asking the same Question.

    And while that Apparatus caused that Metastasis - for People who might have been "Back in the USSR" - the same can be said for those who wrote those Songs and the effect they had on Peoples lives in the West.

    Pinocchio had a big Nose too Mr Starkey - whether you're a tedious Beatles Drummer, a Shipping Company who made their Pile out of the Liverpool Slave Trade - or pretentious Bus Drivers who think they're Robert De Niro!

    Beach Fires appear everywhere, Beatles Songs, Benches, supposedly ethical Companies, other Places too!

    Police can also become Thieves!

  81. I've noticed how Fleet Street seem to have got with the Program.....

    A couple of Days ago one of them had "SICK JOKE" in huge Letters on their front Page - somehow alluding to all sorts of sick Jokes in this, be it crappy BBC Comedies from the 70's and 80's, Hippie Radio Stations that announce the end of one (one that probably shouldn't have happened to start with) and maybe even Mr Dury - because Mr O Rahilly's so called "Peace and Love" Group involves those Rhythm Sticks. "Bishop Germanus - Friend of my Fathers" and all that - which might even continue as we have someone called Jack warner - not THE Jack warner, but a Jack Warner who went from "The Blue Lamp" to a Shade of Green. Germanus has his Papers - kept in a Box!

    Then we have this.......

    Apparently there's a Furore surrounding a BBC Sex Change Show - which could be all sorts of things - from Gender interchangeable Names to Don McLean becoming Madonna.

    This brings me to that Quote from the "Titanic" Movie. The one when Rose says how everyone else thought the Ship was the Ship of Dreams - except it isn't and she knows what it's really like, what it's really about - and she's being hauled back in Chains on it. The same applies to Jack - who is assaulted by Mr Warner - and he is also shackled to it. She also says how her whole Life is mapped out in front of her, somehow pre-decided regardless of what she might say about it. To all this Jack represents freedom from it, and also from that of the same People, same narrow Conversations, in a World that to others isn't what it seems at all.

  82. Think dismal Football Stadium on a damp, cold Saturday Afternoon in February - but like that all year - and you get the Idea! Some 4th rate dead beat in the Commentary Box - probably a bigger Thug than the Hooligans on the Terrace!

    Throw in the similarly bleak Grey Twilight and it continues.

    Sums up the Daily Dirge from the genuinely exciting, while I remember how stultifying everything became in their Regime. All work and no Play and all that.

    Jack shows Rose something more vital - rather like when I saw things rather more so than the Daily Dollop on offer here!

  83. Meanwhile, the Storybook Element of supposed New Ageism manifested today. Something about Dragons, except we all know that most of that Guff is made up and manipulated. Even then, if the Red and the White were embattled the former represents the Britons, the latter - Saxons. (re; Vortigern's Tower) while I could write about the Sons of Daffydd ap Gruffydd - indefinitely held Prisoner in Bristol - as an attempt by Edward lst to extinguish the Gwynedd Bloodline. He didn't reckon on Owain Lawgoch though. Culture and this New Age gobbledegook have been at it for years though. Coldplay for example - and Chris Martins Partner.

    There is also the Plotline in "King Arthur" - where the English Scout is prepared to give it all to the Saxons.

    This shows that attempts to manipulate via Neo-Paganism could prove to be double edged in the Context of the Bruckheimer Movie.

    What is certain - and quite apt in this Story - is how the Mound of the Hostages in Ireland aligns with the Samhain Sunrise, so I'm not sure how Dragons entered the Equation, Red or White.
    I could continue......

    How about the most apparent Article of MOD Clothing? How would this be used as something similar to what some Culture and New Age has been up to? Is that Coetmor - or Coatmor - I could ask whoever is responsible for that. The thing is HMS Tiger might have been the last Blake Class Ship in the Royal Navy - but what if he would like his Ship back?

    I could continue the Pinocchio Theme here and elaborate on it.....

    He had a large Nose - which grew every time he told a Lie. He was also a Puppet. There were other Puppets - one of whom had a Pink Rolls Royce, although maybe Pink Cadillac might be more appropriate. People who live by Beatles Songs should also be careful of that Double Edge. While "The Fog" featured Father Malone - played by "All the Presidents Men" Hal Holbrook - who makes his Confessions to Woodward in the Film, not only were there Puppets called Parker and Penelope - there was also a Captain of the Tiger called McKenzie. This and a few others were Blake Class Cruisers - but they would have no Class at all were it not for the Father of the Navy in the 1640s. This is why I avoid the Contrivances of 'here today, gone tomorrow' Pop Songs, preferring something more ingenuous - while even Smiths Ship had that Music to drown by.

    Fran Healey apologised for turning someone into "Driftwood" - while he also sang about being held by invisible Threads. Both Rose and William Turner Jnr are found floating on Driftwood - the latter in Fog, while the Moody Blues had that Song on our Album.

  84. Rather like our recent Brexit Vote - a rejection of institutionalised, self serving Ideology - a Europact not that different to something Europe had before 1989, maybe we've had our Great Creative Economics Dwindle because Film People have rejected that come-what-may institutionalised Attitude.

    Also, I watched a Documentary about the 1980's, after one about what was wrong with the real 60's - not the Myth peddled by the ex-Hippies in the Media - and while I watched and listened to the Interviews I also observe their surroundings. While the 60's Documentary showed Andy Warhols House devoid of any of that Pop Art he was famous for - those Monroe/Campbells Soup Silk Screens - a certain Mancunian Media Personality synonymous with New Wave Music didn't even have an arty John Squire on the Walls of his luxury Home in Cheshire. Those alternative Comedians interviewed in Kitchens you'd never see in "The Young Ones".

    Rather like what happened with HTV vis a vis how some of us might have lived/been forced to live - there's a hefty Element of 'don't do as I do, do as I say' going on there!

  85. Something which found it's way into the Offspring of the 920 People who worked there - and how their Living/Growing up Standards contrast with those of someone connected with the Man who set it all up.

    And while we have this 'don't do as I do. do as I say' Crud, we also have Pseudo-Culture - supposed Alt-Rock Groups like Therapy for example. As someone who used to listen to the genuinely alternative Music on John Peels Radio One Show - and the sometimes quaint Production, we also have these 'Alternative' (it says here, apparently, according to this, allegedly) Groups who seem to have huge amounts spent on Studios. I would say that while TV Documentaries inadvertently got behind the Scenes of so called 'Alt' Radio People, these 'Alt' Rock bands probably have Songs written by Market Research Companies.

    Meanwhile, John, (not Mr Peel - but someone who I think had turned into Calypso for some rather weird reason) I might have a Cup of Tea occasionally - but I'm not a Tiller Man (Cat Stevens and Yussef islam). Maybe when I do my Meet and Greet - Micheal Moore Style - like when he showed Cops the difference between a Wallet and a Gun - I'll start mine with him and some of those things from about 100 years ago!

    I also think I might do the same in Cambridge with Terry Waite. I think he has an erroneous Zone in his Knowledge of modern History. Currently watching "One upon a time in the West" - the Film where Cheyenne is expendable to someone called Jill and a Town called Sweetwater! It's also the one where Keenan Wynn is trying to get a good trade for Mrs McBains Land.

    None of those 920 have to live by those awful Pseudo Rock Songs do they! Like Mr Radcliffe doesn't live in a World of Joy Division Posters, Warhol isn't up to his Elbows in Silk Screen Ink - and on it goes!

    Yeah, and that Biker is a Pink Floyd Guitarist - and I suppose that other one was in the "Wild Geese" and he's in the Beatles!

    The New Age is as much of a sick Joke as some of those other things!

    Elsewhere I've written about Donald Trump and why even Liberals should make a protest Vote this year. So the Liberal Edifice can dispense with the Bull!

    They killed the real Liberalism and gave us a Cheesecloth'n Drugs Charade instead!

  86. The sick Joke continued - and maybe someone at Newscorp should see this - apparently a Hand coming out of a Lake holding a Rose somehow turned into a Reindeer playing Records - like it came from another of those Pseudo 'Alts' Mr Morrissey (although, I'm not sure whether that's Steven or Neil)

    Also, while we had the Jackalikes, Creamalikes, Coughalikes, and all those other 'alikes - we also seem to have these Blakealikes. Except to do that merely confirms either Film - and their appropriation..... erm - Natalie! Whoever is in Bridgewater isn't Blake!

    Jitters huh!

  87. Maybe Newscorp could come here - although they'd probably have to get a Boarding Pass from 'Captain Smith' before they do. I would say to them that everything James Cameron said in his Film is true, that nothing improved since, and Black Billy Jack was still left on that Bench to die.

    We could meet the People who compile that 'White Star' 'Passenger List' and ask them why Jack was never on that - or other - Lists.

    From the back of a Car to the Back of a Ship we could meet any 'Deborahs' and ask them why they made it all up. That David, Robert, Noodles Aaronhson didn't and Jack is no Ripper! Also, that whatever came from her imagination is as real as the CGI World shown in "Avatar" (some of us figured it out) - and thus everything else has been too!

    We could even meet those Cuckoos in the Nest - quite a few of them I can tell you, and over a very long time. Not sure they'd play the same Games then they have in all those years! Those Drummers would have to get some very very large Sticks!

    If this happened it won't be like the others have dealt with it, which is rather like those awful Lawyers in "Bleak House's" Jarndice and Jarndice. Tweak and twiddle for years but nothing is ever resolved, because they have some interest in ensuring it isn't.

  88. How about this Kraken in those Pirates Movies?

    Has anyone noticed how it looks like a huge equivalent of that "Alien" that attaches itself to John Hurt in the eponymous named Ridley-Scott Movie? (Think things in miniature - something Mr Gibbs mentions in the opening Scene of the first Film). It just attaches itself to you - then gradually saps it's Host before moving on - after the Host has expired. Jack Dawson is shackled to that Ship - and might have gone down with it rather than just afterwards. There are those Beatles and Oasis References too ("Get back" - "Do you want to live - or do you want to die"). So what if that Kraken was an Octopus in a Garden?

    We have this Game don't we - Best, Starr etc - while White Star could be the former, but while this goes on nothing happens. So it's like something attaches itself to someone whether they want or need it or not - doesn't do anything - and then just moves on once that someone has met their Demise. It's like a City in North West England some of us have never seen - but the Cacaphony suggests we always do.

    As for these Trains - maybe they mean about as much to some of us as Morton's might have Cheyenne and Harmonica!

    All I know is some People have made a huge amount of Money during this Charade. Perhaps someone influential should Crowd Fund those responsible. It's more discreet than Litigation, has an Element of Consent and not as messy. When they do they can give anyone who's being stingy the "Is that the going Rate?" Treatment, and when they have avoid the Mistake made by Micheal Corleone in 1990 and the Bishop in 2004 - giving it to those it's meant for!

    Either that, or the Artist who drew the Brexit Cartoon could do one of them looking like Patrick Stewart in an Adaptation of a Dickens Story! Someone who had the same name as the scheming Ebenezer in "Kidnapped".

    What emphasises the Jackalikes is when in "On Stranger Tides" Jack says to Penelope Cruz "You have stolen me - I'm here to take myself back!". This is after the latter has been going around pretending to be Sparrow - recruiting for Blackbeard's Slave Ship. This also alludes to the androgyny thing.

    There's an Example of something that also was - which tallies with that Cartoon (Europeans) , but is countered by the silent Movie Slide in "Memorabilia" , re-emphasised in "More Memorabilia"- while the Net can distort as much as present something. This started long before we had Websites, Social Media with made up Names and everything else that could be construed as Pandora.

    The Harshness of Smiths Ship vis a vis this is found in a Song which seems to contradict the exercise when some of that Stuff was happening. The Moody Blues might have given us "Driftwood" - but then there's also "Go now" - which is a bit rough. But then that 6th Officer only let Jack and Fabrizio as far as Cabin 16 after all!

  89. Not sure if this should be here or in the Donald Trump Post, but what was brilliant about what Bobby Kennedy did was how he didn't go to San Francisco and meet the Costume Club, L.A and the Surfers, those Rhinestone Cowboys of Nashville or even the Boho's of a New York he was Senator of. He went to real America, the Millions left out by the supposed "Revolution" that WAS "Televised" (re; Gil Scott Heron) or anyone deriving from the War Dividend that Vietnam was making every Minute, Hour, Day, Week, Year - Decade. He knew that if he went there the TV Camera's would too - and finally People get to see real Americans - not the Yippie Joke/Myth peddled by the Hippie Media. They never would otherwise. This was neither "In a Gadda Da Vida" or even Fonda and Hopper in a Bikey Movie.

    In 1999 I meet the Wales left out by both 'Cool Britannia' and 'Cool Cymru', People who had been traded on by Writers like Zimmer Bradley, Geofrey Ash and the Mathews's, the Trinket Dinner Party Club - for more than 30 years - but who weren't deriving anything from it.

    Also, Mr Aarensohn finding the 'Paperwork' after all their Work and Risks refers to something else too. That while it seems Moe, his Sister and the equally Jewish Maxie had obviously pinched the Money says to People I can think of (the likes of Horovitz for example) "All that for this????" - like he could be a Zionist Writer from the early 20th Century. This from someone many think made the ultimate Film Statement - not the daily Scuzz that never could do. People might wonder why I seethe - but then, wouldn't anyone after Decades of this? His Movies aren't full of Rhinestone Cowboys either - that there is a realism to some of his Westerns.

    Not sure whether I should get a Harmonica or a Typewriter (re; Robards other famous Film Character) but there is a Connection between the former and Aarohnson, except when we get to 1997 maybe Ms Harry made it all up - be it the back of that Car of that of a Ship.

    Fonda in a Bikey Movie might speak volumes here too (Frank)! Bridget Fonda in "Snow Queen" - who wants everything to herself - seems unable to tell the difference between being cool........ and being cold. Could the same be said for the 7 Dwarves. Bit harsh considering those 7 Picts huh, but then that's the same Process as above isn't it! Elsewhere you will find a Post referring to a Film that deals with what happens when that "Ice in the Sun" melts away - erm - "Here comes the/Summer Sun" etc! Now I suppose the Daily Scuzz will daub on another layer of Slime - and in nearly 45 years that's a lot of Slime - and work the usual Suspect Networks.

    "You get your instructions from the Voice on the Radio" someone once sang - and I'm sure their "So suburban, so semi-detached" Stooges will get the Phone Call. Fran Healy will feel those invisible Threads being pulled - Pinocchio - and other Puppets.

    Meanwhile, maybe Depp was sent here by the Film Company. To see what Life was like in the Locker so to speak, and met or found out about those 'alikes - of whatever assimilation they are. That his Rock Group are a Comment on this.

  90. Also, this Website is named in homage to Entertainment Industry People who realised that there wasn't really any Entertainment for most People. It was either elitist or sleazy - or just rowdy - but nothing else. That the Record Industry and some other Entertainment People gradually disappeared up themselves in the Decade of Ecstasy and Coke - the most selfish Drugs imaginable, then whinged when People weren't buying their Products. Maybe the People of Blackbird Leys should march on Tolkienland and Lewisville - even if Adge Cutler-Becket is there waiting with his "Girt big Stick!" Cutler Beckett is a Nazi, while maybe some have made that unfortunate transition from Folk to Volk, that the Norse Elements of "Lord of the Rings" have become SS Das Wiking!

    When did Longshanks (Strider) become Edward Longshanks? Who wanted to exterminate all Vestiges of the Bloodline of Cuneddda - while Grufudd ap Llewelyn Fawr was kept as a Hostage by King John - another Plantagenet!

  91. Meanwhile, it should be said that Leone made "Once upon a time in the West" after his Eastwood, Cleef, Wallach Movie, not before, like it was his last Word on the Genre including his own Films on the subject. And before People start wearing Poncho's and thinking they're Eastwood or something, Leone asked all 3 to be in his OUaTitW" Film. They thought they'd be the Heroes or something until he told them they'd all be shot at the beginning by Harmonica. Suffice to say, they declined.

    Even then, in "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" there's the epic Piece - "The Ecstasy of Gold" which is about a Treasure Hoard that causes everyone to be disloyal. One minute they're Grey Confederates the next the Blue of the Union. Sort of sums up the 90's and those "Cold, selfish Children" - who aren't Children of course, but then neither was Bridget Fonda in "The Snow Queen".

    Yippies huh!

  92. Real Liberalism died at the Ambassador in 1968. If these designer Social Consciences were genuine Black Billy Jack wouldn't have been left on a Bench to die. The 'Liberals' of the NUJ would have a Meeting he could otherwise have gone to from 1992-96, other 'Liberals' would have thought it a bit harsh and made a Coffee occasionally, some might send Concert Tickets, but then - all those who turned out to be Cuckoo's in the Nest after 1968 - would have ensured none of this happened in the first. 'Liberal' FM might create a Social Life out here, and on it goes. From Horsecrap to rather a lot of Trojan Horse's it seems - or vice versa.

    "One flew over the Cuckoo's Nest" was a Film with Jack Nicholson - also in "Easy Rider" - but as the Name suggests it isn't the Cuckoo's Nest at all is it. They never are, while maybe him playing someone else called Frank in Boston with Mr Winstone somehow alludes to this.

    From White Stars to Whitie Bulger!!!!!

    The Pseudo-Liberals in that Group would have made sure everyone was on that 'Passenger List' too!

    I'm starting to wonder who that Irish King in "Tristan and Isolde" might have been in this context - on the Subject of Pseudo-Liberalism. Y'know, the one who bought off Witred of Hippie Town, played by Mark Strong!

    Either that or someone is acting like Don Ciccio in the 2nd Godfather Movie - telling everyone not to associate with Vito Andolini.

    Let's just hope the Money gets to those who need it huh - like Micheal is a continuation of something that starts with Vito and how it corresponds with all of this.

