Friday, 7 October 2016


Here you will find stuff about Scams.


The Internet is brilliant, except, with the Benefits came the Crud, the Wheedlers, Con Artists and Criminals who use it to cheat People out of Millions every year.

I will use this Post to explain some of them, and some which - unfortunately - sometimes you aren't aware of until you (almost) get involved with them.

Here's one that I discovered literally in that last 24 Hours.........

The THW Scam...........

Here you are invited to join an ever growing Group of 'Researchers' to watch TV. You are asked - apparently, it says here, allegedly, so we're told -  to review said Programs and be paid 'up to $25' a time. Note it says "Up to" not $25, so no Guarantee of a 25 Buck/Quid Gig here then.

Here's what I wrote subscribing to a Scam Reviewers Site about it......

"I signed up to this (unfortunately sometimes you have to to find out anything about it), and it all looked a bit vague. No mention of current Opportunities to subscribe to made me skeptical. This is supposed to be better than YouTube - who have HD Content - while the poor quality Video of ( probably) Actors and Actresses looked suspicious. They have a Newsfeed, but that isn't difficult, while there might be some Movies and TV Shows - but then, neither is that.

The Scam becomes apparent when you see the Certification stuff - quote; "The THWGlobal Online Sales Training and Certification Course cost $995, plus $39.95 monthly for continuing sales, motivational and technical training and education. However, for a very limited time the cost of the system is being discounted to $695, plus $39.95 monthly for our early movers. Once the promotion is over the price will go back to $995."

Shame you have to this, otherwise you get paid in Tokens - the usual Remuneration from many of these Market Research Companies if you just become an lV rather than a Certified lV.

They're trying to recruit 5,000,000 People. If all of them paid that amount they would make $5,875,000,000. You give them that amount of real Money - they might pay you in Tokens and a very ambiguous Work Rate. You're paying them to work for them! Not only that, but they get all that Data - AND your financial details if you decide to do it.

YouTube is free, and it's cheaper to buy a Cable or Satellite Package!"

So, they'd have to give you quite a few "$25" Gigs to repay the amount you give them, while Tokens won't assuage any Credit Card or Finance Company when they want their $1175/1445 back!

Then there was this one.................. based on the 419 Email Scam.

I got an Email from India from a "Widow" who claimed to be that of a wealthy Indian Businessman who wanted to give me - yep GIVE ME - $15,000,000. To achieve this I had to complete a Form and a Declaration stating that the Money was mine - and this was the "official" transfer. This was scanned, signed and sent back to the "Accountant" dealing with the "Widows" "Estate" etc. Then I get an Email from a "Solicitor" who wanted me to send a "Processing Fee" so the Money can be sent via Wire Transfer. This was for $200, which I didn't have - so I said they could deduct this from the "$15,000,000" - or I would even consent to them spending some of it to bring said Monies to the UK and we could go and celebrate our good Fortune! It was here that the Tone completely changed and they got a bit shirty. No less so when I suggested that he lent me the Money and I would repay him once I received this vast Sum.

Hmm, so a "Solicitor" with a few prestigious Clients couldn't find $200 against a guaranteed repayment? An "Accountant" who worked for an "Executive" of the "Reserve Bank of India" - except the Email was sent at about 4AM Indian Time (an "RBI Executive" working those hours?) and was written by what looked like a semi-literate 12 year old? Also, the RBI isn't in New Delhi - it's in Mumbai!

It was here that their Ruse fell apart - and after I Emailed them with some of this I never heard from them again. What suggested to me that they were part of a Network operating this and other 419 Scams  was how nothing appeared in my Inbox from any other "Widows" afterwards.

Also, How many of you have "won" an "Ipod/Ipad/Tablet/Macbook/Laptop/Smartphone" etc, and you fill and send the Form so you can "Claim your Prize"? I've done many of these - and if there are many others who have all I can say is there must be a huge Depot somewhere with "Ipod/Ipad/Tablet/Macbook/Laptop/Smartphones" piled to the Rafters that got lost in the Post! This, I think is just an Email grabbing exercise where the Addresses get sold on to "Widows" in "India" wanting to "give" you "$15,000,000!"

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  1. I'm starting to wonder how much of this supposed 'Make Money online' stuff has more to do with People Manipu....., sorry - 'Management' than actually making any Money online!

  2. Here's an Exchange I had with someone commenting on Scams....

    This was what they had to say...

    "I must say that is a great article. I am a P.I., and have a scam buster website. I have made videos and posted articles about the “Make $3,000.00 a Month Doing Surveys” thing. I think this is a re-hash of that same Clickbank product. Selling information is not a scam, but the misleading sales copy with fake testimonials makes it a scam. Truth is that most people will see little to no money from these things. Women seem to fit the bill more then men, especially if they are stay at home moms. What people fail to realize is everytime they answer a few questions to “qualify” they have just taken a survey and did not get paid. These people also have these things linked to CPA offers, so when they give you a few points or pennies to sign up for a free trial, they get paid. This is a great little scam they have going here, and I have all but giveen up on reporting these things. I have come to the conclusion that nmost looking for easy money are too lazy to take action, or do a little research on their own, sad, but true."

    Here was my Response.....

    I think that’s insulting to anyone trying to make a Living online. As a supposed Scam Busting Blogger you know as well as anyone that sitting at a Computer for Hours trying to find something that works isn’t being “lazy” at all. It’s People trying to find an Opportunity in an uncertain Economy and increasing Unemployment – and heck, if someone offered you a “PI” Job for the sort of Money these Sites claim to offer are you telling us you wouldn’t take it?

    As for not doing their “Research” again, as a “PI” you must be aware of Consumer Law and how it affects Retail. The Internet is like a huge Shop – and while I wouldn’t expect to continuously have to go into a Supermarket with Scales, a Measuring Jug and Chemistry Set to ensure Food and Drink complies with Weights and Measures and does or doesn’t contain those Additives I also shouldn’t have to do same with Online Products. The Onus isn’t on the Consumer it’s on the Search Engine People to ensure Scams don’t reach the Customer. A Shop Owner would be in breach of Contract if they sold Stuff that wasn’t as described. If you knowingly lent your Car to someone who was going to commit a Crime you are an Accessory after the Fact. If these ultra-wealthy Internet People can’t employ a department to check Scams then there’s an Area of Law that need addressing.

  3. If an Attorney General was to convene the Owners of these Multi-Billionaire Internet Companies (Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, AoL etc) and told them that they should dip into that huge Profit Margin and use the Computer Resources they already have to research Scams or have their Trading License revoked - even go to Gaol - Scams would disappear very quickly. Supermarkets employ People to research Products long before they ever reach the Customer - why shouldn't they?

  4. I'll have to add the supposed "Free Stuff" Scam here too....

    This is where you try and download a Program - only to end up with loads of Surveys - which seem endless - and then your Spam Folder fills up with all sorts of Junk. The thing is this "Free Stuff" isn't anything - apart from being eligible to win something in a Draw. Which could mean nothing.

    There was this supposed "Free Apple I Phone" - apparently packed and ready to dispatch - and you only had to pay £2. The thing is, you aren't paying that £2 fro the Phone, you are subscribing to some online Radio Station, and in very very fine, almost illegible Print that turns into a huge double Figure Payment automatically debited from your Account. Other "Free Stuff" turns into a Phone Call from someone selling you a Lottery Syndicate for £39 a Month - and on it goes. I spoke to someone who does Market Research - and they said they were nothing to do with this sort of thing. Maybe they aren't, maybe they are - but at least they wore a Laminate to show you who they were, what they did and that they were a Researcher - and no-one asking for any Money either!

