Wednesday, 8 February 2017

NiceEarnings - ????????

Here's a Piece of Garbage masquerading as a Bitcoin Investment Program that has given me a few days of Aggravation.........

"Investments make better World" they tell us, except whose World do they mean? Yeah, you can invest as little as $10, certainly the Programs work and you do make the Amounts they say, sure you see your Investment grow, and definitely begin to increase your apparent Wealth - then you click "Withdraw". Wow, it's so instant as it appears in your "Pending Withdrawal" Page - it looks so impressive as it waits to be processed - and cor, look, after about 24 Hours its is!!!!!

So you wait to see it appear in your Bitcoin Wallet Account - and it doesn't. Hmmm, so where has it gone? you say as you double check you DID give them your correct Wallet Address. You did, so - let's see my "Withdrawal History" to check it appears there. It doesn't!!!! - Awe, but it's gotta appear in their "Latest Payouts" List right........ wrong, it doesn't appear there either!

No problem, send an Email to their "Support" People - these "Experts" who manage your Money for you. So you ask them where your Money is being paid ....... and you ask ...... and you ask ...... and you ask........

No reply, nothing, zilch, nish........ You start typing your Questions in block Capitals, still nothing. You contact some of the 'Monitors' who not only promote this Trash they also appear on that "Payouts" List. They don't reply either and insist on putting them on their "Paying" List. You write Comments on their Websites - still nothing, while you hope that they might contact the Site Owner on your behalf to find out where your Money is going. They don't!

So - according to their Website I am now worth $552.50 plus the Monies they have mislai.... sorry 'sent' to your/someones Bitcoin Wallet Address....

See this.......

1- Hello,

    You have requested to withdraw $15
    Request IP address is 
    Thank you.
    Nice Earning

2- Hello,

    You have requested to withdraw $90

3-  Hello

     You have requested to withdraw $50
     Request IP address is

4- Hello ,

    You have requested to withdraw $260
    Request IP address is 
5- Hello
    You have requested to withdraw $120
    Request IP address is 
    Thank you.
    Nice Earning

These are the Withdrawal Request Sent Emails you receive telling you how much Money you aren't going to get when it disappears somewhere.......

So (Not so)

For further Information contact this lovely Man in Panama........

person:      Ezequiel Pineda
e-mail:      fosterbanks@GMAIL.COM
address:     Edificio La Riviera, Marbella Panama, , Marbella
address:     00000 - Panama City - PA
country:     PA
phone:       +507  66671969 [32]
created:     20101004
changed:     20150812

At least, he would be if he knew how to send Bitcoin properly!


  1. I also contacted my Wallet Address Provider just to check that there hasn't been a problem with incoming Payments recently. That maybe these Payments will only appear on once they have been confirmed - and they seem almost as incommunicative as the Website does.

  2. The thing with all of this is - what's the Excuse for no-one doing anything about it when you can find out who is behind these things? I don't know what transpires between Law Enforcement and the Public in these Countries but it says to Visitors to Panama City or Vilnius, Lithuania is you can be robbed in the Street and nothing is done about it. The Irony is that while a Street Robber can disappear into the Crowd or some Back Alley these Scammers have a traceable IP Address, Phone Number and physical Address. Some Research will find this even if they don't put it on their Scamsites. An Australian Journalist did a brilliant Job of tracking a Scammer not to one House - but several - when he worked on a Story on the Subject.

    Does this imply that some of these Countries should be avoided by Tourists in the future?

  3. Mentioned elsewhere, you can check to see if a HYIP is paying anyone - or removing Money from Accounts via Google Wallet - where you just need an Email Address or Phone Number to transfer it and it doesn't appear in the Blockchain at all. This is what this Scam Artist could be doing, and his Program might be making Money - which he embezzles. I turned $10 into something rather more substantial with it.

    Also, because it's very convenient for them to do this from abroad - when Victims can't travel to meet them and resolve it - there has to be something you can do. He hides in Panama - scamming People everywhere - but there used to be a time when you had to be in Panama City to get robbed by a Panamanian. This is no different, and no more acceptable, except you know who the Robber is, where they are, there's often a Phone Number and IP Address. An Australian Journalist investigated a Bitcoin Fraudster using whatever Resources he had at his disposal and did a brilliant Job of it.

