Thursday, 1 June 2017

In Memorium to Manchester Arena........

I thought I'd wait for the Kerfuffle to simmer down for a few Days before I did this - but in Memorium to the People at the Manchester Arena I'd dedicate a Song by Mancunian Indie Band Puressence - from their Album "Only Forever!" - "Standing in your Shadow" -

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  1. What is rather detestable are those People pretending to have been at the Concert on May 22nd so they can blag Tickets for the rescheduled Gig. Although Ticket Stubs for the Gig can't be verified online or on the Phone they can in the Foyer. People should bring their May 22nd Ticket Stub with them and show it at the Box Office - if they can't and they have one of the Tickets allocated to those who went to the original Concert they should be asked to donate £50 to the Crowdfund set up for the Victims. After all, those who went to the Gig had paid their £50, while those pretending to have - or Touts who have sold them - haven't.

    This is particularly horrible and shows what People can stoop to.

  2. Puressence did an Album called "Don't forget to remember" - and while I have my T'Shirt with "Remember Brian Keenan - Belfast Hostage in Beirut" - I also never forgot the Campaign the Album was for. Maybe the Manchester Band - or someone somewhere involved with them - ensured People did too. I'm the Fella sat there on the Cover!

    Many of us hoped after the 1980's - and the Good Friday Agreement in 1998 - that what happened on May 22nd could never have happened.