    "Close Students of the Law" The very Welsh David Thewlis says this in "Kingdom of Heaven". Csokas goes on about how, if France, some could not inherit, except he's quoting Frankish Law, but what if Thewlis refers to another legal System completely, that established in the Cyfraith Hywel?

    What if this refers to someone who might have been held hostage - or another prisoner in Bristol?

  93. "Tristan and Isolde" presents us with a Paradox - but one that has been commented on before. Here we have one of the most famous of the Arthurian Romances - even made into an Opera - except Witred of Glastonbury (a Saxon) has been bought off by an Irish King, but who is the Irish King they refer to? Could it be something that attached itself to John Hurt in 1979? Something that was small then, but in the 30 years before it reappeared as a Kraken it is much larger? The Paradox continues as Gryffudd ap Llewelyn Fawr was kept as a Hostage when he was a 'Boy' by King John. Seem to remember a Hostage Album somewhere in this, except maybe People were being bought off to do nothing like Witred was. Not surprised then that Jack "Washes his Hands" of something in the Context of an Interview I did about all that. Also, what was supposed to happen when we meet the De Witt Bucketters didn't, so it's like an Album Cover has stayed the same for 27 years..... maybe even 36.

    Then we have this Angelica thing don't we, which could be Ms Cruz, or maybe even Ms Merkel - pretending to be them on the Bow of a Ship - Junckers looking very disingenuous. How about Franks Men going around pretending to Cheyenne - trying to frame him for the McBain Shooting? It's like someone putting a Necklace in someone's Pocket. There's a Story today - but, while Bronson was the Tunnel King in a Movie whoever they were they weren't Ives from the same Film. Elmer Bernstein did the Music for that - he also did for Arthur of the Britons, while someone else called Bernstein worked with Woodward. Oh - and someone else called Robards.

    So not only might 'Deborah' have made it all up - what was Goldilocks doing there anyway? In "Snow Queen" Fonda arrives at a Hotel and everything turns very cold. There aren't 3 Bears there - just one, who could be called Arthur (the Bear). In "Boardwalk Empire" the Commodore has a Trophy he has shot - a Bear - on display in his House. If he is a Commodore - where would he have got any Ships?

  94. The Law? Thewlis mentions this in "Kingdom of Heaven" - and being a very Welsh Actor he might have been a similarly Welsh Scholar - living in Wales in the 1150-60's. Hospitaliers were very learned People - even before they might have taken the Vow and gone on Crusade. (Templars were usually just devout Warriors). This means he would have lived in a Wales as yet unconquered by Edward lst and thus, still using the Cyfraith Hywel as their Legal System. Something Llewelyn defended quite vocally. Csokas on the other hand, would subscribe to Frankish Law and came from France. Subsequently, he wouldn't acknowledge a System - different even to that of England and Scotland - that allowed even illegitimate Children to inherit Land and Titles. This was how we got to those who ensured the survival of the Gwynedd Bloodline despite Edwards Onslaught.

    It was after his Conquest of Wales that Legal System was ended, while the English brutally assimilated the Welsh before they marched as the Antagonists into "Braveheart". Shame really, because some of it would be regarded as quite progressive - even today. It was the English Church who expressed their horror at a System that allowed for Children of single Parent families over a 1000 years ago, but there was a Welsh Revival at the beginning of the 20th Century. (Cardiff was also made a City in 1905). Although ecclesiastic in nature it was a potent force for Welsh Independence - while also establishing the non-conformist Movement. Because of this, a rediscovery of Welshness was possible, including Hywel Dda's superb Law. This implies that People who might have had to travel incognito for Centuries because of the genocidal Designs of an English King and a Statement that was never really revoked - even after the Battle of Bosworth by Henry Twdyr - could re-activate Names associated with that Bloodline.

  95. I sometimes wish this was "Once upon a time in the West". I'd have more respect for my Enemies if we had to resolve things like they do rather than the cowardly way they have carried on!

    And that isn't necessarily a Shoot-em up, Harmonica meets Frank thing either. When Journalism was rathet less discredited than it might be now Ben Bradley (Robards) would have shot back with his Typewriter.

  96. It's "The Curse of the Black Pearl" and the Pirates storm Port Royal. Governor Weatherby Swann and his Daughter hide in the Residence. Later on and he hides in the Captains Cabin while the Navy fights the Battle. In "On stranger Tides" Jack says to Angelica "You have stolen me - I'm here to take myself back.

    Governor Swann is in a Governors Residence that wouldn't be anyone's had it not been for 1655. It wouldn't even have been Henry Morgans had there not been a Fleet to sail with that year. That Captains Cabin wouldn't exist, neither would that Navy defending it, while Angelica being Blackbeard's Daughter suggests some of this is about Bristol. The Comment here is about People fighting Battles others benefit from - while even Pirates as we know of them now start that year too.

    Even in East Anglia - the Home of both the Leader of the Commonwealth and the Huntingdon Earldom - someone might have something on display that came from somewhere, or someone, who fought the Battle in 1990 so to speak. I think the continuing Comment being that while they do that others are treated like Pirates - Outlaws, or even Outcasts, like those Pirates in the first Movie are the Ghosts of 1655 come to reclaim something.

    And when I say Cromwell I mean Lord Protector of England and Wales, not Richard Harris in a late 60's Film.

    I also remember the Crap I got for doing an Anti-Poverty Campaign in 1999, another Battle - while others might now benefit.

    There's also a reference to something Gandalf says, although maybe not a flattering one, in how "Through him ....... etc" - and we see those People at the start of "at Worlds end" walking through the Gauntlet of Soldiers to the Gallows.

  97. Although this might also be in the John Arthur Wynne Post, it seems Bristol hasn't really reformed since his work in 1833. That the modern 'Slave Trader' could be asked if they know the difference between Could or Should? Even "The Wires" Bodie finally explodes about how Marlo (a particularly ruthless Criminal) does what he does because he can - not because he ought. Even some Pirates offered Slaves the freedom to sail with them as equals. What also seems apparent is how the City seems oblivious to the Criticism it has received from some Film People. How even after their Critique nothing seems to have improved. Is some of that explained by how those elegant Town Houses, and Clifton Mansions were paid for? That it distorts everything so even today the Mindset behind Bristol's Wealth also hasn't improved? There might be some who think it's wrong, but just how sincere are they about that?

    Bristol's involvement in the Trade didn't start with those who lived in those Houses either - they were just a recommencement of something that went on Centuries earlier. How after that Period of Slavery was ended - at least as far as St Wulfstan could observe, they promptly took it up again. He worked on them, but found them very recalcitrant and obtuse (not much improvement there in 1000 years then), but he gradually convinced them that - y'know, selling Children to Ireland wasn't a brilliant way of making a Living, and they eventually stopped. Shame this didn't continue into the Centuries notorious for it then.

    Having watched "All the Presidents Men" there's a quote which could be applied here, and to those who just see the opulent exterior or the quaint ruralness. In a Scene where Woodward and Bernstein are in a typical Suburban Street in Washington the latter remarks how it was hard to believe that in an Area - with all it's neat little Houses - anything could be wrong. "No it isn't!" Woodward replies.

  98. Before the Yippie Media continues with their monstrous perversion of History - and what makes "Once upon a time in the West" seem even more poignant is what happened in the 1968 US Election. Poignant here too because of Events in America today. Hubert Humphrey struggled to obtain a Mandate in the wake of the Kennedy Murder and was scuppered by the antics of an earlier Bunch of pseudo-Liberals led by the elitist Likes of Jame Fonda. Other snotty pseudo-Liberal elitists from Berkley trashing the Lives of ordinary Americans - who watched the Fiasco called the Chicago Democrat Party Conference. That's how they ended up with Nixon as President.

    Meanwhile, not only do I still want to know where my Article about the Caucasus went (Region - not Electoral Process) that disappeared on Tech Support Guy - I'd also like to know what all that Crap was about concerning someone called Hubert!

    Anyway, while Blackbeard and Angelica were into their Hocus Pocus - it seems to be an accurate representation of what seems to be happening here with these GGI People - who couldn't keep it real if their Lives depended on it.

    Meanwhile, I hope those Slave Traders weren't still at it so someone could appear on a Dublin Rock Bands Album Cover in 1980. After all, that was where those Children were sold by Bristol 1000 years ago.

    "More Memorabilia" will show you what I mean here - while if you look at this.....

    you'll start to understand that Jacks Question doesn't just apply to Elizabeth. "Where did you get that?" It also shows how we've had the Hostgealbumphotoalikes here who are like Swann - hiding in the Captains Cabin while others fought the Battle - then appear and filch all the Credit.

    This was all supposed to end that year - and it didn't, so I write about real Social Consciences - not the designer ones foisted on us by the same Club that ensured things didn't resolve as they were supposed to.

    You could fast forward to "The Killing Fields" and realize that if those fake 'Liberals' (Franks Daughter, Son - Grand-daughter) hadn't destroyed the Democrat Campaign in 1968 there would have been no "Rolling Thunder" - no Khymer Rouge - and thus, no Kampuchian Holocaust! Even Mr Heinz Baked Beans would have to admit that. By all means play "Hotel California" but when the Yippies Daughter came to stay she made everything go very very cold.

    Heck, you might even have a very hot, new Cold War!

    Octopus's, Krakens, Jones with his Caledonian Accent - People doing Talk Radio, those Tentacles - wonder who that might be Mr Bean! Talk Radio - and Radio Phone'ins, seem to remember someone inventing that! Those Cuckoo's huh!

    Philip, Carol, French Cars, - but a Trade that went on in Bristol that was once financed by what would become the Natwest!

    Someone else called Carol - who probably thinks she's a Bear!


  99. Not content with whatever they'd already had from us - or maybe reacting to - the 'alikes shown in Films there was something else too......

    Like another Dissident I might start writing Plays....

    I might write one about a weird Trial, where there was no Evidence, no Witnesses and no Records kept of something a Jury was told had happened over a 15 year period.

    Rabbits huh - except it isn't theirs to 'manage' or give away!

    The Libral-Left had gone too far when we started getting other trendy-lefty manipulations involving Photographs, Kung Fu, and some Bloke from Salford, Manchester.

    They'd definitely gone too far when they tried burying the Evidence!

    As someone once said in a Film "There's always a bigger Fish" - and while someone somewhere built this Monstrosity - complete with those Silver Balls and PR People to somehow justify it (and Martin/Martine - re; Angelica's Androgyny again - over/under drone, blah) - someone somewhere else might want to know about the Excesses of what was created by Tony Blair and probably other 'Liberal-lefties'!

  100. This - 'other People doing the Work' - thing also applies in "Kingdom of Heaven"...

    We see Csokas strutting about like he owns the Place. Bailan's Father is called Godfrey. In 1099 Godfrey of Boulion captured Jerusalem from the Seljuk Turks and established the Latin Kingdom of.... So while Csokas swaggers around Balian has as much - if not more - right to be there as/than he does. De Lusignan is also a Hypocrite. How many years has he had Flings with the female Palace Staff - but what happens when he even suspects Balian might Sybila? He doesn't even confront it like they might in those days. He sends the proto-Nazi Teutonic Knights to do it - and rather more than just a roughing-up.

    He also played Celeborn that year - but when you read the "Real Middle Earth" Post and consider the Location for most of "King Arthur" - it implies that the same applies. In "Titanic" they sing "Oh, hear us when we cry to thee" on the day Jack is turned away by Lovejoy, but they played this at Jack Kennedy's Funeral, so he might have even been banned from that.

    All of this suggests some People have been acting like a Schmuck for years - like Hockley, De Lusignan etc - while, as Csokas was the Elf in Tolkien - not everything in Yippieland was quite as groovy as they'd have you believe.

    The Contrast in how People live is apparent when you see either the Opulence of the First Class Areas of Smiths Ship or the Governors Residence in "Pirates of..." - the sleek Roman in all his Finery and those Wodes, and other examples of the same thing. If Stott also played a Dwarf - this implies the Pictish Influence on the Character.

    In 1993 Hillary Clinton fired 7 Travel Office Workers for alleged Financial Impropriety - which, on retrospect, is a bit like the Pot calling the Kettle Black. So, what happens when Snow White arrives at that Hotel in "Snow Queen"?

    There's also an unfortunate Paradox with "All the Presidents Men" in this Context, that while Redford might have made a superb Film about Watergate he was also a close Friend of Jane Fonda. Someone whose Associates Activities help scupper Humphrey's Democrat Campaign in 68, while the Liberalocracy of the 1990's - all very Showbiz - coupled with that of Tony Blair and his 'Cool Britannia' - featured someone who was dismissed from the Watergate Inquiry for unethical Conduct. That while Blair's supposed 'Inclusion' sounded great as a Political Soundbite the reality was we see him - and Colleagues called Beckett - doing what they won't let others do. Clinton fired a Travel Officer who had worked there since Kennedy's Government, I got fired by a former Labour Councilor.

  101. Political Correctness.......

    10 years ago I worked for an 'ethical' Company and while I spent he last of my Money to travel to the Office where it was based in the Land where I was born, some Colleagues had an £850-900 Plane Ticket in their Rucksack, an expensive Visa in their Passport and a Work Permit. Money never seemed to be a problem and they didn't seem too bothered whether they kept the Job or not.

    Fast forward a few years and how would they have voted in the European Referendum or the American Election? I think we know that answer to that Question - while there isn't much difference between them and those 10,000 Eurocrats who blanched at our Brexit Vote - both live this Jetset lifestyle - except one might not wear a Suit when they do it.

    When, at the same time, still in the Land where I was born, I start getting pushed around by those same People I start to remember how different we are. Those things they keep telling us about being 'Multi-Cultural' etc start to become more difficult to subscribe to. I'd be lucky if I could ever afford a Holiday in the Countries they come from, while they seem to shuttle to and fro and it doesn't seem to be a big deal.

    I've reached that point where I don't care if People call me a Racist if I voted to leave Europe or would have voted for Donald Trump. I don't think the Afro-Caribbeans who did the former and Afro-Americans the latter do either. I could say that they have a form of Racism - one that means their 'Society' and 'Culture' is one of Airports, the sort of People who do the same they do - and those that have access to it. When I did that Job there were times when I used to think "What's it like being you?"

    Maybe as a reminder to those who come from Commonwealth Countries should be either the Stuff here about those Pirates Movies and some Documentaries about it. Perhaps also People should write to the Grundy TV Company who made that Show Minogue and Imbruglia used to be in asking them when they are going to show some Aborigine's. Then draw the comparison with how they might act when they are here. It's based on Ramsey Street isn't it - that's a Town on Ynnis Mannaw (Isle of Man).

    Also, wasn't Australia discovered by James Cook - in a Navy started by Robert Blake?

  102. "Part of the Ship, part of the Crew, part of the Ship, part of the Crew" the Compliment of Jones's Dutchman chant, mindlessly - as they become the Planks and Nails of the Ship. What is happening here seems to be the same thing - where People are becoming the Concrete, Metal and Glass of that Piazza. Artwork is no guarantee against this either as one famous Artist gradually only saw his Wife as Colour, Contrast, Shape, and Shadow. There's more to life than Aesthetic. More to life than Song Lyrics, while Jones is a "slimy Git" as Sparrow calls him. So anyone using any of the above instead of their Humanity is the same.

    Also, unlike what happened after 1961 - or even the late 40s - let's hope that Mr Silvashko doesn't become a load of Metal Balls.

    Meanwhile in 1974 Robert De Niro has to give up his Job because Don Fanucci has a Nephew. Considering how many People seem to have been placed before others in this 'Fanucci' must have had Parents and Siblings that were very prolific.

    What was also horrible about the 90's and connects with the Locker Scene in Leone's Movie is how a Jewish Songstress like Louise Wiener tells People "It's wrong of you to breed". That came from someone else 70 years ago, and also tallies with how Calypso describes what Jones had become. It's also something that is cruelly ironic in the Context of real History involving someone called Arthur!

    Even worse when you ask when anything called Berg becomes something from 1912.

    A very sick/cruel Joke indeed!

  103. Even then, there's something on a Website about what might be wrong with Liberal Journalism, somehow reiterating that they have a nimbyish attitude towards the less fortunate. I met People a bit like that 27 years ago, while their effect could only be described as being pulled in with one Hand - pushed away with the other.

    Something else is apparent too. That the Ocracy we have here - every Strata of the Social Infrastructure - would make Newscorp's few Coppers in the Pocket look like small change. The proverbial Butcher, Baker and Candlestick Maker all seem to be on someone's Payroll, while what we have here - a Dumping Ground for the tumorous Garbage - is like a Theater in Jamaica a Documentary showed. The Embassy in Kingston - which used to be the premiere Reggae Venue - now derelict and piled with Trash. I could say that that was how this was 'managed' too - that while I seem to meet those who have LIVED their Lives - I never get to those still LIVING theirs!

    Also, I won't recant what I said about how the worst Excesses of Culture always seem to happen during a Liberal-left Government. The Yippies showed their true Colours in the Obama Era, (Human Beings became Dogs apparently - treated like Frodo does Gollum), the 90's was when they got their Feet under someone else's Round Table - what we have now is the Result.

    In all the years before this they always had someone else's 'Camelot' to hide in - even in G.W.B there was still Europe. They don't have that now. Why did I decide against them this year? Because it isn't Camelot anymore.

    On the Subject of reneged on Agreements. Calypso doesn't emerge from this entirely blameless. Isn't the Deal with the Dutchman supposed to involve her being there every 10 years after Jones had done his Work? Because she wasn't he ends up doing what he does in the Films. At the end of "At Worlds End" Elizabeth ensures that She and Wills Son are - thus, everything is happening as it is supposed to. You could say that it's a shame the same couldn't be said for People when Black Billy Jack reaches the Boat deck of the Titanic in 1996.

    In Greek Mythology the Ferryman is supposed to transport the Dead across the River Styx - which is like the Dutchman. But what if you get People acting like those nimbyish 'Liberals' mentioned above - or what happens when something disappears into their 'Back Yard'? Something akin to being made to feel like Tantalus in Tarterus - where everything is continually, and deliberately, out of reach.

