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2 Months ago something quite extraordinary happened. An emotional Prime Minister announced his pending Resignation. The German President - Angela Merkel - seemed humbled, European Politicians shook their Heads in disbelief ...............

Britain voted the leave the European Union!

Admittedly it was a very small Margin - but a Vote is a Vote - and about 1.5% of those who did decided to vote Brexit. Suddenly, Politicians who had been ridiculed for years were vindicated. Nigel Farage - Leader of the UK Independence Party looked triumphant and announced June 23rd should be our Independence Day. Sir James Goldsmith - whose euro-sceptic Referendum Party ran in the 1997 Election - must have finally sighed "I hate to say I told you so - but I told you so" - and on it went.

Britains Poltical Establishment went into Meltdown. Jeremy Corbyn - whose Mettle was sorely tested during the Campaign - and whose efforts many Labour Supporters felt were left wanting - steadfastly refused to do what David Cameron did on June 24th. The Tories became a rudderless Ship as leading Frontbenchers announced their Leadership Bids. The rumbustious Boris Johnson looked set to become Cameron’s successor - until Micheal Gove plunged a Knife in his back, then - in turn - was also trounced in his hopes to become Prime Minister.

Then, the 'People' took to the Streets in what can only be described as a very skewed Statement of "People Power!" Pro-European Demonstrators called for a second Referendum and protested at who exactly? They missed the Point, and this wasn't a Decision made by Parliament - it was a Decision made by.............the People, so we were given the bizarre Spectacle of People trying to dissolve the People - and elect another! TV Journalists interviewed some - and while it was a Vote by Britain about - and for - Britain - those German, French etc Accents were furious at why 'they' should now leave the EU!

This seemed like the equivalent of a Warsaw Pact country leaving the Pact. That a complete destructing of the Eurocracy has to start concurrent with a re-structuring of the domestic Executive, Legislature and Sovereignty. That the career structure for cynics might try and recidivate - if they want to look like Generalisimo Franco in 1936 and his response to Spanish Democracy - Krushchev to Nagy in 1956, Brezhnev to Dubcek’s reforms - or Yaneyev's Gang of Four in 1991 to Gorbachev’s.

Then, how about when Airbus threatened to close its UK Operation if Britain voted against the EU? That's like Brezhnev warning Dubcek that he'll shut down the Kalashnikov Rifle Factory in Czechoslovakia if Prague decides to cede from the Warsaw Pact in 1968. Not particularly democratic while also revealing the iniquities of the MIC - something Eisenhower warned about in 1960 - and how it could interfere with the civic Life of the US.

Others criticised the older Voters who voted Brexit. Millennials - 16 to 35 year olds - who weren't alive when those Voters did so in the 1975 Referendum, seemed oblivious to why and what that Vote went the way it did, and what it was for.

There were thosethat thought these Decisions should be left to the Political Elite. It was - when David Cameron had the Referendum in his 2010 Manifesto. That he threw it open to the Demos in Democracy scotches those who felt that this ought to have been left to Parliament. If he hadn't it'd be rather like a European Commission who wouldn't even forward Policy to the European Parliament to vote on. So even pro-Europeans must see that their process was applied in this instance (the Public being the equivalent of the Euro-Parliament). Their reaction to the Vote is like a Commission who decide that a "yes" or "no" Vote in the Parliament is somehow invalid. In that context even the EU has to accept our decision.

Euro-Sceptics were branded Racist, an insult to anyone who realises that People entering Britain because of their EU Passport means those who don't have one can't. How the EU merely expands the Borders of Racism because of this, that a Euro-Chauvinism developed - no less racist than any Alf Garnet Characters might have been in BBC Sitcoms. How the very Policies of the European Union have spawned reactionary Groups like the Front Nationale in France and Golden Dawn in Greece. How the EU seemed to benefit White, northern Europeans at the Expense of the Mediterranean Countries. To see how serious this is No-one ever envisaged Martin Webster ever becoming an MP like the Nationalists in France have now, while the BNP can only manage a few Councillors. It isn't any of those things.

Then there were others....