  4. ........and still, that Scam Artist has yet to to send anything to the right Bitcoin Address...... if they're sending anything at all! What's horrible about this is how that Money would be so useful right now.

  5. The last one that disappeared was - it says here, so we're told, apparently, according to this, $370. Just to show you what I mean - here's the next "Pending Withdrawal" which will be "sent" later today.

    Type Amount Date
    Withdrawal request $ 200.00[cancel] Feb-10-2017 08:17:11 AM

    For this period: $ 200.00
    Total: $ 200.00

    I'll let you know if it arrives properly...... or not! That long Sequence of Letters and Numbers is the Bitcoin Address I have given them ...... and given them .... and given them ..... and given them ...... and.....

    So there's no excuse!

  6. The last Month has told me why Bitcoin will never catch on as a serious Currency.

    Not only is it the Domain of Scammers like this grotty little Operator in Panama, it is also incredibly fiddly. To buy Bitcoin you have to go through 3rd Party Companies like Neteller and Skrill, or use Wire Transfers that cost £25, while one Wallet Providers Go-between accepts Debit Card Payments - except the most widely used in the World probably - Visa Debit. Another issues a Visa Debit Card - which you can use like you would your regular Visa Debit - but won't accept Payment by same to buy Bitcoin. So it'll buy Fiat Currency priced Stuff in Shops and withdraw same from ATM's but they can't do same with your Bank Visa Debit buying Bitcoin.

    None of these Companies have a Customer Support Phoneline, and although they're not as big as any High Street Bank that might - they also aren't like HSBC who might have 500,000,000 Chinese wanting to phone asking about their Money. No Live Chat - while all of it is done by Email - which can take anything up to 24 Hours.

    It's very elitist in that these HYIPs only offer a Phoneline Service to "VIP" Clients - who have deposited $10,000 - which might or might not work, although I'm sure the bigger the Deposit the more efficient the Phoneline might be.

    There are these Joke Currencies like Dogecoin (Hmmm), Steemcoin and others - which are worth less probably than Monopoly Money.

    Then you have these Bitcoin Faucets that pay less than the Electricity you use to claim them. 350 Satoshi might sound impressive until you realize that a Satoshi is worth 100,000,000 of a Bitcoin which won't buy you very much £,$ etc.

    As for him in Panama - maybe the Black Pearl should re-enact Henry Morgans raid on the City in 1671 like they do Port Royal. When they get there they might find him wearing one of those Pendants like Elizabeth does. Weren't the Aztecs from that Region?

  7. What would he do if a Bunch of People showed up at his Office dressed as Pirates and one of them gives him the Black Spot? Ditto for the Bloke in Lithuania.

    What he might be doing is uploading Money into a portable Bitcoin Wallet - which is like a USB Drive. Deleting "Withdrawal History" Records so the Money disappears completely and there's nothing to refer to in the Event of a Dispute. Removing the Drive from that Computer/IP, connecting it to another - then loading them into his Account from there. This means the Trail is broken and recommences somewhere else.

    What Scammers usually do is not process Withdrawal Requests - so they are pending ...... and pending ...... and pending ...... and pending, refuse to reply to Email, then one day the Customer can't access their Account at all. This Account though - at least according to the Website - is making Money, which is probably why he hasn't closed it, knowing that any Reinvest will make more Money - and he does the above.

    His Problem though is that, while he can delete Withdrawal History, his Program automatically sends Withdrawal Request Notifications (which is the only Email I get from him) - so there is Proof that the Account has made Money and Requests have been made.

    The stupid thing is, he's not even that good a Scammer because if he was and wanted to continue with his Exploits - he would ensure that this was paid properly to maintain his Operations Plausibility. I only deposited $10 - but what if someone was to deposit $10,000? The Lithuanian Bitcoin-x2 Scammers aren't either. The "Live Chat" on their Website has disappeared completely - suggesting they are now having Problems - or People are making Inquires. While Mr Panamanian just had to ensure at least some of those Payments were sent properly they just had to refund a paltry 0.1 BTC.