    In fact I might bundle up some of this Email and forward it to the Trading Standards Office, while maybe some of it is in contact with some of these People you see here - with those horrible Smart Phones, wafting around one of the biggest Scams of all - Portishead!

    People who are obviously paid a Retainer to be like they are - while another Yippie Scam Artist was probably someone I worked with on our Project 27 Years ago..... and I'm not kissing that!

    "Free Stuff"......

    Why would I want to give someone (and you have to read the very feint Print) a Subscription of something like $90 a year to listen to an online Radio Station (the Unfree in the supposedly 'free' Apple iphone) when I could buy a World band Radio for about $10 and listen to all of that for free forever? I could buy a Smartphone from Amazon for about £40!

    Why would I want to give someone £39 a Month for a Bunch of Numbers that might or might not appear in a Lottery Draw when I could buy a Ticket for a £? I'd be better off playing Black Jack or Craps anyway - the Odds are far better and Cards and Dice much cheaper.

    (Sigh) I remember when my Grandmother used to save Milk Bottle Tops for Guide Dogs for the Blind. Ahhh, that Age of Innocence, until they built a Piazza with Silver Balls!

    And that's where you almost have to meet the Yippie Scam Artists....

    Maybe Donald Trump would like to get Revenge on our Behalf on those People. This is what Obama's supposed 'New Age' Government Spawned.

    Thugs in Kaftans....

  5. Just to emphasize this here's a Link to what I call Intellectual Property The..., sorry, Market Research, which 'offers' the usual probably non-existent Junk (Iphones, Ipads, Gift Cards, supposed Lottery Syndicates etc) and a Competition to win this factitious Stuff.

    If you signed up to all of this - erm - "Free Stuff" your Account would probably be debited about £200 a Month.

    Shame the Anti-Spam Regulations means that while this Scam can be sent I can't Email People promoting this so they don't get scammed by it isn't it!

  6. But then, when the supposed respectable Media is not much more than a Scam these days, marketing is full of Cyberthugs, and their Cronies here - with those horrible little Smartphones, sending them their Instructions - and the Stinkernet is probably about 90% Scam how can Honesty prevail? Scamtown - the supposed Model Community - hmmmm??????

    Culture? Trying not to laugh - and how much of all this is about Social Control than anything else? I've just watched another Scambot Video - and hasn't that Fiverr.Com Actor been in others?

  7. Here's something that's very intriguing - whether it's via Scams or just Numbers....

    I have used a Supermarket twice in recent Days and both times I've ended up with a symmetrical Price at the Till. The first one was particularly sinister - £1.91, which in the context of a certain Terrorist Organisation looks very ominous. What Date does that look like? I got p****** off with this and said "Effing Terrorists" before I left. The second one was when I was charged £1.21. At this I said "Not again" and grabbed something else to break up the Symmetry. How does this keep happening - irrespective of what you buy? Does this suggest that Al Qaida are found in the Numbers? Osama Bin Laden - Garbage and Full Houses huh! Either that or it's a Ruse to get you to spend more Money than you might!

    That Number appeared elsewhere in an Account Number for a Bank - except it was the straight forward 911.

    What's the Probability of choosing random Items in a Shop and that happening?

    Oh, and then, there's this scabby Article that Ginger Spices Screws of the World Published about 12 years ago - and a Copper from Birmingham!

    And I'm still going to delete the Word "Well" from the Dictionary Sarah. How's Rachel by the way?

    I wouldn't be so bad if there was any real Money involved in some of this. They're just meaningless Numbers on a Computer Screen..... with a very wrong Subtext.

  8. Here's something that isn't necessarily a Scam in the conventional sense - but feels like you have been scammed.....

    I'm dealing with one of these little Finance Merchants - and make a Deposit. They have this weird and I don't mind saying - intrusive - new addition to their Website which asks what the Money is for. You have 2 choices - and I opt for one of them. I see my Account Balance and it is showing that I have XXXXGBP in it. Great, I then try and do what I need to do with it - only to continually have the Transaction declined. This happens many times - and I don't know why - after all, I have enough Money in the Account to do this.

    Eventually I phone them up and am told that they operate a dual Account System and Money form one is separate from that of another. Oh, - hmmm - nothing on the Website to tell you this, nothing on the Account Dashboard to either! Right, so could you transfer all Monies in the Account to one of the Sub Accounts so I have the correct Balance to proceed? Yes - I am told - and it has to be referred to their Senior Department - and "Escalation" they tell me. They say they're going to do this and I will receive a confirmation Email when they have.

    I check my Mail - and find they haven't, phone them and am told that they can't do this. This contradicts what I was told about 12 Hours earlier. They they get very condescending and tell me to spend the Money on... etc I remind them that it is my Money NOT theirs and request a Refund. This also has to be referred to their Senior Department - rather than initiated there and then. Why even bother calling their Customer Support Department if they can't seem to do anything?

    several things need saying here....

    1 - They should be saying all this on the Website - but aren't.
    2 - There should be a Facility where WE can do the Transfer - not have to phone them asking them to do it - it's OUR Money NOT theirs.
    3 - They need to get their Script right - and have a Policy of Consistency rather than being told one thing by one and another by the other.
    4 - They should have an unconditional Refund Policy for People who have been inconvenienced by all this.
    5 - They introduced this System to "Help" People - except it isn't helping anyone - the very many Phone Calls they are getting about it proves this.

    For example; I've checked my Balance before I went to the Shop. I buy Stuff making sure the amount won't exceed the Balance. I try and use their Debit Card only to have it declined, and we try this several times - the same thing happening and you don't know why. The growing queue of other Customers see what is happening, so do the Staff - and at the end - the Stuff you were going to buy has to be returned. You go home and you haven't been able to buy any Food!

    You then make the Phone Call!

  9. Here's where it starts looking a bit scammy....

    These Sub-Accounts have different Amounts - one considerably more than the the other - except it's the Latter which does what you need it for. Instead of them transferring Money to it from the other Sub-Account they ask you to deposit into it. This seems like a convenient way of making People deposit with them doesn't it - while their difficult to obtain Refund Policy makes it difficult to reclaim that Money - so you might deposit it with that Latter. Why can't they just transfer what they already have instead of you depositing from an external Source. I'm starting to think I might have sent Money to that Latter anyway - and how it ended up with the former is a question for them.

    Why can you pay into it is Seconds with a Debit Card for which you get charged when they can't reciprocate similarly, but trying to reclaim it involves IBAN Numbers and several Days for it to be transferred to the original Bank Account that Card is linked with?

    If I was in any Branch of a High Street Bank and wanted to transfer Money from a Deposit to Current Account - even a Credit Card - I can do so even though they are separate Accounts with different Statements, Cards, paying in Systems, Numbers etc.

    What if we were in a Casino (although I avoid them) and this happened? The other Guests start seeing you as a Schmuck while the Croupier would discreetly call the Floor Manager and you might have to go into their Office to explain why you are trying to buy your Stake with non-existent Money.

