Thursday, 13 April 2017

Don't believe the HYIP.......

It seems we've found another HYIP Scam - which can only operate with the Complicity of the Monitor that recommends and promotes it - here I will show you how the Con works, and it supports what others on YouTube, Websites and elsewhere say about the whole HYIP Industry.

Firstly; here's the Scamsite...........

Looks awesome huh, all those huge Payments for comparative modest Investments - while that "Your Profits are 100% safe with us" bit requires some Scrutiny! I asked them how guaranteed it was and their Admin mailed me within the hour that they were "100% Paying" unquote.

So I made my Payment..........................

Note the Address on the Website corresponds with that of the Payment............

Emailed them as instructed, sending them my Bitcoin Wallet Account Number - waited more than 24 Hours.... then looked at my Bitcoin Wallet Account...........

You will see that no Payment has gone into my Account - even after about 36 Hours

So I emailed them sending some of this - and also this.......

This is what is called a TX ID - irrefutable Proof that Money was sent to their Bitcoin Address for Investment.

I also contacted these People, a Monitor that promotes and recommends HYIP Programs to People who might otherwise not know about them. They offer a Refund to anyone who hasn't received Payment from Programs People access via their Site...

I told them that CoinBTC hasn't paid me - sending them these Screenshots and the TX ID so they could see that I wasn't being dishonest and trying to blag a Refund for something I never paid for. I suggested they contact the Program to ask why they haven't paid, while they could drop the Ad and denounce them in their HYIP News Page advising People not to invest. I am no nearer getting a Reply from them than I am getting my Money - (from a Site whose Admin also don't reply to Email AFTER you have paid them - so not so prompt once they have Peoples Money huh!)

I emailed, then emailed - and so on - even telling them about other Scams I had written about and how I kept an anti-scam Journal, still nothing!

I then got a bit sarky and sent them instructions in how to send Bitcoin........

After all, I was starting to think that they didn't know how or something, and it seems it worked - or at least for these People.......

Yep, this is the Monitor which promoted the Website - and still is - while Coinbtc must have figured out how to send Bitcoin from my Email because you can see they say that they made most recent Payment on the 13th April - today! Note the Date and Time in the bottom right hand Corner!

Hmmm, except here's a Screenshot of my Bitcoin Account showing they certainly haven't paid me............

Again, note the Date and Time - you will see that as up to 18.01PM on the 13th April they still haven't paid - and have no intention of paying - me!

I then emailed the Monitor asking them how they can still tell their Readers that the Site is paying, asking them "paying who............ you?"

They have yet to reply - or put pressure on CoinBTC to make good their Promise of Payment to their Customers. So Peoples Profits might be "100% safe with them" but they should rather be 100% safe with us!

Without much adoo - here's todays Screenshot, and everyone is in suspense, the Anticipation is palpable, you could slice up the Tension and sell it...................... And today you get a supporting Feature - y'know - the Film they show before the main one, so the Curtains open, People sip their Kiaora, eat Ice Cream, Popcorn etc.........

Hmm, seems someone has graffiti'ised the Poster for this..........
We have the Intermission/Entracte - the Music plays, People buy more Kiora, Ice Cream, Popcorn etc, the Tension, the Agony of it all - the Suspense............ The Usherette resupplies with Food and Drink, We decide to run a double Screening every evening to cater to the growing Demand.

The Audience starts getting apoplectic, "Awe C'mon" someone shouts, "Hear hear" someone else says, even more People at the back make a Rasp Sound, a few louder Boos and Hisses can be heard, the Projectionist stands outside having a Cigarette shaking his Head in disbelief, someone even throws something................. Nothing, Zilch, Nish!!!!!  No Refund, no Payment. People then make for the Box Office for Season Tickets to the next Installment. I start having Meetings with Film Bosses about a potential Franchise, someone offers to do the Merchandising. A TV Company wants to do a Mini-series, a Film-Maker asks to make a Spin-off, Record Companies clamour to release a Soundtrack Album. We begin Work on the "Making of....." Documentary!