  104. What the Election has proved though is something that Ziegler says on "The West Wing" (I know I have been critical of the Series for its Irony but even there some things that might be right).

    They're talking about Protest or Organising and he says how People are too reliant on Social Media, which merely lets the Opposition know what you're doing before you do it rather than develop a support base. That it isn't any Substitute for how People used to do these things. I remember being in a Bar in Bristol and saw some People who were in various acts of Mobile Phone use. Someone was surfing the Web/checking Email, another sending Texts - the others just looked on. They were communicating with everyone except those that were with them. This is one of today's Ironies in that the proliferation of all this Communications Technology seems to be having the opposite effect when it comes to being communicative.

    When applied in the Context of the Ziegler quote the results are quite apparent. This is a Criticism I've made consistently of the Liberal-left and what it has become, (the virtual as well as literal Dinner Party) while has anyone thought that many of these Social Media things are edited by the Owners? This means the the Context of what you are trying to say can get as distorted as it might being misquoted by a Journalist. That corporate interests can drown your Message as they flood the Internet with SEO grabbing Websites. Watch how Scammers operate when they create so called 'Reviews' and faked 'Comments' to see how this works. You can find tons of Stuff obviously stooged by People who might be an interesting Subject in Sociopathology in the supposed 'random People' Comments Section of Websites that obviously reek of an Agenda. Thugs don't just skulk around in Backstreets anymore - they stalk the Internet too and have learned how to Type - although riven with Typos, while you can see very quickly how a Conversation in that Backstreet connects with some of that. (You'll find none of that Toxicity here)

    To become too dependent on it is self explanatory.

  105. What is it the Priest says to Balian in "Kingdom of Heaven" - how if he goes to Jerusalem all his Sins will be erased. What irks me about this Semi-Detached Suburban Washing Machine is how People move here - or move back here - and we're supposed to forget what they used to be like. How they might immerse themselves in Detergent - suddenly becoming Semi Detached Suburban Mr and Mrs James - while the Damage done to others and what they were trying to achieve is also supposed to be forgotten. How those who might even have counselled against some of their earlier Activities are consigned to the Social Gulag. Sorry, but I'm not gonna watch a load of YouTube Docs about the Trail of Dead left by the Clinton's in their rise to Power without seeing the Parallels!

  106. This will Temper my scrutiny of both Theresa May - and her post-Brexit Comments about Slavery - and the new Republican President, Donald Trump.

  107. Black People with Dogs......

    There's a House in Ireland which gradually fell into decrepitude. While that was going on we saw the emergence of some very wealthy or influential Afro-Caribbeans/Americans - from some Actors to R & B and Hip Hop, Politicians to Sports People, even a President, but still that House fell into decrepitude.

    The 'Road' (all Puns/Similes intended) to those Peoples success started there as its owner 200 years ago began something that would lead to the 13th Amendment. That to abolish Slavery in the British Empire was going to mean the same happening eventually in the US, but we get the Black People with Dogs.

    A Republican Film Maker appoints (Marc) Anthony Fuqua - a Hip Hop Video Maker - to direct his Film about Camelot - or indeed - Arthur, which scoops up all sorts of Meanings and Demographics. But still we get the Black People with Dogs. His Arthur is played by someone called Owen, his Lancelot by someone called Ioan - but we still get Frodo Black Guy with Dogs.

    We've just had the biggest Rout of the Politically correct Liberal-left in electoral history - from Scotland to Europe to America - and we still get the Black Guy with Dogs.

    That House is a Metaphor for so many things - and some People!

  108. If this continues we might see certain D.W Griffiths Movies become popular again. Never thought I'd say that - but the supposedly intelligent Politically Correct, Academically educated Liberals seem to have become as recalcitrant as those Bristolian's were when St Wulfstan started discouraging their Practice of the Slave Trade.

    Or maybe they just like provoking People.

    Either way, they've upset so many People with this horrible New Age Fascism that a Backlash was inevitable.

    "Birth of a nation" also meant Birth of an Industry - hope People working in Creative Economics read this. Ditto for anyone in anything else that might have its Origins in other Peoples Battles.

    Either that or preferably this.....

    That the new Republican Government in America conclude what the Republican Film Maker started - to read that 13th Amendment they ratified in 1865 and act on it. The problem Bruckheimer had then was the Politically Correct British Government and a War that President Elect Trump voted against. A war some of us opposed - and paid for doing so!

    I'm sure Coventry must be lovely - but when you're forced to live there it loses its charm.

    You can't be a Politically Correct anything if the Government turns off the Money Supply can you!

    "Birth of a Pearl" too - something Jack might have seen before he met Rose, David Aaronsohn firts seeing Deborah - while Fairbanks was the first Filmic Earl of Huntingdon.

    What that Election finally proved was how easily that PC Crap can be swept away. That it's nothing more than an empty Boat Deck in a 1996 Movie.

    Oh, it gets even more devious......

    Remember their prattling on about this Orange Revolution? That we were all supposed to support Kievs attempt to break away from Russia? Yeah, and while we do that - what happens elsewhere?

  109. This is where all that Volk in those Jackson Movies might have backfired! So, Treebeard, what happens now you've "Released the River?"

    So maybe the Caricature should now be those supposed 'Peoples people - sleek Pop Stars, wealthy politically correct Academics and the like' begging from Oliver Twist. Have those Volk's Cars parked outside.

    How about the Cyfraith Hywel - which offered certain Guarantees to the Children of unmarried Parents? What does this say to Mr Greenleaf - Issue of an unmarried Union between Godfrey and his Mother?

    A Bench in the High Street wasn't much of a Thankyou was it!

    Then there's that Song isn't there - the one by Ms Weiner telling some of us that it was wrong of us to breed - while others procreate everywhere. You might have W.A.S.Ps - but you also have W.P.C.B's (White, Pictish, Celt, Britons) - one of whom was called Arthur.

    There was also Mr Balfour - and something to do with being "Kidnapped" - shall I continue........

  110. D W Griffiths United Artists Co-founder was expendable to Political Correctness when - after spending more than 50 years speaking up for all sorts of People - he was deported in 1952. So - did the Immigrants one of his Films was about, or those Workers "Modern Times" spoke up for petition the Government against this? Did any Liberal Senators or Congressmen raise questions in the Legislature? Anti-Fascists who watched him poke Fun at Adolf Hitler voice their Concern?

    Black Americans have the Vote - some now have lots of Money - a few have influence, the downtrodden Irish Catholics went to America - some became Multi-millionaires, the Jews got Israel, India got her Independence - ditto for Pakistan - and on it goes - but is the World a better place, or have all the Stereotypes been proved true in their newly established Prosperity? We have to be PC about a Country that still has a Caste System, PC about somewhere that harbours People who want to kill us, pretend the drunken fighting Polak doesn't exist and ditto for the Irish. How about the Jews and what they might have become after 1948? While all this goes on how many of us have been expendable to it? Just exactly who is this PC Utopia for when it's apparent it isn't for the Majority who make up that Cannon Fodder?

    How about those in Creative Economics who worked thanks to us - did they offer any Support when I was sent to the Gulag?

    Then when those Groups started to lie about People.........

    There's nothing the Mediaocracy can do about it any more either - they were part of this Deception anyway, because when Black Billy Jack finally made it onto their Boat Deck - it was empty! There's nothing the Police can do either - because this is happening in Democracy!

    "Birth of a Nation" = Birth of an Industry. It was Money made showing this that financed the establishing of Film Companies - from which came Record Companies, Radio (RKO) and TV.

    Politically Correct Parties and Governments have been swept away - how long would we have to tolerate them?

    Also, what would Griffiths and Chaplin have made of a bunch of Monkeys from late 70's Manchester or Thugs from Guildford cuckooing their Nest?

  111. That Bastion of PC - the BBC forfeit their right to interfere in anyones lives when they botched everything 27 years ago.

    As for this New Age - it's a heavily marketed bad Joke - meant for those it can sell to, no-one else!

  112. Hope any 'Managers' read this - because we might end up 'managing' you, and the Brutality and Bleakness of your Tenure won't be forgotten!

  113. The question here is are those we might have been politically correct to (or else) better People than those doing the political correctness? Or are they the same People - but with Money and/or a Career - and in one Instance - a Homeland? Politically correct People forget the Expendability in the name of whatever its Objectives might be. Chaplin was one of the most famous and the deafening Silence of those he spoke up for was appalling. He was deported not that long after WW2, after being one of the only mainstream Hollywood Figures to be openly critical of Hitler - but he was still expendable.

    People might blanch at the D W Griffiths Movie - but what was going on in the Years of the Black President? What would John Arthur Wynne make of the decreptitude his House fell into while Hip Hop started outselling Rock Music? Clintonist Culture suggests the Liberal-left is a Toilet - nothing more inspiring than that.

    Maybe there was a Hint at what could be wrong when Rose says to Jack "Even if we just talk about it!" - while Jack replies "No we do it".

    People are now trying to show Dickensian Images of what Brexit might mean, but Ignorance or Distortions of History mean you are doomed to repeat it. While those Shiboleths still existed and seemed unassailable did they just take it all for granted?

  114. Hippies.......or even Yippies?

    Before People get too into wearing Grey and whistling - or even being Lanterns, when commenting on the appearance of Punk Bob Harris said that in the 60's - supposedly the Decade where everything was supposed to improve - all they really did was have huge amounts of Sex and do Drugs......because they could (not sure if should ever entered into this), while the same can be said of those in the Liberal years since. He was commenting on the Era just before Punk - but that was when you had Callaghan in Britain, Carter in the US - and the EEC. This isn't a Culture thing, while how much of that was manufactured and contrived anyway?

  115. More expend ability............

    I wrote about this elsewhere in Internetland, I'll mention it here.

    It was how Earl Cardigan was sent by the incompetent Lord Raglan to charge Russian Guns at Balaclava (on the ominous Date of 25th October 1854). They as everyone knows were slaughtered in a futile Attempt to neutralise the Artillery.

    There have been many Instances where this is analogous.

    Hippies.... (again). When I was commissioned to make an objective Program about them in 1992. How the current Earl of Cardigan allowed them to stay at Savernake Forest after their Convoy was 'decommissioned' in 1985. How many other Examples of this are there?

    In the current Geo-Military Crisis it would be ill advised for anyone to charge Russian anything - although there might be People (Propagandists) who would want us to.

    Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote his epic Poem about this - while he also wrote "The Idylls of the King" - the Story of Arthur at the Battle of Camlan and it's Aftermath. How many times have People called on all that to fight their Battles for them?

    Considering how much (doesn't) happen after something like this, or how Black Billy Jack was left on that Bench, this suggests that those at the receiving end of the Political Correctness Equation aren't better People - somehow more generous, maybe more acknowledging with reciprocal Gestures. Maybe that Process actually makes things worse because even though we fought the Battle we still have to stand in line behind those who have scored enough PC Tokens.

  116. Mario Puzo made a very poignant Comment about some of this in the Godfather when Vito has to give up his Job at Abbandando's Shop so Fanucci's Nephew can have it. Had this not happened Vito would probably have ended up a Business Partner running it with Genco after Signor Abbandando retired. Instead he becomes a Gangster.

    So what happens when People are continually pushed further down the Line by yet another Bunch of People facilitated by whoever Fanucci applies to? How many for example, somehow arrived after 1968, or 1990? I meet People who seem to have a bigger Angle on all that than I do - because of that Process.

    This Multi-Cultural thing is a Scam - because it seems every other Culture is allowed except the native one. In some instances Councils have all but banned Christmas, meaning you won't see Decorations or a Tree in any of their Premises - but other Holidays and Celebrations are permitted.

    Another example of this happened when I meet someone who goes on about Clothes being too small. So how is he getting a Angle on something he had nothing to do with 27 years ago? How about others?

    What you have to realize is this isn't a Putsch - it isn't a Coup - and it's not a Bunch of Skinheads marching through Shadwell in London. It was done via Ballot not by Street Fight. It's a wholesale rejection of an Ideology that would have you walking on broken Glass and Eggshells - terrified of doing this or saying that - while being dictated to by People who live in Airport Departure Rooms, plush Hotels, Restaurants and anywhere else they can claim the Expenses for. Cushy Number if you can get it huh! Not sure how flying to Brussels from here cost anything up to £900 - but this merely emphasises the Point doesn't it.

    Even Kevin Costner addressed this in "500 Nations" when one of his Native American Interviewees says how "With every Treaty his People lost a little more Status, they (the Settlers) got a little more Land". Robert Kennedy commented in 1968 on how Money is spent everywhere - including the Vietnam War - while they can't even look after their own People. So, this confronts all Pseudo-Liberals who have used those Structures as a Career Structure and Money Siphon to their own ends, while serving up the Politically Correct Cool Aid.

  117. But then they're rather like the 'Liberals' who have watched "Neighbours" since it started in the 1980's and never asked what they've done with the Aborigines aren't they!

  118. They're also like the 'Liberals' who might confuse Christianity with Dodgy Records (Horrible, 90's Hippie Indie Group - like most of that awful Culture which happened by default in that disgusting Decade). Their so called "Free Peace Suite" Album - typical continu'um of the non-peace of a 60's that was renowned for Altamont and the Isle of Wight Festivals!

  119. William Penn Senior and Junior is rather like William Turner Senior and Junior isn't it, while Richard Attenborough had Robert Downey Junior play his Charlie Chaplin in the 1992 "Chaplin" Movie.

    The first two were airbrushed out of History after the Restoration (as was Robert Blake and General John Lambert), the last was denied access to his own Studio after he was deported in 1952. He still had a few Film left in him after he made "Limelight" but none of which were released in the US - with obvious implications for compromising their potential success. The Pseudo-Liberals left themselves wide open for Criticism - particularly after the Clinton 90's - particularly when Hillary fired Billy Dale - a Travel Office Employee since Kennedy's Government, by everyone from real Liberals to Fans of the D W Griffiths Movie.

    The latter could cite how Griffiths former U.A Colleague and Partner was expendable by those he spoke up for. That because of that how could you trust anyone claiming to be a Liberal, and why bother with those People when they only sell you out?

    There was this famous Expression which sums them up........

    "First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me."

  120. In other Words - where were those Immigrants, the Labour Unions, the Anti-Fascists, and the Plethora of others Chaplin spoke up for when he was deported? One of the most famous People in the World - kicked out of America and no-one said a Word.

    Then there's this Irony I've always been critical of......

    But where's the Irony in the 1833 Slavery Abolition Act, the 13th Amendment, the Balfour Declaration that ended any potential future Holocaust - and however many other non-Ironies that a jaded and cynical 'Liberal-left' - corpulent and indulgent by those Structures currently being dismantled - made ironic?

    Now you see the Story behind "Titanic" - where Jack saves the Life of a Woman who becomes an Actress. The serious side of Chaplin's "Limelight" Story!

  121. Article 50.....

    When People were making their Predictions about the Invoking of Article 50 they did so when no-one took Donald Trump seriously as a Candidate and People still believed in Liberalism. Those who arrogantly assumed Hillary would win the Election, and who listened to President Obama's rather patronising Comments about the naughty little Brits for voting against the European Union.

    A Question I have - even for those who mooted a 2 year Period before final Withdrawal - is why 2 years? It didn't take 2 years for the former Warsaw Pact to become exactly that, and that involved something far more pervasive, socially, economically, militarily, geographically - and involving rather more People. Unfortunately; one of the less brilliant aspects of Gorbachev was the Denialism that existed in the Kremlin even in 1991 that there were no more Governments beholden to them in Eastern Europe. That while the Warsaw Pact no longer existed - neither did Commicon, Comminform, or Commintern.

    Also, while some Socialists might have colluded in the Empty Space left by Charlie Chaplin after 1952 - or even Robert Downey Junior in 1992/3 - they obviously haven't read that bit in "Das Capital" about the means of Production, and the Implications if you can't access them.

  122. Maybe I'll write something here - or even someone make a Documentary Series - about the People who have been Cannon Fodder for Liberal-left Causes over the years. That, if you were to examine the Stats - there are probably as many who have as were for the things Documentary Makers have covered at the other end of the Equation. What makes the Liberal-left worse is how they're supposed to be the Good Guys - but I'm not sure they are. Charlie Chaplin is a classic Example, while his Daughter appearing in "Dr Zhivago" is made more poignant by this.

    That it was also appropriate that Tennyson wrote both his "Light Brigade" Poem - and that of the "Idylls of the King". That while Lord Raglan brutally sacrificed the "Brave 600" in all his incompetence - how many have all that Chivalry? Jack Dawson could have just walked away from Rose imminent Suicide instead of getting involved - and then putting up with the things we saw in the "Titanic" Film.

    I write as a Welshman - while there are those who derived from a Campaign in 99, and all did Owain Glyndwr in 1998 - but why do the Welsh Media sop to English People in the Name of Expediency or Points Scoring? They pull the Drawbridge up on their own People for them?????

    Price/Pryce is a Welsh Name - so is his Character in "Pirates of...." analogous for them? That while they become Cardiff's Yuppies someone else fought Battles for them Centuries ago - which echoed with Defiance until their devolved Government at the end of the 90's.

    Seems Kevin Costner - an American Film and Documentary Maker - made more allusions to this than they have with "500 Nations". In "Attack on Culture" he tells how Native Americans were punished for speaking their - rather than the Amerenglish Language - for example. My Father had his Welsh Language beaten out of him by English Schools. He tells of the corrupt Indian Ring - siphoning off what was theirs by Agreement, stealing what was theirs by Right. If there's no 'J' in the Welsh Alphabet how can Kelly Jones wave those Draig Gochs anywhere - while, why is he playing Longshanks's Game?