  10. Here's an Idea that might create some Work for People.....

    Work from Home Jobs? How about Facebook, Google, YouTube, MSN, Yahoo, Twitter etc create an App that People can sign up to which records login/logout time and they work on a Laptop from anywhere going through Scam after Scam using the usual Wording associated with them - noting the URL of each - and then passing them on to some sort of Admin - who then sends a generic Email to those doing it telling them to delete Stuff promoting them? Considering how much Internet Companies make they could pay them a decent hourly rate to do this!

  11. Here's something that's awesome and puts this Country to shame in its chronic designer Inertia when it came to Scammers - or protecting its Citizens against them.

    This means that American Judiciary has taken a zero-tolerance Attitude about Scammers - and if one State Attorney General does this the other 49 probably soon will. That you don't have to be wealthy to do it - they will do it for you - and maybe even obtain Compensation for the Aggrieved. That last bit is also important because it also means that - unlike the rare Circumstances where a Scammer is prosecuted elsewhere and the proceeds merely disappear into the legal System - the Victims gain recompense. While the Government in Britain abolished a large Chunk of Legal Aid and those Dinner Party Socialists - with all those Barristers and QC's - seemed conspicuously acquiescent, so called Consumer Affairs Media only seems to represent a certain Demographic, other Areas of Medialand regard it as a Game of Football or something, the State that took on Al Capone seems to give a Damn about the People the "People" in the Legalese means.

    That because Scams are going on on the Internet somehow renders them immune no longer applies, and I think that maybe writing about it and clarifying what being scammed online means might have contributed towards what is now happening in America. That whether you are robbed in the Street in Illinois - or remotely scammed by someone there - the Ramifications are the same. That Scammers operating on Websites with impunity, even after People have skilfully proved that it's a Scam, is like a Robbery going on on CCTV and no-one doing anything about it. Now - thanks to Lisa Madigan and her Team - that no longer applies.

  12. Here's something that needs saying after many Forays into YouTube.

    You might have seen one of the many Commercials on YouTube by People claiming to have made huge amounts of Money through this, that or the other, while all of them will at some Stage require you to to send Money or subscribe in some way or other to some 'Program'. Information is as valuable as Money these days so even if you aren't giving anyone any Cash you could be giving them something maybe more valuable.

    What to need to ask is this ......

    If these People have made so much Money why are they advertising on YouTube at all? Surely, if they had they'd be buying Airtime on TV and Radio and Column Inches in Classified Sections of print Media, wouldn't they? The thing is, if they did they would be subject to a very strict Code set by People like the Advertising Standards Authority and their equivalents elsewhere.

    So, while HD Video might be available to anyone who can also access a Weblink, and although they might make all these Claims in their Vids - there doesn't have to be any Substance to any of it!

  13. While there are obvious Scams, which directly try and appropriate your Money, there are others which scam you of your Time and Energy. Most of these are Bulshit Websites, made up on the Hoof by People who don't even need to write HTML. You then get lots of Email which is full of Subtext. I will copy and paste one of these (after I've blocked the Sender) with a dissection of what it is, what it really means, and a Commentary of the Subtext. I used to edit Tape to BBC Radio Standard, so will apply the same Technique. I'll also elaborate on the Event Backdrop.

  14. Here's an Example of a more recent Scam. People who hire temporary Numbers like you might a Domain. Most Android based Phones connect with a Site that has a Database of updated Scam or Spam Callers that will say "Incoming suspected Spam".


  15. Here's another one, and rather like all of them, the Caller's Accent doesn't tally with the Numbers Area Code.


  16. Meanwhile, here's a regular Scam which is derived from the PayPal Email Scam. This was when the Scammer emailed you wanting you to "resubmit' your Account Details, except you aren't sending them along with Financial Information to PayPal. You are sending them to a Scammer. The HTML might look very similar to the genuine Website but it isn't. This one is sent via Text and the Link connects with a Page that even contains the PayPal Copyright.

    "You sent a payment for 20.14 GBP To James Hitchin. If you don't recognise this transaction check here"

  17. And here's another Scam, hiding behind a foreign Phone Number .....


    Suffice to say that if it was legit why is it using a 'for hire' Phone Number? It's a Crypto-Currency Scam and when something similar called a while ago I asked which Currency they recommended would increase in value they quoted one that didn't exist!

  18. Here's a persistent little So and So ..


  19. Here's today's Nuisance ......


  20. Today's Telephonic Pest .....


    Call it back a recorded American Accent tells you the Number isn't in service! Weird, considering an 0203 Code is London.

    Is this "London Calling" or something ......... Brother?

  21. Yet another one ......


    Most Smartphones have a default App that connects to a Database of Numbers which have been recorded as Spam. Thus, this one appeared as such.

  22. Here are today's Tele Stalkers ......


  23. Now it seems, these supposed Trading Companies double up as Adderley Garage , Market Drayton, and Jesters, Croydon. At least that's what Smartphones tell you they are!


    I'll give 'em 10 out of 10 for multi-tasking!!!!!

  24. What they are doing is using these Numbers as a Host. Unlike when they use available Numbers - presumably the Host has to pay for the Call. Considering how these Companies suffer from verbal Diarrohea when they try to convince you about their Scam that might amount to quite a lot each Quarter. Not only is it a Nuisance for those who receive them, it's also a Hassle for those they use!

  25. Oh, and maybe Zuckerberg could tell us what a "Developer Alert" is.

    Don't know what's worse. The Scammers who stalk the Internet or the toxic Geeks in it!

  26. Here's today's Tele-nuisance .....


    Phoned 3 times. Maybe they're the - erm 'Tobacconist' mentioned elsewhere. The Fag Fairy who leaves 3 Cigarettes. Maybe they also do Coins to buy them and Chewing Gum as Breath Freshener afterwards.

  27. The Fact that almost all these Numbers appear as Spam should be a Cause for Concern. A Question that could be extended to any 'Management' is how much of it is attributable to them?

  28. I've since had confirmation that some of these Scams are linked to some of these People. When a Spammer phones it appears as an "incoming suspected Spam Call". I declined the Call, it called again, I declined it again, it rang yet again - I answered it telling them to fuck off and can't they get the Hint, I disconnect the Call, it rings again, I answer it. Then we have a "Conversation" except they don't realize they are talking to someone who can read Subtext. The Subtext here not only connected the Spam with People I've met recently, but also with some of those People from 30 years ago. Not only have I got a potential Scam on the Phone, those I've been meeting recently have been lying as well as patronising. They're like bit part Actors in the Scam called Portishead!

    Also, if I get a Phone Call from the Virgin Islands at about 6PM the time at their end would be 10PM. Who employs these People to work those Hours? Intriguing considering the Caller used 2 Numbers, one in Tiverton, Devon the other Henley on Thames!

  29. Here are today's Telephonic Pains in the Proverbial ......

    01952899553 called 9 times in succession

    01684491940 called 8 times

    And I never realized I was that desirable!


  30. The Conjouror's Sleeve (where we get a Glance up the Magicians Sleeve to see how they do it)

    Here's another Tele Stalker .....

    Whoever does it knows there are Websites where People report Scam, Spam and nuisance Phone Calls. They write something on one or some of them, phone People with the above Number, who then refer to the Site and read what they posted, Wallah, instant Psyche Warfare fake News!

    Companies employ People to manipu..... Sorry, work with Social Media, this is exactly the same.

    Wonder if the Number belongs to someone heard but not seen called 'John' who likes to make things "permanent"!