  1. I will continually update the Screenshot showing that either the HYIP hasn't paid or the Monitor hasn't paid the Refund.

  2. I will, of course, update the Screenshot when either 10BTC or the Refund is deposited - saying that there must have been a Gremlin in the System somewhere that was preventing it from going in/being paid!

    It was Good Friday yesterday - and those Hot Cross Buns would have been much nicer had that Money been paid. It's Easter Sunday Tomorrow, maybe the Easter Eggs will huh! After all, they say they work 24/7 - including the Holidays!

  3. What I can't figure is the warped Logic of these People. That even if they were complete Scam Artists - Robert Redford and Paul Newman made their "Sting" look and feel plausible. That if a Columnist from some Racetrack Publication came into their 'Shop' they would make it seem like it was a regular Clip Joint. They might place a Bet - and sure enough, get paid. There are other Bloggers - with far more SEO than I have - who might have done this, and then completely buried them with their Report.

    Also, by doing this they give away their Modus Operandi, like; is this supposed 'Refund' just a Ruse to obtain Peoples Trust, make them feel like there's no Risk, and the whole thing is completely legit? In "The Sting" we see them spend on their Scam - complete with Bar and a Smattering of 'Customers', while others using it would collect their Winnings without Dispute. It isn't even like - to them - the Amount involved is particularly huge. The Monitor runs a HYIP where they accept Deposits of up to $1000,000 - so what's 10BTC to them, 0.1BTC even less, while even the HYIP could at least offer a Refund if it looks like the Program doesn't work or it's a Ponzi that has run out of Contributors.

  4. And while you can't believe the HYIP please don't believe the Monitor who is telling you Coinbtc are paying - saying they last paid on the 15th April. They still haven't paid me - and probably aren't paying anyone except the Monitor who will continue to promote the Scam/Ponzi

  5. As you can see by today's Screenshot someone somewhere got paid on the 15th - but the last Activity in my Account was when I sent the HYIP my Money on the 10th - so someones being less than honest aren't they!

  6. Yeah, as you can see - they still insist that CoinBTC are paying - last payout on the "21th" (shouldn't that be 21st) of April - today!!!!

    Except my Bitcoin Wallet Account still hasn't received either the Payment or the Refund.

    Some in the Audience start seething, others reach for their Smartphones and IPADs - googling both the Monitor and the HYIP. Others are in the Foyer making Placards...

    "Scam Artist" one says - "Shyster" says another! Someone appears wearing a T'Shirt with "Just pay the Fella!!!!!" emblazoned on the Front.

  7. Alex Tan at still insists they are paying - right up to today, when they still haven't paid me from the 10th of April.

  8. This is like being robbed in full view of the Cops in some horribly corrupt State where if I paid them enough the Cops and Politicians might do something about it. It's the worst kept Secret in Town - while those responsible can't just vanish up some Alleyway. If the Cops and Politicians won't do anything about it - how about People who have to live their Lives by the Rules, run their Businesses in line with Legislation - or risk prosecution and/or being closed down? If so called 'Law Enforcement' WON'T maybe vigilante Justice might.

  9. Lisa Madigan - Attorney General for Illinois - has started Proceedings against a Scammer making all sorts of Promises to would-be Publishers - where they are supposed to be making $500 a day or something. Legendary Scambuster Ethan Vanderbilt had the Story on his Website... which you can read in a minute, but what is brilliant about what she is doing is how it won't be like Jarndice and Jarndice in "Bleak House" where after Generations and Years - the Judge rules for the Plaintiff - however (cringe) all Proceeds have been used up by the legal System and the only People who will get paid are the Lawyers in a Chancery Court that reduced the Trial to not much more than a continuing Soap Opera.

    I might forward some of this to her Office because then maybe it'll be taken more seriously, particularly if she then emails the HYIP and the Monitor as an Attorney General - firstly suggesting they pay the People they're supposed to, and that the Monitor pays any promised Refunds which she offered as Guarantee against any HYIPs being a Scam, and secondly; if they don't, and she finds they've scammed Americans, apply for an Extradition Order.