The Environment would suffer someone said, except Friends of the Earth were created in Britain - the Worlds most respected Eco-Lobbyist and Research Organisation, before we joined the EEC in 1973. Human Rights was another - but Amnesty International was started in Britain in 1961. It was these that prompted me to ask if we've become too dependent on the EU for everything, and that it almost implies that we've somehow forgotten how to do Environment and Human Rights completely. That a moral Bankruptcy meant we could always rely on Brussels and Strasbourg for these things. The positive thing here is; now we can rediscover how - and shrug off the Eurocomplacency that has developed in the last 43 years. It's that "They should do something about it" thing isn't it - except after June 23rd 2016 there is no "They" just you or us!

Also, the combination of the industrial Lobbyists and their influence on the Commission - and the Impotency of the European Parliament - a Pseudo-Legislature that in reality just "yay" or "Nays" Commission Directives - means that concessions to the Environment and Human Rights are just Crumbs that fall from the European Round Table. A very small Carrot offset by a very large Stick!

In the Debate before the Vote Frances O'Grady - the Leader of the TUC - lamented how Industries were "crushed by Bankers" in the 1980s. This isn't entirely true, and the huge Closures of Coal and Steel which made 100s of 1000s unemployed was done as much for ideological Reasons as economic. She should meet the Latvian who complained how - once in the EU - many Latvian Business's were closed - even viable ones - to align the Country with the European Union. That this is no less ideological than Thatchers Government doing same in Britain. Subsequently, about a 3rd of the Population has now left Latvia - severely depleting her Workforce. This is akin to the ideologically driven Collectivizations that caused the Soviet Famine of the 1930s and turned Ceaucescus Romania into Absurdistan - where the Presidents Dogs ate more nutritious Food than a People living in South East Europe's Market Garden. That something like 800,000 People leaving a Country of only 2.5 Million amounts to severe Depopulation.

This continued in Southern Europe - where Euro-policies have caused 50% youth unemployment. However you look at this - it is either chronic and brutal indifference - or that same Ideologically driven Policy making and application.

This brings me to this.........

That while a veritable army of Poles, Balts, Slovaks and other former Warsaw Pact Citizens arrived in more prosperous European Countries - what does this say about the failure of the EU to develop their Economies so they don't have to migrate? What does it also say about the unfortunate consequence of what is effectively Economic Migrancy? It also implies that a Centric attitude existed in the EU that meant any Benefits supposedly felt by those Countries never got that far.

Then Sinn Fein MP Martin McGuinness got involved. Seeing how the Referendum showed Ulster was a pro-Europe Area, and how the Vote might estrange the Province from the Republic he mooted an Irish Reunification Referendum. This was a bit opportunistic and while many Loyalists might have been pro-Europe they still aren't pro-united Ireland. Your Enemies Enemy isn't necessarily your Friend and all that!

Britain gets more Money from the EU than she puts in apparently! So, if we are the 2nd largest Contributor to the EU how can we be? Does this imply that Germany gives the EU so much that it supports us - not to mention Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and the former Warsaw Pact - all at once? The problem I have with Euro-Subsidies is how Money goes to the EU - then comes back. Why can't we keep it and decide what we do with it? Having read something someone wrote in support of the EU - and my being involved with an Anti-Poverty Campaign in Wales in 1999, I would say that a paltry £2.5 Billion from 2014 to 2020 isn't much of a return on our £10 Billion a year investment. I realise that that amount is sent by the UK as a whole - but while EU Subsidies are meant for the most needy of regions - Wales being one of them - where the other £58 Billion goes is a question for those responsible. Despite the Subsidy Economy in Wales - Cymru voted Brexit!

The French Prime Minister summed it up - although maybe unwittingly - when he said that the Referendum was a "Jolt" to the complacency and arrogance of the EU - prompting them to reconnect with the People. but why did the second largest contributor to it have to leave before he finally said it? People had been telling him this for years. His attitude isn't just at the highest echelon of the EU either. I could say that it applied at an every day level too. What this has finally also proved - and that is just how patronising the EU is (that, "let them calm down, be sensible, and have a second EU referendum" attitude, and how undemocratic. Anyone who voted against has to keep schtum in Company and Social Media for fear of recriminations.

But then, when you have an Organisation that employs 10,000 People - all paid more Money than he or she in Downing Street with the Nuclear Launch Codes the desire to continue with it must be very tempting. The Machinations to garner support in the daily lives of everyone as omnipresent as the Reactionists attitude proved.