  31. Beware of Internet Ads or Listings (eBay, Gumtree, Property Sites etc) that don't show Photos of Interiors. Have more Caution if they say "Serious Buyers, no Visitors" too.

    Firstly, we could all find the most expensive House, Photograph it several times from outside, never going in, post these on a Site selling the House for a too good to be true Price, decline Visits to see it, take Payments and/or Deposits, but never sell anything.

    "No Visitors" suggests they don't want you to come and see it, get Proof that they own it or have a better Idea of what you are buying, and they just want you to give them Money!

  32. When one of these Scammers phoned and I told them to fuck off, using other impolite Expressions, I was right to. These Filthbags are trying to con you while you never asked them to phone you up. Others who should are the Unfortunates unwittingly hosting their Calls (see above).

    In the end, you give them your Money, you need to speak to them about it, how do you phone them when they either use temporary Numbers, available like temporary Email Services or Web Domains? Worse still when they use other People's Phone Numbers.

  33. We had another one. The unsuspecting Host is a Mobile Phone Owner whose Number I won't put here. It also reconfirms that some of these are linked with here. A rogue 'Trader' called Ryan used to call working for one or another Binary Options Company asking about my "Net Worth". It also implies that supposed 'Management' is connected too. Of course, here being the Bastion of Virtue would resist such Nonsense!

  34. If it continues I will be raising a Petition to a certain Levanti Country asking them to dissist.

  35. Today's unsuspecting Victim is the Sherwood Cobbler. It called showing thus on the Screen but I waited for it to finish - then called it back. If you do this you actually speak to the Owner of the Number not the Parasite who is using it. The Israeli Embassy needs to explain to us why their Residents are doing this?

    It isn't a Coincidence, where their Numbers might be the same either. If it was it would show as a 972 Number!

  36. About the most decent thing you can do is phone the Number Owner after you've put up with the Scamspeak. When you phone it you won't speak to the Scammer. After all, that's how it works, they can call you but you can't call them. When you speak to the Owner, tell them what has just happened and suggest they contact their Service Provider (BT, Talk Talk etc) so they can investigate it further.

  37. Here's today's Telebulshit .....


    Ostensibly a Millom, Cumbria Number, but obviously fake News Pre-emptive Crap. Someone reports it "I think it's a marketing Call, but hangs up". So, is this Radiohead or Kylie?

  38. Today's Irony is how it's a Bank Holiday but these Finance Scams don't have, or give you, the day off.

    It called, this time hiding behind a Mobile Number, and you get the usual Pause (this lasting a staggering 55 Seconds), then a Squelch, and then a foreign Accent. Same applies where you can't call them back, so how can you contact them about anything?

    Also, they claim they aren't asking for Money, but why is someone paying them to phone you if they aren't?

  39. More Telebulshit ......

    This calls ...... several times.


    Didn't answer, declined the Call, further research said it was a legal Service reclaiming Binary Option and Forex Scam Money.

    Then instantly got this one ....


    Supposedly similar based in Germany. "Press One to speak to an Operator" but when you do it ends Call. Obviously fake.

    Then this......


    A "Skegness" Number. Heck, I s'pose even a Scammer must have their Holiday at the famous Seaside Town. (Think Deckchair, Ice Cream, Donkeys etc)

  40. Here's today's fake arsed Number ....


  41. While Binary Options and some Autotrading Programs scam a few 100, maybe also a few 10's of 1000 Currency Units, it's almost like they were a tolerated Nuisance leading to a bigger Scam. When you verify your Account you send sensitive Information to a Website. They collate 1000's of Passport Images, Bank Statements, Tax and Utility Documents, Driving Licenses, all with unique Numbers on them.

    Has anyone asked what happens with this Stuff if or when the Trading Company has, or is, shut down?

    After all, if People aren't above leeching off of other People's Phone Numbers, who's to say they aren't above cloning your Passport or Driving License?

  42. Here's today's Fiddl ...... Sorry, 'Management'!

    I get some Digishit in my Inbox. En Tyre Web. Which I blocked. There's a Red Car outside (en) a Van (Tyre) and another Red Car (Web). There's another Van - which is Versatile apparently, then we have the Turquoise Dog Walker. Like we were in a Student Bar in 1996.

    Job To Me.

    So the first Email is probably nothing to do with 'Make Money online' the second nothing to do with finding Employment.

    It's a bit like catching Digital Fish in Slovakia!!!!

  43. I'm waiting for someone to write a Review of one of the biggest Scams in Britain, Portishead the Town. And while whoever might manipulate the Internet to its aims, all those other Scams used to, or still do.

    Fake Review Sites for Binary Options and Auto Trading Robots, Fake Monitors for supposed HYIP Schemes, Crypto Scams and so called Bitcoin Generators. Social Media now nothing more than a Platform for all these and the very Corporates they claim to replace.

    YouTube saturated in cleverly manipulated Videos promoting all of them, while honest Reviews struggle for SEO.

    So Scamagment and these Scams might use the same Tricks and perhaps the Similarity doesn't end there!

  44. Keep getting pestered by Nabuh Energy.

    Suspicious of any Energy Company that touts for Customers via Sales Calls.

    Justified when I read Reviews about them. Prepay Bonuses not appearing, Money put on Accounts that are charged but also not appearing. Prepay Cards not sent,Customer Helpline that isn't free, and anything up to an Hour before they answer.

    Stopped the Calls!

  45. Not sure whether this should be here or in "Movie Quotes" but it's like something from a Documentary has become real. The superb Series "Meltdown" explored the recent Credit Crunch that prompted the worst Recession since the end of the 1970's. In it they interviewed a Property Speculator who got swept along by the Dubai Property Hype. Ridiculous Claims being made as vast Acres of Apartment Blocks were built on spec and a Skyscraper built by someone who has never seen "Towering Inferno"!

    They mentioned how the Factors that led to the Crisis haven't gone away and are potentially worse. So, if I decided that drink this latest Cool Aid I might end up in a Block of unfinished Flats.


    Here, you will read some very useful Stuff about spoof Phone Numbers, presumably used by People operating a Scam. They are probably like those temporary Email Addresses that last 15 Minutes.

    It was prompted by this .....


  47. Here's a thing .....

    Transport in Italy must be the most awesome in the World. First, you get a Phone Call from Calabria, the most southern Region of the Country, you disconnect the Call, they call back - this time from Rome. Amazing huh, that they travelled that far in only a few Seconds.

    Then, the View from either is incredible. Italian Tourist Companies and Estate Agents must be clamouring to sell the Idea that you can see the Swiss City of Lugano, the Lake and the Alps from there!

    All of this, or the same People mentioned above are doing the same thing with Italian Phone Numbers as they are with British ones.

    The thing is, when all of this is apparent you are within your Rights to disincline to acquiesce to their Request - whatever that might be. They are doing the Telephonic equivalent of being let in through your Door, which means you have the right to protect yourself against any potential dishonesty. If it is obvious they are selling something like a dubious Financial Product, or you suspect they are, you are right to ask. You are also right to tell them you aren't interested.

    Suffice to say, upon phoning the Numbers back a prerecorded Message told me I had dialed an incorrect Number, although according to 'who is' Websites they are Calabrian and from Rome. (Country and Area Code).

  48. +390965813510. +390774334316 +390775251548 +390773625068 +390775506690 +390399900601. +390818023379. +390113291055. +390832205540. +390541759506. +390302167105. +390832921187. +390543403527.