  123. Even the Winchesters in "Supernatural" don't mess with that Native American Stuff - probably because what was done was so bad.

    Why wasn't "500 Nations" shown in Britain - y'know, on the 'right-on Politically Correct' BBC2 or Channel 4?

    Don't get me started on these dismal euro-subsidised Sports Commentators!

    Maybe also, Governor Swann is analogous for another - whose Family have let others fight the Battles for Centuries - while using the "Offensive" Word occasionally!

    I also hope the former Labour Councillor - turned radio Boss reads this too....

  124. Kevin Costner would be glad to hear that William Penn had his Treaty - that of Shackamaxon - with Native Americans in the establishment of Pennsylvania.

    Although some have questioned its authenticity - even if it were semi-mythical, many Native Americans still cite it as the most poignant example of Friendship with the Settlers. Some think it's an Amalgam of other Agreements made by him. What it shows is how he was venerated by Native People's and distances him from what might have happened after he died, and elsewhere in America. He also bought Land from them - not forcibly remove them. There was no Andrew Jackson "Trail of Tears", or Sand Creek in his Dealings with them.

  125. Andrew Jackson...... now there's a Name!

  126. Meanwhile, in "JFK" Mr Costner sums up how he felt the Military Industrial Complex was responsible for Kennedy's Assassination. We even have the Clip of Eisenhower warning about its emergence in American Society and how it shouldn't have undue influence on it's civic Life or Democracy. This was 1990 - and things were happening then I was involved with, but it was almost like Oliver Stone (who makes some superb Documentaries) was saying that the same thing could happen with that. That it might have happened before - and could again.

    This was about the time a Pink Cadillac appeared in a Film.

    There were many People skulking around the Background of all this - since the 1970's - and I'm starting to think I've met some of those responsible in recent years!

  127. Re; "No War" Poster....

    I don;t think it's an unreasonable question to ask someone from the Yippie Club (Media and Academe) when someone is going to make the definitive Documentary about 1948. The Czech Connection, the Haganah, the Jewish Council, their Declaration and War of Independence - how Memories of that continued probably until 1989 and the end of Communism. It was Masaryck who signed up to and Stalin who stopped Czech Support for Israels War that year.

    Maybe I should ask one of these Yippies we have living here now!

    It's a lot more interesting than Gollum, Fish and pure Fiction written by Oxford Elitists obsessed with death.

  128. Bill Nighy played a rather slimy Diplomat in the Adaptation of Le Carre's "Constant Gardener" - while maybe what didn't happen 27 years ago might have something to do with why Donald Trump doesn't want a UK Ambassador from the Court of St James. If they're anything like his Character I'm not surprised, he couldn't be trusted either, while the "dysfunctional and ugly" default 90's was partially because of that. I'm also not surprised now that there might be a Backlash against that Yippie Club, which emerged by default too.

  129. And I don't think that was forgotten either....

    In 2004 we see People conscripted into the Roman Army, then the Film fasts forward 15 years. So, instead of living their Lives in Sarmatia those People spend those years fighting to keep Honourious in Roman Finery and a very nice Villa. If you minus 15 from 2004 you get 1989...... when others ought to have been living their lives.

    Contrast the World of 1989-91 to that of the early 2000's - and even those more recently. 27 Years ago we saw Parties in Prague and eastern Europe, South Africa, and even Iran as the Reformers obtained Influence after Khomeini. Almost all of the 2000's have been marred by War - Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, North Africa, the Caucasus, and even that huge Kalmuk that is the Ukraine and South West Russia. Germanus attaches yet another Caveat to those People's Freedom - and you have to ask how many other times has this happened? So we see them celebrating at the Fort - only to be told that that Freedom has been postponed, pending the most dangerous Mission they've even been given. Not surprisingly, some of them are a bit miffed about this.

    It's like this isn't it. That while some had their Parties, or were allowed to benefit from what happened at the end of the 1980's, others just have 'War' after 'War'. The Knights in "King Arthur" are a bit feral after years of that, and certainly aren't like sleek Romans like Honourious, Horton or even Germanus. The Wodes Plight is even worse. There's a potent Analogy for a similar Contrast that developed in the years since 1990.

    Maybe this is because someone had to give up something - like Arthur has to his Room for Germanus.

  130. Who was going to dispute what happened 27 years ago? Nelson Mandela's release, Events across Eastern Europe, the end of Khomeini, Hostages coming home? No-one, while Prague had their Revolution in November 1989, by December 29th they had a fully elected President - and not a Shot was fired. Not a Shot fired in Cape Town or Tehran either. This was no Ukraine or Georgia. This was no Cold War 2 with Russia.

    Not a Shot was fired in Shrewsbury either - when Llewelyn marched on King Johns Army - who promptly surrendered.

    Those now default Yippies had it easy.

    Arthur has to give up his Room - Hortons Comment the epitome of arrogance and assumption.

    Germanus has his Pieces of Paper, Chamberlain had the most notorious Piece of Paper in History.

    Events in the Sudeten were what started what would become the Holocaust. What we see in that horrible Black, White and Red all over World in "Schindlers List". The Documentary about those People - filmed in full Colour, they don't have to live in that World anymore. Yeah, and why should I? They were the People who made it to Czechoslovakia - there were 6 Million who didn't.

    There have been People trapped because of how this was managed. An Antique Dealer is found dead on a bench in "Munich", so was Black Billy Jack.

    How many Robin Hood Fans and Constitutional Lawyers would dispute a Llewelyn (having had an alliance with the Barons Revolt) whose bloodless Defeat of King John at Shrewsbury in 1215 led to the latter, realising the game was up, signing Magna Carta that year?

    Now I mention it, after the Farce that was the Poll Tax (where many felt she had gone too far) - how many would have disputed the Resignation of Margaret Thatcher in 1990? I notice that even pro- Brexit Theresa May is striving to avoid some of the Mistakes she made.

    So you have to understand my Antipathy about People who somehow made it by default, and why I find it irksome that they now make Decisions that I'm not entirely sure were earned.

    What I find exasperating is how the same Attitude that seemed to prevail 27 years ago, still prevails now - even after the Epic Battles fought on the Cinema Screen. What this has also revealed is a duplicity in some quarters of the Media - who at once; want to influence Opinion, while concurrently ignore exactly the same when it's done by Film Makers.

  131. The horrible thing about all this is how the last 8 years will be remembered - by me at least - as the years People might have read by me on the Internet. Worse still, it seems it was also a time when Liberalism (or the Dinner Party Club) was used as a continuation of the appropriationism that happened during the Clinton Era. Then, they had the Kudos and Momentum of something a couple of years before. With this they were scooping up other things.

    Oh, and the Thugs with Drums too - and while Bill Nighy played the slimy Diplomat he also played the Pirate Radio Boss in "The Boat that rocked" (which - coupled with Jones - means O'Rahilly's supposed "Peace and Love" Band - with Members of old "Rhythm Sticks")

    Then we have all these other horrible 60's References - Ginger Baker and all that, "MacArthur Park" by Mr Harris, or "Mathew and Son" by Cat Stevens. How about Robert "I am the Sea" Zimmerman and all his 60's nonsense too? More Humour Tumours than a Marie Curie Laboratory. Suffice to say that the Politician whose Values (if that's what you call them) were based in that Decade has collapsed.

    What I hope President Elect Trumps Era will mean is People don't have to see their Achievements and Work end up elsewhere, or how the Institution swallows up the Results of that Work - which the Liberals and Socialists are prone to doing.

    If I can quote someone Donald Trump might relate to here....

    When the French surrendered in 1940 Winston Churchill said "At last, now we don't have any Allies to be polite to!". This should apply here!

    I don't see why I shpuld be polite to People who have quaffed and scoffed at my expense.

    I see Tony Blair is going to stop Brexit. So, Emporor Blair finally reveals his anti-democratic Credentials, or maybe his Cronies are feeling the Pinch.

    Not sure what Tony Blair intends on doing to stop Article 50 - but if Donald Trump decides to open fire I don't think he stands a chance. It should also be remembered that he has done this despite even the Republican Establishment. He trashed Jeb Bush in the Nominee Process and won even though George didn't vote for him. In some ways he's almost an independent Candidate who won on a Republican Ticket. That Independents never win Elections in the US - although Ross Perot gave it his best shot in 1992, but then - if rediscovering why Republicans are Republicans means you almost do appear as an Independent what does that say about the Republican Establishment of recent years? That they are so far removed from the very Constitution they drafted in the 18th Century?

  132. Currently watching "13 Days", the Film about the Cuban Missile Crisis.

    Some of us were there, others weren't.

    These Thugs with Drums are a bit like those 'Pink Floyd Guitarists' and 'Wild Geese' I used to meet in an 80's Rock Nite Club in Bristol. (People who claimed to have access to Dave Gilmour and others who set out to convince the Ladies they were big Shot Mercenaries). The latter finally invoked my Retort - "Oh, and which one are you? - (then went through the Cast of the "Wild Geese" Movies).

    Some of us were also there - Sedgemoor, Naseby etc - when it comes to Pubs named after the Leader of the 1640's Commonwealth. Unlike others who might show up there in 2011. Maybe they should watch those Pirates Movies, be it the bit where the Pirate Ghosts storm Port Royal - or the Scene with the Jackalikes in the Locker. "Up is down" the map says - which suggests how everything is the wrong way around there, rather like here - where Black is White, Night is Day..... Right is wrong etc. What bothers me is how People always seem to throw Money at all that nonsense.

    They didn't just pick 2 random Names, put them on the front of a Building and say that's what we'll call it when they named the Oliver Cromwell. Similarly, this applies to the Robin Hood - which refers to a Huntingdon Earl who was involved with the Siege of Nottingham - 1192. These People weren't Dinner Party Vampires - propped up with all sorts of rotten and corrupt Institutions. Maybe someone turning up at one of these in 2011 was a Mistake. "Hmm, so that's what he's had to deal with in all the years since 1973" People might have thought.

    You could go back to Prince David's Grandfather - who invented Civic Scotland, made Edinburgh its Capital - and led what they call the Davidian Revolution. Scotland enjoyed a considerable Renascence.

    In more recent years Charter 77 was called that because they were formed and fought on and since that year, Solidarnosc didn't just conjour up those 99 MP's they obtained in the Sejm in 1990, some of those ANC Activists were in Gaol for 25 years before Nelson Mandela was released. Gorbachev struggled to balance the Orthodox Communists with ultra-Reformers like Boris Yeltsin.

    They also weren't tumourous Thugs - part of some sick Juxtapositional Joke contrived by the Info-ocracy in the name of Exploi.... - sorry, 'Management'.

    So you can add "squalid and brutal" to "dysfunctional and ugly" as those responsible are the product of that Decade by default.

  133. In this context I have to say that these Creamalikes are a bit after the Event. That stuff started when things like those 13 Days were long gone, and it has to be said also after things were being achieved. What went wrong 27 years ago was partially because People seemed focused on that Period and not rather more substantial things happening years before. Those 'People of the List' would attest to this as they now have somewhere not riven with Holocausts and Pogroms.

    I would also say to these Creamalike Ginger Baker Yippies that Alice Ormsby-Gore was that because she had a Father called David, who had a Father called William.

    .What it also says to any New Age Governments is that Hippie Stuff doesn't work. That it's Hedonism obscures what needs to be done - before, during and after the Party. Elsewhere on MWP you will read about a Centuries long Pre-amble to that - a History of Work, Strife, Risk and Guile that was anything but Hedonism. The World Street Party of 1989 also only happened after years of work by Charter 77, Solidarnosc, and the ANC + Moderates in Iran and anything else relevant to Events of that Period.

  134. There are some things recent Figures have said which is also right, and needed saying. Nigel Farage said how People who derided Donald Trump during the Election Campaign suddenly now want to be his Friend - or pretend to be. I'd say how that applied to some of this when - for a while - in the very early 90's I was flavour of the Month when we did our Campaign - then, when all of that was gone, when you sit there wondering where your Life has gone, you start to remember those People who are equally gone.

    Who cares if Donald Trump is a bit brash, might seem uncouth and lacking in Manners (although I've seen many Interviews when he can be quite the opposite). It's about time we had someone who calls Mr Jones's Bluff and tells it like it is. Doesn't sugar-coat the Poison and you wake up dead!

    Why shouldn't Nigel Farage rebuke the "Cess Pit of Politics" for their Fakery? Trump won that Election despite them anyway, while all that fairweather Friendism is reminiscent of People I knew when it looked like we had the upper Hand. Where were they on that awful day in 2008 for example? Hardly a Press Conference at Mr Astors Hotel in 1990, or the Months after that!

  135. Also, maybe some of those Detractors are miffed because - while they procrastinate, dither and thither, and otherwise avoid the Issue, Donald Trump gets things done, and if that means becoming President too then so be it. Quite a lot of this was caused because People hesitated, while others despise anyone for having the Courage to take the initiative. People have derisively said how he's 'living with the Fairies' - meaning that he doesn't live in the real World. He has lived in a World far more real than the surrealness of a Political Establishment that had been rendered ineffectual by its own Convolutions.

    Rose: "Even if we just talk about doing it" (the Voice of someone part of an Establishment)
    Jack: "No, we do it" (that of someone who isn't - or might be, but isn't afraid to take the Initiative)

    (Groan) The amount of People who have expended endless cubic Meters of Carbon Dioxide about all those things they are going to do!

    "Ugly and Dysfunctional" also describes those Democrats who filibustered the 13th Amendment in 1865 - thus prolonging the bloody Civil War and Slavery. That designer Dysfunction - done deliberately and immorally, and something People still use today. Then you have "Up is Down" - which applies to those who filch the Credit from the opposite, then try and make out that it was theirs. ("Where did you get that?") Jonathan Pryce hides in the Captains Cabin while others fight the Battle - then emerges like he was the big Hero - says it all about those sort of People. The 1833 Slavery Abolition Act didn't come from those People - although they'd like to say it did.

    There are other forms of filibustering too......

    Like the deliberate Inertia from People - while something in the Background plots to do the same thing. Not only did that 'stand outside the Shop sipping Coffee' thing get old, so did the token Gestures that did happen.

    Oh, and while "Up is down" in the Locker, Black is White, Night is day etc - the latest sick joke is People dressed in Blue like they were the Civil War Union - with Walking Sticks. Looking forward to the Republican response to that!

    Shame no-one seems as virulent in encouraging real History isn't it!

  136. I'm not surprised we now have People like Farage and Trump. They're like the response to that. The others might think they're nice - but what's nice about Black Billy Jack being left on a Bench to die while they're all being 'nice'?

    What's brilliant about Santa Catalina (an Island just off the Coast of California) is how it's Mountain is called Black Jack Mountain - and serves as a reminder - even to those in Hollywoodland - about where things come from, or how Rose (and even Mr Dickie) got to work "In the Films"!

    Mr Calvert might have become Governor of Avalon, Newfoundland, then Lord Baltimore, but he only did so because of someone called Edward Wynne. John Cabot might have discovered the Canadian Island - but he didn't do anything with it.

    Being called Owen - or Owain - makes Bruckheimers Arthur as Dunedain as someone called Wynn, (Some of us are both) without the stick on Ears and CGI, the real Eagles without the Song.

    If someone is playing Gandalf/Saruman Games here (complete with a Song by Sharkey) then I suggest they read "Real Middle Earth".

  137. President Elect Trump said that President Obama isn't a Leader, although he thought he was when he was elected to his first Term. Part of being a Leader is Social Dynamic - and I will remember his Era as a time when no-one seemed to have any Social Skills at all. It's rather like being those People in the Sea in James Cameron's Movie - everyone flailing about - rather than anyone being more dynamic. Jack is, which is why Rose survives, so was 5th Officer Lowe when he organised the Lifeboats. That the Analogy applies here is self-explanatory. That someone has to do what Jack does - or that 5th Officer, or everyone just flails about. These 8 years seemed to be a time when no-one was prepared to be like that, while - being the result of things established in the very late 1950's - it is starting to look as squandered as other things.

    If Rose had had to rely on those sort of People she most certainly would have died.

  138. Donald Trump is interested in the Constitution, while almost everything is influenced by Magna Carta, only made possible when Llewelyn forced King John to Runnymede in 1215.

    If Llewelyn made King John an Offer he couldn't refuse in 1215, Prince David, Earl of Huntingdon something similar in 1192, Luciano and Lansky could Bugsy Siegel in Las Vegas. Start asking when they were going to see a Return on their Investment as he becomes more sleek then they are. Mr Bumble keeps asking Oliver for more. Anyone remember a Film featuring Mr Beaty?

    While Hillary seems to suffer from Inconsistencies in her Political Memory one of her Supporters seems to his Film Career. Has Mr De Niro forgotten how he was forced to give up his Job to Fanuci's Nephew in 1974, or how Undertakers don't seem to know how to make Coffee? Perhaps Mr Morrison was right when he said how "All the Children are insane" - which might apply to "The Wild One" these days.

    "The Good Shepard" might have been one of his own produced Films, but Robert McNamara's second Name was Strange. Think I know who I would rather have had in charge during that Missile Crisis! Think I also know who I would rather have had as Secretary of State for Defence during Presidents Bush or Obama's tenure.

    Then we have other aberrations of Liberal-leftist Culture. While Hillary seemed to have blank Areas in her Political Memory - or hope the Public did - someone else seems to suffer from the same sort of Inconsistency. One Minute it's "There you go", then it's "Brother I need you", and on it goes, while Ms Moore (not Mawr) horrible Song gives slimy People a Catchphrase, People become as 'Loyal' or consistant as their Hair Colour.

    On the subject of rotten and corrupt Institutions, maybe someone would like to ask 'Frank Sobotka' what those "Bacon and Beans" were about? Yeah, I know Czechoslovak History - and who took over from Masaryck Senior - but it was the Masarycks who stood up for Czechoslovakia - Jan who had to give up his Country like Mr Owen his Room, he who went into exile, he who pledged Support for proto-Israel, he who died in 1948.

