Wednesday, 14 December 2016


Here is where you might find the Results of some Web Search, rather like those Pirates in the Films who sail the Seas trying to find Stuff.

"Now where did you get that?"

Meanwhile, this Fella doesn't know how to send Gig Tickets Maybe he should read the "John Arthur Wynne" Post and imagine Chuck D etc picking Cotton instead of making Records.

This one - I'm never really sure which Face I'm talking to when I do him.

This Piece of work seems to think she's Frodo Baggins to other People's Gollum. Something to do with Dogs etc.

and on it goes...... the Antonio Bay Dinner Party Club!

Silver Balls? Hmm, I suppose it adds a new Twist to the Expression Cannon Fodder!


  1. This is going to be a bit like the Black Pearl - sailing the Seas - looking for those Gold Coins - so the Curse can be ended. There might be some who are neither like Will Turner or even Elizabeth Swann.

  2. I could start to make this look like those Boards they have in "The Wire". Photos, Links, etc showing you how "It's all connected", while writing it out like Lester Freamon might when he explains how all those Pieces matter!

  3. While Donald Trump has thrown the Word "Murderer" into the Mix (Father Malone) - I will start adding other People who weren't what they seemed here soon.

  4. And if they didn't want me to do this they shouldn't have made everything so dismal.

    Looking forward to Friday aren't you?

  5. Sonny Barger had something to say about some of thses so called "Flower Children". there are others who I will include in here soon too!

  6. There's someone I could put here - and you'd have to wear those Sunglasses with the reflective Bits in the Back - because she talks behind you - not to you!