    Phew! These are all Italian Phone Numbers from different Cities and Regions which are probably all Scams. You can't phone any of them back, (and I always thought "Don't call us, we'll call you" was just a Showbiz Cliche), and the Irony is even the Caller doesn't even claim to be in Italy at all!

  49. Couple more Phone Calls from Italybutnotreally. Maybe she phoned about Tyres, maybe she's the Lady in Red!

  50. Here are the latest Calls, probably the supposed, it says here, apparently, so we're told 'Management' telling me about all those Royalty %s they've got for me ......

    01216237918, 01216237915, 01216237922, 01216237917, 01216237900, 01216237902, 01216237935, 01213680026, 01216237916,
    01216237934, 01213680026,

    Shucks, what it is to be so popular huh!

    Either that or it's just the usual exploitative Yippie Bulshit!

  51. And I don't even come from Birmingham!

  52. Few more Calls from the 'Management' probably .....

    01216237913, 01216237905

  53. Few more Calls from Brummy Stalker ....

    01216237932, 01216237906

    The wierd thing is, if you phone it back you get a Sample of crap Music and a pre-recorded Message saying "Your Call is very important to us". Except it goes on indefinitely. If your Call was then that wouldn't happen.

    All I can surmise is it's some sort of Ruse to get you to use up your Call Minutes. Either that or they somehow hack into your Phone while it's connected to theirs.

  54. But none of this has yet addressed the biggest Scam of all, the Town and the Group Portishead. They might have tarted it all up like the proverbial Dogs Dinner while the Group created the Impression to its Demographic (90's Students) that it's the Trip Hop Capital of the World but it's still a dismal Shit Hole with nothing to offer but the 'Paperwork'. They might wheedle those new and recent Arrivals but there are some who have been here since 1973 who feel like they arrived about 10 Minutes ago!

  55. And it's obvious to anyone that there is, and never was, any Intention of integrating those People as they get pushed further and further back in the Queue behind whatever Newbies arrive whenever!

  56. A Quarter of a Century of Portishead Guestlist are self-evident of that! So much for "Music brings People together" then, because that's another Scam that doesn't work anymore, the Hippie Scam!

  57. Oooer, now I suppose I'm supposed to be scared. It seems the Italian but not really Caller has rediscovered the Redial, and this time they are calling from Palermo, Sicily +390916811819,

    Then they called from the Mainland, +390306897510

    Then, as they say, all 'roads' lead to Rome, +390697240732.

    But the thing is, because of this they aren't phoning from any, while they aren't from where they claim to be either.

  58. Has anyone else had a Text from someone claiming to be "Richard", where he/she/they send one of those self written URLs (you know, all UpPEr anD LoWER cAsE LeTteRs and Numbers) offering you a bOnus, which you can "Collect"?

    Strange thing is; the Text doesn't support any Replies, so you can't ask him to elaborate!

  59. Meanwhile, how much of this Internet Money thing is Doublespeak? Get your Ad(vert) 'blasted' to 18 High 'Traffic' Websites for one full year etc, drone, blah. The usual Crap, rather like Photos of France, empty Djinn Promises!

    On it goes!

    There are tons of these Snake Oil Sites, sending Email to who knows where. Supposed Safelists which are nothing more than an Echo Chamber where you exchange their Crap for yours. A Loop. You can track where it goes and some have, only to find it all ends up either in the Crap Exchange or nowt more than a Cul De Sac.

    The unfair thing about Email Law and Campaigns is while huge Corporations can send vast Emailshots to Millions at once you can't. The only way to ensure Mail goes to an actual Address is send it via your Email Provider. Most of these though limit you to about 200 a day!

  60. I used several of these supposed Email Blasters. Millions of People apparently, receiving Email, except whether I sent a Reply Address, or looked at Stats for Websites or Affiliate Links, nothing, zilch, not even a tiny Spike in Site Visits or single Reply, so where were these "Millions" of Emails going?

  61. Here's today's pain in the nether regions .....


    Erm, 'Bye Bye' and all that!

  62. Here's a thing eh Gordon .....

    You get a Phone Call from a Number you don't recognise. So you refer to the many Websites where you can see who it might be. You see the Stuff People have said about it. That's what you've been doing isn't it Hippie! Except you're behind the Calls in the first place aren't you!

  63. And while one Hate Network manipulates the Internet here's another ....

    This was in my eBay Messages .....

    "Dear friend
    Please don′t worry about the package. I just check it is on the normal shipping way, and ask the carrier speed up. I suppose you will get it soon.
    Anything I can help,please contact me rather than any bad feedbacks or cases.
    I will help you out.
    Thank you for shopping and have a great day."

    All very wierd considering the Item arrived a few days ago and Feedback had been posted. Is this like the above, some perverse erroneous and pathetic Attempt at Pre-emption? Probably, and it wasn't just sent once either. It appeared no less than 3 times.

    While the previous might be miffed because People do know a Forge from a Forgery, what are the Motives for this one?

  64. It seems there might be something else worth monitoring ......

    The Rosetta Sport La Bicycle Scheme!

    I've called it a Scheme at the Moment because it looks like a speculative thing rather than complete Scam.

    On the Internet you might find a Chopper Style Bicycle called a Rosetta La Sport Bike. They look quite cool and certainly better than the Schwinn Stingray, while, with a few Modifications would make a brilliant E Chopper Bicycle.

    I bought one, or at least thought I had. I'd been monitoring their Website for a few Weeks because they were having distribution Problems. They would say that the Bikes would be available on 27th September, then the end of October, now it's the 5th of December. In the Interim you can pay in advance to "reserve" your Bike when they do arrive. I wasn't going to do this, and when I visited their Site very recently they were "available" so I bought one ......

    Then I got this ......

    "Dear David,

    We want to let you know that your order 700/101119/47 status has been updated to...

    PROCESSING, the production took longer than expected and delivery of the new consignment is now arriving around 5th December. If this is too late for you please let me know.
    If you have any other questions about your order, send an email to (address etc supplied)"

    Hmmm .... I was a bit miffed about this and replied .......

    "Shouldn't you be saying this on your Website? When People visit it it tells them that these Bikes are "available". I realise you might have had distribution Problems but you were telling People what you've just told me that a "Consignment" was expected on 27th September, then the end of October. How long will it be before you then say "early January" or something?

    Do you have a Contact Address/Email for your Supplier (probably in China) so we can at least find out if they're even still made?

    Be advised I will be asking PayPal for a full Refund!"

    I haven't bought a Bike here, I've bought a speculative Promise that one might be available in the Future! That and some Word Manipulation "Pro Duck Tion" "Con Sign Ment" etc. Except they are taking Money from People for this.

  65. Also, the actual Bike doesn't exist. It's a Decal fixed to a generic Bike supplied by the 1000's by Chinese Companies on You will see identical Bikes on that Site - just with different Names and Decals on them!

  66. And here's the Proof that the Town is the biggest Scam of all, and has been since 1973.

    07730 004743

    Note the symetry of the Number, rather similar to those Wankers who fuck about with tri-syllaballic Words.