    What is so wrong about American Liberalism of recent years is while they play Chess with Heinz Baked Beans (Mr Kerry - who is no Robert McNamara), and Hillary arrogantly scoops up all Democrat Party Campaign Funds there might have been a decent potential Democrat Candidate who wouldn't pull the Drawbridge up on his or her own People, like Mr Owen having to give up his Room for a Roman Bishop has it pulled up on him.

  139. I might tell People to "Get lost" - but I'm no Amon Goethe. Do your Research to see how not him I am, or how "Up is down" Sleight of Hand People try and make everything a Game of Diametrics. I just get fed up with Socialists who seem to be better off than I am touting for my Vote which just leads to more of the same. If anything I'm starting to think they're more like those People we see in "Conspiracy". They had a Dinner Party too! Maybe Republican Film makers have had enough of this sort of Designer Erroneousness!

    Hopefully, we are seeing the Backlash against 40-50 Years of Bulcrap, which - when looked at in light of any Research has no Foundation in reality at all.

    Meanwhile, the Socialists are trying to get emotive about the NHS . But the old Political Football they play with every time doesn't work anymore either. When their Friend Hillary wanted to bomb Iran they'd have needed a lot of Medicare to treat Radiation Sickness, while of course, as they spent other Peoples Money, other Peoples Achievements, other People's Kudos - have they ever considered the Cause rather than the Symptom? Maybe they should discuss this at their elitist Dinner Parties. Some of us were kept out of those too.

    Oh, and while they might use the N.H.S as a form of emotive Blackmail, have they ever heard of a Poem called "Y Goddodin" - this was when Men of Votadini - were slaughtered at the Battle of Catreath. That was written by someone called Aneurin.

  140. Bevan and the Zionists.....

    What was awful about Aneurin Bevan's position with Zionism was how he found himself in the Conflict of his Anti-Israel Stance and how Zionism was used by some to induce American Jewry support for the Allies in WW1. Jewish Opinion in the Interwar Years wasn't assuaged by how the Idea seemed to have been abandoned in the Wake of Sykes-Picot and the end of the War in 1918 generally. If this hadn't happened there would have been no Stern or Irgun Groups in the 1940's, no bombing of the King David Hotel in 1946, and no Plot to assassinate him.

    There might not have been a Holocaust either - at least nothing on the Scale that did happen, while Jew and Arab would have common cause in defending Israel/'Palestine' against the Axis in WW2. This would have had obvious implications for the Country. Ernie Bevan's Job as Britain's first Post-war foreign Secretary might have been relieved of the Task he did eventually have to deal with.

    After the Holocaust that became impossible, and they obtained Israel in 1948.

    Enacting Balfour when it was supposed to be would have resolved many things and makes strategic and political Sense. A unified Jewish-Arab Force fighting WW2 in the region is consistant with William Ormsby-Gore recruiting Jews from New York to fight the Turks in WW1. After that you have a People - a Country - formed in that Process on equal terms, Jewish and Arab, both of whom we could call Allies. While they did that British Troops garrisoned in Palestine and Trans-Jordan might have been deployed elsewhere - bolstering the War Effort in North Africa, the Mediteranean or even Somalialand. The post-War Zionosts would have a friendlier disposition to Britain as a result, while their Conflict with the Arabs diminsished.

    The Moral here is don't make Promises you might not intend to keep. There were some who were sincere about the creation of Israel, but you shouldn't use it as some sort of Bribe which might not have any Substance. I sometimes think this was done 27 years ago with "talked about" jaunts to post-Velvet Revolution Prague. That that didn't happen didn't go un-noticed, while the Paradox behind it was all too apparent.

    Arthur/Mr Owen has to give up his Room in the Bruckheimer Movie, Masaryck gives up the Sudeten!

    It's also like having to forsake same in 'Camelot' isn't it.

    Those Knights in "King Arthur" are on the Cusp of Freedom. If 2004-15=1989, so were some of us. That doesn't happen because a Roman Bishop tells them it isn't and attaching that Caveat is rather like someone who has just been subjected to the umpteenth Anti-Semitic Assault in the Pale of Settlement - after being told about the Balfour Declaration - also for the Umpteenth time, but nothing happens. Aneurin Bevan was caught in the growing unrest caused by its postponement. The Jews were used as a Bribe to America - and that is how they started to feel when nothing happened. The Socialists use his N.H.S for the same reason.

    Maybe some feel patronised and insulted, betrayed even - like some Zionists might have when Balfour was relegated in the "Things to do list" of the 1920's and 30's. That they felt expendable to Anglo-French Policy after the Armistice. Yeah, and so do I. Not helped by 'P' and 'O' Words used by Cuckoos in the Nest and People who can't send Gig Tickets. I look forward to what might arrive here during the Trump Presidency. The 'Stand outside the Shop sipping Coffee' thing during Obama got old a long time ago, while what did arrive during that is as hopeless as whatever 'Appeasement' happened at the end of the 1980's.

    Phew, have I just solved the Arab-Israeli Conflict????

  141. Meanwhile, anyone who might be double bluffing "White Man" by Queen obviously needs to watch "13 days". That's where we see Kevin Costner - someone whose Opinions about Native Americans has rather more gravitas than juxtapositional Characters here - use the occasional Expletive as Kenny O'Donnell! I hope Ms May isn't going to attach any Caveats to her Comments about Slavery.

    If that's true then President Elect Trump and Nigel Farage should continue their Broadsides.

    Maybe I'll start meeting People who do what hasn't been done for a very long time. Make a Coffee rather than sell me one! Not only has this 'stand outside......' thing got old, I'm not too sure about what I meet there anyway.

    Here's something wierd.........

    The "Fog of War" plays on a Computer that is online. It stops at a certain Point, UH1B Helicopters fill the Screen, the Voice says "The Marines are coming" - someone says "Good Morning". How did that happen? Still they filibuster - how can you trust those sort of People? People who hide behind that kind of thing? What's the big Secret? Not surprised People are keeping this Place at Arms length at the moment. That sort of Stuff might be clever - but then some of those Bond Villains were evil Geniuses. Others might be Politically correct, President Obama was Politically Correct when he told us how no Civilians were being killed in Libya a few years ago.

    When one of them appeared elsewhere in 2011 - not the laboratory conditions of the Localocracy they gave the Game away!

    Mr Shelley might have had his Group - complete with Mr "Harmony in my Head" - but then, Mary had her Frankenstein.

  142. Either People are suffering from an acute case of Neurosis or John Carpenter was right 36 years ago, either of which is as bad as the other.

    While the Punkocracy doesn't seem to work either, neither do any other 'Live by Song Lyrics' things. Some of the most influential People in the World didn't use their CD Collections, Fashion Statements or Subcultural Costumes to do what they did. I've mentioned elsewhere how the worst excesses of Culture always seem to manifest during a Liberal Government. The late 70's, the 90's - and the last 8 years - but they aren't so big and brave when there isn't. Indeed, they become the Protest, but while it was all 'Right-on' Stuff from the likes of U2 in the 80's - where did "Vertigo" suddenly come from Mr Hewson? There were other things during Bush/Cheyney - Peter Jackson for example, but Jerry Bruckheimer used his Right to reply as a Film Maker with some of his concurrent Movies.

    Meanwhile, if Institutions seem to think People are there to serve them, Social Media is supposed to be there for People, not the other way around. "Up is down" again, and if Mr Depp was here a few years ago - maybe he was sent here by the Film Maker to research the Locker Sequence!

    Now, we'll wait to see who shows up outside the Shop after writing this!

    Talent and Potential......

    The Ocracy meant Hillary could arrogantly scoop up all Campaign Funds - which she did, scuppering any other Democrat Candidates Chances of running for Election. The Ocracy also means that Talent or Potential isn't realised with other things. Mr Blair went on about his "Deliverability" but if it ever came to Dueling Basses Paul McGuigan wouldn't have given me much trouble.

    I remember being at a Band Practice once, and while everyone took time out I picked up the Bass Players Guitar and he improvised on a Keyboard - and we jammed for a while. He obviously didn't mind, but the look the Drummer gave me could have killed at a 100 Paces.

    There are other things ..... like Bullying.

    That comes in many different forms. It could be the Beefcake at School who punches you in the Face and runs off with your Dinner Money, it could be someone spending their Life in Coventry. It could be somewhere where Talent and Potential isn't realised, an Ocracy that persistantly excludes some People, It could also be a Town where you can't sneeze without everyone knowing about it, who also know who has your Mobile Phone which disappeared in 2008. Not sure whether this is supposed to be Lord of the Rings - or is that Rings, or even Rings, maybe even 3 Rings - but suffice to say that it merely confirms what I've said about Thugs in Kaftans.

  143. Hmm, U2 - so, who's the Irish King in "Tristan and Isolde" who buys off Witred of Hippie Town not to do anything while he invades? I could mention the Mabinogion here - and when Bran has to rescue Branwen from Matholwych.

  144. While Mr De Niro might need reminding of his earlier Films how about Ridley Scott?

    His "Bladerunner" Movie had these Characters who didn't have their own History. They were given Photos of Men and Women and told "These are your Parents", Fabricated Biographies etc. Isn't this rather like somewhere that doesn't have a History of its own and has to steal other Peoples? Somewhere where cultivated Patronages have turned into Frankenstein, an arrogant Monster that thinks it can show up at Towns that do have a real History and act they did a few years ago? Somewhere that has paid its Dues for 950 years - since David of Huntingdon gave Scotland her Capital, sired his Grandson - who became Robin Hood - or at least a most convincing Candidate for him, then went on to win a Civil War - and established what they did. Somewhere that resisted a Roman Tax Collector and fought their War before even that.

    Let's just hope Mr Scott doesn't give the Robin Hood Legend to a Bunch of Replicants huh!

    Someone in the Town whose People have been paying theirs for about the same length of time - then that happens.

    Le Carre might have written "Smilies People" and "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy" - but did he have any of this in mind when he makes his Comments about the lack of "Global Perestroika"? Probably not.

  145. People might think this seems trivial - but it isn't.

    This Country is guilty of so much Neglect it's staggering. That while a Replicant shows up in Huntingdonshire - obviously funded and encouraged by someone somewhere - creating a Steroid History, along with the Steroid Culture - and similar side Effects we see in those "Bladerunner" Characters (Aggressive, Sociopathic etc) other things have happened which are analogous.

    Why is a Voluntary Group having to do what they do at Hazelwood in Ireland? A Question they probably ask when their Budget has just been spent on a Tarpaulin. Why did 2 young Idealists have to live Hand to Mouth renovating Gwydir in North Wales? When everyone guffawed at "Trainspotting" no-one noticed how Lanrick Castle - once the Home of the MacGregors - unrepaired after a Fire - was sold and demolished in 2002. This was despite the SNP Government in Edinburgh.

    Why do they persist in throwing Money at nothing while all this happens?

    What makes it worse is how - while they do that - others are given fake, abstract 'Friends' in the name of some Bulcrap Cultural Agenda. Not good when they see those Cars getting bigger and shinier, People getting sleeker.

    I started watching Series 2 of "The Wire" again, the one where Frank Sobotka falls Victim to his own Dishonesty, and I note that President Elect Trump is the only President who has ever mentioned Baltimore. That while we saw the Sobotkas, the Barksdales and Marlo ascend and/or descend - there are others who just struggle. Let's hope that he sidesteps Lord Baltimore and ensures something gets to those others. There was no Record of Jack in those White Star 1912 Records, there are none of others in the Baltimore Story.

    After Avalon, Newfoundland, Edward Wynne seems to disappear from History.

  146. When Donald Trump mentions Baltimore I'm not sure he meant the Avon Barksdales, Stringer Bells, Frank Sobotkas or Marlo Stanfields either. Why would someone like Avon need his intervention for - with his Money and Property? That that Series shows you the Scams, Skims and Siphons that go on - and how they have interacted or involved some of those established Organisations. So much so that they've failed to do what they were supposed to do. There are some in this that have consistently failed since the 1970's. The "Couldn't or Wouldn't" question applies here.

    That he gets things done while others thither and dither. Then you have those who do at something, like Tammany Hall did at that Ice Rink in New York has also been a problem. He did that because his Daughter couldn't go skating, but what happens when People do at other things - and how does that affect Peoples lives? The Ice Rink took 7 years - before he got involved and had it done in 6 Months, and while his Daughter couldn't skate for those years - others elsewhere could be trained up for the Winter Olympics. See the analogy.

    Put it this way; If you were born when our Album was released you left University 6 years ago.

    Creative Economics People are like that Tammany Hall. That while they did at that Rink all sorts of Grafters and Grifters probably skimmed and scammed. Creative Economics People do at something because their Cronies in the Music Industry, the Cozies in Academe, all the other Trough Snouters - might lose Money if something gets resolved. I notice how his Press Spokesman is no CJ Cregg - and has a Rep for scaring the Media.

    Others are either sadistic Sociopaths or just moral Degenerates!

  147. This is something I hope everyone from Ridley-Scot to Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett read too

    There's this Stuff surrounding their "Robin Hood" Movie.......

    We've had Films and TV Shows about all this before - but I've reached the Conclusion that I would have been better off if I had stayed in the former Huntingdon Earldom/Cromwells Constituency, than here feeling like the Fashion Accessory James Dean Bradfield sang about in 1992. ("La Tristessa Dururera").

    John McCain said of Micheal Moore that he was a "Disingenuous Film Maker" - and I sometimes wonder if we might see Comments like this broached by the next American Government. I do start to ask what the Motives are of any of these People when they do Stuff about the Legend - or other things - while the reality here, and what goes on on the Screen - are 2 very different things.

    Have any of those People - past and present - thought that they've left themselves wide open for Criticism at the first Donald Trump Presidency Press Briefing? "You're leaving People sat on benches....." etc

    They might not have noticed it - but the liberal-left are being whomped everywhere - from the Cocaine Socialists of New Labour to the Cocaine Liberals of the American Democrat Party, while that 4th Estate might be in for a tough time next year. There are no Peter Mandelson's on Donald Trumps Cabinet. Those "Indefensible Outposts" Germanus mentions in "King Arthur".

    They might even say to those People - maybe if you stopped powdering your Nose and distributed some of that Money to those who do need it things might improve - while why should we subsidise things until you do?

    Tony Blair has lit the Touch Paper that could cause a Conflict in the Labour Party - undermining the Leftists of the Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn by creating the impression with the Blairites that there might be a late 90s Revival.

  148. Oliver Twist and Mr Brownlow....

    The Woman who walks past, wearing Brown, looks at her Watch. Being from that former Earldom and Cromwells Constituency - I have to ask if Smeagol has killed Deagol and turned into Gollum because he, she or they covet the Legend?

    What I see here every day isn't at all what those People might have represented.

    What I see here is a bunch of Yippies who want to wear it like it was a Trinket, while the sort of Patronage that props them up is more Duke of Gloucester than Earl of Huntingdon. The glib Media don't help, but then they haven't been since those awful late 70's!

  149. See Brexit

    We are starting to find out how the Clintons ran Arkansas - does the same apply to the EU? What do you have to do here, create Jobs and Opportunities for People or sell Drugs?

  150. So when someone stepped outside the Test Tube, the BS20 Cage - and was somewhere with a real History they also overstepped the line. Some of us don't have to light Beach Fires to obtain a History!

    Then you've got others.

    It must be nice to have all those Shoulders to cry on when things go wrong, we just have to put up with it.

  151. Elsewhere I have mentioned the sort of People who will spend huge on what amounts to selfish Indulgence.....

    At the end of "Schindler's List" Oskar Schindler looks at his Car, his Gold Badge, and starts to realise how many more Lives he could save with the Resources these things could bring.

    How does this apply to this?

    That Schindler acknowledges this rather than those who don't. It's a hefty Criticism of the sort of People who might talk about doing something to help - but their Indulgences come first. When that Film was shown I was struggling, still am, while I meet People who never put their Money where their Mouth is.

    It's like being a Fundraiser and you meet someone wearing expensive Clothes and Jewellery, has a £40,000 Car in the NCP, agrees with everything you are saying but can't find £6 a Month for a Charity.

    Fast forward to "Munich" and we find 'Connor McLeod' left for dead on a Bench, which is a Symptom of the same thing. But why, when there's no Excuse. I'm starting to see what Ann Coulter means when she says how things can be "Dysfunctional" - but what, or who, has been causing the Dysfunction?

    Maybe Donald Trump is being Donald McLean - from the Album Cover with that Thumbs up thing, or even someone trying to hitch-hike. But while someone might deliver those Newspapers, or try to get somewhere, others - those who have talked up things but never backed it up - most certainly aren't. A Culture - and that isn't just a Comment about Creativity in all its forms - that has become as indefensible as those Roman Outposts in "King Arthur".

    Also elsewhere here we have finally sidestepped any pilfering Priests ("Kingdom of Heaven") or even skimming Archbishops like the one in that "Godfather" Movie.

  152. Also, when he says he is going to commission the Attorney General to investigate and indict the Wife of a former President what does that say to anyone else not so privileged, but part of that Attitude or Nomencalture?

    And he has a much bigger Stick than anything any Drummer might have - even any Saxon ones!

  153. Has President Obama seen "Birth of a Nation" (2016)? That it features Denzel WASHINGTON speaks directly to America's first Black President, while there was another Film of the same Name. That the Story of Emancipation started in Britain in 1833. The original "Birth of a Nation" was made by someone whose Film Company Co-founder was purged and had to live in Switzerland. That Process of Emancipation was facilitated by John Arthur Wynne, whose ancestral Home in Sligo has fallen into neglect and disrepair (analogous for some associated with him these days), while someone was purged when the Clintons became the Government in 1993.

    Quite appropriate then that "Birth of a Nation" (2016) should be in the last Months of the Obama Presidency - as if to ask what the last 8 years have been about exactly, while the 1993 Purge was never lifted.