One of the central Myths about the EU was how it prevented another War in Europe. To say this is to ignore why Germany is one of the most powerful economies in the world and that of the Continent. Marshall Aid gave them the biggest incentive of all not to wage War in Europe again, (ditto for Italy and others in receipt of the Program), while if the EU was meant to prevent another European Conflict then why wasn't it implemented in the late 1940's instead of that of the 1950s? Although it failed the Legue of Nations was within Wilson's Presidency after WW1. Also, the EU actually failed to prevent war in Europe when Yugoslavia descended into Conflict in the 90's, ominously a lot of it happened in Sarajevo. It didn’t stop the continuing Violence in Ireland either - despite both Britain and the republic joining in 1973. The Good Friday Agreement resolved this - and it was completely independent of the European Union.

Economic stability?

The recent Fortunes of Greece, Spain, Portugal and Ireland are in conflict with this, but it gets worse.

After the European Commission was disbanded in 2000 because some Commissioners were committing extreme Fraud a Group of Ombudsmen were appointed to monitor the EU - particularly its dealings with the industrial Lobbyists. These People were supposed to be independent - but when they were researched it turned out some had connections with the same Companies behind the Economic Slump of 2008. Considering how impotent the SEC were in the US at preventing what eventually led to 2008, I found it distressing that these same people could be involved in the political process of the EU. That it has been said that 2008 will happen again because that Bubble has been replaced by an even bigger one. When that one bursts the implications for any economy bound up with the EU are obvious, and will be far more disastrous than something that came from Wall Street.

This is why Brexit wasn't the economic disaster Scaremongers would have us believe and might even be a safeguard against what could happen in Europe. That to wrest our Economy from the toxic Morass of the EU couldn't have happened at a better time.

To be continued……………………….

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  1. Martin McGuinness revealed an Inconsistency when he called for an Irish reunification Referendum against the Backdrop of the Brexit Vote. That while he used the Stats for Ulsters pro-Europe Vote as a Mandate for his mooted Referendum he forgot that his own People fought against another Union - the Act of Union of 1800. It was through this that the last Vestiges of Irish Sovereignty disappeared and the O'Niel's finally laid to rest as her Rulers. That a similar process was at work with that that began happening with the European Union. Some of us voted against it in the Gratton Parliament.

  2. I'd have to give 10 out of 10 to whoever drew that Cartoon....

    It's like Mr Cameron, being another Mr Cameron, jumping Ship - like the real Jack does the Pearl, except is it the real Mr Cameron? While Junckers and Merkel pretend to be Jack and Rose. Says it all about how you'd never see those two doing a Human Rights Vigil - but they want everyone else to think they do.

    It's like something else European - and how that could be shown in the same way! Not sure he would do Vigils either!

  3. It's now 5 Months since we made our Choice, and we're no nearer enacting Article 50 than we were on June 22nd. If Czechoslovakia can have their Revolution in November 1989 and their first democratically elected President since the 1930's by December 29th why don't we seem to have made any Progress? Does this imply that the EU is more intrusive that the Warsaw Pact was? I didn't think it was possible. Those Communist Governments dictated everything from the Job you could do to who you could marry.

    Also, President Obama inadvertently exploded the Myth the EU somehow acts as an Economic Bloc - protecting its Signatories from larger Economies. If that was true why is an American President telling us to vote Remain? Does this imply the Opposite? That the EU is in fact a Conduit that compromises those Countries with any larger Economies?

    This means we would be better off enacting Brexit when dealing with the US.

    What bothers me is we've already seen how undemocratic EU Supporters are with their 'Dissolve the People and elect another Demos' - and Clinton Supporters in America with their Response to the recent Election. If we've seen this from their Foot-soldiers what can we expect from their Politicians?

  4. If those 'Remain' Voters filibuster Brexit then what happens next? We find ourselves in conflict with America - whose President elect has already pledged his support for the 52%.

    What are the pro-Europeans scared of?

    Too many Banknotes to put in the Washing Machine, Documents to shred?

  5. It finally looks like MPs remembered who pays their Wages, whose Votes put them there, who finances everything from the Civil Service to every Department and Employee, who bought and maintained those impressive Buildings in the UK Capitals and elsewhere, by triggering Article 50.

    Now we can shrug off Euroapathy and rediscover the things we actually invented. Eco-Politics, Research and Lobbying (Friends of the Earth), while Human Rights Activists might be astonished to know that the Notion of HR was inspired by the Anti-Slavery Legislation of 1807 and 1833.