    If the owner of that number starts getting loads of Phone Calls, tough Shit, you shouldn't have phoned me in the first place

  67. I remember when this supposed "Emma" kept stal....., sorry, phoning me up, pretending she was in Switzerland while using a huge array of Italian Phone Numbers and calling from neither. After I asked if she was yet another of these supposed make Money type Scams she said she was "Offended" and then called me a "Masculist". It was here I got pissed off with her middle çlass, designer Crisis, Armchair Sociology and fake Social Conscience and wanted to tell her how I met 2 very inspiring Women from a City that had known 20 years of sectarian Violence, whose Brother had disappeared in another that had known 15 years of civil War and they didn't even know if he was still alive.

  68. I've mentioned the Dating Site Scam in "Movie Quotes" and it looks like they operate a similar Scam someone was trying with me. It was on one of those Exchange and Mart type Sites, like eBay but without the Auctions and they didn't want the Payment via PayPal. I offered a bit more Money to cover the Fees PayPal charge to anyone selling Goods via them and the Vendor stopped replying to the Emails. I even offered something towards additional P&P!

    They were after Debit Card Details probably or even Account Details which are almost impossible to get a Refund from even if it was just a one off Payment. PayPal however have a very good, robust, Refund Policy where they insist upon everything being as it seems. Because they refused PayPal I wondered if they would send anything after they received Payment!

    The Dating Site lures you in, takes a few PayPal Payments, then refuses them, asking you to pay via Debit Card - where they obtain your CVV Number and you can figure the rest! People might tell you that their Computerised System deletes CVV Numbers after Payment has gone through, but even if it does what's to stop them writing it down?

    So, if you can, always use PayPal. They provide a useful Protection against potential Fraud!

  69. Here's another Reason why that Dating Site looks like a Scam ......

    Dating Sites usually mean a random Bunch of People, subscribing to a Site in the Hope of finding a Partner. They might join it, send a Profile, upload a Pic and visit it occasionally to see if they've had any Responses.

    This one isn't like that .....

    While doing the last Minute Surf before charging up the Phone and going to sleep I visited the Site. As soon as I did I got a Message saying they knew I was online and visiting the Website. This was at a very obscure time of the Day and suggested to me that whoever that was is either deranged and sits at her Computer all Hours of the Day and Night, or more likely whoever might have been on shift at that time. That they have these fake Profiles and Pics while the Scammers have a Staff who run the supposed Messenger Service.

    That they use Chatroom Software is also possible. How many Websites do you visit where a Widget appears, usually in the bottom right Corner asking if they can assist? This is derivative of what happened that time with that supposed Subscriber.

    The Emergence of the Selfie has sidestepped the use of Stock Images too. It was common to use the latter on Scamsites to 'populate' it, but Google Images can verify who it might be. It would tell you that the supposed CEO of a Company was Captioned "20 something Office Executive" a generic Image rather than actual CEO. What they could be doing now is using instant Photos which won't show up as a generic Image and look like it could be a genuine Subscriber.

    Also, why are all the supposed Members in the Midlands? Birmingham, Walsall, Wolverhampton, Droitwich? Not that they are probably, because you can make up anything on the Web. How many of those on Facebook even exist, let alone be who they claim they are?

  70. And now it looks like the Dating Site has dug its own Hole of Paradox.

    Does anyone remember a TV Show Cilla Black did called "Blind Date"?

    This was where a Contestant would be given 3 potential Dates, hidden by a Screen and they would ask supposedly random Questions of them. The supposedly random Answers were obviously prewritten and rehearsed.

    That's what some of these supposed Messages look like, while some have even repeated themselves.

    Now, one seems to have stooped to Pornography.

    If this is some sort of Ruse involving Madame Re Be Kah and the 'Management' not only have I made more than enough Money for Newscorp via the Hand and the Rose, I'm not gonna respond to a Bunch of Pornographic Priestesses!

    Even if certain People find it Of Fence Ive!

  71. Here, you don't s'pose that scammy Dating Site is run by Gollum do you .... my Le ..... Sorry, my Love?

  72. And just to show what a lot of Crap the Dating Site us, and just how much notice the Admin takes of your Requests to correct Errors .....


    "I'm always on the lookout for delicious looking men in my area! Look like it found what I'm after, right bob_lambert?"

    This is a milder Example of some of the Messages you get, while after reading it I referred to my Profile and saw that it still said I was from and in Wolverhampton. I've never been or lived there and I contacted their Admin about it. So far, nothing - while if they're as lapse about this what if you had a problem buying those Coins from them?

  73. Here's the latest from the Scamsi....., sorry - Dating Site.

    Quote; -

    Hey, what are your hobbies?

    Hey, what are you doing this weekend?

    urgent - help needed! don't worry, I won't ask you for money. I'm just so cold right now and I hoped that you'd have a good idea for warming me up and making me hot... so that I can forget my cold feet ... write to me! the pressure's on x Fine

    These are some of the supposed 'Messages'! You don't suppose the first one knows Mr Collecting do you? He's the Arsehole who eats Pink Floyd Albums and has an "Arnold Layne" Fetish. That last one looks intriguing too.

    The thing is, my Dad knew the Woman who presented "Blind Date" with all those pre-written and rehearsed Chat-up Lines and Responses!

    On the Subject of Scams, with the Elections looming I have to ask Boris if he's a potential Candidate or a Nail Bar and Launderette in a small Town Shopping Precinct in South West England?

    Oh, and is he running for the Tories or the Green Party?

  74. Here are a few more so called 'Messages' on the My Sca ....., Sorry, My Dates Website!

    Hey bob_lambert no time to waste

    well, you?

    Not only did my Dad know the Woman who did the very contrived "Blind Date", some of the apparent Photographs look like those faked Paparazzi Photos of People like Posh Spice with some Caption or other about her continued Soap Opera of a Life!

  75. Something I've noticed about that supposed Dating Site, where everyone seems to be in the Midlands, is how none of them tell you what they do for a living. Maybe that's because if they did and someone from a similar Vocation replies and asks them about their Work they get caught out if what they say was professionally wrong. But then, we know what they do don't we. Professional Internet Scammer!

  76. Here's the Background to the supposed Dating Site......

    Domain Name:
    Registry Domain ID: 4869316_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
    Registrar WHOIS Server:
    Registrar URL:
    Updated Date: 2019-08-27T11:08:00Z
    Creation Date: 1997-12-03T05:00:00Z
    Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2020-12-02T05:00:00Z
    Registrar: PSI-USA, Inc. dba Domain Robot
    Registrar IANA ID: 151
    Registrar Abuse Contact Email:
    Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +49.94159559482
    Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
    Registry Registrant ID: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY
    Registrant Name: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY
    Registrant Organization: Boranu Online B.V.
    Registrant Street: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY
    Registrant City: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY
    Registrant State/Province: NL
    Registrant Postal Code: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY
    Registrant Country: NL
    Registrant Phone: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY
    Registrant Phone Ext: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY
    Registrant Fax: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY
    Registrant Fax Ext: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY
    Registrant Email:
    Admin Organization: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY
    Admin State/Province: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY
    Admin Postal Code: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY
    Admin Email:
    Tech Organization: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY
    Tech State/Province: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY
    Tech Postal Code: REDACTED FOR PRIVACY
    Tech Email:
    Name Server:
    Name Server:
    Name Server:
    DNSSEC: unsigned
    URL of the ICANN WHOIS Data Problem Reporting System:
    >>> Last update of WHOIS database: 2019-

  77. You'll notice how any sort of ID that might give you the who and where has been "Redacted for Privacy", which is somewhat ominous while the Name given "Boranu BV" is a Pharmacy in Holland. This could mean that, rather like a lot of other Scams like HYIPs, and those fake Phone Callers, they could be using the Pharmacy as a Front. A HYIP might make all those huge Claims to Wealth etc but when you trace the Location it might be a slightly decrepit Street in a low Rent District!