  154. Meanwhile, it's like a Hollywood Film Producer has gone back to 1973 when a TV Series was made about Arthur - and he makes right some things that were wrong with it AND the Company that made it.

    Instead of Mr Tobias playing Arthur he gets Mr Owen, he even augments this with someone else called Mr Gryffudd (Both Names feature in the real Arthurian Stories - and Lineages - be they Owain Gwynedd or even Glyndwr, and Families of the Llewellyn's). Rather more appropriate than Names like Goddard, Watson, Blessed etc too.

    It's rather like asking HTV why they weren't doing this - while his doing it ensures that Monies paid to Film People goes to those involved in the Story - not a Bunch of early 70's Thesps who are acting for the sake of acting. How can you have Harlech Television when you don't have any People of Harlech working in it - or in any relevant TV Shows?

    12 years have elapsed since that Movie and we have had the same old crap like 2004 never happened, like we did the 90's like 1989-90 didn't. The Film is a Process of suggestion and I suppose could be ignored. After all, you don't have to go to a Cinema to see it, or buy/hire the DVD.


    While Jerry Bruckheimer wants Welsh Actors in his Film about Arthur - rather more so than some of those very Anglo-Saxon Names we saw in HTV's Show - as Saxon as Mark Witred Strong of the equally Saxon Glastonbury in "Tristan and Isolde" - America will have a President who wants American People working for American Companies in America, making American Products, being paid American Money - which they will spend in American Shops.

    It's a very Keynsian approach to Economics you ought to be able to expect from supposed Liberals and Socialists. In 1999 I saw what the closure of Welsh Industry had meant for the Welsh Economy - as Shops were boarded up because the Community hasn't the Money to spend in them.

    Had Harlech Television employed some People of Harlech instead of the Cuckoos in the Nest - and those who have appeared since - the same thing would happen, except they didn't and it didn't. Mr Gromeko being locked out of his own House in "Dr Zhivago" applies to this for some of us, Geraldine Chaplin not working for United Artists does too.

    Indeed, if Bruskheimer had made "King Arthur" in the 1940-50's he might have had Keenan Wynn play the main Character for the same reasons he got Mr Owen to.

    It also prompts the question why he can have a Film Extra Recruitment Day in the Region while they, or the BBC couldn't.

    Because of this you now have People who are as nauseating as Honourious or Germanus - and others as feral as those Wodes. By employing Mr Owen instead of Mr Tobias he does something to address that.

  155. Nauseating Yippies with Dogs like Frodo has Gollum for example, others who put the German in Germanus. "Das isn't gut etc" - erm "Friend of my Fathers". What has Thugwell got to do with any of this, while there might be some who were 'Pirates' - but there might be others who read my "1655 to Jerry Bruckheimer" Post.

  156. Hmm, and even in that Hippie World of theirs how many 'Bakers' can there be - but were any of them Bandmates of Eric Clapton? (if we must play that Game). Again, this is something shown in Bruckheimers Movies - from the Jackalikes in the Locker to Governor Swann - waiting for other to fight the Battle. Considering the Cost to someone of their real Eric Clapton Connection, those People are just a bad Joke. How the slithering Dinner Party try and appropriate every achievement. But if they were real - why was someone stranded on that bench. Why isn't he sat there with them - unless his Presence calls their Bluff!

  157. "The Wire" deals with a succession of Dysfunctions - from the Comstat dominated Police Department to how Dennis Wise has to go to Avon Barkesdale for his $15.000 to make his Gymnasium viable, make it presentable enough not to be called "Weak ****ed crap" by those who will use it. Why can't he go to Clarence Royce (hmm, Name or Car reference here?). Ahh, but then that's the same Mayor who lost $51M of Baltimore's Education Budget - so maybe that's why.

    Why does Mr Wise have to go back to a Game that he left to do this at all? Isn't being a Boxer enough? Avon funding the Basket Ball Player is another example of this.

    I would love to go to North Wales this Christmas - the Land of my Fathers - but can't because I'm not in the Game. if I was, would the Hotel Receptionist ask where the Money came from, the Ticket Office at the Railway Station, those doing Transport while I was there, People I bought Food from? No, they wouldn't, but then neither does the Estate Agent who sells Frank Lucas the Apartment in "American Gangster" as she flutters her Eyelids at him exclaiming "Fabulous". Would I have stood a better chance of being integrated in the Media Community had I been in the Game rather than relying on a Media Union that couldn't even convene a Meeting in Bristol for 4 years? The same with Academe? if that's true, and in the Context of being connected with People who created Jobs in the former what does that say about either?

    That it's all a bit like Orlando's Club in the first Series, a Facade, while even creating Jobs isn't enough to be at the Dinner Party?

  158. Meanwhile, in "The Wire" we see Preston Broadus (Bodie) eventually running his own Corner - except he is having to do it independently because the Barkesdale Organisation has been broken up (Avon in Gaol, Stringer and De'Angelo are both dead), but he is starting to get disillusioned with it. In Series 4 - after Lex and Kevin have been killed by Marlows Henchpeople Chris Partlow and Snoop he finally explodes and trashes a Police Car. He says how Marlo only does it because he can - thus, could, not should). McNulty springs him from Detention and they talk.

    Bodie says how he has been loyal but "Where they at?". A question that could be asked of Slim Charles both when he is threatened by Marlo, Chris and Snoop and when he is finally killed in one of the bravest stands in TV - even though it involves the Drug Trade. Even Avon and Wee Bay could provide something from Gaol but they don't either.

    In the Documentary JD Williams says how his Character IS Baltimore - which almost alludes to the real History of the City and its Connection with Edward Wynn via George Calvert. Except the "Rigged" Game has changed and there is no loyalty - just expendability. Note we see Slim Charles in the closing Montage doing business with the Greek Connect not him. His Grandmother tells Herc that he grew up trying to get People to see other things apart from the Game. That he wanted to be something else at one time.

    In the Documentary we see a Councilman tell how the City is being redeveloped - but you could then cut to the Scene with Avon and Stringer in the luxury Condo - part of that Redevelopment. We also see Marlo doing business with other Developers - so that Development only really benefits People like them. Poot would have to sell a lot of Shoes to raise even a Deposit on a Mortgage, ditto for Bubbles selling T'shirts or Newspapers. Even Nick Sobotka confronts Carcetti about who all the Redevelopment work is for.

    The Johns Hopkins Institute is expanding into the East Side - but as Proposition Joe points out, it is at the expense of the Neighbourhoods. So, is that benefiting anyone other than Students and Academics?

    What if you were to apply this to somewhere else that has seen its Harbourside substantially redeveloped in recent years? If Bodie IS Baltimore what does it also say about those broken Promises David Simon mentions?

  159. Then there are those Jackalikes in the Locker.

    Whether it was the Granary or the Grainary ("The Wire") there were quite a few pretentious People spinning Bulcrud about all sorts of things. There are these 'Ginger Bakers' - maybe some 'Jack Bruces' - even a few 'Dereks' - but when someone who actually had an Association with the Real Cream Drummer, Bass Player and Guitarist - his Group doing "Sunshine of your Love" couldn't get a Gig for the same reasons Cutty's Gym is described as "Weak a***d" by those who would otherwise use it. So, what if you're having to compete with the Jackalikes in the Rock Nite Club, or elsewhere? What should we have done? Go to 'Avon' for a Concert?

    What if there were - and still are - People who coveted that particular 'Connect' and lit a Fire on a Beach to get it? Marlo kills Joe for the Greek Connect after all! Slim might eventually obtain it after he let Marlo kill Kevin by the way - but is Baltimore Baltimore without Bodie?

    JD William's Characterisation is so powerful and so human that he is one of those People where you cheer the supposed Bad Guy (Him) and boo the supposed Good (Officer Walker).

    Not only does a Series about a City that was left out and left behind speak Volumes about what went wrong with 90's America, if Bodie (Williams) IS Baltimore - what does this say about those someone might have known professionally, socially and creatively who weren't similarly afflicted in that Decade? Someone stands on a Corner, sits on a Bench, waiting to be killed or assaulted by someone called Chris and a female Psychopath!

    How about these broken Promises? How about Officer Walker who bullies and robs Street Kids, including Randy Wagstaff, and breaks the Fingers of others?

  160. Someone once sang about how he wandered lonely Streets, and I sometimes do that new Estate of theirs. Baltimore has its Morningside Development, and I feel rather like Bodie might as I do - remembering a Song from our Human Rights Album. He is trapped in Baltimore, but when that Song arrived at our Office I thought I wouldn't be trapped here anymore. This was one of those Promises that were broken, and while Baltimore became a City of Contrasts - with Morningside being the opposite of what he and others know - that Estate, and those who live on it, are to what I have known in the Years since Mr Winwood gave us the Tune.

    If that, and what happens "Every Day" (another Song from our Album) are an Indication of whatever I'm still not convinced any of it was worth the Aggravation and sheer bloody hard Work. The Series shows the Contrast, particularly some of the seasonal Scenes. Tommy Carcetti - House resplendent in Christmas Decorations, the State House at Anapolis being similar, the Panelled Offices of the Mayor and Officials - heck, even the Squad Rooms Cedric Daniels's People are based - all seem so different to how Bodie and the others live. Different to what I see here too!

    One Scene I think is brilliant is when Namond Brice is at Bunny Colvins House - having Dinner - and he isn't what the Stereotype might suggest, and even Colvins Wife comments on this. This only happens because he isn't on the Streets, where he has to attain an Attitude to survive. Maybe People who have obviously been suffering from chronic Tweepotpourinurosis for probably 40 years - and those who continued it after them - should see it. Also, while Namond does his Speech about Aids I remember doing Stuff about Poverty when I was treated rather differently to what I might have known here.

    Not only do I not think any of what I see now as worth any of what we might have done 27 years ago, it's like they've moved the slimiest, most awful People they can find. That the whole thing, and they, are so horribly contrived, fake, and while being in Wales 17 years ago brought out everything this place can't - this place brings out the worst. What does this say about these supposed Potpurri little Towns that does that? You have to be like Bodie and the others to get through the day here.

    It becomes even more irksome when you know where it all came from.

    Anyone know how to make Coffee rather than sell one in a Cafe?

  161. Those Characters in "The Wire" like their 4x4's and SUVs don't they! They remind me of the 4x4 and SUV Drivers I see here. Sometimes wonder where the Money comes from too.

    Has anyone asked why Cheese is played by a Hip Hop Artist? That he sells everyone out - even his Uncle - to Marlo suggests something else.

    So, Marlo isn't just an Individual. He could be a group of them - or even a Place. He is cold, ruthless and there isn't anything to particularly like about him, while everything else is a Pre-amble to his becoming the dominant Figure in Baltimore's Drug Scene. It's like somewhere which is equally cold and ruthless, where everything is a Pre-amble to what we have now. The Series seems empty after some of the others have gone. Like it's a different TV Show, particularly after Bodie is killed. There are Positives - like Poot doing what he ends up doing, Bubbles finally getting his Life together, but you know that that isn't the entire Story.

    Marlo could also be anything else People sell out to. A Corporation, Mediaocracy, Record Companies, Career - anything that looks like the "New Power" - or seems to buy everyone like he does, or Avon before him.

    Dennis Wise wants to do something outside of all that - but we see all he can achieve when he does. He has to go back to Avon (whose name somehow gives it a regional reference to here). I remember being in Groups who couldn't get decent Gigs (despite the apparent Connect), doing Training Schemes, Radio Programs for dismal Money - being patronised by People when I did.

    Suffice to say, I don't drive an SUV or a 4x4!

  162. So how about the Hip Hop Artist selling out his Uncle?

    Proposition Joe reminds him of his Grandfather - the first Black Man to buy his own House - but this is lost on him. A reference to other things going on here - like when someone allowed a Group of People to own their own Property in the 1600's, Emancipation - the establishment of Baltimore (Avalon and Edward Wynn).

    Then you have the 'Connect'! Marlo covets the Connect and contrives to have Cheese sells out Proposition Joe to obtain it. When Herc, Carver and Presboluski go into the Terrace in their ill fated 2AM Swoop they have Cream playing on the Car Stereo. We see Mike, Dukie and Bug playing Connect 4 in a House laid on by Marlo. So who is who here? We might have these 'Ginger Bakers', 'Eric/Derek Claptons' and a few 'Jack Bruces' but are they like those Cops who hassle everyone - even a Fella who might be taking some Clothes to a Charity Shop?

    Are they like Marlo who covets a 'Connect'? Cheese who facilitates it for him?

    Meanwhile, there are those of us who are like Cutty - who have to make do and mend our way through everything. As yet, no-one is prepared to spend on the "Presentation Aspect"!

  163. Cops wanting to be Movie Stars....

    This finally proved fallacious to both the Glamour of Showbiz and Law Enforcement when the Investigation into the Deaths of Biggie Small and Tupac Shakur was compromised because Police were in the Employ of the Record Companies. That Cops (and one of them even gleefully admitted to being attracted to the Glamour of it all) seduced by the Lure of Showbiz were compromising their own professional Integrity in the Process should remain Cops, Showbiz remain Showbiz.

    That this went on there suggests it goes on everywhere, while Film makers should be wary of it when it happens. That Uniform isn't a License to appropriate Creative Economics!

  164. What was brilliant about Jerry Bruckheimer's Film Extra Recruitment Session 15 years ago was how it was genuinely open to the Public, at least here. The Fact it wasn't kept in the Cloisters of Academe, or circulated around any Statutory Organisation finally sidestepped what might have been wrong here for Decades.

    The Levenson Inquiry delved into whether People in statutory Organisations were in the Employ of Newscorp. If they were the Implications against Talent are quite obvious, while it compromises the Integrity of those Creatives whose Job might be to question those Organisations. A certain News Editor obtaining free Counsel from a former Prime Minister is the most extreme example of this, irrespective of Guilt or lack of....!

  165. Now almost all of it has been scammed to death - the Ginger Hair Dye sold out from the Shops, and the 60's Yippie Revival - and all its derivatives - including Lord of the Rings - has been played out, the Hippies are going to have to think of a new Scam. Except it won't be as easy this time as Record Companies disappear and Festivals turn into Mortgage Fests (a Comment on the Tariff). That when the New Age Government bows out on January 27th and the inevitable Backlash begins against all its nauseating Obnoxiousness and Irony, maybe one of these Hair Dye People could explain to the World why some of us with real Connections with the real 60s never got to play a Note.

  166. It doesn't end there either.....

    As I wandered those lonely Streets (where all these almost hand-picked People live) - I'd like to know how what I see has anything to do with Pro-Democracy and Human Rights. An Acting Union might go on strike for less than having a Script which isn't in the Production, or a Production that isn't in the Script and I have mine from that pivotal time in History - the end of the 1980's - and none of this is any of it.

    What I find particularly nauseating about this is how that Innocence of Spontaneity was also scammed in an Area whose Voraciousness is staggering in its scale. It's probably because of this many People keep it at Arms length these days. The Irony is that while it seems as contrived as any Film Set - it's like Hollywood without the Film Work. That was something else we ensured in 1968, and again in 1989-90, except this seems to be a one way Process.

    It also seems we have gone from the Gingerderekclaptonbrucealikes to the Robbiealikes. If "Battlestar Galactica" was about Humanities War against the Cylons - particularly all those Humanoid ones derived from real People (Boomer etc) it's almost like they've based theirs on those real Ginger Bakers, Eric Claptons, Jack Bruces and maybe even Robert Williams.

    It wouldn't be so bad if they were the real Cream etc - there might have been some Work if they were!

  167. Ginger Hair Dye and Cream Clothes People and Thugs in a Car.....

    In "The Wire" we see Herc, Carver and Prez - Cream on the Car Stereo - go into the Terrace. Prez cold-cuts someone - they hassle a Fella who is taking some Clothes to a Charity Shop. Not what you would expect from People supposedly into the Soundtrack to "Peace and Love" - the alleged 'cool' People etc.

    In Series 4 Namond finally tells Prez "Eff you and all that Hippie etc" - maybe because he remembers a Story about a Cop who did what he did.

    But how does all this tally with this Story?

    In 1968 the Ormsby-Gores opened Brogyntyn to the real Cream - and we had our association with the not only the real Group, but also some of their Associates - including the Man who played Guitar on "Badge". But what has happened in the years since - and why are we getting Thugs in Cars - supposedly into all that - but acting like Thugs? We see Cheese (Cloth) in his cream Tracksuit - ignorant of his Culture and History - so these two are part of the same Process. This is going on in Baltimore - the City of Lord Baltimore - formerly of Avalon, Edward Wynns Colony in Newfoundland (not to be confused with New Found-Find etc). So is that all we can expect from those supposed Hippies - or even Yippies - Thugs in Cars? They might as well have had any 60's Hippie Rock Stuff on the Stereo - Prez having one of his Rolling Stones Records. Here they could have some Hip Hop - being part of the local Trip Hop Dinner Party - while those in LA might - even though their Department might have been complicit in the deaths of 2 of the Genres most famous Stars.

    That incident in "The Wire" is like other People here - who are like those Thugs - who might be into the Music - but certainly not the Attitude. While Alice, Francis and their Siblings were being very idealistic in the late 60's what we have here is a Parody of all that. Like 'Brogyntyn' is now full of People who might do what they did - even to People donating to Charity.

    Thugs in Kaftans - the reason why this New Age anything is failing dismally

    Not only is it failing, it also causes - for obvious reasons - the sort of alienation we see in Series 4. After all, why should Namond be polite to someone who does that, and what does it say about the Legitimacy of those who act like it? In the Context of Cream - or other late 60's Hippie Rock Music - not very much, and anyone - probably including the Series Makers - should denounce it at any opportunity.

    We've got an entire Estate now full of Thugs in Kaftans - who might know about what happened in 2008? They were Polaks too!