    That we can retain a Legal System that started with Ranulf De Glanville and Magna Carta, which - in turn - inspired Constitutional Politics everywhere - from the Framers in Philadelphia to new Democracies in Eastern Europe.

    This, concurrent with Events in America also means a Rediscovery of why and how rather than what. "Birth of a Nation" 2016 seems a poignant Film in this Context as Emancipation helped the US re-establish its Constitution, rendered null and void before the 13th Amendment of 1865.

  6. "Just gotta get out, just gotta get right out of heearr!" someone sang in the year of the First Euro-Referendum, and how poignant was Mr May's Song in 2016? On a more personal Note I could add the Refrain "So you think you could love me and leave me to die" - which applies to all those pro-Europeans and other things that disappeared into the Euro-Monolith. From someone really going to Bohemia to some juxtapositional Nonsense involving Glass - but those People are still trapped on that Bench (See above Graphic).

    "Das ist gut, Ich lieber Dich" someone else sang - but German Anguish at us leaving the EU has nothing to do with us - and everything to do with a Country whose wealthy Economy and People are suddenly going to have to find the Money to pay all those Euro-promises to Member States once the 2nd largest Contributor leaves next year. (France is a distant Third because they joined the Euro - we kept Stirling). Then, when they have done that there are those other Countries waiting to join - some in worse shape than those who did 10 years ago. Then there's the growing unrest in Turkey (another Euro-Candidate) as subscribers to Ataturk are in conflict with Traditionalists - while both are with the Kurdish PK.

    As Mr Cameron bails out who are those two on the Bow of that Ship? It sure isn't Rose and Jack as we see Black Billy Jack stranded on that Bench - left to die!

    I'll give Theresa May 10 out of 10 for achieving what many thought impossible when she convinced Parliament to vote for Article 50. Now, maybe we can get on with the rest of our Lives.

  7. For a very long time Germany has enjoyed the Benefits of being the EU's most powerful Economy. After Brexit they suddenly also have to accept the Responsibility of being that. That means having to pay into the EU where we used to - thus before, we took on some of that.

    Money that has subsidised those that joined in 2004 was partially paid by us, ditto for those affected by the Crash of 2008. Germany had a Taste of what it means to have to spend on somewhere after the end of the DDR, when the former, prosperous West Germany had to spend on the former Communist East. I remember the Cartoon of a Merc welded to a Trabant to illustrate this.

    When other Countries join, and that includes a Serbia that was bombed flat by NATO in 1999, that task increases. I also wouldn't be surprised if there are Kosovar Albanians who are opposed to full Independence because retaining Autonomy with the Serbs means they join as part of a Euro-package, thus what some have described as a 4th World Country has Money spent on it to join the 1st.

    Germany - from the CEO of the very large Corporations to the Blue Collar Worker - could see a double Figure increase in VAT to pay for all of this. A Nightmare for any Politician who has to announce this in any Election Campaign. Either that or those Incentives that prompted those who have joined start to diminish as Germany doesn't adapt its post-Brexit Subsidies.

    We might also see a restructuring of our Tax System - in place since 1975 - which maintained our Contribution to the EU, that it might even be reduced. Being that 2nd largest Contributor meant we must have been spending more on the EU that we were here. After all is anyone going to suggest we have been subsidised by Spain or Portugal for example?

    So, many of the Arguments against Brexit in a German context has nothing to do with Right or Wrong, the Environment or Human Rights, and everything to do with Money. Heck, they've been banging on about the 'Socialist' aspect of the EU - now some of those very wealthy, pro-European Germans are going to have to put it into practice.

    If Berlin decides it won't increase its Eurospend to compensate for the post-Brexit absence of ours somewhere like Latvia might even rediscover those Business's that were closed by Riga's pro-Europeans pending Subsidies in a steroid Economy almost as managed as that of the Warsaw Pact.

    While they do this we start to do same with the very things we invented - Eco-lobbying and activism (Friends of the Earth) and Human Rights - set in motion in 1833....... here!

  8. I'm starting to think that we might even have shouldered rather more Responsibility than Germany. After all - while our Subsidies went to Athens - it wasn't us who foreclosed on them a few years ago was it!

    So, now Germany has to honour its Euro-commitment and repair the Damage done to Greece by their Finance via their Euro-Conduit. As Robert Shaw says in "The Battle of Britain" after the Luftwaffe has bombed an Airfield - "They made this mess, they can clear it up!"