  78. I was disgusted and disappointed to see that legendary Scambuster Ethan Vanderbilt had been banned from YouTube. Shows how wrong things are when someone who is trying to do the right thing is denied Access to Social Media while the same Media is available to Scammers everywhere! Shouldn't that be the other way around and People like Ethan get as much Support as possible?

  79. More Shit from the Doushbag Scam Site .....

    "Hey bob_lambert I have no interest in kids games!"

  80. And here's today's scammy Bulshit.

    Cue: Python Characters in Cafe.

    "Spam spam spam spam, spam spam spam spam, spamitty spam, spamitty spam"

    Calling at 13.31. Now there's a time.

    Here's the Number .....


  81. Here's some of today's Bulshit on the Scamsite ......

    "Hey, I was looking for something interesting when I stumbled across your profile! Hot! What do you think of me? Do you think you could have fun with me? Then send me a reply!"

    Yeah, right, except the supposed 'profile' is Bollox. They insist I'm from Wolverhampton when I've told them I'm not. Not sure what constitutes "Hot" in it either. And while she's called "Secret Moonlight" when does the Acid Queen appear dressed as Kylie playing with Silver Balls?

  82. Meanwhile, while Words have 2 meanings have I told you how most of these supposed make Money online things either fall short of the Hype or are Scams meant to deprive you of your Money?

    There are those that have those "Safe lists"! The problem with them is they are full of People in exactly the same Situation as you, looking to promote something or other. Thus, even if they bother opening the Email, they are not necessarily potential Customers. It's an Echo-Chamber of People all chasing the same thing, and none of them succeeding.

    That's if they go to anyone at all.

  83. There was one, where you did a "Blast" to a supposed 5 Million People. You'd think at least a few might click on it. I did this for Months. Sending as often as the Service allowed, but there was no descernable increase in anything..... Not even with multiples of 5 Million. Were they even arriving anywhere?

    Then there's how that 'Safe list' can become obsolete. It has been sold to so many People that Inboxes get saturated with Spammy Mail. How are Recipients gonna know which is legit, and which isn't? Why would they even respond if they develop Email Fatigue?

    Ideally, the Email that works is the Stuff you get from Brand Names, and thus, that would be the List you would need. The Problem is, the Law on Email Marketing can be quite strict and while Walmart might have an Army of Lawyers to defend against any Suit brought against them you don't. They can also afford the List to start with, and it's considerably more expensive than those publically available ones you use.

  84. Here's today's exploitative scammy Bulshit .....


    Your App might tell you it came from "Geneva" which, of course, it didn't. While it wasn't from someone claiming to be "Ellie" either was it Phantigant!

  85. People might ask why that Dating Site hasn't been closed. The thing is, the People whose Job might be to do that could be behind it. If I told you how they ran my DWP Claim that isn't as outlandish as it sounds!

  86. Here's Confirmation that the Scamsite is connected with the spammy Phone Call from Ellie Fant...... who might be in a Cage!

    When Ms Pachyderm phoned me about this supposed online "trading" I told her I wasn't interested!

    Here's another so called Message on the Scamsite .....

    "ah, so it's like that. you're not interested in anything? what do we do then? maybe I can make you interested in me? ;)"

    From someone calling herself Kickass, except she looks as real as her Peroxide Hair Colour!

  87. More Crap from the supposed Dating Site ......

    "hey bob_lambert, you're online too! nice! then we can get down to business :)"

    Someone called "Chipsy"!

  88. Here's some more BULL Shit from the Scamsite. Calling herself "Scarlett" the Grey T'Shirt suggests she's trying to be Joel from "Caberet" but could even be Alex - while the Name means it might be an Actor who pretended to be Will Scarlett in the 1980's. Although she night even be a fat Jitter Inbreed who ran a Pub and is part of Mr "Hip Hop Worldwide" Çronyist Club.


    "Hey you... we don't know each other personally, but I have learnt something about you ;)"

    Fucking shame you Media Hippies couldn't leave us Kids alone eh Alex!

  89. Here's a thing that is very sinister. Currently being in something if a Debacle about an Ebike I contacted an eBay Vendor about a Product I bought from them. This is in conjunction with a Battery I bought elsewhere on ebay. The former wanted to know about the latter so I copied the URL leading to the Battery Description. I took it from an Email I sent about this a couple of days before.

    Here it is ......


    If you copied and pasted this into your Browser you get a very intriguing, and quite horrible Result.

    I neither browse or use Pinterest so how this happened is anyone's guess.

    I subsequently had to contact the Vendor again and resend the URL, which works correctly this time.

  90. I went to Sent Items in Gmail. Clicked on the relevent Email. Right clicked the URL. Went to "Copy URL" on the drop-down Menu. Clicked that. Went to eBay Messages. Chose the relevent Message. Clicked "Reply". Pasted the URL in the Box and wrote a Greeting and Description. Then sent it. I revisited this and hadn't had a Reply so I copied the URL to see if it worked. I pasted it into the Browser (Chrome). Then clicked on some of the Results. That is what appeared instead of a Page about a Battery.

    Someone isn't hacking any of this and playing Games are they?

  91. If the Link was broken nothing would appear. The weird thing is if you just clicked on the URL it goes exactly where it is supposed to. It's what does appear that makes it sinister.

    Baby Dolls huh!

  92. Then things got very odd.

    After copying, pasting and sending the Link which worked - and then a few Hours, I tried copying and pasting it into the Browser only to find that it says the Document could not be found. So something is happening either on this Phone, the eBay Message System or Google's Search Engine, like it was being hacked!

  93. Here's some more Shit from the Scamsite .......

    Quote: "So boring, no one answers on here"

    Explanation .....

    This isn't anything to do with dating is it Danny Kaye! It's Howard Devoto era Buzzcocks and the Spiral Scratch EP. That and SkateBOARDS, Semen Stains. And we can fast forward to "Shot by both sides" by Magazine which might be the Soundtrack to someone posting a Letter, and "Orgasm Addict" by post-Devoto Buzzcocks. Whoever is behind that so called Dating Site probably knows someone formerly of United Scam Artists!

  94. You know why that so called Dating Site looks scammy! Because they know I write about it here and while you have to pay to use their Website Facilities by buying "Coins", "Contact us" here is free. Some of those Sites even block email Addresses in their Messaging Services because People send them to avoid continuing using the pre-paid System.

    The other thing is, you can usually spot Sock Puppet Discussions too. This is where non-existent People have a supposed Discussion. Sock Puppet Accounts are where someone creates multiple Social Media Accounts which look like a Group of People talking about something or endorsing a Product.

  95. I've just been reading about MLMs or Multi Level Marketing Programs. Many are Scams rather like a Ponzi Scheme, but what if those running them screw their own Business Plan?

    I worked as a Street Fundraiser. The Idea is that you get 30 People to donate at least £6 a Month to a Charity. You do this on a weekly basis.