    I get the Feeling that some People think this is a Game - a sort of online Strategy thing - but it isn't, while - as "Gatsby" shows, there are Characters like Wolfschein skulking around waiting the pick up the Spoils!

    Anyway, here's Ethan Vanderbilts Article.......

    Oh, and I still haven't been paid either by the HYIP OR Alex Tan at!

  10. It means that those Scammed will get Compensation, and when I say that I mean something akin to what Bob Geldof said on that "Live Aid" Broadcast to anyone who might procrastinate about making a Donation, not yet another Weblink to any Sites 'offering' supposed Bonus's or Gifts like some Casino Website that 'offered' £600 which somehow disappeared once you signed up to it. Online Scams are not Fruit Machines or World of Warcraft, they are deliberate Attempts to scam Money from People!

  11. It'd be like her getting an Email that has been somehow delayed since 1968!

  12. Still no Payment of 10BTC or a Refund of my Deposit from the Monitor!

  13. No Payment today either..... despite a couple of Emails to Alex Tan asking her to suggest to CoinBTC that they do.... and re-giving her the Bitcoin Address to send it to. Oh, and no Refund..... or Reply.... from her.

    Before People think this is Extortion or something, it isn't. I made an Investment in this Program after her Website promoted and guaranteed it, making that Payment on the 10th of April. 1 Month and a Week later that has still to happen. The Blockchain has a Record of every Payment made with Bitcoin since it started in 2009 - however much it might be - and it is impossible to counterfeit. If it wasn't every Bitcoin would be rendered a worthless Batch of Letters and Numerals. In that is a Record of my Payment - irrefutable Proof of my Investment, while the Email they sent me with the Address to send it to supports this - and my Email to them containing my Bitcoin Address, and the lack of Payment received after 24 Hours is also additional Evidence. That and how the Account that Address is kept with has no Record of a 10BTC Payment received.

    Maybe this is where some of these powerful People - and certain Families - can show us that there is something resembling Decency in that World of theirs and use their Influence on CoinBTC and Alex Tan to ensure this is resolved. There have been times when they conspicuously haven't!

  14. A lot of Bother went into those People - maybe it's time for them to show us they were worth bothering about!

  15. Still nothing, even after I sent them several Emails from my various Email Accounts in case they'd blocked any. Someone somewhere must be able to put pressure on them to ensure they do what they're supposed to. After all, how long have we had the Internet? How many of these huge Internet Companies could contact them and say that they are using their Products - from Microsoft Operating Systems, to Severs, to Google (including their Email Clients) to commit Fraud otherwise. By now - as a Microsoft and Google Customer - I should be able to contact someone in either of these - who could use their huge Resources - to find and request (somewhat persuasively) they keep to their Side of an Agreement or Transaction. Heck, Gmail or your ISP are quick enough to suspend an Email Account if you've sent too many Emails in 24 Hours - except I'm not committing Fraud.

    So, as of 14.31PM on Friday the 19th may 2017 I have yet to receive 10BTC from Coinbtc, or 0.1BTC Refund from - on a Transaction that was initiated on the 10th April.

    Send to..... 33TAM9DHfou3HAVagQWbYWFtKQE17RjK4J

    No-one is asking anyone else to give me any of their Money - I just want MY Money, and you'd think that in the Vastness of those very powerful People someone would contact them suggesting that they pay up! An Email with De Rothschild on it, one of these Film Makers who have made a Fortune from our Work backing up some of their Plotlines and Characterizations, Ray Winstone as Ray Winstone, Eric Claptons own Debt Collector - Cap'n Teague - something with "Boston" somewhere on it's Letterhead - the List is endless.

    Then I'd be as laid back as anyone else you see enjoying the Weather etc!

  16. Huge Congratulations to CoinBTC and for giving the Tories the big Stick they'll hit you and everyone else with......

    Yeah, I've just read the Stuff the Conservatives are going to do to regulate the Internet. That while some of it is open to Interpretation (for example; when Colonel Brandon said to Willoughby that he thought the Iraq War was a Mistake the latter said "That's Offensive" - like we were never allowed to have an Opinion about any of that), some of it is quite horrible - like the Pornographic Priestesses that some Dating Site kept sending to my Email, while there's worse, and some is Politically awful, where's the voluntary Code of Conduct when it comes to Internet Crime?