    So, while we use Queen Song References to describe what was wrong with the EU on a Macro Level - vis a vis how it has affected things on the Micro, and in the day to day lives of People (See "More Memorabilia" from 1989 - and how all that disappeared into the Monolith so we end up with the People in the Bench Cartoon above), perhaps Kylie ought to be careful what she wished for and that "Harmony" might have been the thing that kept Mr Diggle viable.

    While Mr Glasswell's tumorous Europeans Website replaced things that meant some of us got to attend Press Conferences in London and publish Articles in Newspapers - not sit on Benches waiting to be assaulted by Polski-German Numpties in 2008 the same thing happened with HTV. Where there used to be 920 People going to a Job of Work - some of which for 25 years from 1968 to 1992, we now have a Group that employs how many exactly? And a lot of Cronies who are in no position to employ anyone.

    Some of this applies to something Donald Trump said too...

    That while American Companies now operate abroad, Film and TV Work that used to happen in Bristol and Cardiff now does 1000's of Miles away. Maybe to offset the Euro-Dinner Party Clubs wretched and privileged Arrogance and the lack of the Coke Dealing President we might see something similar again, except this time there are no Eurocrats in Copenhagen giving out the Patronage.

    It also means some of that is deflated at a BBC and Channel 4 that has relied on Euro-Subsidies and collaborated in Euro-acquisitiveness also rediscovers something they probably didn't know to start with. The Euronazi Death Camp created here is the combination of a nebulous, stifling Ocracy and a Euro-Media Brat Pack Playground.

  9. We seem to have gone from making Films and TV Programs to some crap about Roads. Not sure what that has to do with Media Work - but I'm not gonna be punched in the Face by someone who probably works for the Road Crew so to speak. I interviewed certain People in 1993. Might want to interview them again - and not necessarily about Spine Roads!

  10. Meanwhile, here's an Historical Diagram for everyone from former Archbishop Envoys to anyone in the Yippieocracy who tries lumping us in with any Islamic Extremists......

    I decided to post this in all these Threads for those who haven't read it.

  11. "If they held Elections in Ceaucescu's Romania and disagreed with the Vote they'd dissolve the People and elect another!"

    This is what they said about the Government who hosted the last Warsaw Pact meeting in 1989, which said it all about how a small Group of 'People' dictated the terms to a much larger Group, then killed very many of them - all in the name of the 'People' in December of that year. In the Words of a BBC Foreign Affairs Correspondent "The People featured rather a lot in the Rhetoric - but not very much in the reality".

    More that 2 years since the Brexit Referendum and we are no closer to a Package that will work in our post-EU Lives. The problem has been compounded by those who don't want a Brexit at all and the infighting between those wanting a "hard" and those wanting a "Soft" Brexit, while all of this ignores the fact that the Problem isn't no Brexit/Brexit at all! It's the chronic indecisiveness caused by all of this which finds its way to everyone from someone who doesn't know whether they'll have a Job once Brexit happens - because they've been pummeled with anti-Brexit Propaganda by the 'Remain' Lobby - to an American President who has all but given up on a Britain that can't seem to organised the proverbial in a Brewery. Both of which are extremely damaging! We might be in this Morass but the rest of the world isn't - and while we are locked in this post-referendum Atrophy that rest of the world gets on with its day-to-day!

    I feel scornful of those who reacted against the Referendum - reminding them that they 'protest' against a decision made by the People and not a Policy by a Government. That while they force a 2 year long filibuster even David Cameron was grown up enough to resign when the Result reversed his pro-European Mandate.

    The People who should be applauded but never seem to get much publicity are the Better together Group who have spent most of that time trying to find, and convince People about, what the best Policy should be and what needed doing once that Decision was reached.

    The thing is, while they do this Placards proclaim "No to Brexit" - which could provoke a Backlash, cause Violence and create yet more uncertainty.

    I'd like to see Better together get the publicity they deserve in this very difficult transition period, who seem removed from the Polarity of Brexit/Remain, Hard/Soft, Advocates - and who ought to have and promote whatever Environment and Human Rights Elements included in their Agenda. Currently, both are bound up with the EU - the latters Human Rights Act 1998 dependent on EU Human Rights Law and litigative Infrastructure.