    Thus you spend 4 Weeks X 30 People X £6 = £720 a Month. While you do this you are paid £220 a Week = £880 a Month. Even though this might be more than what you made for the Charity you do this for the next 4 Weeks while these Donations start coming in via Direct Debit. Thus, on the 3rd Month you have £720 from the first and £720 from the second which is £1440, covering your £880 Paycheck. And on it goes, Layer upon Layer of Donations as you get more People to donate.

    That's the Theory. The Problem is it can be quite difficult to get 30 People to stop and chat let alone give you any Money, and even more so when you ask for Financial Details.

    You might only get 20 and after 3 to 4 Weeks you are fired. So you don't get to build up any sort of Acumen with further Donations. Someone else takes your Job and the whole thing starts again, their £220 being paid from your Donors. If you only got £500 a Month from them how long can the Company do this until the Money runs out?

    The thing is, the Company plan around the Donor staying with the Charity for up to 5 years! I got an average of 20 a Week so if they did I was making £30000 for them long after I left the Company, paying someone else's Wage while I had to endure the Nightmare of the DWP.

  96. These Stats are being peculiar. According to one Figure there are 5 People browsing this Site, when you click on Posts that Figure is 1. If you are one of the other 4 on this Site right now post a Comment here to confirm you are!

    Meanwhile, the War in Cyberspace continues in the Phone Systems.

    According to my Phone App I'm supposed to have had a Call from Wem in Shropshire. When I click on the Icon to return the Call I get a Recording telling me I've dialed an incorrect Number. Obviously one of those temporary Numbers an estimated 80000 People use. Pocket Landline is a Company that offers these, rather like temporary Internet Domains like Bitly.

  97. Nope, nothing, so these Stats are Bulshit! It could be 100's - who knows!

    Has anyone else had a Call from this ......?


    When you call it back it tells you "Your Call is very important and will be answered as soon as possible". You know this because in the Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks probably you are being important you are told 1000's of times. Until the Phone Battery, your monthly Minute Allowance or prepay Credit is used up. And you are told so in an American Accent.

    Is this some some Nonsense to use up the above or the usual Bulshit from the exploitative Fucke ......, sorry 'Management'.

  98. Meanwhile, even Covid19 doesn't stop the Scammers and Doublespeak Bulshitters.

    Today's Nonsense is a "Plug-in Must Join Traffic System" yet another of these Bulshit supposed make Money online, but are actually People Management Crud.

    Firstly; "Plug-in". This is the Character from the Beanos, Bash Street Kids and the Plug Ugly Fire Crew in "Gangs of New York".

    Then there's "Must Join" which is probably Radiohag as opposed to Stiff Little Fingers "they say if I don't join I just can't win". That and some horrible old Bag who has been running things since the 70's who tells you you aren't a Joiner.

    The last is "Traffic System" - which is Portisheads "Roads", Steve Winwood and those Road Signs.

    One thing it isn't is making Money online.

  99. Here's something that is utter Bollox ....

    Look at that URL for a start. It's like all those other Scams that use some sort of free Website Service.

    The Wording is also Bulshit.

    "John Beck Er" is crap for a start. With an emphasis on the middle Syllable. "Personally" puts us in a redneck Shithole that the BBC made a Drugs Documentary about in 1997. "Spots" not sure about this one, it might be a Horse, a Leopard or just Acne. Probably isn't Sex Pistols On Tour. "The inner circle" is probably a Bullseye, which is apt as the whole thing is Doublespeak Bulshit!

  100. There's a Fella on Facebook who has just done a Test.

    It's in the "Work from Home online" Group and he posted a supposed Opportunity just to see what happened.

    The thing is, he did it twice, once telling People they use their Skills and Efforts and can make up to 30k a Month.

    The second, how you can make 30k without doing anything.

    He got the same Result for both, which says what a lot of Crap some of that FB Stuff is.

  101. Seems, even Covid19 Lockdowns don't deter the Scammers. The Bulshit dating Site continues like nothing has happened, except how have People been on any real Dates when the Country has been on Lockdown for the last 2 Months?

  102. PS; the virtual Keyboards on Mobile Phones are crap!

  103. Meanwhile, here's something that was only to be expected ......

    Sorry about the huge URL but it's to a Site that is typical of this sort of Scam. The fake 'News' Page about a supposed Autotrader that makes you Money etc.

    The thing is, if you clicked on any of the Links (Politics, TV etc) they take you to the same Landing Page for the Scam. So don't click on Politics and expect to read the latest from Boris etc.

    Also, wasn't sure if it was this even, and not "All along the Watchtower" with those "2 Riders that were were approaching" or even "Going underground" by the Jam.

    Only to be expected from a Town made famous by its scammy little Group!

  104. eBike Batteries ..... The Scam waiting to happen .....

    Alibaba, DH Gate, just some of the Websites offering a huge array of all kinds of everything, except how much of it is genuine? A veritable Wet Market full of Counterfeit Goods and Knock-offs that aren't verified by anyone. Even Amazon and eBay end up supply's this Stuff as Account Holders buy it from them and sell it on.

    The "Landrover" Phone a few years ago, with the classic Plaque used by the famous Utility Vehicle since the 1950's , until you notice it's written "LANDRONER" - I guess an "N" might look like a "V" in the right light.

    Ebike Batteries must be one of the worst. You buy one and it lasts about a Month before chronic deterioration. Some unlucky People have had theirs explode or ignite. People spending huge on what is sold as "Samsung", "Sanyo", "Panasonic" or "LG", only to have bought some 3rd rate shit knocked up in a Garage somewhere.

    Even lesser known but reputable Brands are prone .....

    Liitokala have their share of Forgeries. One for example has a Plaque that confuses Input and Output, while claiming that a 3000mah is a huge 30ah, which can't be both. Another where the Plaque is completely different, so it's a Lottery to see who gets the real one!

    A 60ah - yep, you read that right, 60ah Battery, sold for less than £100 and weighs less than 2kg. Sorry folks, but my 15ah Battery weighs about 3.4kg and cost £250. Unless Battery Technology has improved massively in just a few Months that is impossible.

    You can't tell what Cells any of them use because the Softpack is usually opaque and this goes on many 1000s of times.

    There doesn't seem to be a definitive Review Site of these either where someone puts these things through their Paces to see if they what they say on the Tin.

    Until then, People will continue to use Petrol because it is what it claims and a Gallon of Fuel is a Gallon of Fuel which will consistently drive your Vehicle where ever you bought it.

    How many People bought an eBike, only to find the Battery stopped working after a couple of Months so put it in the Shed and went back to internal combustion Engines?

    Maybe the Eco-Lobby should set up a Distribution Unit somewhere in Britain that only sells reputable Batteries. Maybe Companies like Samsung, Sanyo, Panasonic and LG should sell them via their own!

  105. Oh crap, now it seems poor old Auntie Beeb has been dragged into the Scammy Miasma. Someone is sending spammy Text Messages with a Link to yet another of those Binary Options disguised as Bitcoin Trading Websites that are all probably run by the same People. Same Video appears as all the others, made to look like a serious News Broadcast, complete with the usual Clips of Bill Gates and Richard Branson - all "as seen on CNN, Financial Times, Forbes Weekly" etc.

    The thing is, Android tells you the Text is from the BBC. Somewhat exasperatingly, considering how Android is supposed to be more advanced than those very basic Talk and Text Phones of the Jurassic Era it's surprising how it doesn't show the Number it came from . With those old Mobile Phones "Details" would always show this.

    Probably not from them at all and is someone using their Number like many others I've mentioned here have.