  168. Jack Bruce - the Cream Bass Player....

    A question I have for someone is why they had a short scale Bass Guitar in their Attic when they didn't play one? A particularly sick joke in the context of a Group called Alicia's Attic if indeed that is somehow linked. When their Career was in full tilt Francis Ormsby-Gore was struggling to stave off Bankruptcy and his Sister was slowly dying of Heroin and Poverty.

  169. Now their Yippie Scam is done all that's left for those of us not included in their - erm - Designs is the Baltimore you see in the TV Show. If this Town wants to to flirt with Hip Hop maybe this Place should be turned into the City in "The Wire". The sense of haves and have nots is becoming as apparent, while for some of us the same sort of broken Promises apply. One thing this New Age Yippieism has caused is a Resentment which now means some of us don't see creative People anymore, alt-artists - that sort of thing. Just another bunch of rich People who have never been left out or left behind of anything.

    As for "Battlestar Galactica" - it's almost like we've created those Cylons. Some of whom - like No 6 - might be beautiful to look at, but seem just as cold, ruthless and manipulative. Thom might have gone on about "OK Computers" but wasn't she a Programmer?

    That Scam of theirs coincided (or not) with several other things. An almost broke EMI now stumbling around in the Rock and Roll Slum, Polydor etc disappearing, and Creation ceasing to exist and sold to Sony by Alan McGee. Evidence that something is changed in the Cultural Landscape happened a few years ago when the Sex Pistols found that "Anarchy in the UK", "God save the Queen" and "Pretty Vacant" weren't regarded quite as they thought their US Audience would greet. Seems the "Great Rock and Roll Swindle" backfired as they were pelted with Bottles and Cans at a Music Festival.

  170. Namonds tirade against Prezbo suggests how that "Hippie crap" has no credibility anymore with Street People. That maybe the incident at the Terrace somehow affects that - while it's now full of People the opposite of what it sells itself as being. When put in the context of Baltimore vis a vis here - and even Jack Sparrows question to Elizabeth the reasons for that start to become obvious.

    In another Episode we see McNulty driving Bubbles through somewhere not dissimilar to here - "Where in the Eavis to Beavis are you taking me" the latter asks when they travel through the posh part of Town. That Eavis reference could almost refer to the Yippies - while I could ask all these cream clothes and ginger Hair People where the Yippie Rock Band is to provide the Soundtrack to the Yippie Costumes?

    Maybe because it is now full of pretentious Cream Clothes People with Ginger Hair Dye it has no credibility anymore, while if some of this applies to here, and being someone who knows where they got it - I can relate to Namonds Attitude completely. Some might dress in ironic 70s Rawk Clothes and have their ironic Rawk Band - but what if this Place became like somewhere Chuck D or NWA etc grew up in? That - for 40 years - the now 'Olds' cultivated their brattish Club to the Point where all they know is how to be ironic. I meet People who pattle on about 'Art' etc - but they're just another posh Dinner party - who could have been posh being anything. Others who claim 'Dissent' but are just part of the Alt-posh Clubs you get in potpouri little towns, or the result of the politics that go on places like this. Parents greasing the wheels, oling the Palms etc as they grew up.

    That this disgusting Street Art - all Silver Balls etc - is a manifestation of the fakery. That while we might have allusions to certain 60's Rock Iconography the 'Soundtrack' is one for the Thugs in the Car who invade the Terrace at 2AM, not those who might have real associations with some of those Musicians. Being Cops makes it worse - while that Uniform might have been used to appropriate something at "Shipwreck Cove".

    And don't get me started on these Oiky Bumpkins who could compromuise anyones Credibility.

    Hip Hoppers might whinge about the Deaths of Biggie Small and Tupac but how is "Hip Hop Acts Worldwide" run if it isn't like some of that Stuff going on in LA before their shootings?

    Not so cool after all!

    Yeah, laugh - but what if they had met the real Mr Lennon in the 60s and what would he have made of their almost Bill Grundy Patronising Condescension?

    And it isn't just the oiky Bumpkins it's also the pretentious middle class Yuppies here - stupid People Carrier Drivers - who think they're Hippies who damage the Credibility too!

  171. "There'll be no Knowing here!" Jack says.....

    And this also applies to any Assimilation-by-stealth Social Media Creepers (SMC's) - be it on their or the Editors Volition.

    Firstly, if what appeared in my Inbox has any slant on Prague 27 years ago - Mr Havel died recently so the Spontaneity of Innocence died with him. Brock Lovett didn't get it in "Titanic" - neither do they!

    Secondly, I don't see what those SMC's have to do with anything we might have been doing then, but then we do see Governor Swann hide in the Captains Cabin, letting others fight the Battle don't we! Rather like any SMC's huh!

    Also, I don't think it's unreasonable to ask where the Yippie Rock Band might be to provide the Soundtrack to the Yippie Costume Party we seem to have here. And when I say that - a Group where some of us get to play the Music instead of a load of SMC's - or Thugs in Cars!

    There's only so much Bull anyone can take!

  172. Snobs or Scam Artists.............?

    The other day I got asked to lend someone a Tenner (although I only got £33 a Week). In 1989 I get asked to write a Press Pack for this Human Rights/Hostages Album (along with other things - see; "Memorabilia") This also included making a few Radio Programs about it and general Promotion Work. But while all this went on - apparently there was a concurrent Project which involved the Yippies socialising in Bristol. In 1968 someone establishes a TV Company - and not just any old Company either. A Company which had all sort of Contacts in its Contact Book - including a former, very famous US President. It also featured a Lineage that lived up to its Name. In 1948 someone helped establish a Nation. A Process that went on since 1917 - finally happening that year. While everything went on there didn't seem to be much of a social Life for some involved. Even less Work.

    So the question here is - are those responsible Snobs or Scam Artists? maybe they're both.

  173. Suffice to say that the Hippie Scam doesn't work anymore.

    Meanwhile, in "The Wire" we see how Stringer tries to reform the Drugs Trade - but how can he when he and Avon were as involved as those they try to reform? That the Dope Fiends are what they are because the Barkesdales sold to them. So how about anyone who might be as much a part of "The Game" as those they might want to somehow reform - or replace? Those "Ginger Bakers" for example - who are like Avon and Stringer vs Marlo or Omar and Brother Mousone? Marlo is the inevitable Result of their years long Narco-Empire anyway - along with the Dope Fiends. That they can't criticise other "Ginger Bakers" when they were part of the same Scam. Someone once said in a Song "Can't fight Corruption with Crime!"

    Then we have "The Corner" - TV Show as well as the actual Street Corner. A casual Observer would see young Afro-Americans rapping with each other, hi-5ing, yoing and broing - talking about their "Girls", "Cribs", "Rides" etc and it looks like a sort of impromptu Party. But it isn't, and woe betide anyone if the Count is low, the Package light or someone is selling Burn. Being a Snitch carries a death Sentence. So it isn't Hip Hop Bonhomie at all - it's just business, and nothing more. In "The Wire" Wallace is shot even though hes known those who did it since they were about 13. He is expendable, despite the Aura of Mateyness, while D'Angelo says how, when they have no more use for you all that "Family **** disappears". The Culture of expendablity.

    The Corner is just a more basic version of somewhere where everything is just business, nothing else. Where Expendability is the Norm rathet than the Exception, where all that Mateyness also disappears when they have no more use for you. Hmmm, know that one rather too familiarly, and how many times has that happened?

    The Corners sell drugs, not give them away - except the Testers - which is only meant to lure others into the Scene. People sell Coffee - but no-one makes one, and what if this applies WITH the above?

    I sometimes think this Town could go like that - if it isn't there already - because it does have all these Elements - that it is as brutal as those Corners - just with more Money. That might even compound the Problem in the end - rather like Gary in "The Corner" whose Money supports his high Maintenance Wife as she starts her Drug Career - eventually causing his own. He was a Property Developer with his own Company, had the shiny Car - the attractive Wife - but he wasn't immune, and he had the uncompromising Narco-Spouse somewhere where "The Game" was instantly available. In "The Wire" Micheal Lee refuses Marlo's Money at first - then not only takes it and the "Crib" - he also ends up working for him. So even he was available to the highest Bidder with the lowest set of moral values - so much so that Bodie finally explodes about it.

    Sounds like here - while there is another latent Problem that will one day cause far more.....

  174. They have moved a lot of young Families here - but Parents of 4-5 year olds see their Offspring become 16-18. They live somewhere where there's nowhere to go and nothing to do, and there's going to be loads of them. Add these to those of Families who were here before and the Street will fill up with bored Youngsters in an Atmosphere whose fiscal Motive is brutal. While the Dope Fiends in "The Wire" hustle to support their Lifestyles - People hustle here to theirs. To support those 4x4s, pay that huge Mortgage or their Portfolios, act like the Place is just a very sleek Corner - while David Simons TV Show is the same thing stripped of all the Pretensions.

    Andre Royo says how Baltimore is somewhere where what you see is what you get - that they don't disguise it in any form.

    Also, many of these Parents have Money - like Gary used to in "The Corner" and while he gave, and gave again to his gradually addicted Wife - who scammed him for it - they will give to their Offspring as they go out. Baltimore West Side Dope Fiends have to 'graft' for their Funding - these People won't even have to do that. You have a ready made Bank - potentially financing the Diversions of a small Army of Youngsters surrounded by Greed, somewhere where 'Community' is just a Word, but while the Corner is unforgiving to the fallen - what happens if or when that starts with them? What happens if or when those Tokens of Suburbia slip, someone loses a Job, has a Pay Cut - or the Ponzi Scheme collapses?

    Mrs Brice in "The Wire" has relied on Money from Avon until it eventually dries up - and she puts her Son to work - doing Wee Beys Job to continue it. There are many 'Kept' People here, who like those 4x4's they drive, those fashionable Clothes, using the Nail Bars etc - but what if the above happens. "You like the car you drive" Avons asks his Sister when she starts berating him for "The Game".

  175. How about somewhere that doesn't have a Conscience either?

    The Pirates who are based at Shipwreck Cove are suggestive of a 1980 John Carpenter Movie - while the start of "At Worlds end" shows someone who in better Circumstances could be Elizabeths Son at the end. He would be 10 years, minus 9 Months old - ie; 9 years and 3 Months. Like that Scene was from 1973 when someone else who had a Pirate Father (re; 60's Radio) and connections with 1655 was the same age. He was made to hang around by someone who was also just Business (Cutler Becket).

    In the years since that Movie has anything improved?

    So you also have somewhere that has a bad on-screen Rep - which also featured in 1998 BBC Documentary about Drugs.

  176. It should also be remembered that while we did a Project about People who disappeared in Beirut - all sorts of things seem to disappear here too. An entire TV Company vanished, said Project seems to have been assimilated to death, ditto for any real People associated with some of those Musicians including Captain Teague via "Lady Jane"- rather than Creambadgederekclaptonalikes or Jumpinjackhonkytonkalikes and a Mobile Phone full of Contacts in 2008.

    Indeed, while someone is made to hang around others seem to have become other Rockalikes in the Locker!

  177. The Must-see Film is "Birth of a Nation" - and we might have Mr "Hip Hop Acts Worldwide" - but whether you're Suge Knight or Puff Daddy - there might not be any Hip Hop at all if those the Movie is about were still picking Cotton or harvesting Tobacco instead of running Record Companies. There would be no Harlem or Compton - no East or West Coast, no "Boyz in the Hood", while others from Condoleeza Rice to Michelle Obama, Mohamed Ali to Joe Frazer, the most judaic of Rastafarians to the Nation couldn't either if someone didn't end what would have prevented it.

    Ditto for everyone from Motown to Stax, even those Rude Boys wouldn't have been able to dance if they were doing the same.

    The Documentary that came with the Film "Bobby" features Mary J Blige saying how Aretha Franklin was the reason they had a Job in the Music Industry, while it could be said that were it not for some People many years before, there might not be a Maryland let alone a Franklin Terrace, Baltimore. Someone associated with Bobby was the reason others have had a Job since 1968.

  178. Not only is "Birth of a Nation" the must-see Film it's also the most important Film of the last 100 years. It's Title alludes to the Birth of the entertainment Industry, its Concept to that of another Nation in 1948 - and its Story that of Emancipation. Until the 13th Amendment the Constitution was only partially activated - some of it not applying to some in America. The Slavery Abolition Act in Britain meant an Empire bereft of Slavery allowed the Union to win a Civil War it could easily have lost had the Political Axis favoured the Confederates.

    It's also a healthy antidote to what I can only describe as a Culture for Scammers and Ponzi Artists. Dreadful Films, Records, TV Shows and Media that catered for those who could be analogous for the Areas of a Constitution that were activated before Emancipation.

    Try living here in recent years - and the inevitable Result of all that is quite obnoxious!

    "The Wire" was probably the TV Equivalent of the Denzel Washington Movie in how it confronts so many things and so many Pretensions. How it shows the Consequences for a City, made Promises that were criminally broken. Again, the Consequences for all that are also all too apparent here too!

  179. Officer Walker.....

    You might remember how in "The Wire" Officer Walker uses his Uniform to bully and rob Street Kids. He's the supposed 'respectable' Character who gets booed rather than cheered - and while he pockets the $200 he's just appropriated from Randy does he do what Russell Crowe does in "American Gangster" and hand it in? No he doesn't probably - and he's a bit like a streetsy Troupe from the same Movie.

    A potent Message to anyone who uses their 'respectable' position to acquire things that aren't theirs. Its enough to make you want to buy a Tin of Yellow Paint isn't it!

  180. And what was all that about in the Cafe and just before - earlier on?

  181. It seems the Nimbys are at it again....

    Here was my response to an Article about a planned Home - what "The Wire" would call a Group Home.

    It depends on the Attitude of some Residents. When People try to rehabilitate they are treated like crap, like whatever they do isn't enough. The twee'er the Town the worse it is. I live in Portishead and the Attitude here - if you aren't a Local with Incestors going back Generations, local Government or one of the Potpourri Yippies that have appeared in recent years nothing you can do is enough.

    Apparently, there's a campaign to get the Home stopped.

    Proposition Joe says how the Johns Hopkins Institute is encroaching into the Eastside - eradicating the Neighbourhoods. Fine if you're a Student or an Academic - not so if you aren't. Dennis Wise has to go to the ominously named Avon Barkesdale for the Money to fund his Gym - like Avon is the only Show in Town.

    Bodie is on a program but he is still assaulted by Herc and Carver.

    Meanwhile, how about any so called 'Gentlemen'? Orlando runs his 'Gentlemens Club' complete with his pastel Green Lincoln Continental. If he wasn't stood behind that Bar he'd be called something else. In "The Fog" remake they have those Photos - the Before, and After - of the Wrecking. Kathy Williams has her Daughter, Governor Swann has his. So, where did all that Money come from?

    The Black Pearl is called that because it was charred in a Fire, the Conspirators burn the Elizabeth Dane in the "Fog" Remake. It's like the Pearl has come back to reclaim something.

    The Rollingcreamderekdominoalike Hippies here - or even the Yippies - should remember that 'Captain Teague' made a Record once - called "Lady Jane". They aren't cool People at all. Wrecking is the worse Maritime Crime imaginable. Even Blackbeard left Survivors - and Pirates generally did - because it enhanced their Rep.

    In the Gaol at Port Royal....

    ""The Black Pearl? I've heard stories. She's been preying on ships and settlements for near ten years. Never leaves any survivors."
    "No survivors? Then where do the stories come from, I wonder?"
    ―A seedy prisoner and Jack Sparrow

  182. And while those Creamrollingderekdominoalikes assimilated and scammed to death all of these things are they trying to do the same with Mr Arthur Wynne? Probably - but then it seems there were People who knew more about this than I did for a very long time. Those ASMC's again huh!

    Now the Fog has cleared are they trying to do same with Blake?

    Y'see, every time the Bluff is called nothing happens. I could say that when I used to go to this Neanderthal Rawk Nite Club in 1980s Bristol and met all these - erm - 'Rock Stars' I ought to have said "Wow, like - erm - brilliant, we've got this Hippie Rock Band and the next stop is Pompeii then?" or something to that affect.

    And this is where I do my Humphrey Bogart Impression.......

    "You gonna do that thing with the Light Switch again?"

  183. "Where did you get that?" is a Question Jack (not the Jackalikes) could ask of James Cameron with his 1997 Film. How about that disgusting Article Camerons Newscorp Associate published in 2005? How about the start of "At World end" and how it ends?

    At the start Lord Cutler Becket issues his Proclamation - and we have pitifully wretched People stood with Becketts Thugs on either side. One of those People is a youngster - who is very similar to Elizabeth's Son at the start - except his Plight is somewhat different. Elizabeth's Son would be 9 years and 3 Months old when we see him waiting to greet his Father (That's 10 years since he was last ashore minus 9 Months Pregnancy). This means the other at the Films start was also that Age when he was made to hang around. "Yeah nice Record Thomas, lovely Bloke you huh - 90's Fascist!". A Bunch of Thugs from Guildford ask "Have you got enough time" - and comment how someone "Moves like a Coin in the Air" - like that Coin just after he has been hung. So - the Stranglers - another Bunch of lovely Blokes too (not) - or their late 70's Peanut Farmer Era Labelmates on U.A. What makes all this so indefensible is how someone was 9 years and 3 Months when he starts to know the sort of choreographed Contrivance Beckett inflicts when he arrived in Scamtown in 1973. "Go Buddy go" huh!

    This is why the Dutchman and the Pearl exact revenge on Cutler Beckett when, after getting rid of Slave Ship Jones they open fire on the Endeavour in a Symmetry he inflicted on their People when the Film starts.

    This new President isn't Tony Blair meeting Murdoch in 1996 to glean favourable New Labour Press Coverage and he won the Election despite a pro-Clinton Media. While he gave the Pharmaceutical Industry owners a Slap - he could do the same to any Becketts too...... or Newscorp Executives, and anyone else who ensured the likes of Captain Teague would end up somewhere called Shipwreck Cove.