    There isn't one, and while these People use Microsoft and Google Products to commit Fraud - the Internet treats it all like it was a Game. Like the Scam-Scam Reviews Website were part of some Equation Sports Commentators could comment on, like it all went on in some Arena like they were Gladiators or something. But nothing is resolved because People are wafty about it and see both sides of both sides. Theresa May said it should be as difficult to commit Crime on the Internet as it is anywhere else - but while People see these Scams on their Monitors like they watch a Crime on CCTV - including Employees of these huge Internet Companies - does anyone do anything about it?

    There's the Arbitrariness of what we have at the moment - where instead of there being some basic Rights and Wrongs and that's it, other Scam Reviewers pitch their Stuff in a way that suggests they might as well not bothered. Like the Scam and other things that might have been wrong have become so entwined their endorsement of the latter taints their Review of the former.

    This was never meant to be a Scam Reviewers Website, but the most recent Stuff has become that because of all this. That I felt I had to write and present it so I felt what needed to be said was said - and how it should be, without the subjectivised Taint of some others. It's like supposed Consumer Affairs in Medialand now only applies to certain People - the rest can get scammed to death!

    Because I can't go to anyone at Microsoft or Google - whose huge Resources could trace, face and correct the Scammers - obtaining a Result on my behalf and a deterrent to the Scammers - we now have a Government who are going to do it for them. Everyone from Bill Gates to Mark Zuckerburg must see this as foreboding, but there are no both sides to both sides when People like CoinBTC and can scam with impunity.

    A Conspiracy Theorist could say that they were working for all that anyway. Online Agent Provocateurs sent to compromise the Integrity of the Internet. Often wondered how they kept getting away with it!

  17. At least it seems Facebook have blocked any mention of - which looks like a Result - meaning that they can't promote themselves there. Not sure when they decided to do that - but it might have something to do with this. What that also means is you can't employ a double Psychology with them there either. Some People will mention a Scam by Name deliberately because some will always click on the Link to see what all the Fuss is about - only to end up being lured into it. When they do this they don't post any Proof that the Site is a Scam like you might see here. I've shown that both CoinBTC and look scammy - at least as far as my Dealings with them are concerned. They've redefined Recalcitrance and Obtuseness in both their refusal to Pay AND not replying to Email asking them why they haven't.

    Maybe Facebook have some Principles after all! Hope Google, MSN, Yahoo, YouTube....etc start doing the same!

  18. I sometimes wonder how many of these Cryptocurrencies actually exist. it seems there's a new one every week - and there are already 100's of them. That they're like these Scam Sites that seem to replicate themselves every day. All I know is, so far - real Money has gone into the Cryptocurrency World - and none seems to have come back. It's almost like some hyped up Nonsense - done in exactly the same way they did the Commodities and Stock Markets in the 1920s - or the Securities Market of the early 21st Century (toxic Financial Products that caused the recent Crash). The latest ones look totally made up. ETHB, Trumpcoin, Dixcoin - I mean ....... really!!!! How much of this has more to do with the 'Paperwork' than any real Currency?

    Maybe someone would like to send me a Bitcoin Debit Card linked to an Account with some Bitcoins in it so I can see that they do, indeed, exist - and it isn't just some elaborate Scam designed to empty your almost compulsory Debit Card!


  19. I notice that they're still running this Scam - while still promotes them. Also, still no Refund and no 10BTC Payment either! I suppose you could say they were consistent!

    Meanwhile, here's another Bitcoin Scam you should know about.

    This started on Facebook. People would post on Facebook about a 'Mining' System where they can "Connect" your Blockchain Wallet to a "Network" which would invest the Wallets Contents. To do this you had to give them the Wallet Address and Password so they can access and configure it. Suffice to say that as soon as they gain access to the Account it is emptied and that is the end of that. No "configured" Wallet in any "Network" - just emptied.