    Those Drug Company Owners might be very rich and powerful, but so was someone running the biggest Corporation of the 1700's.

  184. Start slapping all sorts of disgusting Media Types - asking them what their problem has been since the early 1970s?

    Do same with the Director General of the BBC, their Equivalent at Channel 4 - all of them - all those Potpourri Yippie Nazis running the Media and Record Industry.

    It'd send a very clear Signal to the pretentious Garbage they've moved here - and all their Thuggery and Humour Tumours too!

    .......And what have Radio Wales and Cymru been doing throughout all this - acting like the Traitor in the Tree in the other Bruckheimer Movie?

    Meanwhile, I suppose there might be some who would like to respond to President Elect Trump like People might me in 2008. Y'know, send some gurt Ladz round loike an' duff 'im up - the usual some of us have come to expect from the Area, inbred Bumpkin Thugs they are - with or without a Local Accent. If that's true then maybe they should watch the Scene in "The Wire" where Stringyfellow is p*****d about Clay Davies grafting Money from him and he wants Slim Charles to put a Hit on him. Slim thinks he means some Corner Outfit until Stringyfellow tells him who it is. "THE Clay Davies, Downtown Clay Davies......? he replies astonished that the Suggestion even be made.

    As for the Culture of Expendibility that exists here - to astonishing Levels - and the sort of jaded Cynicism that seem to prevail, Curve have a Song about those sort of People. "Chinese Burn" tells of someone who is "Spoilt and ugly" - and while The Black Pearl got her name because Cutler Beckett (before becoming Lord.....) set fire to her, ditto for the Elizabeth Dane in "The Fog" remake by the Conspirators. "She burns Friends like a Piece of Wood". There are many Examples of this happening, one of which connects with Trumps Tussle with the Drugs Industry, probably many others I don't even know about yet, the Group who left someone off of their Guestlists, probably 920 TV Workers - all of them. How about People who go to Prague, sent there because of a Project. Someone wrote the Stuff that got those People to give us those Songs - and whether this is consistent with Blake sinking the Bey of Tunisia's Fleet because of some Hostages, or even some of the Socially Conscious Work of the Philanthropists and maybe our Connections with real Rock Bands - those People spent Christmas there in 1990, everywhere is a Foot deep in Snow, and they stay at Wenceslas Square gratis. When all this went on some of us seemed left out of the Yippie Nights out, don't merit any sort of a Conversation - or even a Reply to an Email in 2008. Other things happened - not exactly consistent with or demonstrative of any sort of Gratitude. Something involving someone called Chris and a female Psychopath (rather like Partlow and Snoop).

  185. Or maybe even Frank Sobotka and the Steveadors - whose "Boosting" bit so many feeding Hands that they eventually went elsewhere. "We ain't back in the Day" he tells Nick - which suggests that they were "boosting" while his telling Nick and Ziggy not to is like a Pot calling a Kettle Black. Stan Valchek? Y'know, there's a Fella here who reminds me of him. When I first saw "The Wire" - and his Character he reminded me of someone - someone else who knew his way around City/Town hall.

  186. And as for Bristol's Football - I don't want to sound like I'm supporting Ms Beckham particularly here - but Bristol City isn't exactly Manchester United - and can't yield a Premiere League Football Team. Who knows huh, there are many Mr Walsh's - and we might even have known the James Gang! There's someone who has been trying to sell his Series about Pioneers - although his Attitude about People who might have connections with the likes of William Penn is like others who make TV Shows about, but aren't, those People. Then there's someone else, someone who Jane Austen could have written about in more recent years - that 'lame Duck' side of the Wynn Equation - a sort of Baronial Quango set up for...... erm ....... for..... what exactly? Hmmm, rather like Governor Swann hiding in the Captains Cabin letting others fight the Battle, and this Place is like a very large Captains Cabin - where they all hide - letting others do the Fighting so to speak, but as Bodie says "Where they at?" when it's their turn to reciprocate!

    No Ms Moore - it isn't "There you go" it's Here we are!"

    What would Micheal Moore say if Donald Trump did grab Roger Smith by the Ears and haul him back to Flint (with the Loot)?

    As for Hip Hop - Mr Hip Hop Acts Worldwide - from the incredibly twee Walton in Gordano (hardly the Franklyn Terrace or Lafayette and Brice) and his (you happen to be white - Nick Sobotka to Frog) Cronies ought to read up on Emancipation. Ask himself this; are you Cheese - oblivious of his Culture, Heritage and History? There was a Reason why David got a Hip Hop Artist to play that Character. Same as Bruckheimer getting 'Mr Coolio' Antoine to direct a Film about Camelot.

    Vote for the Constitution, vote for Donald Trump!

  187. What makes that Street Art so disgusting is how - because of it - we don't have a Public Library anymore. We now have a Book Depository for the Yippies this Theme Park was built for. Those who can hide behind the Subtext of a load of Silver Balls.

    Tommy Carcetti huh! It's a shame the People at "The Wire" didn't do their Spin of the Show called "The Hall" about the Carcetti Mayorship. One time when Nick Sobotka might have been right when he berates the former Councilman while the latter declares the latest Redevelopment of Baltimores Harbourside. Whoever it was meant for it wasn't meant for the People of Baltimore.

    Then we have 'Mr De Eresby'. Not only might he be part of the Wynn Equation whose Ancestry hardly made History - he also has an Associate in the Music Industry whose - erm - Stable started with The Adventures in the 1980s and ended with Martin(e) McCutcheon in the early 21st Century. It prompts a question about what he has been doing in the Background to perpetuate that!

    The Architects and Developers who put that "together" should note that the Fella who becomes President today is also a Developer, and a very large one who is going to become the most powerful Executive Office in the World. What if what Qui Gon says about those "Bigger Fish" becomes a Reality and he decides to slap them around for this?

  188. So what if these so called 'Leftfield' Groups were built on that Exploitation - that Thom(as) Yorke etc were worse that whatever they claimed to replace? "Winner" huh! What if their so called Righteousness was built on all that too?

    So anyone who claims Dissent in this are either Frank whose Campaign is stymied by his own Scams and whose Indignation at Nick and Ziggy's "Boosting" is a bit hypocritical or Stringyfellow who is as much a part of the crud he's trying to reform. Now we have someone who might confront all of it - including them.

    Read up on my Comments about these Creamstonederekdominoalikes......and what's particularly horrible about them is while their Cronies got to play the Music some of us didn't!

    Then there are other Monsters like the horrible old Pastry going on about "Hair and Joiners" and has probably been intriguing rather like Eresby. Pink Rolls Royces (or even Clarence Royce) starts looking as seedy or sleazy as Pink Cadillac's.

    And do you know what someone somewhere's Idea of 'Compensation' was for all this? 'Free Stuff' that isn't actually free (See "Scams"), or being "eligible to win" in a Competition that might, or might not, exist. Rather like some of these Bitcoin HYIP things that are just Numbers on a Computer Screen you can't actually withdraw from an ATM. Elsewhere here you will find a Coin that does exist - even if it might "Move in the Air" (Sic).

    "Chinese Burn" might apply to certain jaded and cynical People - but then, the Regime facilitated that for all of them!

    Meanwhile, I've got a few things the say to Mr "Top yourself"! (See Balfour)

  189. There are other things that connect the Song with this.... and "The Wire". How they sing about all those "Broken Promises" etc, but while People think they can now move into the County, read their Daily Mail - as Wendel Pierce (Bunk) says, if something remains unresolved, or Baltimore become further impoverished because those People are like Roger Smith it will still find them.

    "Lord of the Rings?" even the Dwarves of Moria discovered what happens when you dig too deeply, too greedily! That's one for the Yippie Costume Club. While Cheese the Hip Hop Artist is oblivious to his Heritage, Baltimore has its Origins via something - and someone else. Like the glib, slimy People they are - whose Rep now precedes them - will they respond or is this going to have to be left to a President who has mentioned the Plight of Baltimore?

    Voraciousness is an ugly Trait that no pleasing Aesthetic can hide.

    It wouldn't be so bad if there were the real Ginger Bakers, the real Eric Claptons etc - there might be some Work, rather than (and I hope the BBC read this - quoting their own Journalist in an Interview with Sir John Nott) here today, gone tommorow Pop Stars! Heck, the real Barberra Streisand would be a huge Improvement!

  190. That was what made "The Wire" so crucial, because it was the Reality Check to the Fantasy and Indulgence elsewhere in Film and Television.

    The BBC? Maybe someone should meet their Elizabeth Swann one day!

  191. Meanwhile, while the real Jack has had enough of being trapped in the Locker with all those assimilative Jackalikes, any of whom might mutiny - and he ends up marooned again - there are other things that seem to be assimilated.

    If Robert Blake was the Father of the British Navy, his Contemporary Founder of Pennsylvania and builder of Philadelphia, how about his American Equivalent? John Paul Jones - Captain of the Providence? If the Black Pearl is the charred Result of Blake's Ship in "The Fog" and there are Elements of the Flying Dutchman in the Story, has the Providence also been assimilated? Something to do with where it is the Flagship for?

    Heck, even archetypal liberal Film-Maker Kevin Costner must know about the Lenni Lenape (also known as the Delaware), the Susquehannocks, the Shawnee, and the Eries Tribes who lived in the Region and the Treaty of Shackamaxon. Whether it was a hyped up Meeting, an Allusion to several - or even a fabled factitious Example of how Settlers and Natives are supposed to deal with each other there was no Trail of Tears, no-one lighting Fires underneath the Cherokee, no Battles of Jamestown or Indian Wars.

  192. The one thing I want to make clear here is I'm not gonna tolerate what seems to happen in that socially incestuous Yippie World of theirs - a sort of new Freemasonry - where we see another bunch of Years of the same old Patronage that saw some patronaged Pastry turn up in Cambridgeshire a few years ago.

    I hope that will end and instead of some being patronaged while others patronised comes to an end.

  193. When Dennis Wise starts his Gym and those otherwise wayward People arrive - at first they scoff at the "Weak Arsed" everything, the broken-down Equipment, the less than encouraging Surroundings etc. If People want others to - erm - "Behave" then I suggest they provide something that inspires. Mr wise realises that and knows he has to upgrade everything. He also realises he has to network with other Gymnasiums and Boxing Clubs to provide something that means People see some Point in being involved. What we have had here is the Difference between what People might have in Morningside, Baltimore and what others might the Westside.

    That presents this with a huge Paradox!

  194. Even if Mr Wise had got the most awesome Equipment imaginable he still wouldn't maintain the Interest of anyone using it if all they kept doing was meeting the same People everyday. People they could meet on a Corner without any sort of Gymnasium. When he starts getting them to spar with other Gymnasiums they start to realise that they're getting somewhere. It's like being in a Band and all you ever do is rehearse, or when you do get Concerts they're like the ones our Group got. You could give that Group the best Equipment but why do it if it's never going any further than the Rehearsal Room? This is why I find some of this incredibly ironic - all things considered. Also, how can that compete with a Bunch of 'Rock Stars' (and I use the Expression disparagingly) in a Rawk Nite Club?

    Going to Prague to organise Concerts in the early 90's is crucial in that Context too. Suddenly you're in a Position where you can!

    Officer Walker and the $200.......

    It's obvious that he doesn't hand the Money in to the Desk Sergeant. If he did he would have to explain where HE got it. When asked if he did from someone he suspected of slinging he'd also be asked why he didn't bring the alleged Slinger in with it? Because he didn't not only has he just robbed someone in the Street he's also concealing Evidence to a 'Crime' that was never committed in the first Place. That's the Difference between him and Russell Crowe's Character in the "American Gangster" Movie. Also, while Randy gets roughed up by him - Clay Davies and his Driver gets let off by Rawls.

    If he found it he would have to hand it in.

    I've found things and handed them in (and I'm not a Cop). One was a chunky Gold Bracelet which I found in Bristol. I waited the statutory 3 Months and no-one had claimed it so it becomes mine. I'm not into Bling particularly so sold it to a Jeweller for the Gold Value. Another was a complete set of Keys - which the Owner collected from the Police Station and I got a lovely Card to say thanks! Then there was the Mobile Phone - one of those do-anything Phones that cost a lot of Money 8 years ago. I could have got a Power Supply from Ebay etc, sold it to a second-hand Shop and made a £100 probably, but I didn't. I didn't pry into anything on it either, Contacts, Text Messages etc - except finding the Work Contact Number of its Owner who I gave it to later that day.

    Shame no-one did same with my Mobile huh!

    There was the time when I found someones Cheque Book, Paying-in Book and a Utility Bill. Seeing it was with Lloyds TSB I gave it to them, left some contact details, but never heard from anyone it might have belonged to.

  195. ...........Particularly as one of those Cheques had a Signature on it - written out to that Utilities Company. A less than honest Individual might have forged that and had quite a spending spree.

    Also, People might scoff at the Frank Sobotka Storyline - but maybe they should see it in the Context of what has just happened in the US. How many of their previous Controversies scuppered the Clinton Presidency? How many the Clarence Royce Mayor Campaign and all that Education Budget that had disappeared, and if "The Hall" had been made - how about Tommy Carcetti's? A Mayor who became Maryland Governor starting with a Campaign based on some faked homeless Murders, a spun out non-Story by Scott Templeton. What if McNulty, Bunk, Sydanor or Freamon decided to go public about it?

  196. Someone got a Bee in her Bonnet about me referring to them as "You lot!", but it isn't a Supposition it's a Statement of Fact - and one that I could probably have used 40 years ago, and again 27 years ago. These previous times were when Partitions would go up. It seems there was one going through HTV - then another when another Bunch of "You lots" appeared when Hostage Release was going on. There's a lot of Money being spent on ensuring this. Too much Money to say I might be wrong here. Certain People should watch the Scene in "The Wire" when Nick Sobotka berates Carcetti for his Redevelopment of Baltimore's Harbourside being for his Yuppie Friends in Washington. After all, if they aren't "That lot" where's the Money coming from to perpetuate it?

    Sorry, but Yippie Public Relations don't work anymore! Carcetti the liberal Mayor and Governor would have a tough time convincing today's real America!

  197. How do I think the Officer Walker/Randy Storyline might have gone?

    David was going to elaborate as to why Randy Wagstaff had the same name as Cheese. It turns out Cheese is his Father. Cheese is played by Baltimore Hip hop Artist Method Man. This is where "Hip Hop Acts Worldwide" come in because their Origins are rooted in something that started in 1968 - and that has its Origins that go much further back. Prop Joe reminds him of his Heritage, and he does this for a Reason. That by referring to that he also refers to something else, the Origins of the City. So what if Officer Walker - shown as someone you might boo rather than cheer - has just robbed the very Origin of the City in a convoluted Journey that goes from Randy, through Cheese, through Hip Hop, through Calvert and to someone called Wynn or Wynne? Robert F Chew played the Co-op Chair and defacto Boss of Baltimore's Eastside. Santa Catalina has its Town just off the Coast of California - Avalon, and in 1919 the Island was owned by William L Wrigley - yep, you've guessed it - the famous Chewing Gum People. Avalon, Newfoundland - as I've mentioned quite a few times - was settled by Edward Wynne on behalf of George Calvert, Lord Baltimore of Ireland and founder of the State of Maryland, whose Charter was granted posthumously on 20th June 1632.

    So maybe Officer Walker ought to give Randy his $200 back!

  198. Officer Walker is a bit like the Firemen from "Fahrenheit 451" - who start Fires rather than put them out. Maybe I should ask him - or her - if I could have my Phone back, our Project - could the same be asked of our TV Station?

    Broken Promises and "The Wire".

    While those People redecorate Officer Walker we have something in common with a Group who redecorated a Record Boss, his Office, his Car.....

    The Stone Roses were signed to FM Records - owned by Wolverhampton based Record Boss Paul Birch. When it became apparent that they were going to be successful he released unauthorised Videos of the Group made when they were signed to his Company. They weren't impressed with this so - erm - redecorated him. When his Company released our Album in 1991 Record Shops were clamouring for Copies the Public asked for and we asked him to press more to supply the Demand. He wouldn't do it so subsequently, what was supposed to be a significant Record - capturing the Zeitgeist of that Era - wasn't anything like as successful as it ought to have been.

    So, how about this Trip to Prague? Those who went but did nothing with it?

    The Mathew and John Cabot.....

    Cabot might have discovered Newfoundland but he didn't do anything with it. That didn't happen until People like Edward Wynn arrived and started Settlements like Avalon. Also, while Cabot was financed by those Venturers who were also involved in the Slave Trade Wynn has a Namesake who worked to end it.

    Meanwhile, as the Fog engulfed everything yesterday the connection with the Elizabeth Dane and the Black Pearl becomes established. As they say in those "Wire" Documentaries "It's all connected", and while Avalon is the Connection between Baltimore and Hollywood - Robert F Chew alluding to Avalon, Catalina - whose substantial growth after 1919 was due to William L Wrigley Juniors Money, those 'Before and After' the Wrecking Photos in that Pub are also connected. Prop Joe might be Boss of the Eastside but he's also something of an Historian.

    Not sure what this Documentary on YouTube about Scammers is about - but there might be an Element of Officer Walker in some of that too!

    And I'd still like my Phone back - although it probably wouldn't be worth having now - the Contacts erased or interfered with.

  199. Can't even 'manage' a Cup of Coffee - let alone any Gig Tickets (See "Stuff"), while there are other things too. While some are like 'Mr Dickie" and Rose there might be others in other Sphere's that we might have been part of.

    I hope the - now - former President reads this because maybe 'Officer Walker' appropriated that too, or that he might have also been oblivious of his Heritage, his History.

    So, while Cops want to be Movie Stars the Hip Hop Community - AND Law Enforcement were compromised because they did in LA. There's a superb Documentary about that.