    This one works in a similar way except you don't deal with anyone on Facebook Chat. How it works is via a Website called Bitcoin Bonus, where they ask you for the same Details and the same probably happens. You try logging into your Account and get the confirmation Email to verify it. When you do you get asked if a different IP Address can access it. It doesn't give you the location of the other IP Address which is suspicious so you (should) click "Reject".

    Also, while the real Blockchain URL appears thus;

    The spoof one appears;

    You'll notice that it is spelt slightly differently, while there is a "0" instead of an "o" in "Block".

    The Form Fields appear in Grey instead of Cream too!

    The rest of it functions like your Wallet Login Page - a Link to Blockchain does work - but then anyone can put a URL into the Site couldn't they, or write it in the HTML.

    It looks like another Scam attempting to access your Account and empty it.

  20. According to (or should that be Refundsbutnotreally.con?) Coinbtc are based in Germany. If Ms Merkel wanted to convince us Brits that the EU was ever worth bothering about maybe she ought to have told her Finance Minister to make some Inquires and ensure all Payments are made. Who knows, this might even be mentioned in Brexit Negotiations. Because they (Germany) didn't I might see the 10BTC Payment as Reparations.

  21. Update .....

    Finally - after 7 Months - got a Reply to an Email from Coin.BTC.

    They tell me that there is 10BTC in my Account, but I have to pay Tax.

    Here's what HMRC say about Tax on Bitcoin ......

    "HMRC will only tax you when you transfer your bitcoins into pound coins. and its taxed just like any other income. so if you withdraw £20k then that is your income. combine it with all your other income and work out the tax."

    So, firstly you don't pay Tax on any Bitcoin UNTIL you transfer it into GBP - which means ......

    Secondly, any Bitcoin Transaction is Tax free until you decide to do this.

    There might be Tax payable at their end, but Income Tax is based on actual Income, NOT Money that will be sent elsewhere. Otherwise every time any Bank Wire Transfer is made that would be taxed before it is sent - and everyone knows that it isn't. That 10BTC is my not their Income, but any Tax might be paid on whatever Proceeds they made in the creation of that 10BTC. After all, there has to be something in it for them, which I don't begrudge at all, but any Tax on this they are liable for on any % they made. If their Tax Law is the same as ours then they also only pay Tax when they transfer BTC into whatever Currency they use!

  22. I'm sure I'm on safe Ground here when I say that Proceeds from Bitcoin Investment Programs are probably treated like same from Binary Options. They are regarded by UK Tax Law as Gambling and thus, exempt from Tax. You send Money to a HYIP (that actually pays) like you would a Binary Options Broker. Also, no Binary Options Broker I ever withdrew Money from ever asked me for Tax before they sent it. If they did (and I'm sure the Cypriot Finance Minister would have made a Fortune in Revenue if they taxed ALL Transactions from the many Options Companies based there) this would have been paid at Source and from Monies sent, not asked for in advance.

    If a HYIP asks you for "Tax" before they send you your Money they're probably just trying to scam from you!

  23. There's no mention of "Tax" on either their Homepage or the FAQ Page. Any HYIP that does mention Tax always stipulate that any Tax Liability is subject to the Tax Law of the Participants Country of Residence. I've just explained what that is in regards to ours!

    As you can figure I now have a regular Email exchange with these People - which is a Start!

  24. Anyway, who ever heard of paying Tax on Money that might be paid? If you were self-employed and did some Work for someone for £1000 where there is Tax Liability of 25% you don't pay them £250 before they pay you! Even in a PAYE Environment any Tax is paid at Source before you receive Payment.

  25. Having established the Tax Law here and how it applies to all this hopefully all will be resolved! To confirm I'll be contacting someone at the German Equivalent of HMRC to ask what their Rules are regarding this. I sometimes wish William Ormsby-Gore was still alive because if they messed him around like they are me he wouldn't bother with Email, he'd tell them on the Phone that his next Call will be to Ms Merkel!